tagBDSMEddie's Humiliation

Eddie's Humiliation


Eddie Sandler was a good looking 22-year old college senior. He was tall, in good shape with short brown hair and a thin mustache and goatee, brown eyes and overall handsome features.

Eddie had little problems attracting the opposite sex. In addition to good looks and a decent bank book, thanks to his parents, he was very sure of himself and demonstrated the utmost confidence in his ability to win over the ladies.

Eddie had another enduring quality about him as well. His eight inch cock was not only a nice fuckstick, as he liked to call it. But he also had the ability to go four or five times a night with ease. He had also been given the nickname 'Peter North' by some close to him for his almost unnatural ability to produce massive amounts of cum with nearly each cumshot. Eddie could cover a girl's face with ease, providing a one-man bukake show if he so desired.

However, as well equipped as he was to satisfy the ladies, Eddie had one major flaw: He was an asshole when it came to women. He used them as objects to satisfy his lust and tossed them aside as soon as he was finished. His four or five fucks on a date had nothing to do with satisfying his date but were only for his own pleasure.

Worse, Eddie enjoyed humiliating the women. He would brag about his conquest, often taking pictures of them with his cell phone camera and showing them off to his buddies. He loved blasting their pretty faces with his cum, whether they wanted it or not, and showing off those pictures. Eddie had even gone as far as jacking off on the faces of girls passed out at parties just so they'd be found covered in his jism.

Samantha Miller was one of the women who had been used and abused by Eddie. It had been little more than a week ago since the pretty 20-year old sorority girl had let Eddie sneak into her room after a night of drinking.

Eddie had found the blond, blue-eyed beauty with the 36-C tits very attractive and used all of his charms to get her to fall for him. Once in her room he happened to discover her fuzzy handcuffs and got her to let him cuff her to the bed. Once done he began fooling around with her. Everything would have been alright had that been the limit. But Eddie had his way with Samantha three times that night without every letting her free. And each time he finished off titty fucking her or jacking off on her pretty face despite her objections.

Worse, once he was finished he took his usual pictures of her, bound and cum covered, then left her there for her sorority sisters to find and release.

Samantha was bound and determined to get even with Eddie. And it didn't take her long to find others who felt the same about him.

There was Kara, the pretty redheaded, freckle faced 18-year old freshman who had been the unwilling recipient of one of his surprise facials when she had nodded off on the couch at a party.

Then there was Lisa, the skinny but cute blond 19-year old sophomore who fell for Eddie's charms only to find herself being assfucked in the back of his car when he had learned she had started her period that night. He then forced her to give him a blowjob on the way home or else look for another ride.

And finally there was Joan; Eddie's former girlfriend. She had dirty blond hair and a nice figure. Joan had put up with more than her share of embarrassments while dating Eddie. She had sucked him off in front of others, let him degrade her at will. All to discover that he had been cheating on her the entire time they dated.

Joan was a senior and a sorority sister of Samantha's. It was Joan who introduced her to both Kara and Lisa. And together the four of them came up with a plan to get even with Eddie.

Eddie lived in an off campus townhouse with four other classmates. Joan talked four of her sorority sisters into inviting Eddie's room mates out to a night of drinking, offering to return home with them when all was over.

Once done, Samantha called Eddie and asked him if he would like her to come over and spend the evening alone. Telling him that he could do whatever he wanted to with her.

Surprised that Samantha wasn't pissed about learning that several students on campus had seen her nude, cum covered, pictures on his cell phone, and that she was looking forward to more of the same, Eddie quickly agreed.

Samantha sat in Joan's car, with Kara and Lisa in the backseat, watching as the other four girls left with Eddie's housemates. Then she quickly went inside.

She greeted Eddie with a kiss. He felt something slip from her mouth into his.

"Swallow it." She said softly, and Eddie did as instructed. He was no stranger to casual drugs and figured that she was sharing something with him that would enhance the night for both of them.

Then she let Eddie lead her into the living room, not knowing that just outside the unlocked door Joan, Lisa and Kara were planning their move.

Samantha sat Eddie on the couch and began making out with him. She dropped to her knees and undid his pants and began toying with his hard cock. Just then the door flew open and the other three women rushed in.

Eddie jumped to his feet, but with his pants around his ankles he was unable to do much. The four women quickly tackled him and secured his hands behind his back with the same fuzzy handcuffs that he had used on Samantha.

Eddie protested as the four women tour his shirt off and removed his pants. He wrestled as he felt belt-like straps being wrapped around his ankles.

Joan ran up the stairs and dropped two ropes from around the banister. The other girls quickly ran the ropes through loops in the ankle straps and began hoisting Eddie's legs into the air.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He cried out as he was pulled upside down off the floor.

"We're going to have a little fun with you." Samantha told him, softly stroking his hard cock. "And don't worry about letting us down. That pill I gave you will make sure you stay hard for us as long as we want you to."

"Look, if you want me to fuck all of you all you had to do was ask." Eddie said.

"Oh we don't want you to fuck us. But you can use that mouth to get us off."

The girls began stripping. Samantha stepped forward, placing her legs on either side of Eddie's head and lowering her clean shaved pussy to his face. "Lick my cunt until I cum on your face."

When Eddie refused she gave his balls a swift slap.

"Ow, shit!" Eddie protested.

"Make me cum or I'll beat those balls raw." She said, giving them a second slap to show she meant business.

Eddie raised his head and began licking Samantha's pussy. She stroked his cock, sometimes sucking on it lightly as he used his tongue to pleasure her. But she never let him come close to orgasm.

Finally Samantha began to climax on Eddie's face.

Once done each of the other three girls took their turn letting Eddie eat them to orgasm, all the while massaging his manhood ever so close to climax without allowing his to achieve his now greatly desired release.

"There, you all got off, now how about me?" He asked as he hung there helplessly in front of the four women.

Joan leaned down and wrapped something around Eddie's forehead. Once in place she looped string up and around his balls, tying them securely. Eddie cussed as he realized that his head was trapped bent forward so that his chin rested on his upper chest. To pull his head down meant pulling the string tied to his nuts, causing no small amount of pain in the process.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He asked.

Next Joan forced a small O-ring gag into his mouth. Eddie could still somewhat talk, but he could not close his mouth completely.

Then Samantha was behind him, looking down at him between his legs. He felt something rubbing against his ass and began jerking.

"Did you know that I was a nursing student, Eddie?" Samantha said to him. "I learned something about the male orgasm once. Did you know that there is something called the kegal muscle running from the base of your dick to your anus and it helps provide the stimulation and flow of semen from your prostate and balls."

"Also, the male orgasm and ejaculation isn't exactly the same thing. It is possible for a man to ejaculate without actually having an orgasm. Meaning that with the proper stimulation of the prostate, with no stimulation on your cock, you can cum without having the satisfaction of a true orgasm."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Eddie wanted to know.

"We're going to make you cum without satisfying you. Worse, at the angle you are now in you will shoot your famous massive cumshots right down into your own face."

Joan leaned forward and said, "And with your mouth forced open you're bound to get some of your own cum in there too."

"Please don't do that." Eddie begged.

He heard a buzzing sound and felt something pressing against his ass.

"No!" He cried out as he felt Samantha pressing a vibrator into his asshole.

Eddie tried to shake free of the bounds that held him suspended upside down as the three other women watched as Samantha begin to rape his ass with the vibrator. He cried out in pain as it broke through his anal ring.

Samantha began fucking his ass with the plastic toy, causing Eddie to spasm as it thrust in and out of him. Then she began manipulating it more carefully until she found his prostate.

Eddie could feel the sensations at once. He begged her to stop but she was determined to see this through. He had no where else to look but up at his throbbing cock. He could see precum in the tiny slit of his cock. It was aimed right at his face and Eddie did not want to cum in this predicament. He pleaded as best he could for them to release him. Then he felt it happening.

Eddie began to cum from the stimulation of his prostate. A thick wad of cum burst forth from his hard cock. The girls cheered as he began spewing his man juice for them.

The first blast hit him in the forehead, followed by another to his right cheek. Cum landed on his chest and belly and began running down to his chin. More cum splashed onto his face, wadding up in his mustache and beard. But fortunately none had gotten into his mouth.


Eddie heard the sound of the camera. His eyes turned to see Joan taking pictures of him.

"There, now you'll know what it's like to have people see you with a face full of cum." She said.

Eddie was disgusted. He couldn't believe that they were doing this to him. But hopefully now they would be satisfied and let him down so he could run to the shower and wash his seed off of him.

Joan and Lisa got down and began licking his nipples. At the same time Samantha began to lick behind his balls. Even in his current condition all of this felt so fucking good. He thought that maybe they were going to give in and really make this a night he would enjoy. Then he cried out as the two girls at his chest stopped and he felt the sudden snapping of clothespins on his nipples.

"Oh fuck, get them off me!" He yelled through his o-ring gag.

Samantha was laughing. "Your turn Kara." She said to the pretty redhead.

Kara took Samantha's place behind Eddie. She took the vibrator and began fucking Eddie's ass with it, making his squirm and cry out with discomfort as she pounded his asshole with the toy.

Then, just as Samantha had done before, she moved it around until she could focus it on his prostate.

Eddie realized that they were going to repeat the same thing again. He could see Joan holding the camera, this time recording the entire thing. Eddie begged Kara to stop, but she wanted to make him cum all over his face again.

Eddie felt his second release nearing. He tried pulling his head back but the pain of the rope tugging his nuts was too much for him. He felt his release begin and closed his eyes.

The girls cheered as he began to climax. Cum sprayed his face, this time finding the small opening of his mouth. Eddie wanted to gag as he both felt and tasted his own cum on his tongue. Still more cum rained down onto his face and chest. His goatee felt matted with the sticky fluid. And when he dared to open his eyes they began to burn as his cum found its way into them.

"My turn!" He heard Lisa cry out, realizing that he was going to have to endure this yet again.

Worse, even after two ejaculations he could feel the head of his cock throbbing with the desire to have a normal orgasm.

"I won't need the vibrator." He heard Lisa say as she got behind him. He felt relieved that his ass was going to be spared a third violation. Had he known the truth he would have begged for the vibrator instead.

"Remember how you fucked my ass in your car?" Lisa asked. "Well I've been waiting for my chance to return the favor."

Eddie felt Lisa's finger probing his asshole. Slowly it slipped inside. After two rounds with the vibrator this was nothing to Eddie. But then he felt a second finger. Suddenly there was a third trying to enter. Now the pain began and Eddie began to shake and protest.

A fourth and then the thumb began to be inserted. Eddie cried out as Lisa began pushing her entire fist into his ass. Soon she was fucking his asshole with her tiny fist and forearm. Eddie was shaking like a leaf as the thin girl abused him in this way.

Then she found his prostate with her fingers and began massaging it. Eddie's eyes rolled in his head from the mixture of pain and pleasure going through him. He tried to hold back, but soon felt his cock exploding again.

More cum showered down onto Eddie's face. By now it resembled the amount that most men spewed out on their first orgasm. Eddie was forced to take some of his own seen in his mouth again. Cum was dribbling down his chest and covering his face as the girls laughed at his demise, taking even more pictures of him.

Finally List pulled her fist out of Eddie's ass and he hung there twirling about.

Joan came forward and removed the clothespins from his nipples. Eddie cried out in pain as blood rushed back into the sensitive area.

She looked at his still hard cock and took it in her hand. "You want me to take care of this fore you?" She asked.

Eddie didn't know what to say.

Slowly Joan began stroking his cock, milking it as if she were milking a cow. Eddie could feel his cock responding. His balls tightening and his orgasm nearing, then, just before he was about to cum, Joan stopped and slapped his balls.

Eddie cried out in pain. Joan then played with his cock and soon began stroking it again. Once more Eddie felt his climax approach, only to be halted instantly, followed by another slap of his sore nuts.

Joan repeated the process over and over again until Eddie thought he was going to go crazy. He needed to cum so badly that it was killing him. But all he could get was to the verge and then wracked with pain as Joan struck his balls.

"Please let me cum!" He blurted out.

"Do you really want to cum, Eddie?" She asked, bringing him to the edge once more before stopping.

Eddie was begging to cum. Begging to have his face covered by his own semen once more. All while being video taped for others to watch. But he couldn't take it any longer.

Joan began stroking his cock once more. But this time she didn't stop. Eddie began to cum, shooting his seed down into his face once more as he welcomed the orgasm that Joan's hand was giving him.

"Well, I'd say we got even with you." Samantha said. The girls got dressed and sat down, leaving Eddie hanging, his cock still rock hard, until their friends returned with Eddie's housemates. No one wanted to miss the scene when they all walked in and found Eddie hanging there completely naked and covered in his own cum.

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