tagSci-Fi & FantasyEarth: The Breeding Grounds

Earth: The Breeding Grounds


"Since this is your first Martian hunt, I'm gonna need you to listen to every word I say. The breeding facilities on Venus is in short supply of semen, so our mission is to land on Earth, where Martians scavenge, and capture as many as we can. We are now descending into the atmosphere..."

Their boots smacked the retractable stairway and echoed through the dense green jungle, alerting any indigenous species of their presence.

Commander Michelle raised her hand, halting the rookie in front of the oval spaceship. Michelle wore a black jumper, as dark as her hair which was in a tight bun, with a silver badge on her right breast which symbolized her rank. It glimmered underneath the sunlight through the trees. Her brown eyes scanned the jungle.

"What the fuck is this?" Bridgette asked in a similar jumper. The gangly blonde gestured with her head.

Sex acts were carved into the tree trunks, stick figures copulating in every position imaginable.

"Do they not teach you this in the training exercise?" Michelle's eyes searched the jungle for any movement. "The Martians still practice the barbaric ways of breeding."

"Ugh!" Bridgette pressed a button on the side of her gun. It wailed and emitted an orange glow from the barrel, like the fiery mouth of a dragon. She did a sweep with her weapon.

"As revolting as it may seem, it's a good way to store what we're here for."

"Semen?" Bridgette shot a glance to Michelle. "Commander, are you suggesting I—"

"No, no, no. That's a last resort. We're here to take the Martians back to Venus." Michelle held a hand to the power button on her chest. "Power up."

The troops pressed the button on their one-piece suits. Lights trailed through each appendage before connecting at the chest. The suits jerked and came to life.

"Ahhhhh!" a pleasure-filled moan shot through the wilderness.

Bridgette's anxious energy took control of her body. She charged through the jungle, creating a path of destruction. She brushed by trees, jumped over fallen logs, and ran up the side of the steep cliff.

"I didn't give an order!" Michelle yelled. She then growled under her breath. "You have to listen or we're fucked..."


At the cliff's clearing, Bridgette bent at the waist and rested her hands on her knees. She inhaled the warm air as Michelle climbed up behind her.

In front, the entrance to a gloomy cave beckoned them. The mouth bent like a crooked smile; a mischievous face, hoping to trick them into the belly of a beast.

"Hmmm... I don't know about th—" Bridgette started to speak, but a moan resounded from the pit of darkness.

Michelle pressed a button on her gun and aimed it, shining her path with the orange glow from the barrel. She eased inside with the metallic dragon gripped tightly in her palms. The bellowing moans resonated from the pit of the mountain's stomach. She scanned the cave with the weapon's light and suddenly stopped.

Michelle spotlighted a naked woman in the back, surrounded by two boulders. Despite being in the dirty cave, her pear-shaped figure appeared clean. She had burnt-orange hair and perky breasts with large pink areolas. She sat in her rocky throne, right arm splayed across the boulder while the left hand played with her clit. She didn't even react to the light singling her out. She tilted her head back against the stone chair and closed her eyes.

"Scarlett?" Michelle looked surprised by the woman's compromising position. "What is going on here?"

"I'm calling him," Scarlett said while massaging the top of her mount.

"Calling who?"

"The Martian..." Scarlett panted. Her legs stiffened, knees popped, and ankles twirled.

Michelle shot a strange eye to Bridgette, then back to Scarlett. "What happened here? Where's your crew?"

"Uh!" Scarlett moaned. A tremor jiggled her breasts. "They fucked them. They fucked them all."

Bridgette rushed over to Scarlett and yanked the woman to her feet. Bridgette slapped her, waking Scarlett from her sex trance. "Where are they, huh? Where's your crew?" Bridgette asked. "Where's your ship?"

"The Martians self destructed it..." Scarlett's eyes settled briefly, appearing alert, before rolling in the back of her head from pleasure. She couldn't help but to rubbed her pussy. Her knees gave-way but she caught herself. Her short, stubby toes curled into the stone floor.

"Who taught them how to do that?" Bridgette smacked Scarlett across the cheek again.

Scarlett's cheek reddened. Through heated breaths, she said, "I showed them."

"You showed them!" Fire ignited in Bridgette's eyes.

"Why hunt them, trap them," Scarlett asked in a husky voice, "when you can simply call to them and get whatever you want?"

"It was forbid by the Old Mothers," Michelle said with a strong tone.

"That's why the Star God put them on Mars and us on Venus," Bridgette schooled, "because we—"

"...are supposed to meet in the middle, on Earth." Scarlett's starry eyes drifted up. "This planet is the breeding grounds. And girl, lemme tell you about the immense pleasure—"

Michelle snatched Scarlett's elbow. "Let's go. Now!"

A guttural growl sounded from the entrance of the cave.

"He's here..." Scarlett's face beamed, eyes widened with joy.

The two soldiers wheeled around to a distorted see-thru figure in the opening of the cave. The blur tapped a device on his wrist and came into focus. The sun shone upon his back, darkening his appearance but revealing his size. He inched closer, exposing himself to the visitors. The only article of clothing he wore was a Bio-helmet—steep forehead, rounded crown, and prominent snout. His wild black hair shot out the back. He was tall with a muscular torso. His huge cock dangled down his thigh.

Bridgette ogled at the Martian's member. "So, that's where the semen comes from..."

"Da-don't look at it. Remember what the Old Mothers said!" Michelle ordered. Her command snapped Bridgette from her daydream. They both aimed their weapons. "It can spellbind you." Michelle said.

"No, no, no!" Scarlett swatted at their weapons and ran in front, defending the Martian. "They can be subservient to our every demand, even fight for us."

"Move!" Michelle said.

"Listen, listen." Scarlett wiped the sweat from her forehead. She checked over her shoulder to the strapping beast. Her eyes zeroed-in on his long, thick manhood. The sight caused her crotch to tingle so she pinched her thighs together. She revolved back to the soldiers. "If you dominate them, they'll be your pet. Just don't sh—"

"Get out of the way." Bridgette shoved Scarlett aside.

Martian crawled up the side of the wall like a spider. Before they could reset, he dropped down behind them. Bridgette tried to pull the trigger, but Martian beat her to the punch. He slammed the weapon into the cave wall, shattering it into a thousand pieces. He snatched her up by the collar of her jumper, tossed her over his shoulder, and hurried off up the wall once again. Bridgette squirmed and somehow got free of his grasp. She fell to the floor, but as she started to dash away, Martian grabbed her collar and ripped downward. The fabric shredded, emitting sparks and flashes. Martian tore her power jumper completely off. Her gangly body was out in the open for all to see: thin, long limbs, and slightly saggy round breasts. She continued to crawl but he slung her back over his shoulder and made his way out of the cave.

Michelle aimed her weapon but thought better. She could hit Bridgette. After watching Martian carry her companion away, Michelle turned her glare to Scarlett. "Down!"

"I had the situation under control." Scarlett submitted her hands in the air and knelt. "Let me go with you."

"Pffttt." Michelle shoved Scarlett face-first to the grimy stone floor. "I can't trust you."

"Wait until you catch their scent, feel the power of their appendage... it's—Oo!"

Michelle ignored Scarlett for the most part. With a flash of disgust, she removed a zip-tie from her pouch and bound Scarlett's ankles together, then her wrists, in the hogtie position. "Wait here, will ya?"

"Remember!" Scarlett shouted as Michelle exited the cave. "Dominate! Get their semen and their loyalty!"


Martian swung from a tree branch and landed to the dirt with Bridgette over his shoulder. Dust suspended in the air. He unfastened his Bio-mask and tossed it aside. He had wildly cropped raven hair, stubble over his strong jaw, and blue eyes that could pierce the night.

Once he released her, Bridgette tried to sprint off, but her jumper was stuffed inside her boots and tangled around her ankles. She tripped to the ground. She kicked off her boots and socks and removed the wadded jumper from around her ankles. Before the Martian could attack, she jumped back to her feet and readied herself. Her eyes trailed down his chest to his semi-hard cock. From her training, she knew what to do. She had to get her hands on the member and milk it.

"Tick-a, tick-a, tick-a..." Martian made a crackling snarl. He pounced, but his movements were slow and predictable.

Martian tried to squeeze Bridgette in a bear-hug, but she dipped under his advance and spun around to his back. She reached around him and gripped his flaccid shaft. It hardened in her hand. She began stroking the cock with energy. Martian groaned. He turned and converged on top of her with a salivating smile. They fell to the ground, Bridgette on her back. He kissed down her neck, shoulder, to her breasts. He pinched her stiff pink nipples between his lips.

Bridgette continued to handle him while looking through the tree tops to the sun. Leaves pirouetted around them. Her mind wanted to dominate but her body warmed to submission.

Martian kissed past her bellybutton, over her mount, and down to her inner folds. He rubbed the top of her clit. His tongue licked her up and down.

Bridgette could no longer reach his cock anymore, so she used her foot. She pressed the top of her foot against the shaft's underbelly and caressed it. Her lips parted slightly. She squeezed his head between her trembling thighs. Her mouth hung open, forehead creased. She bowed her midsection off the ground and shoved her pussy further in his face.

Martian wrapped his arms under her legs, stood. She balanced on her shoulders, almost doing a handstand. Her feet were straight in the air. Martian bent at the waist and proceeded to eat her out while standing.

Bridgette whimpered. Her left leg started to shake, so she flexed her foot. "Mm!" Attacked by an orgasmic shock, she squealed, pushed off Martian's shoulder, and flipped all the way over to her stomach. With an insatiable lust, she scrambled back to her feet and kissed him heatedly against a tree. She squeezed his erection again. "I'm gonna get this semen out of you, you hear me?" she said through clenched teeth.

Martian swiftly spun around to Bridgette's back and pressed her breasts against the bark.

"Oo!" Bridgette moaned.

Martian cupped her flat yet firm backside. He bit her neck as his tip slowly slipped inside her snug, wet center.

Bridgette clung on two low branches, kicked her right foot on a neighboring stump. She drove her hips back into each impact. "Fine! Is this. The. Way. You want it!"

Martian picked up the pace. His strong thrust sent ripples up her petite ass, bounced her breasts. With one hand, he lifted her ankle off the stump while the other snaked around her waist and massaged the top of her pussy.

"Mm! Mm! Mmm!" Bridgette absorbed his powerful thrusts on one shaky leg. Her body tingled, mind became fuzzy. She increased her grip on the thin branch. It snapped. "Mm! Mm! Mmm!"

Martian dropped her foot back to the leaves and cocooned her body in his arms. He lightly bit her neck while gently rocking his hips in and out.

"Oooo..." Bridgette grazed her toes up his leg. As he loosened his hold, she turned to him and gazed deeply into his blue eyes. While catching her breath, she caressed a palm over Martian's dark stubble. She began to want more than just the semen.

As they started to cool down, Martian came to life again with a burst of energy. He lifted Bridgette in the air and wrestled her to the ground. Leaves whirled in the air. He placed both her feet to the same side, leered down upon the shaken alien, and entered at an angle.

"...uuuGGHH!" Bridgette's eyes watered as a tickle exploded at her center and spread throughout her body. "Ye-yes. I—Uh!"


"...uuuGGHH!" Bridgette's loud moan echoed through the vast jungle.

Michelle stopped, ducked, but kept her eyes peeled on the surroundings. She did a quick inspection before moving through the jungle once again, resembling animals that inhabit it. She slithered under the brush like snakes; leapt hillsides, mimicking goats; and swung from tree-limbs as if she were a wild monkey. After a half-mile, she came to a clearing; a dirt road stomped out through the jungle, which wrapped in and out like a dried river bed.

In the clearing, Martian lay on top of Bridgette in a loving embrace; his head between her breasts and her legs locked around his waist.

"He's weak. You have the reproductive fluid. Get out of there," Michelle said under her breath. "Dammit..." She dipped lower behind the brush and stabilized the barrel of her gun on a low-hanging branch. The cool air blew her raven-black hair. A strand tickled her cheek. She went to swipe it away when a laserlock pyramid targeted her forearm. She slowly rotated.

Martians crouched throughout the jungle behind her. A hundred Bio-helmets peeked though the tall grass, like hungry predators searching the wilderness for prey.

"Oh shit..." Michelle's eyes distended. She darted away, past Martian and Bridgette but neither flinched from their loving cuddle. Other Martians, however, pursued Michelle through the forest with great speed.

In between the thick of trees, bodies swiftly passed, leaving blurred trails. Fallen tree-limbs snapped. Dried leaves cracked. And, bushes rustled.

Michelle backed into a tree trunk and readied her weapon. Her eyes nervously darted from side to side, expecting an attack at any moment.

"Oo! Oo!" a Martian hooted.

Michelle spun with her gun. The bushes moved.

"Ye! Ye! Ye!" another voice hollered.

Michelle whipped around again, the gun shaking in her hands.

The movement in the woods amplified around her before suddenly stopping. The footsteps ceased. The blurs of swift Martians disappeared. And, silence enveloped the area.

Michelle froze, listening for the slightest bit of movement.

All at once, helmets arose from the thick, surrounding her. They just stared upon her, naked, with limp cocks dangling down their thighs.

"What am I... uh..." Michelle tried not to look at their manhood, afraid of being spellbound by the cock's power. But, it was too late; a simple glimpse sealed her fate. She couldn't turn away. Her earlier sentiment to Bridgette repeated in her head. 'As revolting as it may seem, it's a good way to store what we're here for.'

Out of the brush walked a tall shredded Martian. He carried his Bio-mask under his arm. His long blonde hair danced in the breeze. As he approached, his cock swayed like a pendulum. He waved for her. He bounced his pecs and flexed his triceps.

"Be careful what you wish for." Michelle was tried of running. Her pride would no longer allow a Martian to chase her, like a cat and mouse game. She propped her weapon against a nearby tree. She then began undressing, choosing to take the blonde Martian in one-on-one combat. After removing her boots, socks, she pressed the power button on her jumper and unzipped it down her teardrop breasts. Her tiny dark nipples stood at attention like her troops. She stepped out of the black one-piece, exposing her nude athletic build. Her eyes locked on the blonde Martian.

A hand reached out from the left side and grazed her cheek, but she slapped it away. Another hand appeared from the right side and fondled her breast, but she swatted it away as well. A lean man seemed to materialize from behind her. His hands caressed Michelle's ribcage, but as he delved between her legs, she crouched and sweep-kicked his feet out from under him.

"You're going to need more than that, beefcake." Michelle winked before looking back to the blonde Martian, who stood back watching. She made it to her feet and spread her arms wide, inviting a worthy foe. "Is that all—"

A force tackled Michelle to the dirt. She airily moaned with arousal as the brute wrestled her to the ground and palmed the top of her nub. She froze from the tingle that waved through her body. Enjoying the contact, she thrust against his hold.

The blonde Martian postured up and withdrew his pruned fingers from her pussy. He grabbed the base of his stiff cock, wiggled the tip outside her vulva, before inching inside her.

"Oooof!" Michelle's thoughts scattered. Her body tickled all the way to her toes. Each strong plunge knocked her legs further in the air until they wrapped around his waist, locked at the ankles.

The blonde Martian grunted in her ear, her lobe pinched between his lips.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Michelle cheered him on, surprising herself. Never had she been so primed. The dry heat caused their bodies to perspire.

The blonde Martian sucked on her erect nipple. His hips hammered away, driving Michelle into the ground.

"Ha-ah-ah-ah!" Michelle shivered. Her feet wagged in the air with each impact. "Cum inside me—Oo!" Michelle expelled in a rushed sentence, followed by a rapid breath. Her legs inched further up his arms, toes touched behind his head. She wiggled them, rubbed them together in hopes of fighting the sudden numbness. Her breasts bounced and toned stomach tensed, showing her abs. She gnawed on her lip, closed her eyes, and let out another soft whine.

The blonde Martian quitted abruptly and rolled Michelle over to her hands and knees.

In a fog of arousal, Michelle went right along with it. From behind, the blonde Martian entered Michelle with a jolt, knocking her to her knees. Her feet curled in the air. She lurched forward and scratched the soil.

The blonde Martian held Michelle's hands behind her back and yanked her into every thrust. While gaining speed and power, he helped her up against his chest. His long cock continued sliding in and out.

Michelle rested her head back on his shoulder and looked to the treetops. Her perky breasts, taut nipples, jutted out. His strong member tickled her insides so intensely that it contorted her face and blurred her sight.

The blonde Martian nibbled on her neck and grunted passionately.

Michelle growled in response. An itching pressure built. Her face twisted, softened, and then wrenched once more. A wave of pleasure washed over her and forced out a guttural moan. "Eehhhhhhhh-yeaaaah!"

The blonde Martian pumped faster. Her ecstatic howls seemed to fuel his drive.

"Ohhh my-I-I-I gah-ah-ah! Ugghhh!" Michelle belted with force, relieving herself of months, maybe even years, of unfinished orgasms. Black dots blotted Michelle's sight, but she wagged her head, clearing her vision. Overcome by a feral lust, she shoved the blonde Martian over and climbed on top. Her hips rotated over his shiny, wet member. "You're my prey!"

The blonde Martian buried his face between her breasts. He squeezed them, mushed them together while his lips kissed every portion.

Michelle shoved him down and placed her hands against his muscular chest. Using her knees, she bounced up and down on his thick, long member. She flung her head back as her brain flooded with endorphins. She twerked, circled her hips. Her ass dimpled as she drove forward. She leaned over him, on all fours, and began pushing off with her toes, adding power to her ride. Her breasts flopped against his face.

The blonde Martian palmed her round bottom. The meat filled the spaces of his fingers.

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