tagHumor & SatireEddie Silver Ch. 01

Eddie Silver Ch. 01


Bernice grumbled as she walked through the snow. She hated how her husband would not let her drive to work. They had three cars in the garage but they were his cars. She saw that the laneway wasn't plowed and that made her angrier.

Stepping into the large mansion, she heard silence. Had Eddie gone out? Was he volunteering at the homeless shelter again? She then was worried that maybe Ruth or Edith was over. She knew that Eddie had both a mistress and a girlfriend although he was too dumb to realize that they all knew about each other. It didn't matter really. He was a millionaire and spent money on them so it was fine, although she wondered if sometimes he loved his dog more then her.

She took off her winter boots and jacket then walked up the grand staircase to his office. It was cold in the house and there was a lingering smell of peanut butter coming from the kitchen. Bernice figured Eddie had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for both breakfast and lunch. She would have to clean up the kitchen later.

She shivered as she entered the upstairs hallway. It was freezing cold because Eddie didn't want to waste any money on heating. There was a space heater in the bedroom, the office, and the kitchen. He said that heating was a luxury that they couldn't afford. Bernice had tried to argue that since he was a millionaire that having heat in the house would be nice.

She walked in and saw Eddie doing the same thing he had been doing for the last two years. He was sitting on his comfortable chair hunched over his computer. He didn't have a fancy laptop. The computer was old and he was stubborn in buying a new one. He was typing away using only four fingers.


"Just a minute."

Bernice rolled her eyes. He was writing another story and until he was done, he wouldn't talk to anyone. She went and sat on what he used to use as a desk chair and watched as he typed out the last of the words. He quickly saved his work and then did a word count.

"Three thousand words! Take that Princess who thinks that a thousand words can make a story!" Eddie spun around and grinned at his wife. She was almost twenty years younger then him but even at forty she was getting old. There was a reason why he had Ruth and Edith. She was sitting in the chair and writing such a sexy story had caused his cock to be hard.

"Did you have a good day baby?" Bernice didn't know why she tried but Eddie had that look in his eyes that showed a bit of concern and love. He hadn't always been this way.

"Yep. Wrote four more stories all over two thousands words. You look beautiful."

Bernice rolled her eyes. He always told her she was beautiful when he wanted sex. It had been a while and so she figured she'd give in.

"Let's go to the bedroom sweetie." Bernie stood up and took Eddie's hand, guiding him down the hallway to their bedroom. Eddie's dog was lying on the bed and so Eddie spent the next three minutes cuddling with the dog and then explaining how he needed some alone time. Bernice undressed and lay back on the bed. She watched as Eddie undressed then climbed on top. His cock was half hard and so she had to suck on it a bit. Once he was hard enough to slide inside her he began to thrust back and forth.

"That's it baby. That feels so good." Bernice did love his cock. It wasn't that wrinkly or saggy. For someone who was almost sixty he had a nice cock. That and the fact he was rich were the only reasons she stayed married to him.

"I'm going to write three more stories tonight. Then I get to wait and see what happens when they're posted. The three bitches are going to love the next story."

"Eddie. Can you stop talking about your stories for just a few minutes? It's not very sexy."

Bernice cringed the moment she said those words. He was very sensitive about most things and had been diagnosed as bipolar quite some time ago. He was stubborn and hadn't taken his medication lately. She hoped he wouldn't react but of course, he did.

Eddie slid off the bed and glared at her. "You are so fat and ugly. You are so crazy I feel sorry for you. I'm going to go write."

Eddie grabbed his black robe and wrapped it around his body. He stomped down the hallway like a child having a temper tantrum. He slammed his office door shut and sat down.

"Women are useless. Why can't I find a good woman? I'm going to write two more stories and then I'll go visit Ruth. I need a young thing to play with tonight."

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