tagErotic CouplingsEarth-Loving Mother Earns Orgasms

Earth-Loving Mother Earns Orgasms


He began his lecture by saying, "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It takes eight minutes for the sun light to reach the Earth." I sat there mesmerized. There was something so attractive about this man. He wasn't just attractive, he was beautiful in a way. It surprised me in part because he was Asian. He had a way about him that suggested a raw intensity beneath his controlled demeanor. He spoke carefully and carried himself with quiet confidence.

It was Earth Day and there I was, sitting in the front row of the auditorium at my daughter's high school, listening to the keynote speaker, a man from China. I had helped to raise the funds to bring this world-famous environmentalist to conduct a workshop for the community. I had read one of his essays in an organic gardening magazine and began to correspond with him several months prior to the event. His ideas were fresh and insightful and when I saw his picture, I was struck by the passion and power that seemed to show in his handsome face. Now after months of fundraising, he was standing before us sharing strategies to make our community more sustainable and livable.

Fundraising was one of the many ways I tried to be involved in the local community and to help improve my daughter's education. When I got married, I always had it in my mind to be the best mother in the neighborhood. I tried to be the perfect wife and mother, always waiting with dinner on the table in a clean, happy home. I was obsessed with the appearance of every aspect of my family and myself. I worked out regularly, volunteered for everything, read important books, and shopped to stay in fashion. I was proud of myself and my accomplishments. When I began to need more in my life, I got involved in several social causes in the community. Environmentalism quickly became my leading cause because of its popularity in our neighborhood and today was a day that I could enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I had prepared carefully for the day, organizing every detail, including what I would wear. I chose a new black suit and heels for the occasion. I wanted to look attractive but professional and thought I looked rather alluring in a toned down manner. I had an elegant reception planned at a nice hotel after the lecture. The anticipation of the event, along with all of the compliments I'd received for my work, made me feel particularly excited and emotional. Although my husband was unable to attend because he was away on business, my daughter was beaming with pride as she sat on stage. She had been given the responsibility of introducing Mr. Ping Jia Dong, our speaker.

I relished all of the feelings and attention as I listened attentively, wanting to be able to intelligently participate in the cocktail discussions I knew would follow the lecture. I concentrated as I listened to him say:

"If you can imagine that your whole body is a sense organ, a sponge for the variety of stimuli in the world, then you can imagine how we might think about our relational experience with the environment. Your body as a whole is a space that is constantly written upon by the elements of the world in which we live. It is an intimate connection, a marriage of sorts if you like, but it can become toxic if the elements lose equilibrium. In China, we would explain it as a relationship between opposing forces that must find balance. It is this balance that is responsible for our health. This balance allows us to experience the best of our humanity, in life, love, and work."

The audience seemed focused and there was a tension in the air as if his words were seducing everyone.

"I'm afraid that we often neglect our innate understanding of this relationship and allow ourselves to become engrossed in the addictions of temporal pleasure. The appearance of our lives as opposed to the substance of how we live. This is natural in a sense but there is more that we can do ecologically if we are willing to give ourselves to a larger truth. Many of you here today are mothers. By definition, a mother is someone who loves because she nurtures. The larger truth that underlies motherhood may be the key to our ability to make our planet more livable. From my perspective, this truth is the dynamic and unconditional love of a mother. Although I do not believe that spoken language can truly articulate this love, it is possible to suggest it. The people of my country would say that it is only a mother who can know the intricacies of how to live because only she gives birth to life."

I was deeply struck by the comments, there was something sensual about how he spoke and his obvious intelligence was certainly attractive. When the lecture ended, applause erupted and a crowd formed around the thirty-something Mr. Dong. I waited to catch his attention and introduce myself and caught myself staring. When his eyes met mine, I felt penetrated. In retrospect, it might have been at that moment that I decided that I would have sex with him if I got the chance.

"Mr. Dong. Hello, I'm Lynne Bennett. I'm sorry we didn't meet earlier but thank you for sharing such a wonderful message with us." I was feeling a little twisted inside.

"Ah, Mrs. Bennett." He warmly shook my hand although it felt more like a caress. "You're a very gracious host Mrs. Bennett. I've enjoyed our correspondence and your attention to detail is apparent. I am honored to be here." He seemed to be looking me over, head to toe.

"Please call me Lynne."

"Yes, and please call me PJ. My American friends all call me PJ."

"We should get to dinner. I'm sure you must be hungry after such a busy schedule."

I ushered him to my car, noting that he was quite fit and looked good in his clothes. From the moment the doors were closed, I felt that I was the center of his attention. The way that he looked at me as we drove made me feel very feminine. We chatted about his time in the U.S. and he told me that he had enjoyed it very much. I knew he had studied at an Ivy League school and wondered about his college days.

"What do you enjoy most about America?" I asked.

"The land. It's spacious and still wild in places. It's so beautiful. When I get the chance to hike in national forests, I'm filled with a sense of being that I've only felt when I'm in love."

"That's an interesting way to look at it. I never thought of it like that." I replied. His comments actually made me feel a yearning for more romance in my life.

"Nature in America has a consuming quality to it. It's like the beauty of a woman who is all things—a mother, a lover, and a confidant."

I smiled at his words as we pulled into the parking lot at the hotel where PJ would be staying and where the dinner was to be held. I hadn't noticed until I moved to get out of the car that my skirt had ridden up my thighs. I quickly adjusted myself but it was obvious from PJ's soft smile that he had been enjoying the view.

After a rather short dinner, several people came over to talk to PJ and to compliment him. Some of the women, who I considered more than a little slutty and low-brow, made obvious overtures about the sensual nature of some of the lecture comments. Perhaps it was just my imagination and I was overreacting. I made the rounds to greet different contributors but my attention kept turning back toward PJ. We made eye contact several times and each time he smiled.

As I was passing by one group of mothers, I overheard some of them talking about PJ in sexual terms. I couldn't blame them but I was still focused on trying to make sure that everything went smoothly. Still, their comments resonated and echoed in my mind—"Do you think he knows the Kama Sutra?" "I bet he's a passionate lover." "He probably likes to have sex outside in the woods. Have you girls ever done that? I have." They giggled and were probably drunk as usual but it did make me wonder what a man with such obvious and intense passion might be like in bed.

When the event finally concluded, I was a little tired and feeling the effects of the wine I'd had to calm my nerves. Politely, I was able to get rid of the remaining guests and suggested that PJ join me for a nightcap at the bar. He agreed and we sat down in a booth.

"Lynne, thank you. It's been a wonderful evening. The community seems truly committed to the well-being of the environment and living more consciously."

"It was your lecture. You inspired them."

Our drinks arrived and we raised our glasses. I made a toast, "Here's to the environment." PJ hesitated and gave me an odd look. "No Lynne. Here's to you. A woman with a beauty that matches that of Mother Nature." I blushed as he said it. We touched glasses and I looked away but could feel him staring at me. I started to feel a slight tingle between my legs and could feel the growing dampness of my panties.

I tried to change the topic and asked him about his life in China. He told me that he spent a great deal of time in the countryside studying ancient medical practices but somehow we ended up talking about my life after that. I told him about my family and my activism. I was suddenly so at ease that I even revealed that I was feeling that my marriage had become a little superficial and that my husband was away on business. The attention PJ was giving me, something about his character, seemed to pierce the surface of my normally guarded personality.

Our conversation continued and I found myself laughing and enjoying myself until I realized the time. It was late so I walked with PJ to get his room key.

"Room 421 please." He said and then he turned to face me. He took the key and we shared an awkward moment. Simultaneously, we reached out tentatively to shake hands but ended up in a hug. It was closer and lasted longer than might have been appropriate and almost resulted in a kiss as we lingered together before I finally pulled away and said good-bye. "I hope that we can stay in touch." I added.

As I walked away, I was conscious of the fact that PJ was watching me and I deliberately put an extra sway in my hips for him. I thought that I'd never see him again until I got to my car but I had second thoughts as I started the car. Suddenly I felt frantic with desire. Without thinking I shut off the engine, got out, and quickly jogged back into the hotel to the click of my heels. In the elevator, I felt butterflies form in my stomach and tried to think up an excuse for what I was doing.

It turned out that I didn't need one. The second that PJ opened up the door, he took me in his arms and kissed me intimately. My body melted into his as I opened my mouth and let his tongue explore me. He pinned me against the wall as I undid his belt and dropped his pants. When he stepped back to kick them off, I reached behind me to undo my skirt. We were breathing hard against one another and I couldn't believe how horny I was. With our passion fully unleashed, we made our way to the bed, leaving a trail of clothing behind us.

I pushed him onto the mattress and tossed my blouse aside. PJ's eyes locked onto my tits and the silk lace bra that held them in place. Crawling on top of him, I unbuttoned his shirt and was happy to see the tight muscles of his chest and his washboard abs. I was even happier when I sat back and felt the size of the package in his boxers. I slithered back down his body, kissing and licking along the way and stood up to pull down his shorts. When I unleashed his cock, I was amazed at how hard it was. It might not have been the biggest I'd ever seen but it was flexing at attention and felt harder than I could have imagined.

I wanted to mount PJ and ride him into oblivion but he had different ideas. He pulled me down next to him and stroked my face and whispered into my ear as he licked it and sucked on my earlobe. I could feel his cockhead against my thighs as he said, "Lynne, I want to give you incredible pleasure. Let yourself go, beautiful lady." He began to lick my neck and his tongue traced its way to my tits. My nipples were aching with tension and when he bit them, I felt like I was going to cum. My body was electrified as he squeezed, caressed, pinched, and massaged me all over.

PJ was on top of me, working my flesh with his mouth and hands. I was writhing with unknown sensations and moaning incoherently. It felt like he was worshipping my body as his mouth covered my pussy. When he took my clit in his lips and sucked it, I gasped and came with a quick shudder. I was moaning, surrendering to the bliss caused by his mouth. He was licking slow but hard through my pussy lips and across my clit. Then he extended his efforts and licked my sensitive asshole. The new forbidden feeling triggered an erotic explosion through my body.

I was panting and wailing in orgasmic ecstasy. I wanted him to stop but he kept his head between my thighs. I cried out again and again, staring at the ceiling, bewildered in an unfamiliar room, quaking with unbelievable tension. "OH...AH...OH...AH...OH...OH AHHH...OH!!!" A stream of pleasure spilled from my throat. PJ was relentless until finally my body gave out. I laid there with my arms thrown back and sensed that he was looking up at me. I could feel his breath on my inner thighs.

We didn't speak. PJ sat between my legs and pulled me up to face him. Our legs were intertwined, mine bent up over his as we tenderly kissed. I felt vulnerable, more than naked, facing this man as he studied me. His cock was throbbing against my body as he looked into my eyes. I could taste myself on his lips and savored the flavor, somehow unable to turn away from his penetrating gaze or initiate the fucking I craved. PJ kissed me again and began to lightly stroke my nipples and run his fingernails over my breasts.

A fire was smoldering in my being and I wanted it to rage. My heart raced causing my breath to ignite. I took PJ's shaft in my hand and squirmed to slide it through my pussy lips. He swallowed and kissed me harder in response.

The erotic deep kissing caused me to drool as I worked to get him inside of me. When I got his cockhead in place, I pushed my hips forward and gasped. PJ pulled my nipples to lock us together in a sensual love knot. We were joined in the most sensual of rhythmic unions, our creamy grinding causing the pleasure to build in my body again. His cock was so hard it felt unreal. I became totally focused on the feeling of having this man inside me. It was compounded because we could only grind together in the sitting position we held.

As our tongue-kissing resumed and intensified, PJ stroked my thighs vigorously. With each thrust, his hands moved closer to the point where our bodies were hotly connected. When his fingers finally got to my clit, I went ballistic and used my arms for leverage to throw my cunt onto his cock. I leaned back and grunted as he flexed his cock in me and thumbed my pussy. My tits shook wildly as I worked to cum but PJ calmed me by grabbing my torso and holding me on him.

"Slowly Lynne. Slowly. Breathe my love. Feel with your whole body." He reached back and massaged the soles of my feet. I was propped up on his cock with my arms extended behind me and my tits on display for him. "Oh!... You're an amazing woman Lynne." He was hypnotized by my breasts.

"You like my tits don't you baby. I want you to fuck them later." I was drenching him with my juices and felt so nasty. I wanted to cum with him inside of me and I wanted him to fill me but I didn't sense any urgency in his efforts.

"Are you going to cum for me PJ?" I asked.

"You feel wonderful Lynne. I want your pleasure. Wait..." He pulled me up so that I was sitting on him completely. I felt like I was being drained as I straddled him. When he reached back to play with my ass, I jerked up.

"Oh my gawd!!!" My body shuddered. "Mmm... Please cum with me honey. I want to feel it inside me. I can't believe your control."

He grunted and moaned, "Nature teaches us many lessons. I can wait as long as you like Lynne. The Chinese have practiced the art of loving for thousands of years."

I wondered what he was talking about but didn't care. "I want you to fuck me for a thousand years PJ!!! Come on! Take me!!! I'm yours lover!!!" I hugged him and pressed my tits in his face. He mouthed me and we fucked furiously, jostling on the bed.

Leaning backwards, I rolled onto my back, bringing PJ with me. The iron strength of his cock kept it in me as I laid on the bed and extended my legs. His hard body was over me and I caressed his tight chest and arms. He lifted my legs to his shoulders and began ramrodding my pussy. It felt to me like 10,000 heavenly thrusts, like the earth was shaking, like I was swimming in liquid cosmic bliss. I was gone, floating in his exertion. PJ kept hammering into me and I screamed.

"Oh my gawd!!! I'm c-cu-uumming!!!" My legs were flailing above me. "Ah! I don't know what I feeeelll!!! It's so good!!! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!!!"

As I was spasming and clenching on him, he slowed down and it felt like the pleasure was being drawn out of me by his cock. I would have let him do anything to me at that point. All I could do was lay there, wanting more despite feeling overstimulated. PJ's cock was tight against my convulsing inner walls. He began thrusting slowly again at an angle that made his cockhead spear upward on my g-spot. I'd never felt anything do this so directly except my finger.

"Ahh... Right there... Yeah!" I kept still and let him continue. His short thrusts created the most delicious slick friction in me. My pussy was burning hot and I felt like I could implode. I hugged his body to mine as his hips moved, ravished by his fucking.

"You're amazing PJ." I knew I was about to cum again. "It feels like you're... You're gonna fuck me forever." I felt tears well up in my eyes. "You're gonna kill me!!!" I was thrashing around trying to cum. "I love it!" I groaned in his ear and lost it in a torrent of cries. I was engulfed by the rapturous power that surged from inside me across my flesh and shook uncontrollably. Panting in utter exhaustion, I asked PJ to just hold me as I sobbed.

His voice had become raspy but he said, "I love being inside you Lynne." He firmly stroked my body with his hands as we rolled onto our sides. PJ was still inside me and his cock seemed as hard as ever. It was too much and I slowly pushed him away from me.

"Taoists have a boundless love for all things in the universe. We believe that both earthly and heavenly pleasures exist to benefit all life in the world." Reluctantly he withdrew and we spooned with his slick hardness in the crack of my ass. PJ wrapped me up in his arms and harmonized our breathing. I felt his muscled body cover the length of my backside as he whispered, "This is the most natural thing on earth."

I felt relaxed and fragile but gradually I regained some energy and wanted PJ again, mostly because he hadn't cum yet but also because I had never had such an intense sexual experience and knew it could still go further.

I turned over and bent over PJ's cock. I could feel my tits hanging against his thighs as I took his cockhead between my lips. He tasted unique with an essence of fruity sweetness and because his shaft was so rigid, it was almost like sucking on candy. I got him nice and slippery with my mouth, savoring the texture of his love-tool with my lips, cheeks, and tongue. When I rolled over, he knew what to do.

PJ straddled my tits and I crushed them around his cock hoping to coax his cum. He began to thrust while looking into my eyes. I urged him on, feeling the pleasure of my tits pulling and stretching around him. He pulled and twisted my nipples roughly. I watched his facial expression change and thought that he was finally losing control.

I became the aggressor and pushed him up off of me. He laid back with a puzzled look on his face. I knelt and turned my ass to him to mount myself on his beautiful erection. In a single smooth thrust, I was filled to the hilt and bucking in a frenzy. It felt like his cock was growing even bigger in me and I fell into abandon as I bounced. PJ sat up behind me and pinched my nipples as my tits shook.

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