tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEighth Floor, With A View

Eighth Floor, With A View


"Here's to us and our new apartment," I said to my live in girlfriend, Sarah, and raised my glass of Merlot in a toast. We had just finished unpacking all the boxes that accompanied us from our old, drafty two-story house across town.

We had really gotten lucky with this place, the building was only a few years old and well insulated. Although the rent was more, what we saved in utilities would compensate for that.

It was a lovely, spacious apartment on the eighth floor that boasted a large living room, two bedrooms, a dining room, well-lit kitchen and comfortable bathroom.

That night we made small talk as we dined on the sofa eating on Styrofoam plates and then retired to bed for a quick but thorough bout of lovemaking.

Two weeks passed and everything was back to normal, with myself working the seven am to three- thirty shift while Sarah worked evenings. I resumed my routine of weight lifting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons with a morning jog of three miles the following morning. I would run every day but it leaves me too drained to lift, after getting up at four thirty in the morning.

I arrived at the gym on Monday, and the hot, humid air hit me like a brick in the face. Kentucky always has had really brutal humidity, especially in the late summer months. Even one week after Labor Day, it was still really intense.

I had finished stretching and started my upper body workout when I noticed a really attractive redhead staring at me. She was at the stair stepper, sweating and breathing heavily. She had her red hair pulled back in a ponytail and wore matching black spandex shorts and a halter-top. I noted her small, firm tits and her tight, round ass that sat atop her lean muscular thighs. She didn't look very tall, maybe five two or five three at the most.

I quickly forgot about her and went back to my workout. I moved over and started my bicep curls. I held a thirty-five pound barbell in each hand and curled one and then the other. I watched myself in the mirror to ensure I had the proper form to get maximum efficiency. It was then that I noticed that she was behind me staring again while she ran on the inclined treadmill.

I was tall, muscular and fairly attractive so I wasn't totally unaccustomed to being gawked at by women or men, for that matter, but this chick wasn't staring lustfully. The look in her eyes was one of familiarity. I had never lain eyes on this woman before in my life!

I made up my mind then and there that when I finished that set of curls, I was going to approach her.

I finished my curls and there she was at the water fountain, getting a drink. So I made my approach.

"I guess you're wondering why I was staring at you the way I was," she said in a low, soft voice.

"Yes, actually, I was," I said trying to act cool and calm.

"I live in the building across from you, eighth floor also. You're the guy with the big cock that walks around his apartment with his blinds open," she said with a grin but no hint of embarrassment, "By the way, my name's Carmen".

I was, for once in my life, speechless! I couldn't see how anyone could have been able to tell that I was naked. "I am so embarrassed by this. It's always still dark when I get out of bed naked and walk through the apartment. I never would have dreamed that someone would be awake, let alone be watching," I said with a crimson face. "Oh, and I'm Chris," I added even more embarrassed than before.

"Oh, you certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about, big boy," she said and glanced towards my groin then back up my six foot four frame back into my eyes. "Besides, I am a bit of a voyeur," a sinister grin formed on her face.

I felt the flush of embarrassment transform to a flush of pride as my cock tingled and hardened.

"If you're finished here maybe we could have a cup of coffee at Max & Emma's and get acquainted," she said as she slipped her gym bag over her shoulder.

"Oh, that would be great. I was just about to leave anyway," I lied through my teeth, "Just let me get my stuff."

I sat at our table, staring out the window when Carmen returned from the restroom, "Did you order yet?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, you wanted an iced cappuccino, right?" I said and returned to reality. I had been sitting there wondering what else this beautiful creature had witnessed from her side of my window.

Our coffee arrived and we both thanked the waitress. I picked up my French vanilla cappuccino and swirled it in the cup since it was too hot for my tender palate to consume yet.

We each had one more drink and made small talk about our workout regimens and such, passing time.

After we discussed the weather, the Kentucky Wildcats new football coach and the recent loss to the University of Louisville on the football field, Carmen said she had work to do at home and wrote something down on a post it note and handed it across the table to me.

"Here's my Yahoo address so we can keep in contact without that pretty little girlfriend of yours getting upset," she said with a glimmer of mischief in her beautiful hazel eyes. "You do have Yahoo don't you?"

The yellow note had her yahoo ID.

"Yes, I do, I use it to talk to my sister in Charlotte, North Carolina," I said wondering what thoughts were swimming around that pretty little head of hers.

"I'll be home tonight if you want to chat," she said as she got up and placed a ten and a five on the table, "Let me get this. I invited you, and besides you're new to the neighborhood." Then she left the café and headed up the street and out of view.

Walking through the door I checked the messages on the phone and there was only one, from Sarah. She said she might be a little late and to not wait for her. I was hungry and went to the kitchen. After dining on some stir-fry, pineapple chunks, chicken, vegetables and fried rice, I decided to check my email.

Upon logging in, I retrieved the yellow note and added Carmen. If she was there she must have been invisible. I didn't really have anything meaningful in my inbox except some pictures of my niece via my sister's new digital camera. Other than that it was just emails informing me how I can add three inches to my penis overnight, or an opportunity to watch hot, horny wives fuck farm animals for FREE!

After finishing this task, I decided to shower and maybe shave. Tomorrow being my day to run, I wouldn't have time to shave in the morning. I showered, dressed in a pair of boxers and a tank top. Entering the living room I noticed a light on over at Carmen's apartment so I decided to say fuck the television and see if she is online. Nothing but a bunch of irritating reality shows anyway.

I logged in and not 10 seconds afterwards I got a message from Carmen, she was invisible because it showed her offline:

Carmen: Did u have a nice shower, big boy (smiley with tongue)

Chris: So you were watching

Carmen: Of course

Carmen: Its a shame that my telescope can't see thru walls

Carmen: LOL

Chris: u already seen all the merchandise newayz

Carmen: maybe I like the merchandise (wink)

Carmen: step over to the window and get naked for me (grinning devil)

Chris: (surprised face)

Chris: r u shittin me?

Carmen: NO

Carmen: show me your cock now bitch! LMAO (smiley with tongue)

Chris: yes ma'am

Chris: how bout I turn on my cam

Carmen: k

I slipped off my shorts and turned on the web cam. My prick was hard anticipating showing my manhood to this sexy stranger. So it sprang as if made of elastic when the waistband of my cotton boxers passed over it. I then sat down and positioned the cam so Carmen could get a good view of my hard cock.

Carmen: let me see u jack it!

Carmen: plz (kiss)

Carmen: whuts in it for me?

Chris; besides I need a lil inspiration

Carmen: LIAR

Carmen: I seen you stroke that thing lotsa times

I sat there not knowing what to say next. I knew that she had seen more than just my naked body.

Carmen: its ok, everybody does it

Carmen: be careful, 2 much will make u go blind

Carmen: LOL

Chris: what can I say? I'm busted u got me

Carmen: yes U R

Carmen: now stroke that behemoth and I'll help u cum

Carmen: I wanna watch u cum (smiley)

Chris: how bout some visual stimulation?

Carmen: u belong 2 a porn site

Carmen: now stroke that thing goddamnit

Carmen: I wanna watch! (angry smiley)

Carmen: just imagine that I have dragged u over to the incline bench and laid u down there 2 suck that big cock of urs

Carmen: imagine its punching the back of my throat as I deep-throat u

I closed my eyes and imagined getting my cock sucked by this woman. I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying. Every now and then I would look up to see if the cam was pointed properly. I just kept envisioning those thick, full lips of hers working me over.

Then a picture of her ass in those spandex workout shorts she had on sent me over the edge. I shot a healthy load that went sailing up onto the computer desk. The next three didn't make it quite that far and splashed onto my thigh and some ran down over my knuckles.

I heard keys in the hallway and knew it was time to panic. I turned the cam off and got my boxers half way up my calves when Sarah walked in.

She reddened visibly, knowing she had walked in on something private."You need time to finish up there fella'?" she teased me, her redness faded as a warm smile crossed her face.

Placing her keys on the key rack and slipping off her shoes she crossed the room and kissed me on the lips swiftly. "I didn't realize I had been missing out on that much excitement," she said glancing at the tent in my boxers and the wet spot growing in the gray cotton material.

"Poor baby! Has my little baby been feeling neglected and had to get it from a porn site?" she said, not having a clue what had transpired in the past six or seven hours.

"I thought you were going to be late. You're early," I said pleading for an explanation with my eyes. I was actually trying to go along with her hoping she would think I had been accessing a porn site, it was better than the truth.

"Looks like I am late," Sarah said gently squeezing on my cock through the cum-soaked cotton material. "I was going to have to stay late to cover for one of my friends on third shift, but I got out of it. I realized we haven't been seeing much of each other lately".

"Well, that's sweet of you," I said as I stood up and embraced her. I looked over her shoulder only to see the glint of light reflecting off of a small round piece of glass. It was Carmen's telescope.

I flipped her off behind Sarah's back and winked then asked, "Have you had dinner yet babe?"

"No, why don't you go shower and we'll go out to eat. Looks like you have worked up an appetite anyway," she said giving me an open-mouth kiss on the lips.

An hour later we were ordering drinks at TGIFriday's. I wasn't terribly hungry so I didn't have an appetizer but Sarah ordered Buffalo wings. I ordered a sirloin, medium well and Sarah decided on a chicken Caesar salad.

Our drinks arrived and we talked as I sipped my Heineken and she sipped her strawberry margarita.

"So, honey, I guess you must really be suffering to have to masturbate to videos of some busted-out chicks getting rimmed," Sarah said to me rubbing her finger on the salted glass rim then tasting it.

"Well, honey, you know we haven't been having as much sex as we used to. I guess you sort of spoiled me," I told her as I watched the dew on my beer bottle collect into drops and run down the glass.

"I'm sorry baby. It's just that we have Christmas coming up and we have been planning to go on that cruise this winter," she explained, her mouth making that face that always melted my resolve no matter what. "I just know that we could use the overtime."

"It's okay, honey. We just need to talk more. Besides, it's not like I was cheating or anything," I said to her giving her the saddest puppy dog eyes in my repetoir.

"True. I'll never forget the first time I caught you masturbating to porn," her eyes brightened as she recalled the time. "I walked in and pretending to be mad yelled, I should have known! Jenna Jameson, the fucking whore!"

"Yeah, baby girl, you really had me going that time. You would have caused me to piss myself in shock but I was too hard!" I said laughing, clearly embarrassed.

We continued making pleasant conversation like this all through dinner. We left and headed for home. I drove despite having three Heinekens and as we were about to hit the ramp onto New Circle Road I felt my girlfriend unzip my pants and remove my flaccid prick.

"Jesus, honey. You haven't given me road head in so long. I'm going to have to get caught whackin' off more often," I said with a big grin on my grill as I enjoyed her slurping my manhood all the way to the Winchester Road exit.

The fear of dying kept me from cumming and she persisted her oral onslaught till we arrived at our building. I parked and she raced out of the car and inside the building where she held the elevator for me.

"Mmmm, I can't wait till I get you upstairs," I said to Sarah licking my lips lustfully.

"Why wait till then lover? You can have me now," she said in a low sexy tone, raising her skirt up so I could see that she had on this skimpy, black lace thong that I love.

I pounced on my lover with the grace and speed of a cheetah. We kissed briefly and intensely before I dove face first into her pubic area. I kneeled down in front of Sarah, as I moved the thong to the side with one hand and eagerly explored her outer lips with my tongue.

Sarah moaned loudly and I tasted and felt a gush of her excitement spill out of her onto my stubbly chin. She pulled me by my hair and drove my face into her oozing snatch.

We were lost in the motion till I heard the elevator ding as the doors opened to the eighth floor. There was a guy standing there waiting for the elevator, obviously drunk.

He simply commented, "Bon apetit. Eat it up dude." He gave us the thumbs up so he apparently approved.

Sarah just smiled widely and excused herself. She normally would have been terribly embarrassed but was consumed by lust. I just followed her lead, receiving a slap on the back as I walked by our drunken audience.

Inside the apartment, Sarah mauled me. She was like a predator, obviously excited by our romp in the elevator and maybe a little by being caught. I smelled the musk in the air as she removed her skirt and top in between passionate tongue kisses.

Sarah pushed me on my back onto my recliner, which happened to be in front of the bay window facing Carmen's building. It was almost like Sarah knew that she would be watching because she sure put on a good show.

We had talked about how it turned me on for her to be aggressive in bed, and she always said that unless she was drunk it was awkward for her to take it too far.

Sarah was really taking it to the next level that night. She pushed me onto the recliner, then pulled the lever and let the chair all the way back, then nearly ripped the button of my khaki pants as she undid them.

I lifted my ass off the chair allowing the pants to come down, so she pulled the boxers down too. So there I sat wearing just a white polo shirt, my prick standing tall and proud when she grabbed the little guy and placed him on the entrance to her pussy and sat down hard taking the entire eight inches of pulsing, veiny meat in one stroke.

Sarah forced my face into her waiting tits, knowing how to please my lover I began biting her nipples, softly then gradually harder. She responded by putting one hand on top of my head grabbing a handful of hair and one behind it also grabbing a handful pulling me closer.

She also knew what to do to please me, knowing that pulling my hair harder and harder would signal me to bite harder. I sunk my teeth into her shoulder hard as I felt her thighs clamp onto me, her body convulsed in orgasm. She tore her flesh from my teeth as she rode my stiff prick and pinched her nipples.

I thought of what a good show Carmen must be getting just as I couldn't stand it anymore and I exploded into my lover's convulsing pussy. It was a combination of her vaginal walls contracting, her gyrating motions and the thought of Carmen watching us fuck sent me over the edge.

She fell into a limber pile of flesh and bones on top of me, and laid there for a moment before she kissed me tenderly and said, "I'm going to go shower baby. You coming to bed soon?"

I replied yawning, "Yes, I got a long day tomorrow," and watched her ass cheeks sway as she walked down the hall and around the corner out of site.

The light was left on, so I'm sure Carmen had a nice view of everything in the room. I put it out of my head and marched myself to bed. It was a long time before I slipped off into unconsciousness.

I woke to the alarm clock beeping loudly at four thirty. I got up, dressed, made coffee and went out for my morning run.

I had my three-mile jog, showered and then was off to an uneventful day at work. I am the manager of the maintenance department at the Toyota plant in Georgetown so I have a computer in my office. I thought about my sexual conquests of the night before and decided that I would see if I had any mail from my voyeuristic neighbor.

I logged into Yahoo, and went to my inbox. I was surprised to see that there wasn't anything more than the usual onslaught of porn ads. I was about to sign off and go mix myself a protein shake when I received a message from Carmen.

Carmen: helluva show yall put on last night

Carmen: I really enjoyed it (smiley)

Grinning widely I replied,

Chris: I'm glad you liked the show

Chris: I can't talk long………

Carmen: gotta work ya know

Carmen: gonna be at the gym later?

Chris: sure about 4:30 or 5

Carmen: gr8 see u then sexy! (kiss)

The rest of my day went slowly as I was anticipating my afternoon. I was in a hurry getting home but unfortunately the afternoon traffic had other ideas. There had been a tractor trailer accident that had delayed everyone. I arrived home at about a quarter till five.

I hoped that Carmen encountered a similar delay so I wouldn't be missing out on anything. I changed, brushed my teeth and poured myself a glass of orange juice and looked at the dark clouds that formed in the western horizon.

I went to the bedroom and changed into a tank top and a pair of Nike running shorts to work out in. I grabbed a clean towel and stuffed it into my gym bag as I went out the door.

I arrived at the gym at about five-fifteen, parked and went inside and began my stretching routine.

I didn't see Carmen the whole time I was stretching, not until I was sitting down doing a set of military presses when she walked by me and said, "Hey there stranger, long time no see," with a wink.

I greeted her once I had the bar back in place safely. "There you are, I was starting to think you had stayed home."

"Oh, one can't have a body like this without paying the price," she said glancing at herself in the full mirror then said to me with a bright smile, "What do you say you let me make you dinner after we're done here? After all, you did put on a good show for me last night."

"Actually, that sort of just happened that way. It wasn't planned," I said wondering what this strange woman had in mind.

"Well, I'll take that as a yes. I'll stop by the store on the way home, You know the address, apartment 8-A. Be there, Umm," she paused looking at her watch then studying briefly, "How's six thirty sound?"

"That's fine by me. I'll bring a bottle of Merlot," I said very excited by my new dinner plans.

"OK, well I'm going to go finish my workout over here. I'll see you then," she turned and walked toward the front of the gym where the stair machines and treadmills are located.

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