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Mother in Law Cannot Resist


The following stories all started almost 10 years ago when i was twenty years old and I moved into my girlfriend's house after being booted out of home by my parents. My girlfriend lived there with her mother Fiona who was thirty seven her dad Alan who was forty four and her sister Alice who was Fourteen.

It was a little crowded in the house at first but when my girlfriend was offered a placement abroad with work it was too good for her to turn down so she left only two months after I'd moved in.

Fiona was very good to me from the outset and agreed I could stay as she knew I couldn't go back home.

Over the next six months i pretty much came and went as i liked and Fiona was happy as long as i handed over my board each month of £150 quid.

Also in that time I realised what a bastard Alan was. He'd be constantly pissed and always bumping work to go on massive benders ending with him turning up back at home and abusing Fiona. Not by physical violence but just calling her a fat bitch and a stupid whore before he'd stagger upstairs and fall in to a drunken coma. I spent many a night downstairs watching TV with Fiona until she knew Alan was fast asleep so she could sneak to bed.

I also overheard them rowing one day and was shocked to say the least when I heard Fiona scream at Alan.

"I don't know how you dare call me a whore Maybe if you hadn't fucked around so much you wouldn't be so fucking paranoid," she then carried on her outburst as she came down the stairs, "That's probably why you haven't fucked me for three years."

"Sorry about that," Fiona apologised as she burst through the hallway door.

It was from that point onwards that I started to look at my mother in law differently. Here was Fiona in her sexual prime and not sexually active in the last three years since she was thirty four.

I started to hang around the house a little more instead of just going out to the pub every night myself just so that I could spend a little more time in Fiona's company. When she was out I took a little peek through her underwear draw and was pleasantly surprised to see that she had an abundance of very sexy lingerie. For a women neglected for so long she still felt it necessary to keep her pride and feel sexy in her underwear.

I'd seen enough of Fiona in tight tops over the months to know that she had a decent sized pair of breasts and this was confirmed when I looked at the label in one of her sexy bras to find the size was 36E. In her bedside cabinet under a few books I found her toy a big rampant rabbit still sporting a pubic hair stuck to the shaft from its last workout in Fiona's pussy. This toy in my hand was perhaps the only thing in the last three years that had provided Fiona with sexual release.

Over the next few weeks I began doing little things like taking a shower with the door left unlocked and ajar at a time when I knew Fiona would be around; or I'd get up naked from my bed and walk to the toilet across the landing when I could hear Fiona getting ready for work.

I'd recently had a shift change at work which meant I was starting later now and I was always at home whilst Fiona got ready; she was the manager at a big company in the nearest town and would normally be up around seven before leaving in her business clothes at around eight. I began leaving my door open at night and would see Fiona wander around in the morning from her room to the bathroom as she got ready.

Getting a glimpse of her in a short towel wrapped around her big boobs became the norm but as the weeks wore on with me leaving my door open I noticed a subtle change in Fiona's behaviour too. She began walking back to the bathroom half dressed; I mean she'd be dressed from the bottom down but would walk by in her bra and back again after spending a moment in the bathroom.

This carried on until she was walking by in just her knickers and bra and then eventually braless so I could see her perfect big breasts in all their naked glory. One morning I remember as a Wednesday because I was halfway through a week's holiday I was lying in bed with the door open as normal listening to Fiona getting up when I pulled my covers off me a little so that my cock was exposed.

I positioned myself so that by squinting a little I could see Fiona walk by which she did a minute later in her vest top and shorts. She looked in but carried on to the bathroom and I heard the shower click on. Different from other days she came back but stopped momentarily and looked into my room for longer than she should of. Her eyes never leaving my groin area; where my cock lay flaccid against my thigh.

She passed my door eight times whilst getting dressed that morning which was three times more than normal and each time she stopped and had a good look in. it was on the sixth occasion that I knew that her curiosity was getting the better of her as I heard a floorboard creak as she stepped further in to my room to get a better look.

On the seventh occasion the floorboards creaked four times and I could see her through squinted eyes almost at the foot of my bed staring at my cock. She stood for almost a minute before disappearing again into her room.

She came out this time fully dressed in and hovered at the door and looked again then turned for the stairs but stopped and I assumed she was fighting the little voice in her head telling her to go back and look at my cock again. She stepped once more to the stairs and held the bannister but stopped again and turned to look in my room.

The naughty voice in her head won; the naughty voice of a sexually neglected thirty seven year old got the better of her and she walked back into my room, her daughter's boyfriend's room and came almost to the side of me only a foot from where my naked dick was visible.

It's at this point I opened my eyes quickly and Fiona jumped stepping back half a foot before my hand gripped her wrist and stopped her. My left hand grasped my cock and lifted it making it easier to stroke which I did three times before leaving it to grow on its on before her eyes.

Neither of us spoke until my cock was solid and standing erect, six and a half inches long and as thick as Fiona's wrist. What I lacked in length my girth certainly made up for it. Fiona's eyes shot from mine to my erect shaft as my helmet bulged from my foreskin peeling it back.

"I shouldn't be in here I have to go to work," Fiona said but not really offering much resistance in the wrist I still held.

"Fiona you know as well as I do that you're in here because you want to be here?"

"No I need to go," she said.

But still she didn't pull against my wrist. Fiona's mouth was telling me different from her body.

"We both know that you're not going to leave for work anytime soon don't we?"

She didn't answer or pull away so I carried on whilst I had the initiative not wanting to let this opportunity pass me by.

In slow clear words I began to speak to Fiona as I pulled her towards me slightly so that she was now standing beside the bed but about level with my chest stomach area; my right hand still holding her left wrist albeit loosely.

"Now with your right hand take my dick Fiona," I asked.

She hesitated but slowly raised her hand and moved it towards my solid shaft but stopped less than an inch away as doubt crept back in to her mind; and I imagined she was having the same battle with the naughty voice inside her head that she'd had on the landing.

Again the naughty voice won and her hand opened and moved forward and I felt my mother in laws smooth slim fingers around my shaft for the first time. Fiona closed her hand around my veiny shaft and I was pleased to see that there was still a gap between her forefinger and thumb. Her smooth petite hands with pink painted nails looked and felt heavenly around my cock and I released her left wrist.

Fiona didn't move or release my cock; just as I'd hoped. I still had the initiative so again spoke to Fiona.

"Now wank me off Fiona," I instructed.

Again she hesitated but only for a split second before her grip tightened ever so slightly and her hand pulled downwards peeling back my foreskin and releasing my bulbous helmet that I wasn't ashamed to admit was beginning to leak pre-come. Her hand came back up and as she did she let the palm of her hand come over my helmet where she rotated it before coming back down my shaft.

She kept up this technique and rhythm for a few minutes by which time the come was leaking from my japs eye and my shaft had become slimy as had Fiona's fingers and hand, as she continued to wank my cock her eyes never left my groin area as she transfixed on the task in hand so she seemed to take a while to realise that my right hand was now between her legs; and she'd involuntarily moved her feet apart a little so that my fingers found it easier to trace along the folds of her cunt.

At this point I removed my hand and pulled the zip down at the back of her grey pencil skirt that finished just above her knees; and with a couple of tugs it began to come down until the weight of the skirt meant it fell to the floor at her feet.

For the first time she looked down and into my eyes briefly and I could tell that she wasn't going to stop what was happening and she went back to beating my cock but with a little more vigour. I took a moment at this point to admire Fiona's legs in her black stockings and how sexy her arse looked in her black silk French knickers. That were now undeniably damp where my fingers had been stroking between her legs.

"Stop what you're doing Fiona and remove your jacket and blouse," I again instructed her.

She released my cock that was now throbbing and oozing pre-come constantly but I badly wanted to see her big tits so I had to sacrifice the pleasure on my cock for a moment as I watched her remove her matching grey jacket and then unbutton her breast hugging blue blouse one button at a time.

As each button popped open her awesome cleavage came into view as did her matching black bra until the blouse was off and on the floor with her skirt and jacket.

"You looking fucking incredible Fiona come here a little," I said.

She stepped from the skirt around her ankles and was now level with my head, her knickers covered cunt nearly within licking distance.

"Lean over here Fiona," I asked.

She leant forward and I reached up and unclipped her bra and watched in amazement as it fell from her breasts onto my chest. I told her to stay bent over as I removed the bra fully and through it on the her pile of clothes at her feet.

I then reached up with my head and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked hard, Fiona let out a long audible moan as my mouth worked her large cube nipple and I was sure I felt it grow hard in my mouth. I wasn't wrong, when I pulled away her nipple was engorged and large pointing down towards me from her nice round dark areola.

"Now I want you to stand up and turn to face that way," I said turning her to face my swollen dick that seemed to have swelled even bigger in the last couple of minutes. "Bend forward and suck my cock Fiona," I said as I pushed the palm of my hand against the middle of her back as far up as I could reach so that she wasn't confused as to what I wanted.

I got the feeling Fiona was too far gone now and any sort of hesitation she did have was now gone as she willingly lowered her head forward and couldn't help be watch as her mouth got closer to my helmet and her lipstick coated full lips opened just in time.

I let out my own moan as my mother in laws mouth opened to accept my cock for the first time and the feeling was wonderful. I lifted my head again to watch as Fiona now really got to feel and understand the thickness of my cock as she used her right hand to grip my base and hold my cock steady before she opened her mouth even wider as she struggled to fit me inside her wet and warm mouth.

Eventually after about two or three minutes and with a bit of spit she was soon stretching her lips and cramming a good four inches of my dick in her mouth until her lips hit her own hand.

I fell back on to the bed and savoured her mouth around my cock for a full five minutes before I reached up and peeled her knickers from her bottom and from between her legs. I rolled them down until they were somewhere around her knees and then asked her to spread her legs as far as her knickers would allow.

She opened her legs a little over shoulder width until her knickers were tight around her legs just above her knees.

My hand was soon between her legs but I took my time rubbing my forefinger between her moist fleshy folds until I located her clit and pushed my fingertip hard on to it making her buck upwards leaving my cock unattended as she squealed loudly. Not like a thirty seven year old woman but more like a horny teen that hadn't been touched before.

"Suck my cock," I said

And she returned to it immediately and I continued to finger her clit before easing my thumb in to her now wet and willing hole. I was surprised at how tight her pussy felt even after two kids and I knew that I was going to really enjoy fucking her.

"Your pussy is fantastic Fiona I can't wait to get my dick inside you," I told her.

She didn't even leave her task of sucking my cock or protest or deny that she would even allow me to fuck her, another sign I thought that she was totally gone now.

We mutually pleased each other over the next five minutes, Fiona with her mouth around my cock and me with a thumb permanently wedged on her hard clit whilst I pumped her hole with two fingers. I then asked her to get up on the bed and straddle my face. I wanted to taste my mother in laws pussy before I stuck my dick in it.

She got up on the bed after flicking her knickers in to the pile of clothes and lowered her perfect cunt towards by mouth.

"OH FUCK YES," Fiona said loudly.

This was the first vocal signs of pleasure that Fiona had given me but a moment later she screamed again as my tongue found her clit and she came. She clenched my head in her thighs and sat back further driving my tongue deep into her hole and my nose in to her puckered anus and for a ten second spell her body shook and she screamed as her neglected cunt unleashed years of pent up frustration and juice over my face.

At that precise moment in time as I pushed her up off my face and I was able to smell her sweet aroma that was coating my face I knew that this wouldn't be the last time I'd me tasting my mother in laws pussy. Fiona lowered her head back down towards my cock and sucked me back as deep as possible in to her throat.

"You taste unbelievable Fiona do you know that?" I asked.

I didn't want or expect her to answer so wasn't annoyed when she didn't as she continued to quickly move her mouth up and down my soaking solid shaft. I could feel my nuts beginning to tighten and knew pretty soon that if Fiona carried on like this I'd be losing a load, and I wanted her to taste it properly so needed her in a position where I was in control.

I pushed her to the side and she slid from the bed and onto her knees at the side of the bed and I jumped up and stood above her for the first time. Her big brown eyes looked up past my cock that was swinging in her pretty face and the twinkle was still there.

"Suck me again," I told her

And she kneeled up higher and began working with the same vigour as before so it took only a minute for the tightening and the pressure to build back in my nuts and I was very close to exploding. I toyed with the idea of telling her when I was going to come but decided a surprise blast would be more exciting.

The next time her head went down I used my left hand to hold it in place and she looked up at me as if she instantly knew what was about to happen. My cock erupted and her eyes widened as my first load filled her mouth.

"Swallow it," I told her as I released her head so that she could pull away.

As soon as my cock sprang lose from her mouth my cock bounced downwards and on the upwards movement another load of sticky white spunk flew from my helmet and landed down the side of her nose on the right side, covering the corner of her eye and finishing just above her top lip. I grabbed my dick and held it steady as the next load hit her chin and the last bit falling out on her tits.

"You look even sexier with my come on your face Fiona, now keep my cock hard with your mouth," I again instructed.

Fiona seemed to pay little attention to the come on her face or let it put her off as she again knelt upwards and carried on sucking on my cock that hadn't really lost any of its hardness, I just wanted a couple of minutes to recover myself and what better way than to have your mother in law sucking on your cock with a come covered face. I was now ready to sample her married pussy for the first time.

"Get up on the bed and spread your legs Fiona it's about time your neglected married pussy had some cock," I said lifting her towards the bed.

She didn't speak or protest as she lay back across my bed width ways so that her bottom was near the edge that I was standing, I looked at her waiting for her to open and spread her legs and after a brief couple of seconds she opened her legs and pulled them back using her wrists behind her knees.

I put my hands under her bum and pulled her a little closer to the edge right on front of my raging dick that was dripping come at the prospect of being inside Fiona. I guided my helmet at her very moist opening and rubbed it up and down the length of her slit letting it push just between her folds on to her clit.

Fiona couldn't help but flinch when my hard helmet rubbed over her engorged clitoris and she caught her breath as I lifted my dick and hit her clit three times. I moved my cock downwards and found her opening and pushed the head just inside so that it was right on the very opening I knew from the feel that my cock was going to fill her completely.

"I'm going to enjoy this," I said.

Looking into Fiona's eyes as I gently applied pressure from my hips and pushed my cock into my mother in laws married pussy. It felt incredible as her cunt was forced open and stretched tight around my shaft and her face screwed up and her eyes closed. Her knuckles were white as she squeezed her own thighs as her pussy was filled.


She was now making deep groaning noises over and over again until I stopped when my cock was totally buried inside her and my bollocks were hanging against her anus. I looked down at her cunt and I was delighted to say that id filled her up, her pussy lips were pulled wide apart and her clit was pointing up at me no longer covered and out of sight or protected.

I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it

"OOH FUCK," she moaned as Fiona's eyes opened and she shouted out. she repeated the phrase as I pinched again and rolled her sensitive clitoris between my fingers.

"I'm going to fuck you now Fiona ok?" I told her.

"Yes," she said quietly.

That was all I wanted to hear and I pulled out leaving my helmet inside before driving back inside of her with a hard deep thrust which made her scream uncontrollably and contort her face again. I pulled out and slammed back inside her four, maybe five times each time with a bit more power making her scream a little louder each time. On the sixth drive in to her cunt she let go of her legs and flung them around my back pulling me deeper in to her hungry hole.

She pinned me there and came for the first time on my dick for a long dick clenching minute. Fiona's face was screwed up but her eyes were open the whole time as her body carried on unleashing all those years of pent you frustration over my shaft. Looking back at her I smiled and when her body relaxed and I was able to move I pulled out and then began a sustained but powerful assault on Fiona's soaking cunt.

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