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Eduardo's Email


Shortly after "Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House" appeared on Lit. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an anonymous email from a reader who called himself "Eduardo". He claimed to have been enjoying a part-time CFNM lifestyle with his wife and "mistress" for "over twenty years"; part-time because of their children. Once a month they would visit one of the grandparents for a weekend and Mom and Dad could play.

It wasn't always that way, Eduardo told me; in fact, when his wife, "Pamela" first learned of his interest in CFNM it almost wrecked their marriage. She thought it was disgusting and perverted. She nearly kicked him out but after much begging and pleading agreed he could stay if, and only if, he agreed to seek help.

The counselor that was recommended to them by their pastor was a marriage and relationship specialist named "Dr. Marcia Saunders, PhD." Their first sessions were separate; each of them was interviewed in depth about their relationship and about their feelings toward each other.

The following week they had a combined session where the doctor explained that Eduardo had a mild form of sexual addiction and that Pamela was right to be concerned. On the other hand she explained that the addiction seemed to be well under control since Eduardo never actually expressed his exhibitionist tendencies.

According to the doctor they had two choices; first, Eduardo could be placed in treatment which could take months or more likely, years; or, they could try a form of shock therapy in which both Eduardo and Pamela could experience CFNM in a controlled situation. Sort of a "slap in the face approach" that might "throw cold water" on Eduardo's fantasies negating the need for costly therapy.

Pamela, ever the penny pincher, wanted to know more about the "shock therapy". Dr. Saunders explained that she would arrange for a sexual surrogate who would play out a "scene" with the two of them. One result, the doctor explained, might be that Eduardo might realize that while fantasies are fun reality is much different and he would decide on his own that while it was titillating to read about such things participating was another matter.

Pamela was concerned about other possible outcomes. The doctor explained that the possibilities were endless but chances were that Eduardo would see the light and give up his fantasy. The net result would be success or possibly endless therapy. Pamela considered for a moment and then decided that for the good of the family's pocketbook the surrogate would be their best choice.

Dr. Saunders scheduled a physical for the two of them for the following week explaining that it was required for the protection of the surrogate. The physical was routine the doctor explained; on the order of the physicals required by the DOT for truck drivers but with the addition of samples collected for the detection of STDs.

On the day of the exam Dr. Saunders introduced them to "Mrs. White" an RN who would conduct the various tests and make the observations that were required. After measuring their height and weight Nurse White took Pamela into an examination room and left Eduardo waiting in the hallway.

When it was Eduardo's turn Nurse White instructed Pamela to stay in the room as it was office policy that when the patient was of the opposite sex a third party must be present.

Nurse White went about the physical in a routine manner; checking his ears, his eyes, his nose and throat. She asked him to remove his shirt so she could listen to his heart and take his blood pressure. After recording the measurements she told Eduardo to remove his trousers and shorts. Pamela gasped and objected but the nurse explained that since this was for the protection of the surrogate Eduardo's body must be inspected for lesions, especially his genitals and she asked Pamela to tell him to undress.

Within moments Eduardo was completely nude and thoroughly embarrassed. He blushed as he felt his penis becoming erect. The nurse told him to turn around so she could inspect his backside. Using her pen she poked at various spots on his back and made notations. She told Pamela that she needed to see the area around Eduardo's anus and that Pamela would have to help. Eduardo was told to lie down on the examination table and spread his legs. The nurse told Pamela to hold Eduardo's testicles out of the way while she continued to inspect Eduardo's skin for sores.

During the entire exam Pamela held her tongue but Eduardo could see she was upset; still, it was exciting for him. When it was all over the nurse took a sheet of plastic wrap and laid it on Eduardo's belly and chest. She told Pamela that she needed a sample of Eduardo's semen and that she needed to observe his ejaculation to get some idea of Eduardo's muscle tone. She offered Pamela some latex gloves at which point Pamela lost some of her composure and objected.

The nurse patiently explained that the semen sample was necessary because any traces of blood in the semen would indicate possible health problems and that she was not going to collect the sample herself so it was Pamela's duty to masturbate Eduardo.

Pamela gave Eduardo "the look" and Eduardo knew that he would be in trouble later but at that moment he was trying to hide his obvious excitement over the notion that his wife who hadn't ever given him a hand job was being told to do it by a nurse and the nurse was going to watch!

Nurse White, who by the way was not at all sexy, laid a towel over Eduardo's face explaining that men where pigs in her opinion and that she didn't want to see Eduardo's face as Pamela collected the sample.

When the exam was finally over Eduardo, who was still naked; and Pamela, who had gathered up his clothes; were led by Nurse White back to the doctor's office. The young receptionist and two women in the waiting room giggled as Eduardo walked past them and he could hear their whispers and laughter increase as he entered Dr. Saunders office.

Dr. Saunders looked at the report that Nurse White had prepared and told them that everything seemed to be normal but that the lab results would not be back for at least ten days. In the mean time they should discuss the day's events at home and in two weeks they would be able to determine a course of treatment.

Eduardo went on that when they got in the car Pamela leaned over and whispered, "You owe me big time and you're going to start paying when we get home!" Eduardo said that his wife had a grin on her face and a sparkle in her eye that he hadn't seen before. They never did go back.

From that point on Pamela became an "enabler", finding ways for the two of them to spice up their life. Most of the time it was just the two of them but once or twice a year she would find a "co-conspirator" and surprise Eduardo with a special scene. One involved a "personal trainer" another, a female salesperson at a men's clothing store and the one that really caught him off guard, their neighbor!

I wanted to returned Eduardo's email and thank him for his comments. I wanted to suggest that he write his adventures up with more detail and dialogue. Let the characters tell the story. But he was anonymous so there was no way to contact him! I feel kind of strange using his experience without his permission but he has given me so many interesting ideas. I guess the question is: Is this worth pursuing? Your comments and emails will help me decide!

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