As they sat down to eat, Eirin brought in their soup. She was looking down, refusing to meet their eyes as she set it before them. Her demeanor was not always thus. When they had arrived in her home, shortly after her father's death, she had been abhorred of their behavior, and rebelled against them. Within time, though, they had broken her until she now rarely spoke against them, if she spoke at all.

Phillip had been Eirin's father's business partner, and had convinced him to give him guardianship of Eirin should be die. Very shortly after the papers had been signed, he killed Eirin's father, and he still felt it was his biggest and best con to date, not only did he get to live in this gorgeous house, but on top of that, he took Eirin's allowance of £1,200 a year.

After setting down the bowls of soup Eirin quietly left the dining room to prepare the next course. When they had arrived they had fired most all the staff, which left the majority of the work for Eirin. In the beginning she had been upset at the changes that had taken place, but as time went on, she barely even thought of it anymore. As she prepared the main course for Phillip's and Melissa's dinner, she let her mind wander away from the house and her life. She knew she was just dreaming, she knew this was her life now, it did her no good to think about what could have been, but it helped her get through her day to dream her way through her chores.

As Eirin set down the meat course and once again left the dining room, Melissa's face lightened up with a new idea. "Father, I have just had a fabulous idea. Hurry up and finish your meal, we need to go back to your study and discuss this. It is not something to be discussed in public." Phillip and Melissa finished their meal quickly and headed back to his office. Once there, Melissa closed the door and turned to her father. "I have solved our problem. Neither one of us will have to serve out the punishment, nor will we have to leave London. It's perfect!"

"Then tell me, don't leave me standing here worrying, how do you know it will work? I can not imagine a scenario where we don't have to serve our punishment or leave." Phillip frowned at his daughter.

Melissa, looking very self-satisfied, turned to her father and said, "Melissa is going to serve the month per £100".

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!" Phillip sputtered at his daughter. "You just now said that neither one of us would serve our sentences, but now you tell me that you are going to serve your sentence."

"No, I did not. I said that Melissa would serve the sentence, I did not say I would."

"You are making even less sense than you were. Either tell me what you are talking about and quit talking in riddles, or go away so I can think a way out of this for us."

Melissa rolled her eyes at her father, and began to speak to him slowly as if with a child. "Lord Hawthorn has never seen me, correct?" Phillip nodded his head. "Then he would have no idea if it was not actually me who came to serve out the sentence he has imposed?" Phillip then shook his head. "Well, all we have to do is send someone else in my place, he never comes into London, very few people go out to his estate, no one will ever know the difference. It is a perfect solution."

Phillip eyed his daughter speculatively, "I think it could work, but I'm not sure how we could get someone to go in your place. I assured him you were a beautiful young girl, so we can't use a prostitute, we couldn't find one pretty enough on such short notice. I can not imagine someone volunteering for the position. Who did you have in mind to take your spot?"

Melissa was practically exploding with excitement by this time. "That's the best part of all, we don't have to recruit or pay anyone, we'll just tell her to go, and she will. We will send Eirin in my stead. She won't argue with us, honestly, we don't even tell her what we are doing before she gets there. By now she is so intimidated that she will not even question what we are doing. I am amazed at how brilliant I am. This is the perfect solution for everyone."

Phillip was not so sure, "What if she gives us away? She will know immediately when she gets there and he calls her Melissa what is happening."

Melissa thought for a minute about that one, "Have you ever told him my name?"

"Of course not, the great Lord Hawthorn does not deign to speak to the hired help; until today I can not imagine that he even knew my name." Phillip shook his head at her.

"I can not see the problem, first of all, let her go there with her own name, she is not that bright and would probably forget any name we gave her anyway, second of all, go in calling her bluff and telling him what a liar she is; make him think she is trying to con her way out of staying. Honestly, it only has to work for a while. I do want to finish out the season and if you were to leave too early, it would look suspicious. By June we will be long gone from here and no one will be able to find us." Melissa finished proudly.

Phillip jumped up and hugged his daughter, "That will work, you are right. This is wonderful, I have been so worried." Melissa patted her father on the back, and steered him towards the door, "Do not worry about it, I will take care of everything, you go on up and go to bed, and I will see you in the morning."


The next morning, Melissa surprised Eirin by giving her one of her own dresses to wear. Then Phillip informed Eirin that they had an errand that needed running. Eirin and Phillip arrived at Lord Hawthorn's castle promptly at 9:00 am. Lord Hawthorn was surprised to see Phillip there; he figured he would have sent the girl on her own. He watched as they exited the carriage and walked up the steps. Once inside they were directed to the study to meet with Lord Hawthorn. "I am surprised to see you here Phillip, I expected you would have just dropped her off and left."

Phillip grinned nervously at the Lord and bowed, "No, m'lord, I have thought about what you said yesterday, she is a spoiled brat, and a liar; I could not have trusted her to come as far as the door from the carriage on her own. I came to deliver her to you, according to our agreement.

Lord Hawthorn walked to Eirin and took her arm. Eirin reacted by jerking her arm away and backing towards the door, "What do you mean? What is going on here?"

Lord Hawthorn raised his eyebrows and glanced at Phillip, "I assumed you meant you had told her what she was doing here, and why?"

"My lord, I assure you I have explained the circumstances of her being here, she is playing dumb with you. She has had me up all night with her crying and screaming. I have reached my wits end with her, and can now see that everything you said was true. That is the reason I have decided to bring her instead of turning my own self in." Phillip began bowing to Lord Hawthorn again.

Lord Hawthorn seriously doubted that, and was sure he brought her here because there was no way he was going to agree to spend even a night in jail. This worked just as well, however, and decided to let the point go. He once again went to grab Eirin's arm and this time refused to let go when she tried to pull away again. He turned towards Phillip and said, "I have made a full review of the house accounts, and from my calculations you have stolen £7,500 from me. Therefore, she will stay here, as my property for the next six years and 3 months.

At that time she will be given a choice as to what she wants to do. I doubt anyone would be willing to marry her at that age; in any case, she probably will not be marriage material by that time, however, I will set her up as an employee of mine if she wishes. I make no promises on how I will conduct her punishment until that time. What I will tell you is that whatever I do will be my decision, and you will have no course of action against me for whatever I do to the girl until such time. Should she get with child, I will not claim the child, and it will simply be a bastard. I will not cause permanent damage to her, neither will I do anything to cause death. Other than that, I have full rights to her and everything about her. Do you understand these conditions?"

Phillip blanched, but did not back down, he gave an extra low bow to the lord and told him that yes, he understood all the conditions as they had been laid out for him.

"Good, then I will need you to sign this document, it states everything I have said to you, and prevents legal action at a future time. Lord Hawthorn dragged the girl over to the desk and picked up a stack of papers to hand to Phillip for his signature.

After Phillip had signed the papers, he turned and left the office with no more than a cursory glance at Eirin, not even wishing her a good-bye.

By this time, Eirin had stopped trying to wiggle out of Lord Hawthorn's grasp, and was standing beside him just staring out the door that her guardian had just exited. She was sure that she must have misunderstood what had just happened. It sounded like she had just been sold to this lord. That was impossible, wasn't it? There is no slavery in England? Especially not of young ladies. Furthermore, she was the daughter of a Duke, there is just simply no way that she understood the proceedings that have just occurred. At this point she looked to Lord Hawthorn, hoping for some sign that she was wrong. He turned towards her and grabbing both her arms, turned her fully towards him.

"Please do not play dumb with me. Your father has said in front of you that you know exactly what is going on, I do not have time for games. You will soon find out that you can have a pleasant experience here, or you can have an experience that goes beyond anything you could have ever imagined towards being unpleasant. Tell me your name." Lord Hawthorn released her arms and sat again in his chair, looking up at her face.

Eirin just stood there. She had no idea what she was supposed to do now, he had not told her that everything was a joke. He had not told her that in actuality he was here to save her from her horrible guardian and his equally horrible daughter. She was not sure of everything he was talking about, but she had a suspicion that it would not be good for her.

Lord Hawthorn watched her mull over her situation with growing impatience. When she had walked in, she had looked so beautiful that he began to think this might not be so bad after all, but if she continued to be difficult, he was not going to be pleased. After watching her pull on a lank of hair for a few minutes he sighed and stood up. She quickly backed away from him but ran into the edge of the desk before getting anywhere. He reached out to grab her one more time, and said in a voice that showed just how far his patience had run out, "I will not repeat every question and directive for you. You will learn to obey orders and answer my questions. You will find that I am a man of limited patience, and I will not stretch them for you. Now tell me your name."

Eirin looked up startled, and blurted out her name. Her quick mind was already filing through her options, and she had decided that if she cooperated, maybe she could make something of this. She already knew what her guardian and his daughter were like; maybe it would be better here. So far, it didn't seem like it could, but when they had moved into her house, she hadn't thought she could live through that either. But she had, and if she used her brain maybe she could make it here. How long had he said she had to stay? Eirin was brought back to the present when Lord Hawthorn yelled out into the hallway for someone else to come into the room.

"I'm sorry m'lord, what did you say?' She looked embarrassed at having missed what was going on.

He turned back towards her and repeated, "I said, I would like to have a look at my property. Please undress."

Eirin couldn't imagine such a thing. Here? In a study? With a man? No man had ever seen her undressed, ever, in her whole life. She started shaking her head and backing away even further, placing her hands behind her on the desk, wondering if she could get over it and out the door before he caught her. At that moment a man came in the room.

"Ah, Jonathan, would you please hold Eirin's hands at her back? She appears to not want to cooperate with me, and I find I am not in the mood to play at the moment." Lord Hawthorn seemed not to mind at all that another man was in the room, or that he was being inconvenienced by her refusal. As a matter of fact, he appeared to be pleased that she was refusing. The man on the other side of the desk grabbed her arms at the elbow and jerked her around on the desk so she was facing Lord Hawthorn straight on.

Lord Hawthorn stood up and took her face in his hands. His hands were surprisingly gentle as he turned her face to look at him. "Now, let me tell you, I had had no more intention than to just view you for right now. However, I can not let disobedience go, and now you must suffer through having another observer present. You will find in time that the only way to survive here is by doing what you are told, and doing it quickly. Do you understand me?"

Eirin was looking up into the greyest eyes she had ever seen, mixed with silver and white, with a touch of dark grey towards the center. She wished she could see through them, to understand something of what this man was thinking. However, all she saw was his determination. She began to shake as his hands left her face and traveled down to her dress. She started squirming on the desk, feeling very uncomfortable with where his hands appeared to be headed.

"Hold her arms tight, Jonathan. I wish to get this over with and return to my work." At that Lord Hawthorn took hold of the neckline of her dress and in one motion ripped the dress down to her waist. Eirin screamed and started kicking out at Lord Hawthorn. He was still trying to get the dress to rip down the length of the skirt, and was not fast enough to miss a particularly lucky kick to his groin. He bent double, turning red in the face.

Jonathan, from where he was still holding Eirin from the other side of the desk peered over at the lord who had fallen back into his chair and was gasping for breath. "Want I should 'it 'er fer you m'lord?"

Lord Hawthorn stood back up and grabbed a handful of Eirin's hair. "No, Jonathan, that will not be necessary". He glared back down at Eirin, and there was no more silver left in his eyes, they had become dark storm clouds and his raven black brows were pulled into a v-shape over those eyes.

Eirin was no longer fighting to get free, she wasn't moving at all. She was more scared now than she had ever been in her entire life. She had never in her life caused injury to another person, and if she could think of any person she could have caused harm to, she was pretty sure she had chosen the wrong person. She had no idea what he would do to her now, and if ever before she needed to think fast, now was the time. Lord Hawthorn glanced at the man behind her and told him to be sure to hold her tight, and not let go. He then turned his menacing countenance upon her as she shrinked back from him, tugging even more on the hair he still held in his hand.

"I-I I'm truly s-sorry, really, I a-am, I j-j-just didn't want you to un-undress me. It is n-not seemly for m-man to see me without my c-clothes." Eirin was stammering now, and had a terrible feeling of foreboding, which was only being encouraged by dark look that lingered in his eyes.

Lord Hawthorn stood looking down at Eirin while holding her in place by her hair. This girl was going to learn her place. He would not spend the next six years fighting with her. She had already cost him £7,500. By this time, Lord Hawthorn could think of nothing else except to punish this girl and make her pay for the trouble and grief she had caused him.

"You just don't know when to quit do you? First you refuse to follow directions; that got you a second observer in here, now you have physically accosted me. I was going to just look at you, then let you go to your room to clean up and acclimate yourself to your situation. You have forfeited that right." Lord Hawthorn could no longer think of anything other than the fact that she had kicked him and hurt him, at this moment all he wanted was to hurt her back. With that he released her hair and in one tug tore her dress the rest of the way down.

Pulling a sharp letter opener from his desk he cut through her corset and pantalets. As she was bared before him he reached down to release his own hard cock from his pants. He doubted that she was a virgin, but he knew he was big, and in the current situation, she was probably dry as well. She would learn to obey him and cooperate no matter what he had to do. However, he had promised not to cause her serious injury. He knew he had to prepare her before she would be ready for him. He reached down stuck his finger in her dry hole. She winced at the pain it caused. Bringing his finger back to his mouth, he sucked on it to make it wet. Once again he inserted his finger into her; this time he used his thumb to stimulate her clit at the same time. He could feel her becoming wetter. He reached down and withdrew his now rock hard cock from his pants.

He did not want her too stimulated, so he withdrew his finger before she began to show signs of enjoyment and in one thrust was seated deep within her. He felt her tense at the sudden intrusion, but did not pause before he withdrew and pounded back into her again. She was so tight, he had never before felt someone who squeezed so perfectly. He looked at her face, and saw that she was panting. In addition, her legs were squeezing him tightly around the hips. He was absolutely not going have her reach her completion during her punishment, so he leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth. He could feel her tense around him as he bit down until he drew blood, and knew he wouldn't last much longer.

She was exquisite; he had never been in anyone that felt as perfect to him as she did at that moment. It was with this thought that he felt his balls pull up close to his body and he began to spurt deep within her depths. He thrust within her faster and faster, feeling his pelvic bone hit hers with each thrust, and he felt light headed with his release and fell upon her breast.

Eirin was still reeling from the fact that she had kicked him. What would he do to her now? He was pulling her head around by her hair, and she was trying not to fight him, lest she upset him even more. Suddenly he released her hair and she was starting to roll her neck to relieve the tension from the odd angle he had been holding it at when she saw from the corner of her eye as he picked up a letter opener. It took all the control she had to not shrink from him again.

She found herself praying to god that he would not hurt her. She knew she would behave, if he wouldn't kill her. Before she had a chance to react he had slit her corset and pantalets and she found herself completely naked in front of this man that she had first set eyes on this morning. The next thing she knew he was sticking his finger inside her. It burned, like the time she had fallen down the tree, except this time the pain was on the inside. She watched transfixed as he slid his finger, the one that had just been inside of her, into his mouth and swished it around. She had never even thought of such a thing.

She was so overwhelmed with her feelings of unreality that she was not even aware that he had pulled his cock from his pants. She felt him pull her legs farther up his hips and once again she felt a burning fire tear through her. She had no idea what was happening. She was breathing so fast, and each breath was a misery for her. She was ripping on the inside, she just knew it. It felt like there was a metal vice inside her body and it was pinching her insides. Eirin wanted to cry out, but she couldn't catch her breath. She could not imagine a worse pain, then she felt what she thought must be the letter opener surrounding her nipple. She opened her eyes and saw that he was biting her nipple. She could see blood welling up from around his teeth. Her entire body hurt. She was running out of breath and in a few moments she would faint.

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