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Eating Ass

byAnal Slave©

Nothing is better than having your asshole licked and sucked on while your wife jacks your cock off. Sue my wife was this device that looks like a dildo but it has bristles on it, she calls it Mr. Clean.

She inserts it into my asshole and turns it a couple of times it releases a cleaning agent that cleans my colon out. She loves to lick my cock clean after I cum in her asshole. And I love to stick my face into her ass and lick all the spent cum out of her asshole. Over the years Sue has trained me well.

She has taught me to love the taste of cum and she loves to play with my ass. She is the type of woman that has magic fingers; she can make you cum without touching your cock. We have an open relationship and she loves to bring home her lovers. She fucks the boy next door all the time.

He is twenty years old and still in collage. She has made an anal slave out of him too. I remember the first time she brought him home, and had him bend over, cleaning his ass out. His cock was so hard, and he was making so much noise that she pulled her wet panties off and stuck them in his mouth. I kept telling him to relax that the hurt will go away and all the pleasure in the world will open up to him.

After Sue removed Mr. Clean from his asshole and she started licking his ass, and jacking his cock from behind. The young man let out a loud moan and sprayed cum all over the bed. Sue looked over at me and told me to quit jacking off and to get down on the bed and lick her friends cum up. I did as I was told and her friend couldn't believe I was eating his cum.

Sue told her young friend that one of these days he would be cleaning his own mess up. And then she reached out and wiped some cum off the side of my face and inserted her cum soaked finger into his mouth. He made a face like he didn't like it but I watched his cock get hard before she pulled her finger out.

He told my wife that none of the young girls he dates has ever done any of the things my wife has done to him. He told her about the other night he was sucking his girlfriend's pussy, then he decided to lick her asshole as well. He said at first she tried to pull away. But after she felt his hard tongue licking around the rim of her virgin asshole she liked it and started rocking back and forth on his tongue.

He said cum gushed out of her pussy and ran down the crack of her ass were he sucked it up. He said she wouldn't kiss him the rest of the night. My wife explained to him that young girls don't know all the tricks yet and that if he would keep coming over she would teach him a lot.

She then noticed his cock was hard and she told him that she wanted him to stand up in front of me and jack his cock off. The young man didn't know what to do, his face was beet red. He stood up and pointed his cock at me and started pumping it up and down. I watched closely as his body stiffened up and just as his balls tightened up I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and applied a hard suction.

His cum shot straight down my throat and I didn't release it till all the spurting of cum stopped. The young man's knees were shaking and Sue told him to sit down for a while.

He had this puzzled look on his face. And Sue ask him if he was all right. He spoke up and asked Sue if letting me suck his cock made him gay? Sue told him that he didn't have any thing to worry about, that we were the only ones that knew about this and that we wouldn't tell anybody.

The boy put his clothes on and left. Sue made me stand up and she got down on her knees and started giving me a very wet blowjob. Looking up and telling me how horny it made her to see me sucking that young man's cock.

She then reached around and stuck two fingers in my ass and made me explode down her throat. After my balls were empty she laid down on the bed and went to sleep. I went into the shower and washed off all the spent cum that was in my hair and on my face.

If you like this story E-mail me and the next time you are sucking on a clit hike her legs up and suck on her assbud.

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