Eight Ball in Donna's Pocket


The first burst came just as I pulled away; a long stream of a milky white fluid that splashed against his stomach a little below his naval. And again and again and again the spurts came out of him. The second one I caught in my mouth. I savored the hot thick drink, as I let the rest splash over my hand, still stroking him, but staying around the tip. As the final burst ran through my wet, sticky fingers, I leaned over and took his now diminishing organ in my mouth, and with my tongue, cleaned all the sticky fluid off it. Smiling because it had hardened again in my mouth, I worked up his body, cleaning him off with my tongue, after which I cleaned my own hand. Lifting my body over him, I smiled down onto his pale face. He was still gasping for breath. "Good morning love," I whispered. He looked up into my shining eyes, saw me lick the last remains of his juices off my lips, and pulled me down for a long, long kiss.

Later that day when we got up to Gary's room, I calmly looked around and he got a sly look on his face. He knew what I was looking for. He showed me to a set of doors and opened them for me, and we walked outside to view the scene below. He asked me if I wanted another drink, and I said yes. He returns with a bottle of beer and we toasted to each other. As I was standing there, watching the golfers below, he stepped behind me and put his beer down. He placed his hands back on my hips and ran them under my shirt.

He whispered to me "Just act like nothing is going on. Just enjoy the sensations."

I stood there and let him run his hands all over my stomach and back. He told me to stand straight, and I did. He then ran his hands up to my breasts, and I let my head fall back to his shoulder. He whispered to me again to act like nothing is going on. So I straightened back up and let him continue. He worked his way around and loosened the straps to my bra. He asked me to take it off without taking my shirt off. I managed to do so, and handed it to him. His hands returned to me and began to play with my nipples. Very few if none of the golfers below were paying any attention to us, of which I was thankful. I heard his breath quickening and I could tell he was getting turned on as well. One of his hands then left my breast and ran up the back of my leg, under my skirt. He tells me

to lean over the railing like I was doing before.

As I leaned over the railing, he took his hand from my breast and began to pull my thong down. He spread my legs a little bit and knelt down to begin to lick my pussy. By this point, I really didn't care who saw us. As I was leaning over the railing, he ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips, making me quiver all over. Just the naughtiness of it all had me cumming in no time. I had to bite my hand to keep from yelling out, and when he placed a finger on my clit, I almost came off the railing. He stood up then, keeping his hand on my pussy, stroking it, fingering me, getting my juices all over his hand. Next thing I knew, I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. Instead of being gentle with entering me, he slammed himself home inside of me. I let out a sharp gasp that had several of the golfers looking around.

Gary continued to pound into me and I came in no time. He felt me tightening around his cock, milking him for all he was worth, but yet he continued, whereas most guys would have come by now. I thought I was in heaven. He continued to pound into me, his balls hitting my clit and making me cum more, when all of a sudden he tells me to turn around take him into my mouth so that he can finish. I spun around and knelt down in front of him, taking a hold of his cock in my hands and began to suck on him. When I had him good in my mouth and started to get my rhythm, he let out a moan and began to cum in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of cum he pumped out for me. I looked up at him as I swallowed the last bit, and realized we had a cheering section below. I smiled up at him, stood up, turned around and made a curtsy for the cheering section. He let out a little laugh and bowed for them also, then we escaped to inside the room for a little more fun, but more face-to-face!

That evening in the game room, after the three of us were naked, Gary and Scott said they had a special surprise for me. They took my hands, laid me on my back, extended my wrists over my head and situated me on the pool table. My butt was firmly on the bed, but my legs dangled off the end. They sat on each side of me, each taking a leg over his lap. They began massaging the leg muscles and tenderly running their fingers from the knee along the inner thigh, just to the edge of my swollen labia. This was relaxing and soothing, but also a huge tease. I moaned as I was touched so near, but never quite where it is desired. Fingers lightly tracing from my anus around and along the seam where my legs meet my torso, around my mound and back. I thrust blindly trying to find purchase, wanting to be touched there, simply needing it.

Then they drew my ankles up almost to my butt. My knees were to the side, my legs drawn up, hobbled against any possible resistance. My pussy was very open and exposed, and I'm sure I appeared both available and inviting. They set out to torture me with desire. They began at my wrists with touches, rubbing and gentle fingers worked their way down my arms, as I strained against their strong hold. My breasts were swollen, a nice handful, and were accentuated by my arched back. They proved extremely sensitive and seemed to have a direct nerve link with my clit. I found the fondling exquisite, they brought my breasts alive with massaging, cupping, tracing lines over my silky skin, and lightly drawing little circles around my nipples. Suddenly Gary took both erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and began to squeeze and roll them, distending them from my body.

This sent a jolt rolling over my body, and I was suddenly aflame with desire. They began to suckle both of my breasts at once. Drawing my nipples into their mouths and holding them between the tongue and the soft palette. Nursing me, and kneading the rest of the breast, as a nursing child would do. The sensation of both breasts being suckled at once sent a huge shudder through my body, and waves of incredibly sexual feelings washed over me. I writhed against their bodies and curled my hips as the suckling continued, bringing my first orgasm. As I moaned and thrust, I thought about how open and exposed I was, the fire in my loins, and the deep feeling of receptiveness fed my insane desire. They restrained me, opened me, and now I relished my ravishment. I was vulnerable and totally unable to resist any sexual advance or control this sexual adventure.

This feeling of vulnerability enflamed me all the more, the touching, stimulation and orgasm has wet my appetite. I strained against their restraining bodies, wanting the rest of this dark fantasy. I had become very wet thinking of being fucked by our friend, the idea seemed to have found a home deep in my loins. A vague but compelling interest, pure animal desire! I never gave a thought to the marvelous satisfaction of feeling a man firmly holding me and filling me with his cum. It occurred to me that I felt very receptive, and was open to almost anything at this point. But they were restraining me, and I was not responsible. I simply moaned and surrendered to them. My lips were fully swollen, a deep red, and now my vagina was opening in desire. Like my need, my milky lubrication oozed from me. My pubes were sticky with my wetness.

My swollen labia framed my slit, parted from the clit to the open mouth of my pussy, and I was moaning with desire. I would've died for a finger, a tongue, a dildo, a cock, something to fill my needs, I simply moaned, "Please!"

At that moment, the presence of a third male became known, as he stepped before my open legs. I was quite startled! I had not imagined sex with anyone but my husband and our friend. My mind reeled, all I saw was that he is huge, and so is his throbbing hard-on. I was helpless and so open! New, unknown, unexpected, very large, he approached with a look of unbridled lust. I knew he was there to give me the fucking of my life. The fantasy is now very real. I could smell his potent sexuality and knew that I was hesitant, yet somehow my body was drawn to being fucked. I simply needed to be fucked! The sexual tension, the craving had me insane with desire, but I was torn and confused about this new guy. Wavering between intense desire and "what ifs", my pussy was naturally opened, as my body craved entry, but I feared I was not prepared for his size.

My breathing quickened, as I saw him lower his huge cock toward me; it was dripping with desire, and he obviously intended to ride me bareback. I silently cried out, "Oh God! They've just given me to this horse dick!"

As his fingers began to explore my pussy, I knew I must quickly decide. I freely gave myself and my pussy to them, and they made choices, and have given me to Him, open, helpless and in heat. My needs were great! My body trembled with desire, as I looked at the three lustful men and surrendered again. His monster was throbbing and oozing pre-cum, behind it his huge balls hung low and promised volumes of cum. He took his heavy manhood and bobbed it up and down, lightly smacking my open gash, sending more shock waves over me. A string of pre-cum extended from the tip of his cock to my swollen labia, and they were in someway connected in their heat. He placed himself at my oozing opening, and my engorged lips were pushed to the side as he gained position. I felt his throbbing cock against my pussy, and sensed his virility, pre-cum was already mixing with my juices.

His size felt glorious, his throbbing was just what I desired. His masculine scent was intoxicating, he was so audacious and they so caviler. Any reserve was soon lost in the passion of the moment. Without pause he cupped my breasts and suddenly squeezed both nipples. As I gasped from the tantalizing pain, he smoothly pushed into me. I felt impaled, as his sizeable head was firmly lodged in me. This young stallion was even larger than my fuck-buddy with the large cock. I writhed from the sensational feeling of his sudden entry, his huge cock, of being opened, stretched and filled. Gloriously filled! He rode me as I bucked and squirmed, still cupping my breasts and occasionally pinching my nipples to reinvigorate my struggling. He was demonstrating that he owned my pussy and that he would fuck me at will.

My resistance melted as wave upon wave of glorious rapture washes over me from this lavishly endowed stud. The sensation of his head sliding into my tight vagina was incredible. Now I felt my hungry pussy seizing and clinging to his shaft, as it slid into me. The men invited him and are enthralled with the sight of his taking me, his powerful entry, and his dominance of my body. While they admired the sight, I could feel his cock twitching inside me and knew he was seeping pre-cum and semen into my pussy. Heavenly pleasures held me, and I was overcome and enthralled with the fulfillment I felt. At that moment I belonged to this stud. My body embraced him, and I began to instinctively milk his manhood.

He began what he came for with slow, deliberate movement. He eased back slightly, only relieving pressure for a moment, then pushed forward, sliding to greater depth. His strokes were persistent, and I was weeping, never having had such sensational stimulation. I cried out as his head firmly hit bottom, and he still had inches to spare. I shuddered and curled toward him, wanting more contact with this heavenly stallion, but I was restrained and could only take what was given. A wane smile crossed my face as I thought about what they were giving, and I was receiving. Having found my depth, he now undertook to fuck me hard. His nostrils flared as he looked deep into my eyes, his strength was obvious with every thrust. Long strokes, not pounding my bottom, but taking all of me, knowing me, pushing his manhood deep inside, making me take his fullness.

His size was simply thrilling. I was intently aware of everything happening to me, relishing every moment, not wanting the sensation to stop. On his outstroke, my muscles clung to his helmet's ridge, so my labia were drawn out and distended, seemingly turned inside out, followed with breathtaking return thrusts. I was delirious from the sensational stimulation, the feeling of being restrained, being filled, being in heat, and being fucked senseless. I surrendered while they hobbled me. They gave me to him openly and now the primal female relished his feverish thrusts, his throbbing virility. In this moment of suspended time, suspended reason, suspended restraint, I silently embraced the knowledge that he was taking me with my husband's and friend's knowledge and urging.

As his strokes pumped in and out, he moved his arms under my back and wrapped his fingers over my shoulders, placing his own restraint on me as his pelvic thrusts drive deep into me.

I was now over the top and beyond reason. His full pelvic thrusts were sending convulsive waves over my body. His head engaged my cervix with each deep thrust. He held me to him, gentle but firm, very close, our entire bodies in contact, floating, relishing the pre-orgasmic rapture. He cupped my breast while holding me close, pushing his monster in me as deep as possible. Holding it in, deep in, I shuddered, my whole body seemed to be milking him.

He whispered, "Yesss, pull me in, I'm gonna cum!"

I began to feel his cock getting bigger and harder, his orgasm nearing. All I felt was incredible fulfillment, as I absorbed his pre-climax growth, his domination of my womanhood, and the building tension of my own needs. His thrusts became short without withdrawal, and he eased deeper and I felt him engage me completely. I was his to have at that moment, even if I were not restrained, I would be his. I relaxed and accommodated him. My breath left me as I felt his head firmly press into my cervix. I sensed he was on the brink, my shallow breathing quickened as I struggled against him and vigorously drew on his cock.

I whispered, "Come for me!"

I curled into him, keeping him on center against the opening to my cervix and milking his divine cock. I squeezed his massive tool, drawing and pulling it in. My primal female craved his cum. As I curled to meet him, my vagina enlarged deep inside to receive his semen, and my orgasms began. I rocked with the feeling of his orgasm bursting inside me. The sudden feeling of warmth deep inside gave me an extraordinary feeling of fulfillment. Spasm after spasm filled me and I felt his sticky semen oozing out of me around his thrusting monster. Inside I was twitching and my cervix began dipping into the pool of cum he was depositing in me. My body was racked with spasms and convulsing, but his length and his hold on me kept him deep within my glory, and he held on until every drop had been placed.

After what seemed like several minutes of pumping his semen into me, he withdrew, came around, and rubbed his cock head on my lips. I took him in and sucked and licked the head and top of his shaft clean. This done, he pulled his foreskin over his head, fingered my gaping cum filled pussy a last time, and with his hand on my lower abdomen whispered, "Thanks!"

The other men were insanely aroused, it was not over, and if thoughts could be heard, it would be known I was not satisfied either. Having taken him, I would willingly take whatever came next. He then worked his way up my inner thighs with his mouth and finally onto my pubes, then my labia, and finally my clit. Next he sucked and licked me to an orgasm! Each time I came, he would take is other had and insert a finger, then two then three into my pussy and stimulate my G-spot. Each orgasm became more intense, and finally he was actually fist-fucking me! Not even Scott had ever gotten that much of his hand inside of me. During this entire time, I was concentrating on my orgasms and forgot about my stallion's pleasure; however, looking over at his cock, it was fully erect from his excitement, and I guessed it was about fourteen inches hard.

After he fist-fucked me to another climax, he removed his hand and laid down on the pool table beside me, on his back. He looked straight in my eyes and said, "Well Donna, are you ready again?"

I nodded my head and he pulled me over to straddle his thighs and grasped me around the hips. As he positioned me directly above his erection, he said, "Donna grab it and place it in your pussy!"

I reached for his shaft and aligned his head with my now swollen lips, and we all clearly could hear a suction like plop as his head entered my pussy. He then told me to hold this position by adjusting my legs and feet, and pulled me forward to press my huge breasts and nipples against his bare chest. This felt both good and intimate, and I was totally feeling comfortable with my stud. He then pulled slowly down on my hips and I felt the tingling and stretching in my vagina and cervix, as his huge manhood penetrated my depths to the maximum. The entire shaft was not inside of me yet, but this stud gently encouraged me to rock and grind up and down for the next twenty minutes or so, until I felt his enormous testicles under my ass cheeks.

"My God, I actually had all fourteen inches inside of me and didn't hurt at all!"

Mr. Monster cock said I didn't give myself enough credit for my attributes and athletic body, and said all a large man needed was a woman who was willing to slowly adjust to the size and girth. As he pumped me full of his cum, he kept saying again and again how wonderful it felt and how marvelous a body I had.

"Donna, please thank your husband for the wonderful time and that I appreciate his sharing his marvelous wife!"

I later learned that the stud was named, Steve, and he was a former classmate of Scott and Gary. He was an athlete and received the name of "Horse Dick" in highschool. Gary had run into him and invited him to his cabin for the weekend to share some hot married woman's pussy. Gary apparently had told him about our past parties and had shown him nude photos of me for his approval. That night I got the party of my life, and it was several days before my pussy contracted to normal and stopped oozing semen!

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