tagBDSMEffie: Asks For It...

Effie: Asks For It...


Thanks to ebony4whitemen for help with editing and for giving advice (if you like the story it's because of Ebony, if you don't; that's my fault).

If you haven't already read part one, I'll set the scene: Assistant Librarian, Effie, has met a man ('H') who has promised that he is the one to give her all the pain and humiliation she needs. He has told her to wait in a small toilet room with her mobile phone and plastic hair brush. She has followed his instructions and is beginning to feel cold.


Effie had been sitting cross-legged on the toilet lid for at least half an hour. The cramped washroom doubled as a makeshift stores and was cluttered with boxes of old library books, stacked untidily against the walls. The cell like room was damp and musty, with a single naked bulb that hung dimly from the cobwebbed ceiling,. Five feet in front of her lay a grey wooden door that the petite 23 year old had locked as she came in.

Her phone rang.

At last! Effie thought and quickly answered it. The phone was silent.

"Hello?" she said tentatively, her left leg fidgeting and her heart racing in combined anticipation

"Are you where you should be?" It was 'H'.

Her whole body responded to the sound of his voice. It caused a feverish heat to surge through her, bringing a feeling of nervous and excited unreality. Two empty weeks had passed since he punished her with those rough, merciless fingers and ever since, she had longed for him to use her again. Yet Effie couldn't keep back the feelings of doubt, whatever he had planned, she prayed it would not be beyond her. The anxious insecurity mixed with an overwhelming need to please, left her mouth dry and thick.

"Yes." she replied shakily, her weak voice sounding as if it belonged to someone else

"Good girl. And do you have your hair brush with you?"


"Well done, I suggest you brush your hair then."

Effie clumsily swapped the phone from her right ear to her left and picked up the pink plastic brush. As she began to run it through her long hair, Effie couldn't help but look for some reassurance:

"I was worried you weren't going to ring me again." she said apprehensively.

"Were you?"


"Did you lie in bed at night feeling sad?"

"Yes I did."

Did you think of me?"

"Yes, every night."

"While you were lying in your bed, feeling so sad and thinking of me, did you touch yourself?"

"Yes, every night." her voiced wavered once more as the growing arousal took hold; the chill of the small room forgotten. Uncrossing her stockinged legs, she spread her thighs as far apart as the tight denim skirt would allow. Her panties, damp from half an hour of wet expectation, stretched stickily across her sex. Effie's breathing quickened and she swallowed dryly, but dutifully continued grooming her streaked black hair.

"And did you sometimes tease yourself with your little pink brush?"

"Mmmm." she moaned, recalling the dark, night-time fantasies that had plagued her ,"Yes I did."

"If your daddy knew what you do with your brush, he would be disgusted."

"Was it wrong of me to use it?" she asked whist slowly gyrating her ass back and forth on the closed lid, causing the thin cotton panties to pull over and in to her slit.

"What do you think?"

"I…I think it's the sort of dirty thing a slut would do."

"But you are a slut, aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

"So how could it be wrong?

Effie's pussy ached for attention, his condescending words left her desperate to stroke her swollen and demanding clit. It had been ignored and left untouched for too long.

"Please…I…" she failed to find the words, such was her need.

"What is it? Do you want to play with your filthy little cunt?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I want to play with my filthy little cunt."

"Not yet my dear. Put down the brush and take off your pretty panties."

Replacing the phone and brush, she stood up and lifted up her black skirt until it had bunched around her waist. Hooking both thumbs over the panty's waistband, she pulled them down. The elastic was almost at her knees before the deeply buried crotch sprang free from her pussy. She threaded them down over her knee length boots and carefully stepped clear. Picking up the phone she sat back down. The skirt, still gathered around her waist, gave Effie the freedom of movement to open her porcelain legs very wide. She tingled with pleasure as her freed sex was exposed to the cold air.

"I've taken them off." she said, slowly running her left hand up and down her parted inner thigh.

"Where are they?"

"On the floor."

"Pick them up."

She did so, noticing the moist and creamy crotch had picked up small pieces of grit from the unkempt concrete.

"What colour are they?"


"To match your over-used brush no doubt. Are they wet?"

"Yes they're very wet because I want you so much."

"How touching." 'H' said sarcastically. "Sniff them."

Effie laid out the soaked cotton on her left palm, brought them to her face and breathed in the musky aroma.

"Do they smell nice?"

"Yes, they smell of my cunt."

"Kiss them."

Her full lips began caressing the pink material, leaving behind faint traces of dark lipgloss.

"Lick them."

How could I be doing this? Effie wondered as she tentatively stuck out her tongue, but a warm and constant leaking between her legs answered the question. The slow humiliation and an intoxicating need to obey was setting her pussy on fire. She ran her tongue along the crotch, tasting the bitter-sweet flavour of her dribbled cream mixed with the faint tang of stale urine. Some of the grit came off on to her lapping tongue.

"Do they taste nice?"


God this is so degrading, she thought, He's got me licking my own dirty panties! Effie relished the perversity of his demands and her all-to eager willingness to follow them. He knows what a dirty whore I want to be. The acute urge to touch herself grew more insistent.

"May I play with my cunt now please?" Effie begged.

"No. Is the door locked?"

"Err, yes." she was finding it difficult to concentrate.

"Unlock it."


"Because I said so."

"But someone might come in."

"With any luck they will, maybe your boss, or perhaps an old man with a cock that hasn't been washed for a week."

"But…" Effie began, stark reality breaking through her reverie, bringing with it the fear of being discovered.

"Just DO IT you disobedient BITCH!" It was the first time 'H' had raised his voice to her. She flinched at his anger , but her pussy dripped more tell-tale juice on to the toilet seat. Stop it you cry-baby and do what he says! she scolded herself.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me."

Effie dropped her panties once again to the ground, stood up, and stepped across to the door. Reluctantly she unlocked it. Returning to the toilet, she observed, with some surprise, the large smear of juices glistening upon the lid. Look what he's doing to me! She sat back down upon the seat, the now cooled liquid chilling her pert white buttocks

"It's unlocked." she said.

"Good girl. Now that your hair will be so pretty, I want you to make your tufty little mound pretty for me as well. Brush it."

She picked up the brush, sat on the very edge of the seat and spread her thin legs. With slow strokes Effie brushed down across herself, the plastic bristles flicking off her mons; barely missing the little pink bud that so begged to be touched. The denial caused her legs and hands to shake with overwhelming need. Whimpering in frustration and desire Effie followed his instruction until she felt she would explode.

"Please let me touch my clit. Please let me fuck myself?" she pleaded.

"Oh poor little Effie, you can't control yourself can you?"

His taunting released two months of pent-up sexual pressure that had gradually built up to this moment of heightened yearning.

"No I can't control myself 'cos I want your fucking cock in my fucking cunt! Why won't you FUCK ME!." tears began to well in her eyes and she gave a little sob. "I'll do anything, just give me your cock." .

"Don't you know that good things come to those who wait Effie? Stop this childish petulance."

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again" she said between ragged breaths.

"For the time-being you'll just have to find solace in my voice. Stop being so selfish and make your filthy cunt pretty for me; brush it."

Effie changed her grip so the brush now pointed down between her legs, she laid the bristles upon her hole and gave a long sigh of relief. Oh my God. She thought, as the joy of finally attending to her pussy brought an ecstatic reaction. Pushing the prickly bristles more firmly into her sex, she gasped as they splayed over and into her gushing cunt. Slowly she dragged the brush upwards, the plastic strands grazing painfully over her sensitive pearl.

"Oohhhh." Effie murmured. With firm, alternating movements, she continued to trail the bristles across herself. Each harsh stroke causing her to wince with the pain and moan with the pleasure.

"Does it hurt?"


"Then thank me."

"Thank you… Thank you for letting me hurt myself." She was getting so very close to cuming, her quickening moans grew louder and louder as the abrasive brush took her to the very edge.

"Stop." he ordered.

Breathing hard, she reluctantly removed the stinging bristles.

"Where are your panties?"

"On the floor." she replied, looking down at the dirty, crumpled mess at her feet.

"Again!? You really should take more care of your possessions. Pick them up and put them in your mouth."

Without thinking, without questioning, Effie reached between her legs, retrieved the panties and stuffed them greedily into her small mouth, leaving only a small part of the waistband hanging from her lips.

"Push the handle of the brush up your cunt."

At last! she thought, He's letting me fuck myself! Effie savoured the sensation as she rode the ridged handle over her grateful clit before offering the tip to her drooling quim. With a guttural groan of delight, she thrust it inside herself. The familiar handle slipped into her ready pussy and when it would go no further, her tunnel clamped tightly around the shaft.

"Now Effie, listen very carefully. In a minute you must put the phone down . When you do, pull your legs back as far as you can. I want your knees touching your shoulders. You will stay in that position, with the brush in your cunt and the panties in your mouth. Do not move for any reason. Do you understand?"

"Yeth." she answered through her stuffed mouth, a drool of saliva running down her chin.

"Good girl. Do it now, drop the phone and pose yourself for me."

Effie did as she was told and brought her knees right back to her shoulders by pulling on the backs of her thighs. I want him to see me, I want him to know I will do anything he asks. She looked at her displayed sex, now a sore red from the aggressive brushing, the protruding bristles rising and falling with each laboured breath.

For you. she thought.

Suddenly the wooden door swung open and slammed against the wall. Effie's large eyes opened wide in shock and fright. She just caught sight of a figure standing in the doorway before being blinded by a bright flash of light. Although shaking her head and trying blink away the floating red after-glow on her retina, she was still dimly aware of the dark form closing the door and advancing upon her. With great willpower she kept her pornographic pose. Oh no, oh fuck!

The intruder stood directly in front of Effie and as her vision cleared, she saw it was the leather jacketed 'H' that loomed menacingly over her. He leered at her, a large bulge showing clearly in his tight jeans. As her immediate fear waned, her lust increased, It's him, she thought, Oh God yes, please fuck me! She saw what looked like a digital camera in his left hand.

Effie struggled to keep the pose, the muscles of her arms and legs burned hotly with the effort. Her breathing shallow and desperate as she inhaled noisily through the nose. With his right hand 'H' unzipped his jeans, reached in and took out his twitching cock. Still looking down upon her discomfort, he began to slowly stroke his thickening length. Within seconds he was fully hard and his dripping pre-cum fell on to her held thighs and black top. Effie's pussy ached for him. Give it to me! Fuck my little-girl cunt! More saliva ran down her chin as the veined member stood teasingly out over her. 'H' did not answer her silent plea, instead, he stopped jerking himself, placed his palm over the inserted brush and pushed down.

"Unngh!" she cried as the bristles bent back and began to enter her stretched hole. He held it there as if considering whether to force it all the way in.

'H' smiled and slowly withdrew the brush, her internal muscles and abundant lubrication creating a squelching sound as it slid free. He brought up the brush and wiped the juice covered handle down her black top, leaving a wet, white smudge drawn over her cleavage.

"You'll do anything for me won't you?" he asked.

Effie nodded frantically, "Ungh Ungh."

"Let go of your legs."

She released the grip on her tired thighs and a warm, light relief spread through her limbs. 'H' held out the camera.

"Take it and look at the picture on the back." he ordered.

Effie took the camera and drank in the graphic image of her extreme display. Her already pale legs, whitened further by the bright flash, were pulled back, exposing her obscenely filled pussy. The look of shock and fright on her face, made more humiliating by the protruding pink panties that hung down over her chin. God I am such a fucking cheap slut!.

He grabbed hold of her by the left boot, then lifted her stockinged leg up and back. She looked longingly at his erect cock and then up into his eyes. He slapped her face.

"I said look at the picture!" He growled. With a stinging cheek and blurred vision, she stared back at the absolute proof of her submission. She sensed his lecherous gaze upon her vulnerable legs and pussy. That's it, look at me, look my pretty cunt, it's yours to use.

He dropped her raised leg and grabbed her under the arms. In one swift movement he bodily lifted her up on to a pile of boxes. Standing between Effie's spread legs, he held his large cock against her wet hole. She couldn't help but glance down at the swollen gland as it lay upon her. 'H' slapped her again across the face, this time harder.

"Look at the fucking picture!" he bellowed.

Once more, tears formed in her eyes, with her free hand she wiped them away and did as she was told.. The XXX rated image turned her on more than any porn she'd ever seen - 'Desperate slut Effie, humiliates herself!' said the tag line in her head. She waited for him to push his cock in to her, God, please fuck me! Fuck me! I need it! . Instead of plunging in to her cunt, he guided the slick shaft slowly up through the soft folds of her slit to push up over her clit.

"Mmnngh." She groaned and bucked her hips towards him, causing her bud to rub up against his slick cock-head. Slowly he dragged it back down, to rest once again at her waiting opening, the bulbous tip now parting her sore and swollen labia

'H' clamped each of his forearms around Effie's splayed and goose-pimpled thighs. She waited for the thrust. Please, please, please!

He slammed in to her, his angry, thick phallus stretching and impaling the poor little goth girl. The invading weapon banged heavily against her cervix and the back of her head struck the wall from the force of the penetration. 'H' held his cock buried to the hilt and Effie wriggled lithely upon it.

"More?" he asked. She nodded furiously, being careful not to look up at him.

Without consideration for any pain she may feel, he fucked her with an animal lust; hard, fast and deep. Effie flailed uncontrollably upon the musty box of books, her whole body jolted by each pistoned assault. 'H' grimaced in exertion as he ravaged her tight cunt. The pounding drove her inexorably towards orgasm, she dropped the camera, threw her head back and let out a feral, muffled cry. Reaching up under her black top, she pulled down the small cups of her bra and aggressively pinched at her taut nipples. OHH YES!

"Don't you dare cum, you prick-teasing whore. If you cum, I'll make you fucking suffer!"

This time, she could not obey. His threat was the final act of domination that sent her over the edge . Her eyes opened wide as the surge of ecstasy swept through her, she took both hands from her jiggling breasts, flung her arms over his shoulders and pulled herself to him, burying her face in the nape of his neck. He let go of her legs and wrapped his hands around her waif like waist, pushing her down forcefully on his rock hard rod.

Effie groaned and screamed through the panties in her mouth, covering his straining neck with saliva. She came in a wild, writhing frenzy, screwing herself upon the piercing spear, her abused clit scraping painfully over his belt buckle. The intensity of the orgasm sent her head spinning in a drowning whirl, as if she were about to pass-out in his arms.

She collapsed limply against him, exhausted and feeble from her crazed spasms and the subsequent warm after-glow. 'H' carried her petite frame towards the door, effortlessly lifted her off his cock and let her slip down in to a crumpled pile on the dirty floor. Propping herself up against the door Effie looked regretfully into his eyes like a naughty puppy. I want him to cum so hard, she thought, I want to give him the orgasm of his life.

"I told you not to cum." he said quietly, his proud erection shinning from the glossy sheen of her juices. "And who gave you permission to look at me!"

Effie removed the drenched panties from her mouth, holding them in her palm.

"I'm sorry." she said, raising a finger to her mouth and coyly pulling at her lower lip. "I didn't mean to."

Watching her display of phoney innocence he groaned and began to masturbate in front of her.

"Kneel before me, bitch." he barked. She did so, her big wide eyes still playing the bad puppy game.

"Please don't make me suffer." She pleaded insincerely, hoping he would punish her for the deliberate provocation. It worked

Effie yelped as 'H' slapped her three times across the face, much harder than before. Her cheeks flared with heat and a real, keenly felt pain. She shook and whimpered with genuine surprise, tears pouring from her closed eyes. The intense stinging and strong castigation brought a feeling of strange comfort as well as a very, very deep arousal. Effie, in supplication, dropped her gaze.

Everything had changed, this was no longer playing at dominance and submission, it had become real. She had become completely compliant, no more thoughts of 'could she obey?' or 'would she obey?', Effie was now his toy and whatever he wanted, he would get. This absolute trust and total surrender brought an inner passion and warmth that gave her a tangible sense of being at peace with her troubled world

"Put those panties back in your dirty mouth." he commanded.

Without looking up from the floor, she slowly fed them back in her mouth

"Finger yourself."

Plunging two extended fingers into her raw hole Effie fucked herself as hard and fast as she could. No gentle stroking or slow teasing. .Like 'H', she treated her small, delicate pussy like a whore's cunt.

He watched her noisy self-abuse while slowly jerking his angry red member.

"Now slut, I'm going to teach you a stiff lesson…it's for your own good." he growled, the lust plain to hear in his voice.

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