East of Centre


There was a slight breeze on the cafe terrace, raised up on a low balcony above the street, as that stunning waitress approached me. She had long, slim legs and an extremely short black skirt - tightly wrapping her arse, almost like the bottom of a slip or negligee but of thicker material. A clear gap was left between the hem of the skirt and the tops of her stockings. A light, white cotton shirt was tied up slightly around her waist to reveal a portion of golden midriff and a perfect belly button. Long legs and back, toned arms, a very pretty nose, wide eyes and blonde hair tied up behind her head - she was really something. And then, when she bends down to load up the tray with cups left over I can swear I catch a glimpse of something enticing as the tight mini rides up slightly at the back.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and thought that she must have realised as taking my order that my heart had skipped a beat, that I could already feel a tightness in my belly for her.

She left having taken my order, and a dark haired girl now approached up the steps from the street, closely followed by a man carrying a newspaper. I made eye contact with this girl too as she was approaching and felt another surge of adrenaline. She was also gorgeous. The girl sat down, and the man threw his light jacket over a chair, put his paper down on the table and entered the cafe.

This girl was wearing loose fitting material around her shoulders, similar to a chemise and tied or tucked rather than buttoned it seemed to hang in place whilst allowing for generous glimpses of a tanned throat and chest. To my wondering eyes the breeze picked up for a moment and the shirt lifted from her chest, billowing and parting it. From my position I could now for a moment clearly see her breasts, naked under the thin shirt. Not large, but very pert, well-shaped and aspiring, with brown nipples pointing towards the heavens.

Perhaps my mouth had even fallen open because the girl had turned to look at me - curiously but with no reproach in her eyes. As I held her gaze my heart was beating faster again and her look intensified a little. I gave her a smile, a little self-depreciating I hoped, the last thing I wanted was to be considered a letch.

Then she rose, standing and coming to my table. She sat close to me, and leaned forward so that her shirt fell open a little once more without her seeming to notice. She asked if I had seen the man she was with, and told me that this man had been following her, and that she couldn’t get rid of him - she asked me to speak to her when he came out again, to hold her in conversation as if I knew her. She said please, and that she would be so grateful.

In fact, now I saw that he was returning and I had little time to think. I was trying not to look down the blouse of this girl sitting opposite me, but it was difficult - I noticed that her legs were bare, and that her skirt whilst not as short as that of the blond waitress was not long, and was made out of a light material that enabled me to see clearly the shape of her legs and thighs. I looked to her face, into her eyes and flicking glances down towards her mouth - yes, she was also beautiful.

“Say something quickly, say something and then smile at me again” she said.

“You have the most beautiful breasts” I said, and smiled. She lent right in towards me then, and almost into my ear she told me that I had a beautiful smile - and that if I liked her breasts so much then I must see them again. I felt a light kiss on my neck.

This slight encounter seemed to take longer than I thought, and indeed as we parted the man had taken his jacket and was descending the stairs with one reproachful look behind him.

“He really is a bit of a fool” said the girl, “He desperately wants to fuck me though”. “And will you?” I asked, surprised at myself. “Probably...” came the reply, “I always expect my curiosity to get the better of me sooner or later.”

As she said this, our drinks arrived - iced lemonade for myself and for the girl, although she hadn’t had a chance to order. Perhaps the man who’d left had done it for her. The waitress took her time, and as she laid our drinks down on the table she squeezed in between us a little. I was in heaven once more as I turned to take a close look at the tight skin below her buttocks where that indecent skirt had lifted up. Her stocking clad leg rested against mine - naked, as I was still wearing my thin shorts from the afternoon’s walk.

The situation had really come home to me, and my John Thomas was by now live and kicking - I sat and wondered whether this would be clearly visible to the girls and whether I should care. In a big way I wanted to play along with these girls, I am not embarrassed about the size of my member and saw no reason to be excessively shy in this company.

I was awoken from this reverie by a cold drink, spilled right across my lap. My thoughts of a moment ago became purely academic since now my cock was clearly visible through my shorts - lying more than semi-erect against my thigh.

The waitress was profuse in her apologies - she was terribly sorry, and it was terribly embarrassing for her. Of course I told her that it was fine, since it was. It was only lemonade, it was a warm evening and perhaps I even needed cooling down. “But not at all“, she said, she would fix it up at once. She laid paper napkins across my lap, and her hands pressed against my cock, drying around it and feeling its shape.

“Oh my dear”, she said, with a faint eastern accent. “I think you must have had some reaction to the cold lemonade”, and she stroked my cock a little more firmly.
I said that I thought it was probably a combination of things, but that she was certainly not to worry since, as I was sure she knew, it was perfectly natural and not in the least bit unpleasant. She gave a mischievous smile as she lent over me to remove the napkins again, and then quite suddenly she fished out my cock expertly from the leg of my shorts and bending over further she took it into her mouth. She licked the length of it, from my balls to the head making it stiffen quickly and reach its full size, and then slipped it back into her throat once more, running her full lips slowly back up whilst her tongue subtly mapped out the geography of my prick.
I looked across at the dark haired girl who was watching avidly - the tip of her tongue slightly extended and touching her top lip. Then, amazed, I looked back into the interior of the cafe where it was darker, and saw the outline of the young barman in the shadows - no doubt taking in the unobstructed view of this leggy barmaid’s arse and pussy, since it was clear now that she was wearing no panties.

As suddenly as she had begun, she stopped again, and tucking my dick awkwardly back into my shorts she explained sweetly that it had been a little sticky due to the sugar of the lemonade, but that now all was as good as new. “Better than that” I thought to myself as she took the empty glass away, promising to bring another. I looked at the dark haired girl and couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. She smiled in return, her eyes a little wider now, “That’s B,” she said “she can get a little carried away, but I’m sure you’ll like her.” I replied that I thought I would too, and that she was very friendly.

We talked a little, and C introduced herself. My cock was still engorged and C’s eyes kept moving to it - she took every opportunity to lean over and touch my legs, brushing her hand or wrist against it. I shared some of her lemonade, and she suggested that we should walk a little, since it was getting cooler now.

I went into the cafe then, to pay the bill. As my eyes adjusted quickly to the dimmer interior I was taken aback. B stood at the end of the bar, facing me and leaning forward a little. The tiny black skirt was rucked up around her waist, and the six foot barman was all too clearly fucking her from behind holding her shoulders steady as she lifted up the sharp heels of her shoes slightly from the floor.

As I approached, the barman slipped out of her, and moved around behind the bar, concealing his erection. He left B standing with her skirt around her waist and her closely shaved pussy in full view. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself up, tugging the skirt down a little with her left hand as she raised her hip, but she was clearly very aroused and not at all ashamed for me to see it.

The barman came along the bar then to ask how he could help, and I asked for the bill. As he turned to tot it up, B told me secretively that she had told him what had happened on the terrace, and that she felt he must be punishing her a little. It was clear to me that she had thoroughly enjoyed her punishment if this was the case, and that she wouldn’t mind a little more - I thought this could explain her sluttish behaviour. The barman finished the bill, and B said she would bring it out to me with a smile.

She emerged a minute later, and I was delighted to see that her tight miniskirt was still not fully straightened, but was slightly folded and help in place by her fine hips. As she walked towards us it was almost possible to see the line of her pussy underneath. B clearly adored exhibiting herself - she was very beautiful and obviously understood the effect that this had on both sexes almost alike. She laid the bill by me, and then went to wipe a table nearby with a cloth that she had brought along. As she did so, C and I were treated to another full view of her smooth pussy from behind, the lips now ever so slightly parted and with a slight sheen - the result, I imagined of her recent fucking. She then turned and gave the same view to two men walking below the balcony in suits who paused, smiling and nudging each other before continuing on their way.

It had started to rain a little, spitting down on us from an almost clear sky - the beginnings of a summer shower. I paid the bill, leaving a generous tip and another smile for B, hoping to see her again.

As C and I descended the steps the rain quickened and the breeze - to my delight began to rise again. C’s shirt was being blown and lifted from her shoulders revealing the outline of those magnificently firm breasts once again, and the occasional flash of dark rich nipple. C clutched the shirt to her chest as we continued, and brushing her now wet hair from her face said that I must be a gentleman and help her out. The rain was fresh, giving relief from the sultry day - it was very pleasant to walk through the street my arm around C, holding the shirt to her left breast with my hand. I let the other side blow more freely so that she would still occasionally expose herself when the wind caught it. I could feel her nipple stiffening as I smoothed the now wet shirt against it, enjoying the transparency it afforded. Her thin skirt was wet too now, and clung to her form as did my shorts to mine - both of us highly aroused by the circumstances, she hid the outline of my semi-hard cock a little by covering it with her hand as we walked and pressing it against my leg when it became flexible enough to do so.

By the time we parted we were both soaked through and very exhilarated, and we kissed deeply at the door to my rooms. “You must come to the club tonight” she told me, and we arranged to meet at the square later that evening.

She turned to go, but as she did so she laughed and opened her wet shirt out wide to the waist, revealing fully those boobs, the flat stomach and deeply tanned skin that I was rapidly becoming obsessed by, and a little rain trickled down her chest and across an erect nipple. This was too much for me and I held her back against the wall as I traced the outline first with my fingers and then my tongue. I fell to my knees before her and lifted the thin rain-soaked dress from her legs, pulling it up above her waist. Her panties were skimpy and had ridden up a little between the lips of her pussy, and to one side, so that I was free to hold her tight arse in my hands as she arched her back and I kissed here there. Licking slowly at first, touching her bud with the tip of my tongue, it occurred to me that though the street seemed empty we were still in full view. But C was irresistible. I found her pussy quickly wet with moisture so distinct from the rain on her naked skin, and began to tongue her a little harder, flicking more swiftly at her engorged little bud as she moaned and her knees buckled a little.

She broke away then, although it amazed me to think that she might have come so quickly, and almost skipped a couple of steps, calling out that I mustn’t forget - we were to meet in the square.

Although left in a state of almost painful arousal now from the teasing of that afternoon, I could not believe my luck, and resolved to save myself in expectation of events later that evening.

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