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Elaine's Surrender


Okay first time attempt at BDSM, no i dont have an editor at the moment, yes i know i need one. I am a closet sub, i have never had a master, so if some of it seems out of touch with reality, i can understand that. This is in my head, my fantasies, and it is graphic, and violent and what many might consider cruel at times. If this is not the story for you, please dont continue. Thanks!

I was awake, standing by the phone, waiting for it to ring hoping he'd call today. I was so focused on it, my heart fluttering, so nervous about what I was going to say, I jumped when it actually rang. 8:30 AM, as always. I picked it up, my stomach actually cramping I was so scared. "Hello?" I said, my voice tentative, almost a whisper.

"Hello Elaine." His voice was sure, deep and sent a shiver through me.

"Hello." I said back. He was silent for a moment, waiting for me to say something that I refused to say today.

"Just hello Elaine?" He asked, his voice slowly becoming deeper.

"Yes. Just hello. I quit. I can't do this anymore. I just can't. I'm sorry."

I said the words fast, scared of how he would react. This man had been my master for over a month, calling me whenever he felt like it, making me do embarrassing and humiliating things that my body just craved more and more of. I couldn't do it anymore because I was terrified of myself and of him. I couldn't tell him that though.

"You quit? What do you mean you quit?" His voice was careful, controlled, and scary as hell.

"I mean I quit. I don't want to be your slave anymore. I just...I don't think I'm ready for this, I thought I was, but I'm not. I'm sorry for leading you on."

He laughed, a sharp burst that surprised me, "You are very ready Elaine, more ready than you care to admit. Your just running because you're scared of yourself. Scared of how much you love it."

I squared my shoulders, though he couldn't see me, and took a deep breath.

"No Arnold, I'm done. End of story."

He didn't laugh now, "You don't tell me what to do slave, you never tell me what to do. I am in control here and it isn't done until I say it is."

I closed my eyes, "I'm sorry I made you think I was something I'm not. I hope you can find someone to replace me, it shouldn't be hard. Goodbye Arnold."

He was angry, I knew, but the rage in his voice surprised even me.

"Do not hang up that phone Elaine, you will not like what happens."

I sighed, "I'm not your bitch to control anymore Arnold, just leave me alone, and find someone else. It's not like we're that attached to each other anyway, I could be any slave, any body and you'd be satisfied. So just go find another one."

I hung up before he could say anything else, my body cold to the core. I had never hung up on him, never told him no. Whether it was letting him tie me up and beat me until I bled, letting random people fuck me in the dressing room at the mall, or groveling at his feet like a damn dog, I never said no. More importantly I would never hang up on him. I was scared down to my toes. I got ready for work, trying to act like maybe he really would leave me alone. I knew better, he wasn't one to lose, or to give up something he considered his, but I told myself he would anyway. I went to the small law firm I was a secretary at, sitting behind my desk and tried to lose myself in my work. I lived in a small town, and there really wasn't that much people needed lawyers for.

By lunch time I was done with what I needed to do and I was just staring, lost in my own thoughts when my boss came out of his office.

"Elaine," He said and I jumped, startled.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you," He said with a chuckle and I smiled back, "Sorry I guess I'm a little jumpy today."

He nodded, "Its fine. Look Elaine, were having to cut back hours ,we are so dead around here. Would you mind taking the rest of the day off? I promise it won't happen too often, but I see your already done and all."

I swallowed my pulse at the thought of leaving early, and Arnold finding me but I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes Mr. Havers, that's fine I understand."

He smiled goodheartedly and patted my shoulder, "Thanks Elaine. Have a great day."

I smiled and wished him one to before gathering my things.

I took my time going out to my car, not really wanting to be somewhere he might be able to find me. I gasped though as I walked out into the parking lot, seeing that my tires were flat, and there was a note taped to my windshield. I cautiously walked up to my little red Miata and took the note, nearly crying when I saw Master's handwriting. Arnold, I corrected in my head, wanting to get out of the habit of calling him Master. The note was written in elegant script, professional as always.

"Don't make me do anything else that I will regret Elaine. Come to my estate when you get off, take a cab, ill pay the fare. Don't make me have to come find you."

There was no signature, but then again I really didn't need one to know who it was. I refused to let my fear get the best of me and straightened, smoothing my not ruffled skirt as I pulled out my cell phone. I was dialing the number for a taxi to take me home when I heard a car pull up behind me.

"Ms. Jenkins." James's voice called.

My heart skipped a beat as memories of what Arnold had made me do with this man flash through my head, making me suppress a shiver of pleasure.

I turned slowly, "James." I said, and he smiled an amused smile,

"Would you like a ride Ms. Jenkins?"

I knew this man was Arnold's eyes and ears, so no doubt he was listening as I said, "No James, thanks though."

James's smile slowly vanished, "Are we not going to the same place Ms. Jenkins?"

It was a trap, that was obvious to anyone, but I answered anyway.

"No James, were not."

James sat up a little straighter, his face no longer friendly as he nodded, "I see, and you are sure about that Ms. Jenkins?"

I forced my heart to calm as I looked into his green eyes I remembered so well and nodded,

"I'm positive."

He didn't say another word, just rolled up his tinted window and drove away, the black Lincoln disappearing around the corner behind my office.

I got a taxi back to my house, relieved when there was no note, and nothing seemed to be wrong. I called and got a price quote on new tires, since mine were gone. I sighed at the number but agreed, telling the car place that I would grab a cab and come get them soon. A knock at my door had my heart racing, scared, and I smiled a grateful smile when a post man stood smiling at me.

"Hi Ms. Jenkins! Can you sign for this?"

He was holding a medium sized box I knew I didn't order and I sighed wearily, signing for it, no need to cause trouble in this man's day. I was closing the door when his hand wrapped around my wrist tightly. I looked up in alarm and he smiled a sadistic smile,

"Make sure you know what you're doing Elaine. Wouldn't want to see anything happen to you."

I yanked my wrist away from him, slamming the door hard in his face. There was no marking, no to address or return address, I should have known the man was Arnold's. I carefully opened the wrapping, not sure what to expect. A note fluttered to my lap and I looked at the beautiful shimmering blue dress in the box. I knew it'd be my size, I knew it would fit perfectly and I backed away from it like it was the plague.

I picked up the note, once again in Masters...Arnold's handwriting and read it slowly.

"Look under the dress Elaine. Do yourself a favor, put on the dress, come to me of your own accord, and I won't have to hurt you...anymore than you want me to. "

I threw the note down, and slowly and carefully picked up the dress. I gasped the sound sticking in my throat as picture after picture tumbled out of the box. Me, naked, my face to the camera, tears streaked on my cheeks but my eyes rolled back in pleasure as Arnold shoved into my ass. Me and James, me sucking the leather whip, me on my knees as Arnold whipped my back and thighs until blood showed. Dozens and dozens of pictures fell to the floor, along with at least 5 discs I refused to even look at. The phone rang, making me yelp in surprise. I answered without looking, which said a lot to my mood,

"What?" I said into the receiver and Arnold's deep chuckle came across the line.

"What's the matter Elaine? Not having a good day?"

His tone was mocking, and it made me angry. The anger felt good, it was better than fear and I used it without thinking.

"Leave me the hell alone Arnold, why are you doing this?"

His voice had dropped an octave when he answered,

" You know, I'm getting really tired of hearing my name on your lips."

I smiled though he couldn't see it,

"What name Arnold? Your name? Arnold? Arnold. Arnollld. That name?"

I heard his breathing quicken in anger for a moment before he got a hold of himself.

"Why am I doing this Elaine? Because you don't just stop being a slave. When you get a master, it's for life, not for a month, not for a week. I choose you because I wanted to keep you. You choose me because you wanted me to dominate you, your life, not just for a while but for good, and we both know it. I have access to your bank accounts, to your student loans, to your car payment, to your rent allotment. How far does this have to go Elaine?"

Tears fell down my cheeks as I realized this man truly did own me, in every sense of the word. I hated that, and most of all I hated how content my body felt at this realization.

"What do I have to do to get you to let me go?"

I asked cautiously and he paused, not expecting that answer.

"Say it to my face. If you really want me out of your life for good, come here, and say it to my face. Wear the pretty blue dress and those wonderful spiked heels, doll yourself up so I know what I'm letting go, and say it to my face."

I knew how bad of an idea it was, I knew it even though my body yearned to touch his,

"What if I don't?"

He laughed, "Then I'll ruin your life until I'm all you have left."

I took a deep breath, knowing his threat was real.

"What time?" I asked next, my voice hardly a whisper,

"7, don't be late Elaine."

I caught myself before I said yes master, and just hung up on him, again. I looked at the beautiful blue dress and sighed, I didn't see this going the way I planned.

Chapter 2

I arrived at the sprawling estate located on its hundreds of acres of land and paused at the door. I waited until 7:10, being bold and stupid in my fear and anger and knocked on the door. James opened it, a wide smile on his face. He slowly raked my body with that glowing green gaze before stepping aside,

"Welcome Ms. Jenkins."

He said and I nodded to him mutely as I walked in front of him, boldly giving him my back.

"The Master is waiting for you in his room."

James said from behind me, slowly running a big hand down my back. I jerked away from him and he laughed, gesturing with his arm for me to go up the grand staircase.

"I don't want to meet him in his room. I want him to come here, where we are not so alone, so I can just get this over with and get my life back."

James laughed again, this time deeper, more sexual and a shiver chased down my spine before I could stop it.

"You wish to summon your master slave? I don't see that working out in your favor."

I straightened my shoulders and looked him in the eyes,

"Arnold, his name is Arnold, he is not my master anymore than I am his slave. Not anymore. I quit, remember."

James reached out, sliding cool fingers down the side of my face, trailing them to my neck.

"I remember Elaine. Let's see you make that speech in front of him." He pulled his hand back as I reached to remove it and chuckled, pressing the buzzer on the wall by the door.

"Master?" He said, looking me in the eye, smiling a sadistic smile.

"Yes James?" Arnold's deep voice, so close even in the little box made me jump.

"Your little slave says she wants you down here sir, to...get this over with, without being in private."

His tone was mocking but I refused to back down, I just wanted to make my peace and leave. I refused to go somewhere where he could have the advantage anymore than he already did. Number one rule when dealing with people you don't want to be around, never let them take you somewhere else, that just means they're going to hurt or kill you slower. After a moment of silence Arnold responded, voice thick with unleashed anger,

"As the lady wishes James. Make her comfortable in the living room."

James smiled, moving back to me and holding out one of his big hands,

"Shall we?" I ignored his hand and walked past him to the grand living room with its multiple couches.

I picked the one in the corner, farthest from the one Arnold usually sat in and closest to the door. I heard him coming down the stairs and had to fight not to close my eyes. Looking at him always undid me, that's why he wanted me to come to him face to face. He was literally the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, and he radiated dominance. To deny him was to hurt, you knew it as soon as you looked at him. He knew it, I knew it, and I had a war with my body to look away as he walked into the living room.

Master was 6'5, a good 300 pounds, and to my dismay almost purely muscle. I think the only fat he had was under his chin, and even that was just enough to be cute. He had a finely sculpted face, harsh features and full lips, the lower one fuller, meant for kissing and being kissed. He wore an Armani suit, perfectly tailored to fit his lean body. I looked at his stomach, knowing the 6 pack of abs that were there. At his arms, that bunched and bulged with effort, that looked amazing when he held me down. Lastly I found his face, refusing to drop my gaze below his waist.

His dark blue eyes had fire in them tonight, he loved my rebellion, my fire, my fight. Tonight however was different, I always fought because I had to, I had to much pride not to, and he took so much pride when he broke me. Tonight, I meant it. Tonight I did not intend to break, did not want to break, and I think that made it even better.

Tonight the fight was true. I dropped my gaze to somewhere over his left shoulder, I couldn't look in his eyes and think clearly. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming, his canines sharper than any man I had met. Sharp enough that with just a bit of pressure, just the underside of real pain, he could break skin. Many times we had made love with my blood on our skin. Vampire? No, amazingly kinky? Completely.

Arnold sat down where I knew he would and made himself comfortable, propping his legs up on the coffee table in front of his couch. He watched me watching the wall, an amused smirk on his face. He knew he was gorgeous, he knew I couldn't resist him, and he knew how much my refusal cut me deeper then it would ever cut him. He didn't speak, didn't have to, and after a few minutes I finally sighed and looked at his face. He raised an eyebrow sarcastically, clearly inviting me to speak first. Taking a deep breath I forced myself not to react to the fire in his eyes that always had me falling to my knees before him.

"I meant what I said Arnold." His face smoothed instantly, a perfect mask of nothingness and I knew he was angry.

He really hated that I called him by his name.

Leaning forward he scratched his chin, mocking me as I knew he would,

"And tell me Elaine, what was that again?"

His voice was so deep I nearly groaned, so close yet so far away. I literally had to shake my head to clear the fog of lust he always inspired.

"I don't want to be your slave anymore." I said, my voice quiet.

He made a motion with his hand, pretending he didn't hear me and I rolled my eyes, and said louder,

"I don't want to be your slave anymore. I want you to give up all the access you have to my accounts and my life, and find another slave."

He leaned back, "Ah that's what I thought you said."

I waited, and he waited, and I was unsure what exactly we were waiting for. I stood abruptly and he stood with me, clearly waiting for me to do something.

"That's all I wanted to say, you told me to say it to your face, I did. I'm done. I'm going home now."

I turned, angry and hurt, and clinging to the anger like a lifeline so I wouldn't cry. I, stupidly, turned my back on the man that haunted my dreams and walked towards the door. A strong hand wrapped around my arm, so tight it pinched skin and I cried out as Arnold turned me to him, body so very close to mine. My pulse sped like it was trying to escape and he smiled, not removing his hand and leaned forward, placing his lips against the trapped thing.

"Are you scared of me Elaine?" He whispered, lips brushing my ear as his hand slid up my arm to the back of my neck where he held on securely.

"Should I be Arnold?" His grip tightened painfully and I sucked air through my teeth sharply.

"Yes. You should."

His hand snaked into my hair and yanked my head back painfully, and I found my eyes suddenly locked onto his as my hand reached up to try to stop his. He held me there, body bent at a very awkward angle, that one arm holding my entire frame up so I didn't fall to the floor.

"You really thought I'd let you go didn't you? I own you Elaine. I own this entire damn town. I can ruin you. I can get you fired, I can get you evicted, I can get bill collectors all over your ass night and day until you can't sleep. And do you know where that will put you? Do you Elaine?"

I didn't answer, staring into his eyes, face inches from mine,

"Running into my arms like the willing little slave we both know you are."

I dug my fingernails into his hand, hard and he hissed jerking his hand out from under my hair. I shoved my elbow into his gut, my heel coming down sharply on his foot. He stumbled back, only momentarily incapacitated but I took that moment and got to the door.

"You lied Arnold. You said all I had to do was come here and say it to your face, you said you'd let me go."

Tears were in my eyes and my voice but I refused to let him see them, I refused to break for him. He chuckled as he recovered his balance.

"You believed me?" He asked, voice incredulous. I felt my face go blank as I reached behind me for the door,

"No Arnold I really don't think I did."

I remembered as suddenly as I had forgotten that we weren't the only ones in the room. James's hand snaked around my wrist, squeezing tight enough to make my bones groan as I gasped, spinning to look at him. He grinned, those beautiful green eyes alit with the pleasure of watching me squirm. I jerked on my wrist and his grip tightened, so close was he to breaking my bones.

James was a body builder, born and bred, he had started working out from the time he was 16 until now. At 23 he was huge, bigger than Arnold in size, but not height. I think Arnold would win a fight though, while James had the muscle Arnold had the skill of fighting.

I forced my arm to relax before my struggling broke my own wrist and he smiled, his thumb rubbing circles around the inside of my wrist, trying to make body relax. Arnold walked up behind me, hands snaking around my waist.

"What's my name Elaine?" He whispered in my ear, thinking I would break already,

"Arnold, don't you know?"

I said sarcastically and his teeth sank into my neck, into the sensitive skin between my neck and shoulder and I screamed as they easily broke my skin. Blood ran in little rivulets down my skin, going faster as my pulse sped up. He wrapped his hands around my arms, holding them tightly so I couldn't move.

James still held my wrist and used it to pull himself closer to me. He ran his fingers down my face again, slowly to my neck, and then I felt the pain as his sharp nails cut into my skin. Arnold removed his teeth before he did any real damage and spun me around to face him. My fear was plain on my face and in my eyes and Arnold smiled, relishing it. He ran his hand through my long hair, burying it near the back of my neck. He didn't pull but the threat was obviously there if I didn't answer the question correctly.

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