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Eclipsing the Sun


This story is dedicated to carrie p., whose submissive fantasies are the basis of this story.

Although this story stands alone you can explore Carrie's relationship with Mistress Amanda in "Submission in the Sun and Sand, Ch.1-2" and its sequel "Submission in the Sun and Sand, Ch. 3-5."

Carrie is a 27 year old short curvy blond who has had submissive fantasies her entire life. She was only able to act upon them when she met Mistress Amanda.

Mistress Amanda is a 40ish tall stunning strawberry blond who has had a series of subs, but none as seductive and submissive as Carrie. Mistress Amanda has a Great Dane, Duke, who is her constant companion.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.



A collared submissive is kneeling before her Mistress, naked, writhing and sweating as she toils between her Mistress's legs.

Her Mistress is panting, shaking, and fighting for control as the sub's unrelenting drive to please pushes her Mistress beyond the point of control and into a frenzy of gasps and moans.

The raw, unbridled passion of their coupling consumes the sub. Her obsession to serve her Mistress eclipses the sun and plunges day into night, and their world into a darkness fueled by wanton lust and desire.

Hungry eyes watch.

Chapter One

It was late at night, another lonely night in a budget hotel room in a faraway city. Carrie parted the sheer curtains and peered into a paved parking lot filled with a sea of rental cars. The yellow/orange security lights cut through the light misting rain that swirled in the warm summer breeze. Carrie was holding her collar in her hand, fingering the "D" ring on it and replaying over and over in her mind her carefree days with Mistress Amanda and her Great Dane Duke. She longed for her Mistress and knew that the sorrowful aching in her heart would not soon be soothed by a kind word or a loving caress from her Mistress. She carefully put the collar around her neck, feeling the cool burnished leather on her skin, and slid into the still warm sheets of her bed.

It had been three long months since her last day in Mistress Amanda's house. Carrie was still torn by her decision to leave. Her employer, a prominent personal injury attorney in New Jersey, had been working on a multi-million dollar case in Kansas City that couldn't be settled and had been set for trial. Carrie was an indispensable part of the team, having led three paralegals on the case through the two year discovery phase, and was given an offer she literally could not refuse. The attorney promised her not only a significant pay raise if she went to Kansas City, but also a bonus based upon the contingent fee the client would pay in the event of a settlement or victory. Carrie knew her client had an excellent chance of prevailing. She also knew she needed a new car and had only a modest amount of money saved. The increased pay and the potential bonus could settle her financial future for a long period to come.

Carrie discussed her opportunity with Mistress Amanda and explained why she felt compelled to accept this extended work assignment. Mistress Amanda made clear that they would not be speaking by phone and that she would only consider taking Carrie back if Carrie prostrated herself on Mistress Amanda's doorstep and begged for forgiveness. Carrie understood that Mistress Amanda could not wait for her but fervently hoped they could rekindle their relationship upon her return. Carrie had always had submissive fantasies throughout her life, but was only able to probe the depths of her desire to submit when she met, by chance, Mistress Amanda, while sunbathing on a public beach. Carrie had explored the deepest and darkest crevices in her heart with Mistress Amanda and that journey proved to be the most exhilarating time of her life. Carrie now knew without question that she was submissive in nature and that only a D/s relationship would fill that void in her life.

As she lay in her bed Carrie put her finger between her collar and her neck, feeling the cool leather and smelling the fading essence of her Mistress and Duke. Her other hand caressed her breast and nipple until her nipple became erect. She pinched her nipple hard, wanting to feel the indescribable mixture of pain and pleasure. As she felt the familiar twinge in her pussy from her nipple play she focused on Mistress Amanda and the humiliation, pain and gut wrenching pleasure she experienced with her. Her hand sought the nub of her clit, rubbing it and then dipping her fingers in her cunt, seeking the slippery discharge to increase the pleasure of the friction. As she felt her orgasm gathering like the clouds of a storm she twisted the wrist of the hand grasping her collar, tightening the collar around her neck, and increasing the speed of her fingers that now were massaging her distended clit.

Carrie's feeling of euphoria escalated as the mild asphyxia and the stimulation of her clit merged into a torrent of pleasure. Carrie's eyes were shut tightly and she out cried loudly as her orgasm erupted, not caring if others in adjoining rooms heard her. The image of her Mistress was burned in her mind and her orgasm brought that image to the fore, causing Carrie to smile broadly. Her post-orgasmic shaking gave way to a shiver as Carrie drifted off into a deep sleep.

Unfortunately for Carrie the following morning wasn't much better than the previous one. The budget hotel's "continental" breakfast consisted of a stale Danish in a plastic wrapper and a cup of weak coffee. This invigorating breakfast morphed into an endless day in a windowless court room, shuffling mounds of documents in a war of attrition between two armies of lawyers. Courtroom battles mirrored a real war - - extended periods of boredom punctuated by short bursts of adrenaline fueled action. The emotional roller coaster left Carrie exhausted by day's end, but the next day's battle required Carrie to tap her reserves for another round of work. She led a full evening of trial prep and then adjourned to her room just before midnight. Then another night alone in her hotel room. However this day ended differently. At midnight her phone rang and she was told the good news that the case settled for an eight figure number. Excited and energized, Carrie did a quick mental calculation and figured her bonus would be enough to pay her outstanding debts and allow her to buy a new car.

However the money was secondary to what was really on her mind ... Mistress Amanda. She would wrap up her affairs in Kansas City and be on the next plane home. Three long months. Would her Mistress take her back? Had she found someone else? Carrie was on pins and needles the whole flight home. She had two drinks on the plane just to calm her nerves. When she landed in Newark she decided she would present herself in a way that was most becoming to Mistress Amanda.

She made a quick stop at a hotel (having surrendered her apartment when she moved in with Mistress Amanda) to take a shower and put on a fresh set of clothes. She got in her car, which was on its last legs, and pulled up at Mistress Amanda's house in the early evening, just as the sun was setting. She put on her collar and took off all of her clothes and carefully folded them and put them on the passenger's seat. Then trying not to care if the neighbors saw her, she padded up the stairs to Mistress Amanda's porch. She scratched on the glass sidelight to the front door and then prostrated herself on the porch, extending her hands in front of her with her palms up. She buried her face in her arms, not daring to look up.

It was only a minute before she heard the clicking of Duke's toenails on the marble tiles of the foyer. She heard Duke's nose bump against the sidelight. She knew there would be the flash of recognition and then the welcoming bark. Duke proceeded to bark, the low baritone of his bark carrying across the street to alert the neighbors and anyone walking by. Carrie shivered as the humiliation of potential discovery of a neighbor or passerby to the sight of a kneeling nude female, wearing a dog collar, washed across her body. The barking continued for several more interminable minutes before the porch lamp was turned on. There was another long delay as Carrie was bathed in the glow of the porch lamp, now making her stand out in the fading light of the day. Carrie knew that her Mistress was home, but was already testing her on the depths of her submission.

Carrie remained still, patiently awaiting the door to open, unconcerned about her vulnerability. The affection of her Mistress was all that mattered.

Finally, the door creaked open. No greeting was uttered. Carrie could hear Mistress Amanda walking down the hallway and away from the front door, Duke in tow. Carrie crawled into the foyer, using her foot to push the front door shut. Carrie was elated at the prospect of seeing her Mistress but knew that she might not be taken back. Caution first. Carrie again assumed her kneeling position in the foyer with her head buried in her outstretched arms.

Carrie heard noises emanating from the kitchen, followed by the unmistakable sound of Duke attacking his dinner. There were eventually slurping sounds as Duke washed down the remnants of his dinner with a visit to the community water dish. Carrie's stomach rumbled. In her haste to go to Mistress Amanda's house Carrie had forgotten to eat, and the breakfast sandwich at Kansas City's airport was but a distant memory. The sounds of Duke's eating reminded her that she was ravenous.

Mistress Amanda's voice rang out from the kitchen. "Carrie ... dinner!" Carrie crawled quickly to the kitchen, sitting on her haunches in the presence of her Mistress.

A feeling of joy overwhelmed Carrie. Mistress Amanda, barefoot, wearing jeans and a V-neck t-shirt, her strawberry blond hair cascading carelessly down her shoulders, was the most beautiful sight in the world to the submissive woman. Carrie was trembling as Mistress Amanda gave the slightest hint of recognition with her eyes before turning her back to continue eating her dinner.

Again, Carrie exercised proper restraint, staying in the "sit" position as her Mistress finished her meal. Carrie noticed that her engraved dog dish was next to Duke's, signaling her probable acceptance back into the household. Mistress Amanda bent down to retrieve the dog dish, scraping the remains of her dinner into the dish, followed by the contents of her half full wine glass. The bowl was placed on the floor next to Duke's dish. Both Duke and Carrie sat nearby, both eyeing the contents of the dish.

"Carrie, OK," said Mistress Amanda. Duke knew the meal wasn't his and trotted away, tail wagging. Carrie crawled to her dog dish, eagerly lapping up the wine soaked food. It was the most delicious meal of her life. In her hurry to consume her meal Carrie didn't notice right away that another empty dish was also next to Duke's. It bore the name "Colleen." That name appeared on the first temporary collar that Carrie was given by Mistress Amanda.

Chapter Two

Mistress Amanda rose up out of her chair and walked towards Carrie. Carrie immediately assumed a submissive position. Mistress Amanda's foot wiggled under her face. Carrie licked the tops and between her Mistress's toes until the foot was pulled away. The foot tapped Carrie on her side, telling Carrie to show her tummy. Carrie rolled over on her back and her Mistress rubbed her foot on Carrie's belly. A warm glow enveloped Carrie as the first morsel of affection was dispensed by her sun and moon.

"Good Carrie."

There was a scratching noise on glass. Mistress Amanda walked over to the sliding patio door and opened it. In crawled a naked collared woman in her 30's, Eurasian in appearance with long straight jet black hair pulled back into a ponytail, her breasts swaying, and a tail of black hair protruding from a butt plug that was firmly ensconced in the woman's ass. Carrie stared at the collar. Riveted to the collar was the name "Colleen." Feelings of shame erased Carrie's warm glow. Carrie's collar bore a plate with "Slut' engraved on it, as Carrie has not yet earned her permanent collar.

Mistress Amanda gave an affectionate pat on Colleen's firm and shapely ass. Colleen wagged her tail with approval and then licked the palm of her Mistress's outstretched hand. Waves of jealously and rage coursed through Carrie. Colleen was surprised to see another sub in the house and quickly realized it must be Carrie. She gave Carrie only the satisfaction of a passing glance before curling up on a dog bed placed in the corner, a dog bed Carrie recognized as hers. Colleen had no idea that Mistress Amanda would entertain the possibility of taking back Carrie, even though Mistress Amanda had taken her back two months ago.

"Carrie, here." Mistress Amanda pointed with her foot to the corner of the breakfast nook. There was no bed to welcome her, only the unyielding surface of a cold tile floor. Disheartened by this sudden turn of events Carrie curled in a ball in the corner, cold and confused. Mistress Amanda retrieved an old tattered beach towel, cast it upon Carrie, turned out the lights and left the room. Carrie spread the towel on the floor and then lay on top of it, with the towel providing at least a modicum of protection from the chilly surface below. Shivering, Carrie tried to fall asleep to the hum of the refrigerator.

"You won't last," said Colleen, a voice in the darkness.

"I can and I will," replied Carrie, with defiance in her voice.

"Mistress Amanda loves me," declared Colleen.

"You left her," snipped Carrie.

"So did you," Colleen snipped back.

Silence followed. Carrie had a fitful night of sleep, alternating between dreams about Colleen's alpha position and long periods of being cold and awake. Colleen was awake most of the night as well, weighing her position in Mistress Amanda's household. She resisted the temptation to stare at Carrie when she entered the house, but even in the quick glance could see the appeal of Carrie's large breasts and sexy curvy body. She wondered if Mistress Amanda intended to keep Carrie or if she was there for a short visit.

Carrie was in the midst of a dream about Colleen pushing her off a cliff when she felt a cold rain falling on her face. She opened to eyes to see Duke, licking her face and drooling on it. She looked over to Colleen's bed. It was empty.

Carrie heard noises in the kitchen and crawled into the kitchen. Colleen was cooking breakfast for Mistress Amanda, a chore Carrie relished when she was living there. Carrie didn't want to admit it but Colleen was beautiful and the breakfast smelled delicious. Carrie grudgingly admired Colleen's soft features and bronze skin tone, not then knowing that Colleen had a Chinese father and an Irish mother. Colleen was still nude, and from behind Carrie could see her long slender legs and the sheen of her hair, now taken out of a ponytail so it covered a good part of her back. Her tail still protruded from her bottom. Carrie wanted to hate her but was aroused at watching Colleen move about the kitchen with the gracefulness of a gazelle.

"Good morning my pets," said Mistress Amanda cheerily as she strode into the kitchen, followed by Duke. Mistress Amanda was wearing a sheer wrap that did little to hide her body. Lust immediately overwhelmed Carrie's other emotions as she watched Mistress Amanda's breasts bounce and sway with every step.

"Carrie, stand up. Colleen, stop what you're doing and look at me. I want to talk to the two of you." The subs both focused their attention on their Mistress. "Carrie, I'm going to allow you to stay on a temporary basis. As you can see, Colleen lives here now and has assumed your place in the household. She came back to me two months ago. I'm considering keeping two pets in the house but I want to make sure the two of you are going to get along with one another. Both of you ... get over the jealousy you are undoubtedly feeling right now. Am I clear?

Both subs replied in unison, "Yes Mistress." Both didn't mean it.

The fighting began as soon as Mistress Amanda left the room.

"Don't even think about coming between Mistress Amanda and me. If I have to I'll scratch your eyes out," declared Colleen in a threatening voice.

"That won't be necessary. I'm sure Mistress Amanda will politely ask you to leave," retorted Carrie.

"Slut ... even your collar says that ..."

"You fucking bitch ... "

A scrum ensued. Carrie grabbed Colleen by the collar. Colleen grabbed Carrie's hair. They fell on the floor in a tangle, hitting an end table and knocking an expensive lamp on the floor and breaking it. Duke came bounding in barking at both of the women. Mistress Amanda followed.

"Carrie ... Colleen ... sit!"

Carrie and Colleen both realized the foolishness of their squabble and the fact that Mistress Amanda might show them both the door. They both assumed a sitting position on their haunches, looking up expectantly at their Mistress.

Mistress Amanda's anger was palpable. She didn't say anything at first, allowing both Carrie and Colleen to reflect upon their bad behavior.

"I'm so disappointed in both of you. You've acted like insolent children, not like my well-behaved pets. Both of you sluts, kneel on the floor and put your heads on the sofa."

Both subs assumed the kneeling position with their bottoms upturned for their discipline.

Mistress Amanda retrieved a leather lead and doubled it up, holding the ends of the lead in her hand. She started with Carrie, holding nothing back from the first stroke. The leather bit into Carrie's bottom, raising an angry red welt.

"Apologize to me."

A searing pain flashed through Carrie, followed by a lingering stinging sensation. "I'm so sorry Mistress Amanda. I love you so much that jealousy blinded me."

Mistress Amanda pulled out Colleen's butt plug, eliciting a groan of pain, not pleasure, from Colleen. She then hit Colleen with equal force, causing Colleen to flinch forward. She was not able to suppress a gasp as the leather lead bit into her tender flesh. "I'm sorry Mistress Amanda. I behaved badly. I'm sorry Carrie."

"You sluts sound contrite but you don't mean it." She twirled the lead with her wrist so both Carrie and Colleen heard the sound of the leather ripping through the air. Then instead of striking Carrie she hit Colleen with even greater force than the first stroke.

"Shitttttttttt ..."

"Now say you're sorry like you mean it."

"Mistress, I beg of you to accept my humble apology. I was blinded by my jealousy but now I see that I want to please you, and if pleasing you means accepting Carrie, then I accept Carrie with open arms."

Mistress Amanda struck Carrie, raising another angry welt on her bottom. Tears were streaming down your face. "I'm so sorry Mistress. I thought of nothing but you for three months and the last thing I wanted to do was disappoint you. I will do everything in my power to accept Colleen."

"Good," said Mistress Amanda with satisfaction. "Carrie, please Colleen as you would please me."

The pain was still radiating through Colleen's body. But the pain was now turning into a burning desire. Colleen reclined on the sofa with her legs outstretched. Carrie got between Colleen's legs, admiring her long supple legs and the pleasing golden brown of her skin. Between Colleen's legs was a neatly trimmed patch of straight black hair with a sheen of moisture coating it. Carrie, also still feeling the sting of the leather, was now overcome with her need to serve and her Mistress's command to please Colleen. Now that the veil of jealousy was stripped away Carrie saw Colleen as the beautiful and bewitching woman that she was, and not as a competitor for her Mistress' affections. Carrie resorted to what she knew and what she loved best. She started with a light flick with her tongue against Colleen's clit, sending sparks through Colleen's body.

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