tagNonHumanEARS Ch. 02

EARS Ch. 02


I went into work early to make sure all the data was in its proper place, once that was done I head home. It took longer than expected but one can't rush perfection.

It was now 11am when I arrive at my condo. I open the door and was greeted by my boyfriend.

"Do you want me to fix you anything?" He asks.

"No I already ate," I replied. "I will need you in a bit."


I head upstairs and strip out of my clothes and take a quick shower.

Once I am done and dry I head back downstairs fully nude. My boyfriend smiles at me and then he takes on his true form. He was a gray alien with black eyes named Greeper. He licks his lips and the tentacles appear and take hold of me. Two tentacles start squeezing my breasts.

He pulls me closer and inserts his tongue into my mouth. "Mmmmm!"

After the kiss one of his tentacles enters my mouth while he fingers me. My pussy juice starts flowing out and Greeper stops once his tentacle cum released into my mouth.

He proceeds to lick my cum covered pussy. I was delectable.

After licking up my goodness he takes a moment to stare at my hard nipples. He loved this as much as I did.

I craved tentacle sex. When I was just a high school girl one my friends showed me a manga about a girl getting banged by a tentacle creature and even though I was disgusted at first I couldn't help but be curious about it. I mean tentacles of some sort creature penetrating all three holes and at the same time. The more I thought the more turned on by it I was.

I let out a moan as Greeper sucked and licked my nipples.

He stops and two tentacles enter my ass and pussy. I moan and groan loudly in pleasure as the tentacles penetrate me roughly.

Once I achieve my orgasm his tentacles release me.

While I lay on my carpet I began to think about what happened three weeks ago. I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it with my own two eyes.


It started as a normal day at just like any other day. I work for a company called Global Trade. It's one of the most successful corporations in the world. I was the secretary to the owner Kenneth Lockhart. Mr. Lockhart was a no good bastard, doing unethical things to get every buck now mind you legal but still unethical in the business world. As for me I clawed my way up to this position without having to resort dirty tactics and I guard it heavily but I end up crossing that line.

"Cancel my evening appointment," Mr. Lockhart tells me.

"Yes sir, I say and he proceeds to leave his office.


An hour later I take my lunch break at home. I was prepared to eat when there was a knock at the door. I check the security camera and there were two people, a black guy and a blond and some sort of robot?

"This better be good," I say to myself. They're probably come from one of the rival companies trying to persuade me to join them after all Global Trade was having a minor issue that was slowly becoming major. I'll see what they have to offer.

I open the door. "What can I do for you three?"

"I'm Doctor Stella and this is my robot M 47."

"And I'm Andrew Johnson."

Doctor Stella explains that they come from the future. I was prepared to close the door, I didn't have time foolishness but she suddenly sprays some sort of spray in my face and I suddenly lose consciousness.


I awaken an hour later.

"Sorry I had to that but we had no choice," Doctor Stella explains to me.

"Is this my car?"

"Yes I'm afraid this is," Mr. Johnson replied.

"Where are you taking me?"

"We're going to the nearby park."

Dr. Stella begins telling her story.

So According to the trio in exactly one year from now an alien force will invade Earth and kill billions of people and GT (GLOBAL TRADE) will become EARS (Earth Against Rampaging Sexomorphs) The Sexomorphs are gray with black eyes and six tentacles and the reason the trio call them Sexomorphs is because they have an uncontrollable appetite for sexual activities with human females and because they cannot pronounce what the gray aliens really are in any Earth languages. They are the height of us humans.

Apparently my boss Kenneth Lockhart gave them that name and will have the means to stop them. Then Doctor Stella drops a major bombshell. I was going to betray everyone. I make a secret deal with the Sexomorphs in exchange for the survival of humanity. Their deal was Kenneth Lockhart and 1000 young virgin women but the latter was more difficult but I would make that happen.

"Why do they want my boss?"

"Well it was not because he was the leader and had the technology," Doctor Stella explains. "The reason is your boss started this war. Yes, Xanzabar, General of the 1st Supreme Battle Fleet has a wife whose part of a research team here on Earth. Mr. Lockhart is going to kill her which sparks the beginning of the end for humanity. General Xanzabar wants to kill him."

"So I give General Xanzabar our location, EARS has 1000 troops but I send an e-mail ordering all save 22 plus Doctor Stella's robot to abandon the base. Kenneth is included too? Why?"

"The reason you do this is because you don't want General Xanzabar to have it easy. It's the last stand for the brave 23," Mr. Johnson explains.

"What are you three planning to do once you find Mr. Lockhart?"

"We're planning to kill him," Doctor Stella answered.

"You can't do that!"

"It has to be done. It's the only way to prevent the all out slaughter of humanity."

"They'll be blood on your hands!"

"They'll be blood your hands in the future."

"This is the ultimatum you issue to us in the future," Mr. Johnson said."

"That doesn't make any sense! Why would I betray you all but give you all a way out!?"

"You like to play fate," Dr. Stella replied.

Mr. Johnson tells me that in the next few months my boss sends some minions to Ethiopia to successfully steal the blueprints for the time travel device and that I was planning to kill him and take credit for the time travel device.

"Please I won't believe any of this garbage!"

"You may not believe it now but we're heading to the park because today is the day your boss which will one day be ours kills General Xanzabar's wife!"

Suddenly there was a loud thud; something had hit the roof Stingray Corvette. Suddenly a man appears and punches my windshield.

"The hell is he doing!?" I screamed in anger.

Suddenly I see tentacles emerge and then the man began transforming. "Holy shit!" I screamed.

"Shit its Greeper, Field Commander Greeper!" Mr. Johnson screamed. "He's one of the deadliest of the Sexomorphs!"

It was a gray alien with six tentacles and black eyes, human height. They were right!

"But how did he get here?!" Dr. Stella screamed.

"He must have gotten inside the time vortex before it fully closed," Mr. Johnson explained.

"I hope he's the only one here besides General Xanzabar his wife and the small research team. Shit!"

Field Commander Greeper punches my windshield again and this time there is a hole and one tentacle slides in but Mr. Johnson slams on the brake and with the sudden jerk forward he is thrown into the air and makes a hard landing.

"You got him!" I cheered.

"Not yet!" Mr. Johnson throttles it in an attempt to run him over but Greeper gets up and with his right punches my car which stops it completely. It was like I hit a pole. Damn!

"M 47, you take care of Greeper."

"Yes milady."

M 47 exits the car first. He attempts to fire at Greeper but he's too quick and jumps at M 47. We exit the car and flee. I couldn't help but look at the two battling it out. An Alien and a Robot, this stuff was supposed to only exist in sci-fi but it was. They were right!

Greeper throws M 47 and goes at him but M 47 counters his attack and delivers his own set of devastating blows.

Andrew tells me to keep moving! I was concerned about M 47 but he assures me that he has dealt with Sexomorphs before but Doctor Stella reminds him that it was just that last battle before there got here.

We go on.


"I'm tired."

"We can't stop; we have to stop Kenneth Lockhart," Mr. Johnson said sternly.

"I'm against killing Mr. Lockhart!"

"Then what would you have us do, commander?"

Stella's sarcastic remake made me angry. "We'll incapacitate him."

"That could work," Mr. Johnson says.

"Fine, as long as we stop this horrible future from happening," Dr. Stella agreed.


Some time has passed but then in the distance was a lone woman.

"That's her, Xanzabar's wife." Stella murmured.

"What? That's just a normal woman."

Mr. Johnson shakes his head. "She's clocked as a human."


"Yes, soon it will malfunction and Kenneth Lockhart will see it."

"So let's go warn her."

"No, she won't believe us and call for help, we wait till Kenneth appears and then stop him and the aliens will thank us and the war will be avoided."

We wait and that's when I notice something going on with Xanzabar's wife. She turns from human to alien and the turns back again. "It's starting."

"Look he's coming," Dr. Stella pointed.

It happens just like they said, Kenneth Lockhart appears and the human cloak glitches again but this the female was fully alien. I watch as Kenneth Lockhart gasps in horror. He pulls out a pistol and was screaming profanity and threats. The female alien was terrified.

"Alright let's go!" Mr. Johnson says.

Stella wastes no time. "Drop the gun you piece of shit!"


"Don't move!" Mr. Johnson says.

"What are you people doing!? There's an alien right behind you!"

"We know that."

Kenneth Lockhart was flabbergasted but then he notices me. "Get help!"

"I'm sorry, sir."


"Don't worry, ma'am you're safe now."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Kenneth Lockhart roared.

"I'm preventing humanity from being enslaved."

"That's what I'm trying to do!"

"Nope, your actions will lead to this," Stella says.

"Who are you people?!"

"Just some law-abiding citizens, now I suggest you keep your mouth shut and we'll be done soon and no one has to die."

"You're fired!" Mr. Lockhart screamed at me but I ignore him.

At that moment General Xanzabar arrives.

"What's going on?!"

"It's alright, it's alright," I said calmly.

"Oh Xanzabar these nice humans saved from that guy they have their guns pointing at."

"You three have my thanks. What are your names so I may remember?"

"Doctor Stella."

"Andrew Johnson."

I tell him my name. "You all should leave before humans like that Yatsu show up.

"Yeah we'll just do that," General Xanzabar nodded.

"Fools, if you set those aliens free it will be the end of us all!" Kenneth Lockhart screams and knocks both Stella and Andrew down and pulls out a second pistol.

I jump in the way and wrestle with the pistol and then it goes off on Mr. Lockhart. OH NO I'M A MURDERER! But then I realized that I wasn't, Mr. Lockhart had been turn into an action figure?

I look at the gun and realize it had a dial switch on it and one of the settings was action figure mode. I turned it during the struggle or maybe he did it I don't know.

"Is it over," General Xanzabar's wife asks.


"Do you think he's dead?" Andrew asks.

"Who cares, the job is done," Dr. Stella says.

"No it's not over yet, we still have that other Yatsu to deal with."

"Oh yeah. Well you aliens should leave before things get out of hand."

"Will do and thank you for protecting my wife."

"No problem it's just what we do."

Suddenly we hear a tremble. "Go now," I screamed.

The two aliens disappeared.

M 47 appears and he was damaged. "I drove Field Commander Greeper back for now."

"We have to get you fixed," Stella says.

"We can return to headquarters, I'll have my best people fix it."

"I can do it myself!"

Bitch, I thought.

"We can't go there; if we do people will be in danger."

"Andrew's right, Field Commander Greeper is after us and won't stop.

"Then my place, four against one isn't so bad and besides and I have special gun.


We find Kenneth Lockhart's car and cruise on back to my condo. I order take out for me my guests and in the meantime Dr. Stella works on M 47 in my workshop and Mr. Johnson takes a rest in the guestroom and I watch some TV. As I flipping through the channels I could help but wonder what happen after this was all over, I mean was my boss was action figure now, was he even alive, was the effect irreversible? Sigh, all I could now is cross that bridge when I come to it.

Ten minutes later I decide to check on everyone. I peek into the guest and find Mr. Johnson sleeping peacefully, I should get some sleep myself, there's still one more Sexomorph, well man but only one with the intent on killing us. He must know now that we're in the pass, he might even attempt to start the wars he had to stopped!

I head to my workshop. I knock on the door but there's no response. I do again. But then I ask myself why should I knock? This is my place. I try to open the door but it's locked. Dr. Stella must want to work in silence but she could have informed me! I look through the small window and see her fully nude!

"No man or woman or alien will have this." I hear her say.

She approaches one of my lab tables and sits on it. "M 47," she spoke.

"Yes milady?"

"Initiate pleasure sequence."

"Yes milady."

I watch as Doctor Stella lies back on the table as M 47 approaches her. His crotch plate opens up and a Silver Hitachi Magic Wand comes forward.

The wand stops once it reaches her pussy. "Initiating pleasure sequence, milady."

The silver wand begins making a faint humming noise and it gently touches Doctor Stella's clit. Doctor Stella lets out a moan. Her left hand was touching her left breast. "Oh yes no man, woman or alien can bring me this pleasure. Oh ah oh ah oh!"

A few minutes later a silver dildo appears and enters inside her and starts going slow and then fast while the first dildo was still working her clit.

"Yes! Yes!" Instinctively the wand moved thus allowing Stella to rub her own clit. She did this for a few seconds before allowing the silver wand to resume pleasuring her.

I couldn't believe this was happening in my own place and it wasn't me! No wonder she insisted on fixing the robot herself.

I watch as another silver dildo appears and Dr. Stella turns on her stomach and at that moment she looks up I quickly duck, I think she didn't see me, why should I be the embarrassed one, she's doing this in my workshop!

A second later I slowly raise my head. I could see hear her moaning and it was growing loudly. I couldn't really see it, but both dildos were present, I guessing one was in her anus. I watched as M 47 got closer to Dr. Stella, his metal hands grab her hips and he start thrusting hard into her.

"Damn!" I said.

I knew I should look away but this was my place after all, I had the right to watch. Why am I still single?

I wonder if Andrew's seeing anymore. Wait he's from the future! The moaning starts to fade, I guess she's nearing her climax.

I watch as M 47 started to slow. Yep she was done and with more thrust M 47 pulls out. I'm not cleaning her juice up!

I head back to the living room and then I hear the doorbell. That was fast.

I open the door and OH FUCK! It was the guy who damaged my Stingray Corvette that's still at the park. I quickly shut the door like that did anything and run but the door was back open and then slammed shut and suddenly I was down on the floor. Two tentacles were wrapped around my legs. He lifts me up and turns my to him and more tentacles sprout from him. Shit I was about to be raped and killed! I scream as loud as I possibly can.

Andrew appears with his gun suppressed and shoots at Greeper. He puts me in Andrew's firing range. Andrew does not fire and tentacle grabs him by the leg and starts slamming on the floor and the wall and then he throws him.

One of Greeper's tentacles moves toward my panties. Shit! But then a blast from M 47 knocks him down.

"Finish him!"

Dr. Stella races to help me.

Just then we were both hit by M 47 who was wrapped by tentacles and then we were wrapped. "Damn thought you said Sexomorphs only had six!"

"This guy is a special case! M 47!"

"Weapon systems failing, weapon systems failing!"

"We're in trouble now," Dr. Stella says.

"Yes, yes we are," I rolled my eyes. I bet she gets raped first; she's half-dressed after all, easier access.

"Where am I?!" Greeper demanded. "I know this isn't the same world!"

"Well, you're on Earth but in the past," I say.


"Yeah, we've traveled back in time to stop the war from happening," Dr. Stella explains. "So if you could just let us go we can end this. Nobody will die. We've prevented General Xanzabar's wife from getting killed."

"What are you planning to do?" Greeper questions.

"Once I repair my robot again, we can go back to our own time."

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"You don't but if you kill me you won't get back home."

"I have a better idea." He grinned evilly. He starts stripping both of us.

"No!" I yelled.

"Don't worry I won't kill any of you."

Deep in the back of my mind I always wonder how it would feel be used by tentacles but I didn't consent to this. There was nothing I could do but accept my fate.

Greeper starts laughing but then something happens and I blacked out.


When I come to I see Mr. Johnson looking over me.

"Whew, thank goodness."

"What happened, where's Greeper?" I ask.

He points to the floor. I look and see an action figure.

"Yes I used the gun you used on Kenneth Lockhart but since you and Dr. Stella were wrapped in Greeper's tentacles you both were turned into dolls.


"Yes but there was a reverse switch so I was able to turn you both back to normal. I just had to unwrap both of you, boy did that take awhile."

"Where's Stella?"

"Fixing M 47," he answered bitterly.

"She really loves that robot."

"Yeah, yeah," he said tiredly.

"So you like her?"

"Yeah I did but she's made it clear that M 47 is the only one."

"So um the job's done right?"

"Yes and the takeout arrived."

"I nod Thank you for saving us, we were about to become fuck toys for Greeper."

"You're welcome, now that's that done, we just wait for Stella and then we'll be on our way."

I nod again.


So we ate and then we retrieved my car which took a long time because I had to explain what had happened to the police who were there. I tell them that a guy on PCP attacked us. They gave us a drug test to see if we weren't high and soon they went pursing a false lead. Of course I had to tell them something that they would most likely believe rather than saying an alien caused this damaged.

After some time later M 47 was fixed. I had my boss' car turned into a toy car. Yeah I already made up in my mind that Kenneth Lockhart was going to stay an action figure forever. No one's gonna miss him. I'll continue working at his company till if falls into ruin.

I say good-bye to Andrew Johnson, Dr. Stella, she's alright and M 47. I would always remember them but would they remember me? Probably not, the future has changed, their pass selves would not meet, only the Sexomorphs brought us all together but it had to be done. Maybe we would meet again one day but who knows?

The time vortex opened and they went in and that was it, they were gone.


Global Trade was in an uproar, Kenneth Lockhart was missing. Not a trace of him or his car was found. The board temporarily took over till Melissa Lockhart, who was Kenneth Lockhart sister step in.

She met with me to see if I knew anything to help find out what happen. I decide to tell her because I knew the guilt would eventually eat me up.

I was expected to cursed and arrested but she took it better than I thought which shocked me.

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