tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEJAX-472: Ch. 05

EJAX-472: Ch. 05


The audience went wild. Many of the women left their seats and gathered around the front of the stage in an effort to get a better view. They cheered as they watched Philip's ass being fucked by Joey's thick cock, the dwarf's immense testicles swaying to and fro in time with his thrusts. Every now and then, Rebecca and Maria would slap the bottom of either Joey or Philip if they felt either one was slacking off. Kira held Joey at the base of his penis, using her hand to help keep his cock from dislodging from Philip's asshole.

Philip was reduced to tears. The agony of being sodomized by such a large penis and the discomfort of having to have his mouth ravaged by Luis' equally large tool, made his whole body shudder. Joey and Luis, on the other hand, were so overcome by the drug that they no longer seemed to care about the fact that they were having sex with another man. The two of them were now beginning to enjoy themselves: each man thrusting his prick into Philip's dual orifices with relish. Philip tried to make several efforts to speak, but Bonnie grabbed him by both ears and forced his head back and forth repeatedly so that he was unable to remove his mouth from Luis' cock. Up and down his head went, his face disappearing into the dense triangle of hair around Luis' prick. Cheryl kept one of her hands on Luis' balls, squeezing them gently to encourage more sperm production. The two women giggled each time Bonnie forced his head back, noticing the first traces of precum beginning to collect around Philip's mouth. Over and over his lips glided over the young Latino's prick as his ass was pounded mercilessly from behind. Finally, realizing that his resistance only encouraged his wife to greater effort, Philip began to suck Luis' cock in earnest, so much so that Bonnie removed her hands from his head and allowed him to perform the blowjob on his own.

I almost burst out laughing when I noticed that, contrary to my wishes, both Packi and Pompi were sucking Philip's cock and balls. Packi had swallowed the entire length of his tool down her dainty throat while Pompi sucked on his nuts. Seeing that Philip was now taking his punishment without complaint, I allowed the girls to give him whatever pleasure they desired, since they seemed to be enjoying themselves too. It must have been a mixed blessing for Philip, who had to be having a difficult time deciding which of the various sensations were giving him the most pleasure—or pain.

Luis suddenly mumbled something in Spanish and I knew he was about ready to shoot his load. Bonnie and Cheryl noticed this too and together they helped both men increase their tempo so that Philip's head now became a blur as it rocked to and fro over Luis' pounding cock.

"I want you to swallow every drop, Philip," Bonnie said sweetly. "Just like you've seen me do to you."

"Fuck his mouth!" Cheryl screamed to Luis. "Fill his fucking mouth full of cum!"

With a stifled cry, Luis started to ejaculate. Bonnie immediately forced Philip's head down onto the huge prick, impaling Luis' cock on the back of her husband's throat, allowing his mouth to absorb the full length of the spurting tool, and preventing him from moving upwards.

Philip's face registered shock as the first spurt of semen shot out of Luis' cock and flew into his throat. He swallowed quickly as the thick ropes of cum followed one after the other, focusing all his attention on getting as much of the sticky cream down his throat as possible. Unable to shift his head, he was literally forced to drink the salty fluid in huge gulps without pausing to collect any of the cum in his mouth for fear that he might gag.

"Drink it all down you son of a bitch," Bonnie said as she firmly held his head in place.

Joey was now on the verge of orgasm himself. I could tell that he wanted to pull his cock out of Philip's ass, but Rebecca, Maria, and Kira held him in place, forcing him to erupt inside Philip's quivering sphincter. With a howl, Joey drove his cock all the way into Philip's ass as he let go a continuous stream of sperm deep into Philip's waiting cavity. All of the women laughed as they watched his balls heave up and down with each release of his sperm. Philip bucked his lower body as Joey's hot cum shot into him, trying to dislodge the invasive tool from his tortured asshole. But the girls kept the dwarf's prick deep inside him and refused to let his cock escape.

It was a long orgasm, for both men. At last, when it looked to Bonnie as if Philip were about to gag, she pulled his head off of the still spurting cock and allowed the final remaining shots to splash into his face, coating his feature with a thick, slimy paste. Cheryl continued to masturbate Luis' until his prick was completely drained of sperm, thrilled at her victory over the downtrodden little clown. The two women laughed and congratulated each other as they turned their attention to Philip's rear.

Thick rivulets of sperm were now dripping out of Philip's asshole as Joey's orgasm continued. Finally, the volume of liquid itself forced Joey's prick out of Philip's butt, causing it to slide out with a loud pop. Rebecca and Maria quickly grabbed the squirting prick as stream after stream of creamy sperm shot off in every direction. A few of the spurts landed directly in my hair and I was forced to run away to avoid getting soaked. Joey was aware that I had been hit and he reacted with glee at my baptism by his own juices. The girls managed to coax out several more intense bursts of white before the great prick was finally depleted. By the time it was over, most of the women on stage, including several women in the audience, had been bathed in the little man's cum.

Finally, Philip himself started to orgasm. It was Packi's mouth that swallowed most of his load before Pompi, who rudely pulled his cock out of her partner's mouth, wrapped her tiny mouth around it and absorbed the remainder of his creamy offering. Satisfied with their performance, the two tiny girls got up and took a bow, performing a set of intricate flips before disappearing behind the stage.

Philip fell to the floor in a heap. As much as Bonnie had despised her husband for his terrible behavior, she still loved him; the punishment serving as a form of redemption that softened her to him as it had so often done in the past. Philip would make amends. Bonnie would see to it.

"Are you all right darling?" she asked, as she cradled her husband's head in her lap.

"Yes...Yes, dear," he replied, weakly.

"It's okay now, it's all over," she said, comforting him.

She had several attendants carry Philip into the house and then turned her attention to Joey.

"I want you and your troupe to get the fuck out of here, and I never want to see you or those fucking balls of yours ever again!"

"Not so fast miss," he said defiantly. "There's a matter of 10,000 pounds your husband owes me, and I ain't leavin' here till he's paid up."

Bonnie called out to Alice to retrieve her pocketbook from the house and in a matter of minutes the girl returned with the purse and handed it to my sister.

"To whom do I make out the check?" she asked.

"To me," he replied smugly. "Joey Balls."

She quickly wrote out a check and handed it to the grinning dwarf.

"There's your money," she said. "Take it and get out."

Joey looked at the check and handed it to Kira.

"You know miss," he began, "there are laws against sodomy, even in this sexually liberated country of yours. I've a good mind to report you to the police after what you did to me."

"For your information Mr. Balls, Philip told me that you were bisexual, so don't pretend that you didn't enjoy it. And as far as the police are concerned, my husband owns them, so go right ahead and complain. I really don't give a shit."

She started to walk away from him but he wasn't finished.

"Don't turn your back on me miss, I ain't done talking to you."

My sister abruptly halted, her back toward him.

"Go away before I lose my temper."

I could sense a confrontation was imminent and I advised Joey to do as Bonnie asked.

"I'll leave all right," he said to me, "but not before I've spoken my mind to the lot of you."

Bonnie turned around to face him.

"Say what you've got to say and get out."

It was difficult for all of us to take him seriously being dressed as he was in his ridiculous bushman's hat. But because he had provided us with such superior entertainment, Bonnie must have felt she owed it to him to listen.

"I ain't no wimp like your husband," he said proudly. "I may be small but at least I'm a real man."

A few of the women chuckled.

"What's your definition of a 'real' man?" Bonnie asked with a smirk.

"Simply this: A real man don't take crap from any woman, especially not from a bloody tart like you."

"Oh, really?" Bonnie replied with disdain.

"That's right miss."

"Why don't you go away you little jerk?" Cheryl said.

Ignoring her comment, Joey continued.

"I don't like the fact that I was coerced into performing for this group of voyeurs. You used me, and you used my people, that's what you did. It ain't ethical."

Bonnie was fuming and struggled to keep her temper in check.

"Striking a deal with my husband to purchase stolen drugs is not ethical either you little hypocrite. Now get the fuck off my property or I'll have you thrown out."

"Go ahead and lose your temper miss, I don't mind. You might be able to cuckold your husband, but you can't control me. Nobody controls me, not Joey Balls."

"Yeah, tell 'em Joey!" Luis suddenly exclaimed. "Tell the fucking bitches off!"

"Remember what I told you fuck face!" Maria yelled back at him.

Luis was still tied to the wooden frame and I could tell that he was quite exhausted. Instead of replying, he just hung his head down and laughed incoherently.

"I'd say you were controlled pretty damn well Joey," Rebecca observed. "You performed for us just like a trained monkey."

Joey's face grew dark.

"If that's what you want to believe miss, that's your business. I did what I had to do only so I'd get paid."

"Well, you've been paid," Bonnie reminded him. "Now get the hell out. I won't ask you again."

"I'm happy to be leavin' you miss. Happy indeed. I'll have my men come by first thing tomorrow morning and remove all my stuff off your property."

"Fine. Just go."

Kira said nothing the entire time. I surmised that she chose to remain uninvolved because her paycheck was at stake. So although she seemed inclined to favor Bonnie's position, she remained faithful to Joey simply out of fear of retribution.

Joey started to walk out of the arena but didn't get very far before he stopped dead in his tracks and started shaking.

"What's wrong with you?" Kira asked him.

"I don't know," replied the startled dwarf. "All of a sudden I feel very strange."

In a matter of a few seconds, and to our utter amazement, Joey's cock became fully erect, his balls quivering with the onrush of sperm.

"Look at this!" Alice squealed, pointing to his quickly filling sac.

The little man's entire body began to shake uncontrollably as his hand was forced downward to his crotch.

"Shit!" he screamed, as the drug took possession of him.

I had seen this phenomenon only once and it occurred during my original experiments with male lab rats. I had termed it "involuntary ejaculation" and Joey was showing all the symptoms. Unable to help himself, he grabbed the base of his prick and began stroking it wildly, desperate to cum.

Before any of us could do anything, several thick ropes of sperm came flying out of his cock in our direction. Bonnie took the brunt of the first assault, her legs and upper torso quickly saturated with Joey's hot spunk.

"You fucking pig!" she screamed at him.

Kira stood well out of the way, looking on in disbelief as huge streams of cum shot out of Joey's cock, one after the other.

Both Maria and Cheryl got splashed several times even though they were running away from him. I myself managed to dodge the first several spurts but was finally brought low with a third ejaculation that seemed to go on forever. Most of the sticky fluid fell on my back but Rebecca was not so fortunate. Being closest to Joey, she got hit in the face and hair with three consecutive blasts and ran toward the house, squealing all the way.

Luis was in hysterics. Seeing the people he hated most being covered in Joey's sperm made him cry out with joy.

"Fucking bitches!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "Viva Joey Balls!"

Maria didn't find this at all funny and decided to make good on her promise.

"Viva Maria!" she exclaimed, as she brought her foot up into his naked sac.

Luis cried out in agony.

Alice had been the only one of us to escape unharmed. She simply stood where she was, admiring the amount of sperm that was flying out of Joey's cock.

"Whoa!" she said as one long strand of cum barely missed her face.

Just then Patti Ann and Michelle came running up.

"Well, Patti Ann," I said. "It's good to see you again."

"I guess I passed out," the girl admitted.

"You missed a great show."

"Seems like it's still going on," she said pointing at Joey.

"This place is turning into a madhouse," Michelle commented.

"Look at him go!" said Patti Ann, as another volley of sperm shot out toward the empty chairs.

"I'm telling you, Christiana," Michelle said, "that stuff of yours is lethal."

"I've got to get back to the lab," I replied. "This shouldn't be happening."

The cum continued to spew out of Joey's prick for a good two minutes. During that time most of the women in the audience had panicked and had left the area for fear of being hit with his spunk.

"I'm going to make that little fuck pay for this!" Bonnie said, as she wiped the sperm from her face with some tissues.

"It wasn't his fault," I said. "It's his reaction to the drug."

"I don't care. I don't like the son of a bitch and I want him out of here now!"

We watched Joey fire off a few more shots of sperm and then it was over.

"This is all your fault you damned bitch!" he said pointing at me.

With strands of cum still hanging off his prick, he suddenly came towards me, anger written all over his face.

"I'm going to break your little neck I am!" he cried out.

Four burly attendants quickly intercepted Joey and managed to restrain him, much to my relief. He was small, but powerful, and I knew he could have hurt me—if he really wanted to.

"How dare you threaten my sister!" Bonnie shouted.

"Look what she's done to me! I'm a bloody freak!"

"You were a freak before you started taking her drug."

"Well, fuck you miss!" Joey spat.

Bonnie's face turned a bright red.

"That's it! You're out of here you little bastard!"

He made a motion to attack my sister, but the four strongmen held him fast.

"I thought you were a gentleman," Bonnie began, "but you're nothing more than a common thug!"

She ordered the men to lift Joey up.

"I think it's time you were leaving."

"Hey!" he protested. "What the fuck are you doin' you crazy bitch? Put me down!"

"Follow me boys," she said as the reluctant dwarf was carried off. The entire entourage followed her to the area behind the stage where the large cannon was standing on the lawn adjacent to the tennis court. Curious to know what was going on, most of the women caught up with us as we hurriedly made our way toward the huge gray howitzer. Joey must have had a premonition about what was to take place because he kicked and screamed all the way.

"Bonnie, what are you going to do to him?" I asked with concern.

"He's going for a ride."

"You don't mean..." I said, glancing at the cannon.

Instead of replying she giggled like a little girl.

"No. You can't do that. Bonnie, it's dangerous!"

Arriving at the cannon, she ordered her attendants to put the little man down.

"If you think I'm goin' in there miss, you're fuckin' crazy," Joey said, nervously.

"You!" she said to one of her attendants. "Do you know how to work this thing?"

"Yes, Ms. Olmstead. All you have to do is..."

"Never mind, just get it ready."

"Bonnie, please," I said. "He could be seriously hurt. He has no protection."

She thought it over for a minute.


"Oh, all right sis!"

She ordered one of her attendants to bring out a uniform and helmet. When Joey saw the clothing he had a fit.

"No! No!" he cried. "I don't want to go in there! Please don't shoot me out of the cannon!"

He started weeping then, cursing Bonnie and all women alike for their hardhearted ways.

The men finally got him dressed and it was a sight to behold. The helmet fit him well enough, but the clothing—a blue and white satin affair that would have normally fit a six-foot tall man—hung off him like a burlap sac. His balls simply couldn't be accommodated for, so the uniform was not zippered shut but rather fastened together with a few safety pins, leaving his two huge testicles exposed to the open air. It was an absolutely ludicrous sight, which caused no end of derision and comments from the crowd. I then saw Rebecca approach, still bearing traces of Joey's ejaculate in her hair.

"Nice outfit Joey," she teased him as she rejoined the group.

Joey's face expressed the terror of a frightened child.

"Please miss, "he said to Bonnie, "I didn't do nothin' to deserve this kind of punishment. Let me walk out of here on my own two good legs."

"I gave you plenty of opportunity to do just that, but you refused," Bonnie replied sternly.

"I was wrong about that miss, I was," he said in an apologetic tone. "Can't we let bygones be bygones?"

"It's too late for that now. You threatened me and my sister and I simply can't let you go without a royal sendoff."

She indicated that Joey was to be helped into the nozzle of the big gun.

"No! Please! Let me go!" he screamed as the four muscular attendants lifted him up and placed him feet first into the giant barrel.

It was a hilarious sight watching him kick and scream as his tiny body was lowered gently into the cannon. Once he was securely placed into the cylinder, one of the men removed Joey's hands from the rim of the cannon, forcing him to slide down into the barrel as it was being raised up.

"Noooo!" he cried, his reverberating voice fading away as he disappeared into the blackness.

"Aim for the pool!" Bonnie ordered the attendant.

The man touched a control on the cannon that raised the giant nozzle up so that it was pointing directly toward the Olympic-sized swimming pool on the opposite end of the lawn—a hundred feet away. Bonnie told him to wait for her to give the command before firing.

"Joey," she said standing at the mouth of the barrel. "Can you hear me?"

"Fuck you, miss!"

His thin voice sounded like it was coming from miles away.

"Bon voyage Joey!" she said excitedly. "I hope you and your balls have a nice trip!"

Bonnie ordered everyone to back away to a safe distance as she gave the order to fire the cannon.

"Don't think I won't pay you back for this," the tiny voice exclaimed," you miserable little fluffers, you fuckin' daughters of whores, you..."

"Fire!" she yelled.

A huge ball of yellow smoke accompanied by a deafening boom made everyone jump out of their skins as the cannon rocked backward from the repercussion. From the tip of the barrel a smallish blur of white and blue flew out over the lawn at incredible speed, the elfin figure cutting a perfect trajectory as it sliced through the air on its way toward the watery target. Several seconds later, Joey's little body had ceased its ascent and was now plummeting headfirst into the deep end of the pool. He hit the surface of the water with such force that a huge tidal wave resulted, drenching the men who were waiting for him to land.

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