tagBDSMEducating Kate Ch. 01

Educating Kate Ch. 01

byMentor de Lyon©

The Proposition

Time, as it nearly always does, had passed by much too quickly. Kate had been welcomed by many of our new French friends and was dating regularly. She, Jen and I had just celebrated her 25th birthday at a lovely 3-star restaurant in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She had not found anyone special yet, however we knew that it would not be long before she found her "Jules" and Jen and I both knew that we were experiencing our last moments of total intimacy with Kate. She continued to recount to us the details of all but her most intimate sexual encounters. She was still as much in love with us as we were with her and we both continued to enjoy her sexually.

"So what can we give Kate as something to remember us by?" I asked Jen as Kate was settling into a chair in front of us.

"What haven't we tried yet?" Jen laughed.

I handed Kate a glass of cold champagne and then poured one for Jen and myself.

We toasted our present love for each other and to Kate's future loves.

"Well, what do you think she should learn next?" Jen returned.

"Maybe we should ask Kate what kinds on sexual encounters she would like to explore further with us", I said turning to Kate.

"Well, let me think". "I have been having lots of hot fantasies about sadomasochism since that time at the club," Kate said.

We had taken Kate with us to an exclusive and rather secretive club we had found through our friends Marc and Sophie with whom we shared a mutual interest in dominance and submission. Sophie was as much a submissive as she was bisexual, as were both Kate and Jen.

That evening we had attached a silver chain to a black leather collar she was wearing, with nothing else. We had invited everyone who spoke with us to touch her and speak to her in any way that pleased them.

Most commented on her beauty and often to the attractiveness of her hairless pussy and or her lovely legs and ass. Her nipples were pinched and the occasional lewd suggestion or desire was whispered in her ear.

As the evening progressed, the S/M scenes began to be enacted. I found a vacant St. Andrew's cross and cuffed Kate's wrists and ankles to it to whip her. While the crowed began to gather to observe her punishment I selected the proper instrument to meet it out from a long rack of whips, paddles, and floggers on the wall behind the cross. I selected a black leather "cat" with tresses that were supple enough to sting some but would not cut her severely.

I pressed the cat-o-nine-tails to her lips to let her feel its texture as well as to invite her to kiss it, which would signal her submission to the flogging. She turned her head and licked the tresses that I offered to her before kissing them, a sign which Jen and I had used with Kate that she neither wanted nor needed any form of warm up to her flogging.

The small crowd of onlookers gasped at the intensity of her first lash. Kate could not help from crying out as the cat-of-nine-tails found its mark again and again. I continued to flog her until 39 firm lashes had crossed her ass, thighs, and back.

When I had finished, Kate was panting and sobbing in both from exhaustion and from intense sexual excitement. Her engorged cunt was dripping wet and her creamy white skin was glowed a brilliant red with several long white welts beginning to form across her back.

One of the spectators, a handsome leather-clad Dominant who appeared to be in his early sixties passed me his card. He introduced himself as Jean-Pierre and told me that he was enchanted and impressed with my submissive. We continued our discussion and he offered to provide her with further training at his chateau if we and she would be interested. The address of the chateau was in a lovely region of the west of France.

He told us that he had acquired a modest 16th century chateau in that he had converted for use as a training facility for the arts of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. He said that he thought that Kate was ready and that he would be pleased to enroll her in the program if it would please her master and mistress.

We thanked him for his proposition and told him that we would consider it carefully and contact him when we would have decided to pursue her education further.

He then introduced to us his charge for the evening, a slender young woman with auburn hair and emerald eyes who was called Alicia. She was also being led completely naked by a thin chain that was attached to leather cuffs that held her hands together behind her lower back, just below the ends of her lovely long hair.

Jean-Pierre asked us if Alicia could take Kate down from the St. Andrew's cross. We agreed that she could and added that if would please us if she would also bring Kate to orgasm. Jean-Pierre consented and released Alicia's cuffs.

She walked over to Kate, who had finished sobbing and caressed Kate's back with her small soft breasts to soothe the welts from her whipping. Then she kissed Kate and whispered something to her. Kate smiled and nodded in agreement.

Alicia gently uncuffed Kate's hands and I removed her ball-gag and hood. Then I bound Kate and Alicia together with a piece of chain about a meter long attached to two ankle cuffs. They held hands and Jean-Pierre and Jen then led them to a coin calin a small private room with a red leather covered mattress on the floor.

"Alicia, fuck Kate until she comes," Jean-Pierre ordered. "Oui maître," she responded.

Jen and I watched as the two lovely bi-submissives lay down together on the mattress and Alicia kissed Kate's mouth softly and sensually. When we saw Kate responding to Alicia's kisses we closed the door so that we could continue our discussion with Jean-Pierre. We sat down at a small table and ordered a bottle of champagne. A few minutes later we heard Kate's orgasmic cries signaling that Alicia's practiced fingers, lips and tongue had completed their task.

The Flight to the Chateau

The day Kate was to arrive at the chateau for her training was a bright sunny day in Lyons. The meteo or weather report, as much as it could be trusting in that part of France, called for much of the same all week. Since the trip by car would have been over five hours we decided to rent a small airplane and fly there. I had finished the additional pilot training and examinations necessary to convert my US pilot's license to a French one and we had taken several trips by air to the south of France for weekend getaways and to meet with various swinger friends we had met over the internet.

We packed the night before so that we could arrive early the Saturday morning to check over the aircraft and file the necessary paperwork to keep the plane over the weekend. The gleaming red and white single engine airplane was waiting for us when we arrived. I was equipped with GPS navigation system so that we could fly directly to a small airport close to the chateau. I calculated that the fight would take about two and a half hours.

Kate and Jen climbed in the back seats to be together and I strapped in a case of Cote Rôtie, a wonderful wine from our region that we were bringing as a gift for Jean-Pierre in the right front seat. Jen usually fly next to me as a copilot, helping with navigation and communications, but that day she wanted to sit next to Kate, which I had imagined would involve some airborne lovemaking. Kate was very excited and more than a little nervous about her training at the Chateau and Jen calmed and reassured her while I prepared the plane for take-off. I pulled the mixture control to idle-cutoff, as is the procedure for fuel injected engines, and engaged the starter. After a few turns of the propeller the 180 horsepower engine sprang to life and smoothed to a purr as I pushed the mixture control to rich.

I radioed ground control and we taxied to runway 34 for departure and then tuned to the tower frequency and advised them our intended departure direction. The tower cleared us for takeoff and I advance the throttle to full power and the 180 horses pulled us up into the clear blue sky of the Rhone valley. After hand-off to departure control I turned to our heading towards or destination. The GPS showed an estimated time in route of 2 hours and 37 minutes as we settled in at our cruising altitude.

I glanced back at Kate and Jen and saw that they had removed their headsets as well as Kate's T-shirt. Jen's jean skirt was hiked up revealing that she had decided against panties that day and she had already unfastened Kate's cutoffs. I watched Jen slip her right hand slip into the waistband of Kate's white cotton panty and then returned my flying duties in the cockpit while Jen and Kate flew each to even higher heights. When they had finished making love, Jen put on a black garterbelt and stockings and a black lace sleeve-dress that she had packed in her flight bag for our arrival at the chateau.

Arrival at the Chateau

The invitation letter that we had received from Jean-Pierre said that Kate should report to the chateau at about 10 o'clock on the morning of June 16th. It went on to say that she should be accompanied by her Master and Mistress and that should bring nothing with her except her birth control prescription. Everything else would be provided to her through the duration of her training.

The letter also mentioned that she would receive the exact directions to the chateau and her admittance letter on notification that her tuition had been wired to a numbered bank account in Zürich. The letter also stated that Kate should present herself wearing a simple white dress with white heeled cotton sandals and nothing else.

A hand-written note from Jean-Pierre addressed to Jen and I had also been included in the envelope. The note said the following:

"To assist with the introduction and testing process, please see that Kate has been stimulated sexually about one half hour before her arrival. There are some lovely wooded areas on the grounds of the Chateau that you will find convenient for this purpose. (Your driver will be familiar with them them).

Most cordially,


We were met at the airport by the "driver" and a gleaming black 18th century coach pulled by two identical gray horses. The lovely old coach looked more than anachronistic beside the shiny new airplane in which we had flown from Lyon.

The coachman opened the door for Kate and Jen and helped them climb up into the cab. Then the coachman and I put up our luggage and the flight bag. The coachman was a handsome young man in his mid-thirties and was dressed in costume dating to the era of the coach. The driver mounted the coach, clucked to the horses and the carriage lurched forward. Kate and Jen settled into their seats as we listened to the clip-clop of the horses' hooves and the crackle of the gravel beneath the huge wooden-spoked iron-bound wheels of the coach. The cab was quite comfortable and was appointed with olive colored upholstery in olive green velvet. The interior of the carriage smelled slightly musty likely owing to the ages of neglect it had withstood in storage before Jean-Pierre had had it restored it for its present use.

Kate seemed a little nervous so Jen put her arm around and pulled her close to calm her. She kissed Kate gently on the cheek and whispered to her.

"Me too," said Kate. Then she kissed Jen.

As we neared the chateau I reminded Jen that Jean-Pierre had requested that Kate be "stimulated sexually" before her arrival. I saw that we were nearing one of the secluded wooded spots that Jean-Pierre had mentioned and asked the driver to pull into it. He obliged and dismounted to tend to the horses as Jen, Kate and I climbed down from the carriage.

The coachman smiled at Jen and as she thanked him for the ride and mentioned to her that there was a "comfortable" place just behind a grove of large trees near where we had stopped.

"Please join us if you'd like to," Jen said to him as she kissed him gently on the cheek.

He smiled at her again said that he would be pleased and honored to join us. He took Jen's hand and led us into a small grassy clearing surrounded by a stand of century-old oak trees.

There were some large smooth boulders in the clearing where we laid our coats and the driver's three-cornered hat.

The coachman took off his heavy driving coat and laid it with our things leaving him in beige laced pants, a white ruffled shirt and his black riding boots.

The growing bulge beneath the lacing of his trousers relayed his excitement to Jen. She crouched down in front of him spreading her thighs and began to undo the laces of his riding pants. Jen's position beneath him revealed the tops of her black stockings and garters as her black sleeve-dress rode up her thighs. I put my arm around Kate's waist and turned her so that we could watch as Jen freed his rapidly hardening cock.

Jen stroked the coachman's manhood and he slid the top of her dress down to her waist exposing her breasts and the creamy smooth skin of her back to his ravenous gaze. He rubbed his palms over her already hardened nipples as she licked his balls while looking longingly into his eyes. Jen inched her tongue up the driver's then fully erect cock from its base to its thick bulbous head and then slowly took the entire length of it into her mouth and throat to suck him off.

As the coachman moaned to the sensual rhythm of Jen's bobbing head, I turned to Kate and leaned to kiss her deeply.

"Please let me be naked," she implored me. "I want him to watch you fuck me."

"Strip for him -- completely," I ordered her.

Kate faced the coachman and did as I had asked, slowly and sensuously began revealing her lovely body to him. When she was completely nude, I directed her to move behind Jen and to place her left hand on Jen's shoulder.

"Now touch yourself for him Kate," I whispered to her.

I stripped as she spread her thighs and slowly slipped her hand between her legs to stroke her already sopping pussy, her eyes locked into the coachman's rapt stare.

She parted her labia with her fingertips exhibiting the wet pink folds of her cunt to the coachman's eyes that were then half hooded in excitement with the heat of the scene he was experiencing.

Kate's nipples hardened as she felt his wanton gaze feasting on her beauty while she lewdly flicked and rolled her erect and sopping wet clitoris before him.

I grasped Kate's hips and pulled her back against me, which caused Kate to bend forward as she supported herself on Jen's shoulder. She then used her other hand to caress Jen's breasts and nipples.

I penetrated Kate's hot wet cunt in a single thrust and replaced her fingers with mine to frig her clit as I fucked her.

Jen's fingers had been busy with her own pussy as she sucked the coachman's cock. They made slick sounds as she finger-fucked her sopping wet cunt and pummeled her slippery swollen clit with her thumb.

Jen's soft wet lips and tongue on his turgid prick soon became too much for the coachman to resist. He threw back his head as a groan of ecstasy escaped his lips. Jen's orgasm charged through her just as his first jet of the coachman's cum shot into her face. His white hot semen covered her face and lips and cascaded down onto her heaving tits.

I pounded my cock hard into Kate from behind until she came, her orgasm triggered by the sight of rope after rope of the coachman's warm spunk splashing onto Jen's face.

When Kate had finished coming I pulled my cock out of her and lifted her up to embrace and kiss her. Then I pushed her to her knees, grasped the back of her head and ejaculated into her waiting mouth. Her sparkling green eyes smiled up at me as she swallowed every drop of my seed.

Kate and Jen moved to the coachman's sides to embrace and kiss him tenderly. Then we all searched for our clothing strewn on the grass around us so that we could dress. Before Kate began to get dressed I handed her a package I had brought with me from the coach. It was wrapped in plain brown paper tied with string and contained the simple white cotton dress and white cloth sandals she was to wear to her induction into her training at the Chateau. She put them on and we all told her how sweet and beautiful she looked in them.

After we had dressed, the coachman led us back to the carriage and helped Kate and Jen get inside. He then drove us the short remaining distance to the Chateau, through the tall black wrought iron gates, and onto the circular front drive in front of the main entrance.

Kate's Induction into the Chateau

Jean-Pierre swung open the heavy wooden doors of the chateau and descended the marble staircase to greet us. He was dressed in a black dress shirt and black suit. He whispered something to Kate and she took his hand to be led in front of us up the steps and into the chateau. Jen and I followed them into the chateau's former salle des gardes, which had been converted into a reception area. An induction and testing area was in a larger room just off the salle des gardes.

When Kate had finished registering, a statuesque brunette wearing a white lab coat with matching hose and pumps and large horn-rimmed glasses approached us. She smiled and introduced herself as Madame DuPont. She gently took Kate by the arm and led into the testing area. She then asked Jen and I to make ourselves comfortable while she examined Kate in a small room next to the testing area. We found our seats in the gallery just behind a control area filled with computers, printers, and chart recorders that Madam DuPont would use to monitor students responses.

The testing room was arranged much like a classroom, but the far wall was lined with large overhead flat-screened monitors and video cameras. The room was painted to make one believe that the walls and ceiling were made of black and coral colored marble. The floor was classic French oak parquet which creaked only slightly from age when walked upon. There was a stage at the front of the room equipped with theater lighting. On the walls below the monitors was hung a collection of erotic artwork. The collection consisted of original oil-paintings and drawings and all were very beautiful and quite arousing.

Madame DuPont led Kate into a white curtained area marked "Examinations". There she asked Kate to remove her dress and scandals and to sit on an examination table equipped with gynecological stirrups. She then gave Kate a thorough physical examination.

"Kate, have you had sex today?" Madam DuPont asked.

"Yes, Madame," Kate answered.

"Heterosexual or homosexual?" queried Madam DuPont.

"Heterosexual...mostly," Kate answered.

"Did you have an orgasm?"

Kate blushed and responded that she had.

"How did you come?" Madam DuPont asked.

"I came during intercourse from behind with my master and by his fingers on my clitoris," Kate replied.

"Was the intercourse vaginal or rectal?"

Kate blushed again.

"Vaginal," she answered.

Madame DuPont recorded Kate's responses on a clipboard that she carried with her.

"Did you bring another person or other persons to orgasm?"

"Yes Madame, my master."

"Where did he ejaculate?"

"I knelt down in front of him...and then he came in my mouth," Kate stammered.

Her face had completely flushed with embarrassment while at the same time she began to feel a twinge of sexual excitement in her belly and she realized that she wanted Madam DuPont.

"That's fine, otherwise we would have needed to give you a little douche before the testing," Madam DuPont said.

She made a note in her clipboard and then looked up from it, smiled at Kate and stroked her cheek.

"You'll do fine here little one," Madam DuPont said soothingly.

Kate smiled back at her but then instinctively lowered her eyes as she was aware that she was to be submissive to Madame DuPont. Madam DuPont noticed her actions and made another entry into on her clipboard.

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