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Ebenezer Screwed Ch. 01


Author's Note on The Story over all: I only I hope Dickens doesn't come and get me for this but the name came to me the moment I ready about the winter contest and I had to do it. Destined to be 5 chapters total with one chapter devoted to each spirit of Christmas, this is not going to be short. (This charter alone is over 6,000 words.) So if you are looking for a short simple read to a quick and easy jerk, wrong story. Also, the original tale is strongly non-consentual / voyeuristic in nature so I will be taking those things into the sexual realm, so faint of heart don't apply.

Chapter 1 (Intro's and Marley's Visitation)

Author's Note on this Chapter: As I said above Chapter 1 is 6,000 words, and mostly used to get things started. As far as specific sexual content this chapter only has sex for the final 1/3 and it starts with voyeurism of unknowing sex partners. The other sex themes are non-consent/mind-control, and anal so if any of these things bother you, be prepared and don't read further.

It is a cold day and in our town there is no man colder than one named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is rich beyond the means of most of his fellow man, but in his heart there is no charity, no care, no love, and therefore no warmth. He spends as little as possible, hording his money for the sake of money alone.

There is no desire for love, nor desire to be loved.

He has abstained from all forms of sex, or even everyday human contact, as far as anyone could possible tell.

It is not that he could not have a woman or even a man, for even if you discounted all of the ones he could pay for, if he so chose, he is a good looking man, when you could see past the sour expression and short temper, he stands over six feet tall and approximately 180 pounds. He works out frequently when he isn't working, preferring to warm himself in exertion rather than pay additional money towards heating bills. His hair is dark, with only the slightest streak of silver over his right eye, which is very frightening with his dark stares but would be quite distinguishing if only he were a gentler man. His eyes are a silvery blue and if they did not shoot ice with a glare they would be like the softest jewels.

No few women had swooned for him, and no few men had taken up the task of wooing him. All had come to failure, the women he scoffed at and pushed aside as gold digging hussies, the men he spat on and often beat them within an inch of their lives with his walking cane, a beautifully crafted piece. The shaft of the cane is brushed steel, the handle is the head of an eagle carved with exceptional detail. Blue sapphires of unusual silvery sheen are set for eyes and its head is painted black save for a single silver streak over the right eye.

Ebenezer walks with no limp so many people question the purpose of the cane. The steady sound it makes as the tip strikes concrete rings out ahead of him, warning those in his path to move out of his way.

Today is Christmas Eve, and he walks to work as he always has. He owns his own complex of apartment buildings and cheap housing developments. He lives in one of his own apartments only a few minutes walk from his office.

The streets are alive with people about their pre-Christmas business. Last minute shoppers are searching out their final gifts, carolers stroll from place to place, and people search for donations for the needy from the generous during this season of giving. Around Ebenezer, however, is a zone of quiet, no one walks close to him as he glares about at the merriment and those forced closest to him are fearfully silent. The carolers give wide berth and most of those searching for donations do likewise.

As Ebenezer approached the door to his office from the street, two women approach him with smiles and open eyes that clearly did not know the story of this man.

" Sir, are you Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge?" The first, a tall lean blonde, with long hair and bright blue eyes asks.

" I am. Who asks?"

" I am Tracy Evans, and this is Erica Bailey," the blonde answers.

" We represent the 'Rich for the Poor' foundation." Erica offers with her own smile.

Erica is a shorter, curvier woman than Tracy, with sandy blonde hair cut short and curly and light brown eyes.

" And what purpose brings you to darken my door." Ebenezer asks as he turns his cold stare on the women.

" In reviewing certain public documents it was noted that it had been neglected that you, a very wealthy man, had not been invited to participate in our foundation." Tracy says.

" Oh, so this is an invitation." Ebenezer sneers.

" That's right..." Erica begins before being cut-off.

" An offer to empty my pockets into the hands of the undeserving. How truly kind of you, perhaps the deal closer should be for me to bend over while you have several large men rape my ass, followed by having my testicals removed and fed to children in orphanages." Ebenezer sneers, his eyes now burning with an icy fire that causes both women to take an involuntary step back.

Both women lose their footing on the narrow landing in front of the office and fall backwards down the eight steps to the sidewalk. Ebenezer does not glance back at them as he chuckles to himself and enters his office. Tracy and Erica slowly pick themselves up with the help of others who had seen the incident and then with a backwards glance at the office of such an evil man, they limp up the street to search for a more caring individual.

One of those who see the incident and helps the two women back to their feet is one Bobbie Cratchet.Bobbie Cratchet is Scrooge's only employee. She does clerk duties for Scrooge and every day she comes in to the office at precisely 8:00am, takes her 1/2 hour unpaid lunch at noon, and does not leave until 5:00pm. She walks to and from her dank and dirty shack of a home everyday, which takes nearly an hour as she lives nowhere near the office and could ill afford transportation.

Bobbie Cratchet is a smallish woman, standing at less than five and half feet, weighs only a little over 100 pounds as she has not been properly nourished for years and is below her safe and healthy body weight. Despite that, her bright green eyes always show cheerily beneath her thick lashes, her lips are full and ready to smile despite the man she worked for and her dark auburn hair curls around her pale face making her seem more a doll than a living, breathing person.

Bobbie climbs the steps to her place of work, and quietly opens the door. As unobtrusive as mouse, she scurries to her desk and begins working immediately.

" You are late." Scrooge's voice floats from his office.

" I'm sorry, sir, the commotion in the street after..."

" Is no concern of mine and, therefore, during the time you are supposed to be working not a concern of yours," Ebenezer growls angrily.

" Yes, sir," Bobbie says quietly and submissively.

" You are quite replaceable, so if you are not sufficiently attached to your job, just say so now," Ebenezer growls softly and menacingly.

" No sir. I... I really need this job. I'll be more careful about being on time in the future," Bobbie says.

" We'll see," Ebenezer says before returning his attention to the accounts in front of him.

They work until shortly before noon before Ebenezer's nephew John bounds into the office. John is a good looking man, much like his Uncle, having gotten most of his physical character from his mother, Ebenezer's sister. The difference between them other than age, with John only having recently turned eighteen, is their character. For every bit of coldness Ebenezer shows the world, his nephew shows joy and warmth.

" Merry Christmas, uncle."

" Humbug, fag," Ebenezer responds without looking up from his work.

" Surely you do not mean 'humbug', Uncle. It is a beautiful day, in a beautiful time of year," John says over looking the insult his uncle flung at him.

" What is beautiful about it? The cold freezes fingers and toes, the wind tears at one's clothes and face, the dirt mixes with snow making an impossible mess of everything, including my carpet where you are tracking the mud now."

" People are in a cheery mood with this season, they are kinder to one another, and more generous."

" The leaches are more powerful and people are more gullible than usual, perhaps, but do not look at me expecting a similar loss of sense."

" It is not a loss of sense, Uncle." John says with a smile and laugh, " It is a celebration of the heart. Never mind, Uncle, please take a break from your work and join me for lunch."

" So that I can buy you a meal?" Ebenezer asks, raising his brow.

" No, Uncle, so I may buy you a meal. Then perhaps we can sit and talk for a bit as family should."

" You haven't the money to pay for your own food, let alone mine."

" Uncle, I have my own job that pays well enough and while I may not have as much as you, I have enough to share the joy a little."

" I will not waste my time in the company of an overly talkative queer, even if he is related. Go take one of your boyfriends out."

" I only have one boyfriend Uncle. You know him, you met him once. His name is Frank, and we would like to invite you to our home for a Christmas party tomorrow."

" And who will do my work if I were to go to your party tomorrow?"

" Tomorrow is Christmas, Uncle! No one works on Christmas!" John says with a smile and a laugh.

" I suppose that electricity and water are free on Christmas, that the great Christmas takes care of all needs so that no one needs to work on Christmas day." Ebenezer sneers.

" Mr. Scrooge, sir," Bobbie says quietly.

" Yes?" Ebenezer says turning his attention from his nephew to his employee.

" I was sort of hoping I could have tomorrow off." Bobbie says meekly.

" What did I just say about you being replaceable?" Ebenezer growls.

" Uncle!" John says firmly. " It is Christmas."

" I just wanted to be with my family, you know, for Christmas." Bobbie says.

" Hmmm..." Ebenezer growls for a moment. " I suppose I have both of you to deal with. Fine, you may take half a day, unpaid, but you will be here precisely at 12:30pm, and the next day you will be here an hour early."

" Thank you, sir," Bobbie says quietly as she quickly scurries back to her desk.

" About the party, Uncle."

" Forget it." Ebenezer says firmly. " I will not be going. You can have your fag party and play with each other's penises all you want, but do not expect my participation."

" Uncle, it is not that kind of party." John says.

" It's a fag party, and they are all like that." Ebenezer says firmly before looking back at his papers. " Good day, nephew."

" Merry Christmas, Uncle," John says softly, quietly, somewhat defeated. He walks out of the office and the bell chimes as the door closes behind him.

The quiet of the office quickly resumes. Through the rest of the day not another word is said. The only sound is the shuffle of paper and the rubbing of hands too cold to hold the pen they were writing with. When five o'clock arrives, Bobbie begins to get up but immediately notes the glare from Ebenezer.

" Sir, it's five o'clock."

" So it is, but as I recall you were 3 minutes late this morning." Ebenezer raises his brow to enforce his point.

" Yes' sir," Bobbie says as she resumes her seat. She doesn't even glance at the clock again, until she hears Ebenezer clear his throat.

" You may go." He says just as the clock reaches three minutes past five.

" Thank-you sir!" She says as she gets up and gathers her few things.

" Be sure you are here at the agreed upon time with no excuses or don't bother showing up at all. I will find replacement help should you find it necessary."

" Yes, sir, no, sir. I'll be here, sir!" Bobbie says as she scrambles for the door. As the door closes she whispers, " Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge."

Ebenezer Scrooge works long into the dark until the clock chimes nine as he always has. He then gathers his belongings, locks the safe, files his papers, locks the door and makes his way home.

Ebenezer pulls his jacket tightly around himself with his left hand as his right taps the cane on the ground in time to his step. The cold and darkness closes in around him and while the chill steals the breath from his lungs, he welcomes it like a cloak. At this time nearly no one is on the streets, all either tucked in their warm homes or at some religious service. A ground hugging fog wraps around Ebenezer's feet as he walks through the streets to his home.

" Ebenezer, you're screwed," a voice seems to whisper out of the darkness.

" Who's there?" Ebenezer asks turning rapidly, holding his cane up like a weapon before him. Nothing answers back from the darkness, and Ebenezer shakes his head as he turns back to his walk home.

" Ebenezer, you're screwed," the voice whispers again after Ebenezer has only taken two more steps. His eyes widen a touch in fear as he turns again to see nothing. He hurries to his door and begins fumbling for his keys.

" Ebenezer, you're screwed."

" Who is there?!" Ebenezer cries out into the darkness. There is no answer and Ebenezer quickly unlocks his door, slips inside and slams the door shut. He then hurries to his apartment through a dark and empty hallway.

" Ebenezer, you're screwed," the voice calls again, taunting him.

Ebenezer pushes his way into his apartment and slams the door closed; he locks the knob, deadbolt, and door chain, before setting the perimeter alarm. He then takes a deep breath of relief before heading back to his bedroom.

Ebenezer quickly dresses in his sleep wear, a cheap pair of flannel pajamas, and then goes to his kitchen to heat some canned soup. He slices cheese from a block he had purchased on sale; with some crackers and the soup he sits in his living room to eat his dinner. As he eats, he turns on his security monitors, each and every one of his properties was under full surveillance inside and out.

He watches the activities of his renters with a critical eye. If he saw something on screen he couldn't use it in court as the security cameras were techniquely illegal to have without their knowledge, but Ebenezer felt as the properties were his he should be free to do with them as he chose. Instead of being able to use the camera information in court, he would simply make a surprise inspection and, surprise, surprise, he would find the problem he had spotted on camera and that would be nearly perfectly legal. Of course part of the reason that the cameras were considered illegal was the invasion of privacy they represent and it is part of Ebenezer's attachment to them.

After completing his meal, he scans the various cameras and the occupants searching for something of particular interest. Finally he finds something he is looking for. Mr. and Mrs. Habbins had been fighting considerably, mostly on account of Mrs. Habbins suspecting the Mr. of cheating on her, something Ebenezer secretly knew to be true as Tim was usually found in the arms of the young Anne Taylor.

Tonight, though, is something different. Mrs. Habbins is entertaining her own guests: Two gentlemen that Ebenezer did not recognize are currently following Candice to her bedroom. Ebenezer excitedly changes to the bedroom cam and opens his pajama's to get to his quickly hardening shaft.

This is Ebenezer's real fetish: he loves to watch. He derives all of his sexual satisfaction in his living room watching his renters have sex while he masturbates. He forgets his surroundings as he zones in on the scene unfolding before him, more exciting than any porno, and more realistic than any story in any magazine. The sex came to him through the miracle of technology and the small cameras that had come with technological advances. Only a couple decades ago he would have been reduced to spying through windows to get this high, this satisfaction, this pleasure.

Candice climbs on the bed, and stands there circling for the men to admire her, her bright red-orange hair curls and flows to her shoulders. She has ample breasts and a plentiful ass, perhaps more than some would find attractive, but these two only have eyes for her and so does Ebenezer.

Candice glows under the open admiration of her womanly curves. With her husband's cheating she had begun to feel unwanted and had lost the sense of sensuality she enjoyed in her youth. These two men a decade her junior with their eyes locked on her, wantingly hungry, were quickly restoring that feeling of womanly sexiness and she revels in it. Slowly she sways before them, as she pushes her skirt down her legs. She turns her back on them and bends over revealing her thonged ass for better viewing. The two men both unzip and excitedly remove their pants and quickly begin stroking their hard cocks as their wide open eyes remain glued to her slowly swaying body.

Candice stands straight and continues her dance, slowly removing her blouse so she stands only in her thong and bra. She tosses the shirt away and turns towards them as she reaches for the clasp in the front of her bra and unhooks the clasp to reveal her soft round globes before impishly turning away to remove the bra completely. She tosses the bra aside and covers her exposed breasts with her hands before she turns back to face the two young men.

Both men are open mouthed and wide eyed, their hands slowly stroking their cocks. Their eyes stay with every sway of Candice's round ass until they can see her breasts dancing in front of them. They are locked in on those as their cocks begins to leak pre-cum. Candice to licks her lips as she notices it glistening on the heads of their cocks. She slowly reveals her full breasts, slipping her hands over her flesh one slow inch after another. It seemed to take hours before the entirety of her breasts were completely revealed, making the men just want her more.

She begins to slide one of her hands over her crotch, slowly rubbing her moist and excited vagina. With her other hand she begins to massage one of her breasts slowly pinching and tweaking her nipple. She feels herself grow more and more excited as she plays with herself in front of these two strong young men and slowly slides her hand inside her underwear so her fingers can find her excited clitoris.

She closes her eyes and moans as she feels a tiny wave of excitement tremble through her, nearly making her knees collapse beneath her. Her eyes open and she begins pushing her thong down her legs. She flings the panties at the two men who are awestruck by her performance so far.

Ebenezer finds his cock twitching and leaking excitedly as he has to slow his stroking speed. It was surprising how sexy a performance she had given those two men, he hadn't thought she would have that in her, and he doubted her husband had a clue either.

Candice slowly steps off the bed and approaches the two men who look at her in complete awe and shock, their feet rooted to the ground. She goes to the first of the men and begins to unbutton his shirt, rubbing her hands over his smooth muscular chest as she brushes the shirt off of his shoulders. He allows the shirt drop to the floor at his feet as he slowly reaches out for her breasts. He grabs her right breast and massages her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Candice moans in excited surprise as she feels the other man's hard cock press against her ass as he kisses her neck.

The first man presses his cock against her pussy and she is crushed between two hard bodies and two hard cocks. She feels an orgasm quickly build as she rubs her clit against the cock in front of her and her ass against the one behind her.

As the man in front of her closes his lips on her left nipple and the man behind her bites on her neck she screams, an orgasm ripping through her body. She recovers very quickly from this first orgasm, dropping to her knees

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