tagTransgender & CrossdressersEdie's Journey Ch. 04

Edie's Journey Ch. 04


Part 4 -- Life with Grandpa

The plane touched down uneventfully and being a domestic flight there was no customs inspection. I wheeled my luggage tote through the arrivals area seeking a taxi stand which I found in short order. My grandparents lived in the more rural part of the state and had been farmers. They sold off most of their land as their children grew up and left home. They still had a few acres of land, most beautiful with some fields, woods, and a small stream. We always went there for summer vacations and I liked it very much. I had not seen my grandparents since I was 12 years old, six long years ago.

The taxi ride would be an additional 45 minutes but I found it relaxing to see the countryside, much as I remembered it. The ride ended soon enough and as we approached the house I could see how much in disrepair it was. A beautiful Victorian style that now needed painting and its windows cleaned. I tried not to imagine what the inside looked like now. My grandmother had always been meticulous in her cleaning, a trait my mom inherited and one she instilled in me as well. No matter, I would get things in order.

My grandma was out waiting on the porch and she started waving to me as soon as the taxi was in sight, God bless her! I got out of the taxi, paid the driver who carried my luggage to the porch and turned to see my lovely little grandma! She was actually an inch or two shorter than I was! She looked so much like my mother, or should I say my mother looked so much like her! Smiling with such joy in her eyes! I ran up the last steps and hugged her and she was so pleased to see me!

"My Edie", she said and added, "let's get a good look at you, now turn around! Oh, yes you are the spitting image of your mother at the same age!"

" Really Gram?" I asked thinking how beautiful my mom looked.

"Yes Dear! I'll show you photos from the family album later -- you'll see! Now let's get this luggage inside and get you settled."

So we carried my luggage in and grandma took me to my room which was a lovely bedroom on the second floor with a connecting bathroom. The house was virtually the same as I remembered it and actually was not in bad shape at all -- very tidy in fact.

After I freshened up I joined grandma in the kitchen which was huge and had the oldest and largest oven I ever remember seeing. Everything in the house was from another age, Victorian mostly with embroidered doilies resting on the arms of wonderfully upholstered settees, couches and wing chairs. The floors had old rugs many of Persian design and the house itself was inlaid with impressive old oak panels, chair railings and a hand carved banister for the large main stairway. There were fireplaces as well in virtually every room.

Grandma made me some lunch and we talked about things, mostly me as grandma was intrigued and in need of understanding who I had become. When I finished my little self declaration grandma held my hand across the kitchen table and said she understood. I really wanted her to know and to support me, which I truly now believed she did.

"Well Edie, from everything I know and remember about you as a little boy I would have to honestly say I am not surprised at all. You were never like your brothers or other boy cousins and that was plain to see. Do you remember me showing you my sewing room when you came to visit, maybe when you were five years old?" she asked.

I actually did remember that room. It was fascinating to me and I remembered grandma showing me about dress making patterns and sewing.

"Yes Gram I do! You even taught me some sewing techniques during other visits over the years!"

"Exactly Edie! None of the other boys would be caught dead learning or even asking about dress making, but you were keen on it! I hoped it might be a phase you would come out of and become more manly but it didn't happen and you wanted to be with the ladies, your mom, aunts and me whenever we had family dinners or holidays here. Do you remember that too?"

Of course I did. I felt totally out of place with the boys and their rough play and sports. I found helping in the kitchen and setting a lovely dining room table much more to my liking.

"You know, I'm probably the reason that you look and dress like you do -- beautiful as you may be. It was me who suggested to your mother when you were 5 years old that perhaps dressing you as a girl would snap you out of what my generation called "being a sissy" but it had the opposite effect -- I'm sorry, so sorry!"

She started to cry as soon as she said that and looked so miserable. My heart was touched and I felt anguish that she would think so. I went around the table to her side and pushed my hip up against her in her seat and sharing her seat I consoled her and told her it was not true at all.

I said quite simply that I was always going to be me as I am now whether or not she, grandma, advised my mom to let me wear girl clothes or not. It just made it an easier and loving realization, so actually it was me who owed her, grandma, thanks for helping me so.

I wasn't sure if she accepted my explanation at that time but I saw soon enough that she came to believe its truth. So we were able to patch things up as it were and as we talked about how I could be of help around the house I suddenly realized that I had not yet seen grandpa!

"Oh, he's out in his woodworking shop -- spends most of the day there. Has a couch he sleeps on when he isn't making some wooden thing or another" grandma said.

I asked how he was doing health wise and she told me he was strong as an ox but getting forgetful, having good days and bad. Both my grandparents were in their early seventies and had led robust farm lives. My grandfather was a large man as I remembered him, over six feet tall and at least 230 pounds in his prime. He scared the daylights out of me when I was there as a youngster just by entering the room.

"You'll see him at supper. He never misses a meal!" grandma said laughing.

I helped with the lunch dishes and grandma said she was going to lay down for awhile so I went up to my room and unpacked my things, including everything we had shipped beforehand. There was a large walk-in closet so I had plenty of space for my various outfits and shoes. A large ornate oak dresser held all of my panties, hosiery, socks, lingerie, sleepwear etc. and there was even a small bookcase with some old novels and classics. I had everything I needed.

I changed out of my tan skirt and white top and removed my pantyhose, panties and bra deciding to take a bath having discovered there was a lovely porcelain claw foot tub in my bathroom. I found plenty of towels in the bathroom and had my own shampoo and bath oils so I ran the tub, adding the bath oils and slipped into the delicious warm water. I soaked for a very long time, luxuriating and relaxing, shaved my legs although they hardly needed it. It seems the hormones had slowed or stopped any excessive hair growth including facial hair. My breasts were now a legitimate 32 B cup and my rear end was plumper and rounder by far. After finishing shaving my legs I toweled myself dry and wrapped a large towel around me, cinching it as my mother had taught above my breasts me and also wrapped a towel around my still wet hair.

The bathroom was steamy from the hot bath water and I used the moisture in the air to apply skin moisturizer to my face , legs and arms. My face had a rosy glow from the warm bath and the steam I noticed as I admired myself in the mirror. I decided to redo my nail polish and opened the door back into my room and there came face to face with my grandpa. He was definitely older looking but still a mountain of a man.

"Hi Grampa, it's me Edi", but I never got to finish saying Edie because he blurted out in a loud confused voice, "Josephine? Is that you?"

I was startled and confused. Josephine? Josephine? Who was Josephine? Then I remembered that was my grandma's name!

"No, no Gramps I'm not Josephine, I'm Edie -- didn't grandma tell you about me?"

He was very confused looking and I was very alarmed. I finally remembered I was covered by only a towel and I had no idea what to do other than retreat into the bathroom when suddenly the door to my room opened and grandma stormed in.

"What are you doing David? You shouldn't be in this room!" grandma exclaimed seeing me in my state of undress. "Now you march on out of here -- go ahead!" And he did while looking back and forth between my grandma and me as if making comparisons.

"I'm sorry about that Edie! I should have reminded you to lock your door. He gets confused easily!"

"But Gram he thought I was you? How could that be?"

"Well, I'm not really sure but maybe later after we look through our old family albums it might make sense to us, ok?"

"Sure Gram! I'll be right down to help with supper after I get dressed!" And she smiled at me and left my room. I went right over and quietly locked the door. I had to laugh to myself at the thought of such a giant of a man scurrying out of the room looking over his shoulders at grandma and me, each so much smaller than he.

I finished my nails and used my hair dryer styling my hair so it naturally fell to my shoulder but had a little bounce to it. I decided to dress casual with black slacks that were now too snug across my rear due to the hormones, basic cotton panties and a black cotton bra, no hosiery, a very comfortable long sleeved maroon stretch top and basic black flats. I had my fine silver necklace and little silver earrings on, applied only a hint of mascara as my lashes had grown much longer, put on some lip gloss and added just a hint of perfume to round things off.

I went down to the kitchen and helped grandma with the food preparations and setting the dining room table chatting back and forth mostly about grandpa and how nice grandma thought I looked. I was always pleased to be complimented, vanity definitely being one of my failings.

The food was on the table and grandpa came in from his workshop right on time. He seemed more lucid and he gave me a hug welcoming me. I was engulfed in his massive frame but very happy we were going to be ok. My grandma sort of prompted my grandpa during dinner conversation, saying how he must remember me from when I was little and visited. She kept referring to me as Edie and "she" or "her" using phrases like "little girl" and so on. My grandpa nodded and then having listened said, "So you're Patsy's daughter then!" I said yes and grandpa smiled saying that now he remembered me, always in the kitchen and the sewing room. I blushed and said yes to that too.

"As I recall you looked like a tom-boy, not really a pretty little girl at all, but look at you now!" grandpa said between forkfuls. My grandma gave me a slight nod and I told grandpa he was probably right.

"You know you look very much like your mother, Patsy, when she was -- how old are you now Edie?"

"Eighteen gramps" I replied.

"Yes, almost exactly as I recall -- very pretty!" he said smiling.

I was truly blushing now but so very pleased. I adored my mom and I thought she was most beautiful.

"You know Edie, Patsy of all our daughters looked like her mother the most as well!" grandpa continued.

"Oh hush David! You're flustering the poor girl!" grandma said trying to divert the conversation by adding that I would be staying to help with housework and to keep them company. But what grandpa said must have been true because I did see a lot of grandma's features in my mom. Mom had brunette hair, as I did, and grandma had been a brunette in her day having aged gracefully with now grey hair but a beautiful woman still. The facial features were unmistakable. The eyes and noses were almost exact, my nose was very similar but my eyes were slightly larger and my lips just a tad fuller naturally, some of my dad's genes I guessed. But the resemblance of all three, grandma, mom and me were very close indeed.

After dinner I did the clean up and grandpa went to snooze on the parlor couch. Grandma went up to her sewing room and invited me to join her after I finished cleaning up. I finished soon enough and went to join her. As I entered her sewing room she was sitting at her sewing table and made room on the bench patting it so I would join her. I nestled in cozy nest to her and I noticed she had photo albums spread across the table.

"Let's see if we can figure out why grandpa confused you for me! Here take a look at these albums Edie." So I opened the first album and found photos of my mom and her sisters and brothers when they were children and young adults. I was enthralled to see my mom as a little girl then in her early teens but one photo of her really caught my attention and that was her high school prom photo standing next to my dad -- they had been childhood sweethearts. I could not believe what I was seeing! If I did not know better I would swear that somehow it was me in the old black and white photo and not my mom.

I turned to my grandmother and she had a wide grin on her face and she said, "See!" I did but I was flabbergasted! My grandma handed me another album and as I opened it I saw it was her wedding album. Lovely studio photos in sepia tones of grandma and grandpa in their wedding attire! I asked my grandma what year they had married and she told me 1954, just after my grandpa returned from the Korean War. But my grandma directed my attention to the next page in the album which had a close up formal shot of my grandma alone wearing a lovely old style wedding gown, veil draped back over her shoulders and a floral bouquet in her hands. But again it suddenly jumped out at me -- it could have been me in that gown!

My grandma cackled with delight at my reaction. She jumped a bit as she explained that she was 19 years old when they wed, just a year older than I was now, and that until my mom had sent her recent photos of me she had not, could not have seen the striking similarity between myself , herself and my mother all at approximately the same age!

I was overwhelmed to say the least and so excited! I must have blushed a bright red because grandma started to fan me with her hand then just hugged me laughing away! I was just like them -- mom and grandma! I could not have been happier! I regained my composure somewhat and said to grandma that seeing all this must surely mean that I was meant to be a girl and that she was justified in having steered me indirectly when I was younger.

"Indirectly? Oh yes, indirectly! I see what you mean!" grandma said in response but her mirth tapered off somewhat as she said it and she looked at me with purpose in her eyes.. It was an awkward silence for just a moment but then grandma recovered and asked me if I would like to see both her wedding dress and my mom's prom dress. I said of course I would! She had stored them away carefully for years and they still looked almost new. Many wedding gowns will yellow with age if not stored properly but not my grandma's! It was a beautiful white silk gown with precious hand stitched embroideries that grandma and her mother added to the gown. I had forgotten that grandma had been a seamstress before she met grandpa.

I asked her if grandpa wooed her off her feet and she said yes, he was quite the romantic fellow. Then she took my hand and confided he still was! I said, "You mean he still gets romantic?" meaning at his age and grandma said, "He wants it every night! I can't keep up with him!"

"Grandma!" I said gasping. But she shook her head and said it was true. Age had not lessened his sex drive at all. "He's always been true to me, I know! And that's because I keep him happy but I'm not really able to do it anymore -- I'm tired, but you wouldn't understand that at your age anyway Edie!"

I was amazed and in truth I could not empathize simply because I was not exactly sexually experienced discounting Mike and that bastard Christopher. I did not know men at all.

Grandma asked since I brought up the subject what I intended to do -- stay as I was or get what she called "one of those sex operations". I answered that I honestly hadn't given that any thought since it was less than 4 months earlier that I was just Eddie. I explained my hormone regimen and how my mom had arranged for replenishments to be shipped here regularly. She asked if I had "all the male stuff" pointing to my lap and I said yes but that they were not large and the hormones had lessened even that.

"Let me see Edie" she said matter of fact like. I said, "No! Why would you want to see Gram?"

"Listen young lady! I wiped your butt and changed your diapers before you even knew who I was so don't act so uppity with me!" I thought about that and figured why not, everyone else seems to have gotten a peek. Making sure the door to the sewing room was closed I unbuttoned my slacks and pulled them down to my thighs, then slid my panty down as well.

"I don't see them? Is that a vagina?" grandma said perplexed as she pointed to the vee between my legs. I nimbly shifted my legs open wider and pushed down on the cavity below my tummy so that the little testicles freed themselves and my little penis popped forward from between my legs.

"Now that's a neat trick!" my grandma said laughing out loud.

So I explained all about tucking in order to insure smooth panty lines and grandma nodded her understanding. She inched closer to inspect me but never touched me and after looking at my testicles primarily she said I could pull up my panty and slacks. I did so and returned to sit on the bench next to her.

"Thank you for trusting me Edie. I was curious and now I see how you manage such a womanly appearance in that part of your body. They are indeed quite small, underdeveloped I should think. This has helped me to understand and agree that you probably should have been born a female. Would you ever consider removing your male parts or will you continue to live having to conceal them?"

I was not prepared for this at all and I shrugged truthfully not knowing what to say. Grandma smiled and said she understood then returned to her wedding gown and said to me, "Would you like to try this on sometime?" without hesitation I said yes I would! Grandma said good and that I might as well try on my mom's prom gown too. She said that later during the week we would do so. I was thrilled not only about that but also to move past the very weird topic of future anatomical changes for me.

The rest of that night went quietly and grandma and grandpa retired to bed before 10 p.m. and I decided to go to my room and read before bedtime. I lay in bed dressed in a very comfy flannel night gown reading one of the romance novels I found in the bookcase. I was getting sleepy and beginning to nod off when I heard a continued creaking sound coming from somewhere down the hall. It had to be my grandparent's bedroom because only the sewing room was between our respective rooms. I suddenly identified the sound -- creaking bed springs!

The creaking was continuous and slow at first then built in intensity and I put my hand to my mouth realizing it was the sound of love being made on a bed! Grandma had not lied! Grandpa was having his way with her! I thought that was just so cute! After all these years he still found her desirable and so he should! I lay there listening and listening and listening but after many, many minutes the creaking bed springs had not abated. If anything they had intensified! Now I was marveling at grandpa's stamina and grandma must have been something when she was younger too!

I listened and more and more I started to get excited and warm, horny in other words. I usually never played with my penis when this way because I found it less than satisfying and I never seemed to ejaculate much if at all. What I did find satisfying and stimulating was inserting fingers into my anus and stroking myself in that way. But weeks before I left to come to my grandparent's house, my mom called me into her bedroom one afternoon while my dad was at work and she presented me with a vibrator and two different sized dildos. She explained to me that as she had earlier stated I would have changes in me not just physically but emotionally as well due to the hormones. She said sometimes a woman needs to satisfy herself in a way a man can't always do or at a time when a man isn't present to do so. This is what the "toys" as she called them were for. She also said since I did not have a vagina in the true sense of the word I could make use of these in my anus, as real women do sometimes as well.

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