tagRomanceEasing Your Stress Away

Easing Your Stress Away


This is my first story. I owe many thanks to Brad Carpenter. He took this fantasy and made it hotter than I could have imagined. Again, thank you!



Your body language over the past few days clued me in. The stress of work seemed particularly high recently, and you have been putting in more hours at the office. I knew exactly how to ease your stress away, and I made a plan. After a few hours of searching, I found an amazing home overlooking Long Island Sound, not too far from your office. I picked up a few of your favorite things along with note cards so I could put my plan into place

Around 4 p.m., your branch secretary brings you a sealed envelope, simply addressed with your name. Perplexed and intrigued, you pause before you open it. You recognize the handwriting as mine. Inside is a simple note with directions to leave your car because there will be a black Escalade waiting for you at 5:30.

As 5:30 draws near, you pack up for the day, ready to leave work and the office behind. Stepping outside, you see the black Escalade with a driver waiting for you. He opens the door for you, a nice treat as you are always holding the door open for others. While he settles into the driver's seat, you ask where you are going. He smiles as he looks back in the mirror, saying that he can only tell you he will get you there in fifteen minutes.

The Long Island Expressway traffic is fairly light, unusual for mid-week rush hour. As promised, the driver delivers you, opens the door for you, and hands you another envelope. On the outside, it says Clue #2 and inside it says, "The door is unlocked. Come in the house." You thank the driver and walk up the stone path towards the stately house. It is in a nice neighborhood, but not a place you have been before. You smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing, sensations you take in before reaching for the doorknob.

You open the door and walk into an expansive living room. The lights are turned down low, and candles are everywhere. You take in the quiet classical music playing in the background that adds to the sensuality in the room. In the center of the room is a table with an envelope, reading Clue #3. You smile as you read it. It directs you to the first door on the left and to get undressed. A robe is on the bed for you to wear, along with an envelope containing Clue #4, "Head to the kitchen, get the rocks glasses on the counter, and the whiskey stones from the freezer." You take bare seconds to remove your jacket, tie, and pants. Your shirt follows swiftly, and you practically rip your boxers and socks off before wrapping the robe around your fit body. When you reach the kitchen, you find, along with the required items, Clue #5, "Go out through the French doors for the final surprise."

Walking through the tastefully decorated house to the deck, you notice there are no pictures, nothing to point to ownership of the house. Slowly opening the French doors, you step out onto the deck. Looking right, you see a fire pit and patio furniture. When you look left, you find me in the hot tub, with a new bottle of Glenlivet on the high top table beside me. The music is still flowing in the background, and mixed with the low lights of the balcony, everything is perfectly in place for me to show you what I plan to do.

Your smile grows quickly as I stand to greet you, showing you that I am wearing nothing more than my long silver infinity necklace. I beckon you to come closer and kiss you deeply once you meet me. My hands untie the robe, and let it drop to the ground as my hands run along your arms to your chest before resting on your hips. Breaking our kiss, I take the glasses from your hand, turn to place them on the table, and give you a clear view of my ass, one of your favorite body parts. Turning back to you, I take your hand and escort you slowly into the hot tub. After seating you, I open the Glenlivet and pour you a nice, tall glass. I turn on the bubbles and jets and turn up the music. I know we have neighbors, and imagine them pondering what's happening here.

I hand you the glass and move to the corner near the table and facing the water. I sit with my legs wide open and instruct you to sit between them and nestle yourself between my thighs. I wrap my legs around yours as my hands move to your shoulders, encouraging you to lean back. Nestled against my body, you start to relax pressing against my chest, knowing my pussy is so close and so open to you.

I finally break the silence by whispering in your ear, "I'm glad you are here. Tonight is all about you receiving my full attention." You lean your head back on my shoulder as my hands glide over your body. I give your shoulders long, deep strokes to relieve the tension in your muscles. Moving my hands down each arm with slow, meticulous strokes, I bring my lips to your neck, touching you with light kisses and an occasional nibble. My hands find their way back up your arms, focusing deeper strokes on your shoulders, working every knot out. You softly moan as you sip your drink; your eyes close to savor the moment.

One hand moves to gently caress your neck, the other runs through your hair in gentle massaging circles. I grab a bit of hair in my hand and pull your head back to give me better access to your neck. My kisses are stronger this time, more intense and full of need. I trail them from your neck to your shoulder, gliding my other hand down your chest, across your abs, and along your leg. You squirm from the light touch, so I bring my hand to your cock. Your relaxed state is interrupted and you become fully attentive. I take you in my hand and stroke you from tip to base and back up. At the tip, I circle my fingers around the head, and feel you lift your hips to press into my hand. I whisper, "Do you like this?" You let out a soft moan resembling the word yes. I continue to tease your neck with my kisses and focus on getting you completely hard. I release my hand from your hair so I can caress your balls along with stroking your shaft. You raise your hips with each stroke.

Slowing the pace, I let go so I can slide out from behind you. I ensure you are comfortable and have a full glass before I settle in your lap. I lean in to kiss you, and my needy tongue explores your mouth pressing hard into you. My hands are on your shoulders to steady myself. I grind my wet pussy against your hardness. My breasts rub against your firm chest, making my nipples harden. Without breaking the kiss, I slide your cock inside of me. You moan into my mouth as I slide down, and your seven inches fill me up. I cry out in pleasure because you always fit me so well. Finally breaking the kiss, I lean back and bring my hands to your knees for support. I want you to have a clear view as I ride you, watching my breasts move as I go back and forth on your cock. I keep my eyes focused on you, my lover, reclined in the corner of the hot tub with your favorite whisky. I move slowly back and forth. Watching your reaction, I see you struggle to take a drink as a sigh escapes your mouth. Your eyes take in the sight of your woman naked and on full display for you, working to pleasure you. I move your free hand to a breast and encourage you to play with my nipple, which causes me to ride you with an increased need.

The sensations building inside me tell me this won't last much longer, so taking one hand from your knee, I reach behind me to your sac. I roll your balls back and forth in my hand, sensing that you are near as well. Leaning back even more, I pick up the speed, fucking you as intensely as I can, my eyes are closed, but the sounds escaping your mouth confirm that you are enjoying it and getting close. With labored breath, I tell you I'm close, and you confirm you are too. All it will take is a few more motions for you to explode in me, so I quickly press just underneath your balls to increase the sensation, making it longer and more intense. You make the low, growling sound I'm so familiar with. It makes me smile because I know I've given you another orgasm. I feel you cum in me, and it pushes me over the edge as well. I cry out in pleasure. Squeezing my pussy around your cock, I work my hips to get every last drop of you into me.

I collapse on your chest while you're still in me, not wanting to release you. When we finally catch our breath and open our eyes, you kiss me. With your hands on my hips, you pull me close to you. When we break, you thank me for the best stress relief. I settle in your lap to enjoy the hot tub, the music, and the crash of the waves for the rest of the night.

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