Ecology 101


An Adventure of Silky

"Silk lost it. Pls come home."

The text message from Jessica almost reached enigma status. George knew Silk was short for Silky, one of his two daughters/ lovers/ possessions. Please come home stood out, Jess wouldn't ask if she wasn't serious. But what had Silky lost? Her car? Doubtful, but possible. Her nipple piercing? Nah. Her virginity? Already gone. Her term paper? Entirely possible.

When he reached the great room, he looked at two young women, one a tall blonde, the other a petite red head struggling over a large black garbage bag.

"You can't do this, Silky!" The blonde Jessica screamed.

"We have to, or the Manatees will die!" Short silky responded with even more vehemence.

"I! Don't! Care!" Jessica jerked with every word. This was a pleasant sight, as she wore flip flops, tiny white shorts, and a loose University of Alabama tee shirt cropped just below her breasts. Every pull was a dance in beauty and poetry.

Silky wore a near matching outfit, save her 'wife beater' tee shirt said "National Champions 13." She jiggled more, as she had bigger breasts. Neither had bothered with a bra.

"George! Thank God you're home!" they said in synchrony.

"OK, ladies, put the bag down and step away," he said with a mock frown.

They started talking at the same time, and he held his hands up to signal silence. "Jess, you first." That brought intense green eyes to him with murderous overtones, but he had to start somewhere.

"Silky's lost it! Totally! She has decided that plastic dildos damage the ecology. She's nuts!"

"I am not crazy! They do too hurt the world! Think about the penguins!"

Based on this alone, he would have sided with Jess, but he knew Silky rarely went totally off the reservation.

"Where did this idea come from, Silky?" he asked.

"I read about it. On line, on Literotica dot com." Silky sensed this reference lacked academic authority, and amended her approach. "They talked about eco-friendly penis replacements, and how plastic ones killed animals and stuff. So I looked it up. At www dot succorious. And their research shows that one hundred million plastic penises have been thrown away each of the last five years. It's an environmental catastrophe! They end up polluting our streams and rivers and oceans. And wait 'til you see the video of the poor manatees!"

"Manatees!" This stretched even George's imagination. "What does that have to do with ya'll and this bag?"

"Silky decided to re-cycle all the vibrators and dildos in the house, including mine. Without my permission!"

"I'm replacing them, damnit! With bio-degradable ones! From www dot succorious."

George grabbed the offensive bag before it could fall into their hands again. "Jessie, how many of these things do you have?"

"Four. And they're all in that bag."

"Silky, how many do you own?"

"Isn't that question a little personal? I mean, I don't ask YOU questions about YOUR sex life. I don't even want to know when and where you masturbate, or even if you DO, Gesú Bambino! And underwear! Do I tell you what to wear, or when? Do I set you up to shave or not shave? One little blow job, ok it was the wrong guy, but how was I supposed to know?? Did I give up my pussy hair for the team? Do I get any credit for my sacrifice? No, Ha! Nobody cares! I might as well do the Whiskey Dance for a total stranger, as much good as it does me. I just want to stop pollution..."

"Silky, enough!" George got loud, and she got quiet. "How many?"

"Several. A bunch. Maybe a dozen. Or two, Certainly less than 30. I know way less than 40!"

"Why would you have so many vibrators and dildos? A few months ago you were convinced they caused insanity!"

"That was just ignorance. Once I understood it was ok, healthy even, I got interested." She held up her hand, and counted her fingers in a professorial mode. "You've got the pocket rockets, the clit butterflies, the eggs, the jack rabbits (I LIKE them) and the waterproof ones to use in the tub, and the benwa balls, but they're really more exercise, you want me to be healthy don't you? I mean, what if I got a pussy cramp? Then..."

"Silky." George's tone brooked no playing. "First, all my sex life is with ya'll. You're right there when I do anything. Some of what you're talking about it the very reason I have to discipline both of you occasionally..."

"Occasionally! Like every friggin night!" That slipped out of Jess.

"I have to discipline both of you occasionally, but that doesn't explain when you have time to ever use these. When?"

"Well, the pocket rocket fits in a purse for simplicity. The waterproof, duh! And sometimes I get home before you, and I'm super horny, so I take a quick turn with old Jack Rabbit (did I say I LIKED him?)"

"How do you get super horny? I personally can account for at least one orgasm for you for every day since we returned from Rome."

"I can't help it! You're the one with the no panty days. I get horny."

"OK – forget that part. What is the plan here?"

"I'm taking these to the recycling center and then I'm getting eco-friendly replacements."

"Order the replacements first!" said Jess, as she walked off with the bag.

At that same moment, over on campus, Tommy, the Captain of the Soccer Team, was talking eagerly to his friend Will.

"Will, look at this!"

"What is it? Just looks like the wall to me."

"I saw some light coming through these blocks. I think there's a hole in there. The girl's locker room is on the other side!"

This Golconda of sexual stimulation excited the boys to the point of tumescence. They quickly seized the opportunity to enlarge the orifice so that they could further view their potential peephole.

"Run back to the frat house and grab a kitchen knife!" Tommy assumed a leadership role. "Bring the longest one you can find! No, bring two!"

Once Will had returned, Tommy rushed to force his steely shaft into the precious slot, but shove though he might, the barrier held him. Their hearts almost stilled.

"Pour some oil on it, I think that will help," suggested Will, and this time they were sure they could satisfy themselves.

Tommy felt the virginal impediment give under his arduous assault. Pearled liquid drops fell from his stanchion when he withdrew. At last, their hearts beating in their mouths, they looked. A tiny sliver of light, not enough for even a filbert, responded.

Will took control, and pushed his knife against resistance into the moistened and slippery opening. He felt the tip slip in, and then he withdrew partially and hammered in again and again. He could count every beat of his heart. The impetus left him breathless as the intense feeling flowed thru him. He had struck the wall, and scraped his knuckles painfully.

Now Tommy went at her afresh, his vigor restored. He pierced her foramen with all the effort he could muster using his back and legs to push. Immediately he forced his instrument into her tiny notch. Now he felt the internal tearing as her hymen broke asunder and his lucent gatherings spilled across the floor.

They looked upon the startling evidence of the profuse and intensified wealth they now held, and their hearts beat a fast staccato rhythm in their mouths. Tommy leaned to peer into the abstraction made real, this portal into bliss.

"Wait!" Will said. "Here, wipe that oil off first."

This time he made it to the oriel, and scrutinized the view. Pale pink flesh met his eye, and he identified callipygian curves.

"I see a naked ass!" He spoke in a harsh whisper.

"My turn!" said Will, but Tommy would not yield. "Tell me what you see, at least!" he begged in surrender.

What Tommy saw exceeded his vocabulary. Here was Silky, the cheerleader, au natural, with her famously bushy red pubis. Next to her stood Charlotte, the hazel eyed beauty with the fabulous legs. She was removing her last vestige of clothing, the surprisingly chaste panties she wore. And there, and there! Tall Jessica of the champagne hair. He would not know if hers was real, for she was shaven a smooth as a frog's ass.

"Please, Tommy," asked Will plaintively.

At last, Tommy tore himself away from the Earthly Heaven, so excited that he could not wait to fondle his protuberance. As he stroked his engorgement, Will had his first look, and found that the vista exceeded all his hopes and dreams. He could not hear but an occasional word, and those seemed meaningless.


These words had nothing to do with the scene; Charlotte on her hands and knees as Silky slowly entered her with a ligneous pole that taunted him with an agony so intense he felt he would contentedly die to lose the torture. Silky pulled back, and the scintillating tool dripped with joyful steaming potpourri. She thrust inward, exciting Charlotte and Will so that both in their separate places flowed with climactic exudations.

He felt a wetness surround his fattened blimp, and in an instant emptied all his effluence into that soft recess.

"Tommy?" He said as he looked after he had leapt.

The rest of the boy's time was lost to the ending scene: Charlotte happily exchanging her dildo for the new BigFoot, pure Carbon fiber, and 100% biodegradable.

"So Silky, are you sure the guys will spread the word?"

"I spent two hours making the damned hole so they could find it. I stood in front of it until they finally broke through. I nearly creamed myself knowing they were watching me fuck Charlotte. They'll tell everybody, and we will replace every plastic penis in school with a succorious eco-dick."

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