tagIncest/TabooElastic Daddy Ch. 03

Elastic Daddy Ch. 03


To see how a daddy winds up having sex with his daughter after snapping her bra you should read the prior chapters. The writer of this offers no pretense that these events could actually happen which is the wonderful thing about a fantasy. The curious thing about a fantasy is that even if a person actually got a chance to make it come true the reality might be too scary and the opportunity lost. If the reader is offended by some same sex contact or anal you may want to read another selection.

As their guest dressed Sandy turned her attention to her mother who was sprawled out on the couch with her legs still apart. Saying nothing, at first, the girl squeezed on Becky's tits taking in their firm but squeezable beauty. Clearly turned on about touching her mom Sandy barked out, "Mom lean on the couch with your knees on the floor ass up now."

The mayor was still watching things unfold. Sandy glared at him as if to tell him to get the fuck out of there. He spun around and hurried out the door. There it was, only a couple of feet from where she had seen it a few nights earlier, her mother's large sexy ass. There wasn't a blemish on it.

As they heard the Mayor's car peel out of the driveway Sandy kneeled behind her mother's rump. Placing a hand on each massive cheek the girl pulled them apart revealing the tiny puckering asshole. Passionately Sandy fondled and kissed and bit all over the gorgeous ass working her way deeper and deeper into the deep crack.

"Oh mom your ass is fucking hot and it is mine now," Sandy said now cooing. She couldn't believe what she was doing but wasn't about to stop as her tongue made contact with Becky's rosebud. Becky was equally disgusted with her daughter's behavior and equally turned on by it. She could not help but moan and gasp as Sandy worked her tongue into her bowels.

Becky decided to try and enjoy her daughter's attention and figure out a way out of the situation later. She had no more than completely given up resisting when Sandy's tongue swiped across her slit for the first time. Sandy was really getting into it. This was different from doing things with a guy but just as hot.

The girl was amazed at how much honey her mom was producing. It seemed every time she swallowed some there was an equal amount in its place. Vigoruously she lapped at her mother's cunt and swirled her tongue around the clit. Halfway through she realized that the mayor had just cum in this steamy snatch.

Surprisingly she didn't taste any of his spunk. Either the mayor didn't cum very much or her mother's flavor was so strong that it totally masked the taste of his seed. Sandy sucked the nub between her teeth and nibbled on it as she jammed two fingers into the pussy. Becky groaned, "Oh Sandy, I am on fire!"

Massive tremors careened through Becky's body until she finally became limp. She felt like a worn out rag. Sandy wiped the juices from her face and then took a seat on the remaining empty couch cushion. Licking her lips and catching her breath Sandy ordered, "Mom I need a Pepsi. Go get me one and you can have one too."

"Yes dear," Becky said not in the mood to argue that this order had nothing to do with sex. She was weak in the knees when she stood up and headed to get them each a drink.

Sandy watched the sway of her mother's ass as she left the room and knew that she wasn't going to let things end today. She would never actually use the pictures against her mom but her mom didn't need to know that. The Mayor was another story. She already knew just what she was going to do on his side of the ledger.

Sandy couldn't help but smile broadly when her mom walked, head down, back into the room. While, not as big as hers, her mother's tits bounced sensually from side to side as she approached her daughter. Sandy patted the spot next to her on the couch for her mom to sit. After they each took a drink the two women kissed soulfully.

Sandy pinched and twisted her mom's nipples as she had her mom crawl between her legs. It had been a very long time since the middle aged lady had kissed another woman down there. She approached a bit timidly when Sandy grabbed her head and pulled it against her snatch demanding, "Eat me mommy, eat your baby!"

For the next five minutes Becky dove in licking and sucking all over her daughter's pussy. Climax after climax rolled through the girl's body covering her mother's face with her sweet young honey. Once happy and fulfilled Sandy ordered her mother back onto the sofa and then sat on her mommy's lap.

Sandy's tits were right in her mother's face. The girl snuggled closer to her mom and wrapped her arm around her shoulder. Becky gulped at the large melons that took over her entire line of vision. A bit softer now Sandy said, "Mom you got to have me nurse on your breasts when I was a baby so it is my turn to have you nurse on mine, now."

To Sandy's surprise, her mother dove right in kissing from globe to globe. Her face was buried in her daughter's tit flesh. She hadn't touched her daughter's chest in years and years and never like this. The feeling was incredible for both women. Small tingles ran all through Sandy's body as she spoke to her mother.

"Mom, here's the deal. You can play with daddy if you want to but you can't let him fuck you or make him cum until I say so. That will be awhile. Your body is mine whenever I want it and you'll let me eat you for breakfast everyday. When I've had enough of this tit play you'll run out to the sex shop and buy a strap-on and some other goodies. When you get back we'll get ready for daddy."

Becky was going to object but Sandy just pulled her mother's head back between the twin orbs. Becky was good enough that soon Sandy was cumming and gushing onto her mom's thighs. Happy with how things had gone Sandy got up nonchalantly and went to her room. Minutes later she heard the front door close as Becky left to do her errand.

While no one else was home Sandy uploaded the pictures from her camera to her computer. Then she went to her Email program and sent several pictures to the chairman of the local political party with delayed delivery in two weeks to his in box. This would give her time to play with the mayor before the whistle was blown.

She was careful about the photos she picked being sure they showed her mom's big ass and pubic hair but not her face to make it obvious that woman was not the mayor's wife. Her mom would be safe from scorn unless the chairman had also seen her nude. Sandy actually thought the Mayor did a good job for the town as often no one ran against him.

But, she knew if he were to run for higher office the scandal would come out and she didn't want the mayor's wife to have to go through that. She told the chairman that the pictures would be safe as long as the mayor did not run for higher office. She pressed send and hoped that was the end of the talk about governor. Then she got on the phone and arranged to fuck the mayor after school the next day in her mother's bed.

Hurriedly Sandy took a hot shower to wash any signs of her activity with her mother away. Then she dressed as provocatively as she dared leaving off her bra and wearing a sheer white button down blouse and tight fitting jeans. She still was not sure how to fuck her dad in front of her mom which had become one of her goals since seeing the mayor's cock in her mom's throat.

Surprised to see she still had an hour before her dad came home she sauntered to his office. She thought that if she could find something on him that blackmail might be the answer for him as well. Getting onto his computer it did not take long for her to find a hidden directory that contained personal Emails.

There were also pictures of her dad and two women naked. A few pictures showed them engaged in various sex acts. The Email exchange between him and the women contained hard core descriptions of what they had done and planned to do. Sandy smiled broadly and emailed herself the entire directory.

Then jogging back to her room Sandy emailed her dad two of the nastiest pictures along with a couple of Emails. Her message told her essentially the same thing as she had told her mother. Becky would be able to take him for everything if he were guilty of adultery. Like with Becky Steve would be her sexual slave. After hitting the send key all she had to do is wait for the plan to unfold.

"Daddy, go check your Email and I'll bring you a drink," Sandy cooed as she snapped the elastic of his briefs. She kissed him softly and went to the kitchen. Steve wondered to himself if there were time to do something before Becky came home. When he logged on he saw the message from his daughter and opened it with great anticipation thinking she was playing some fun game with him.

Steve nearly fell out of the chair when he read the message. His first thought was there was no way in hell that he was going to become his daughter's slave and have sex with her and whoever she said. Then, he nervously opened the file attachments. His was crimson when he saw the pictures and messages.

"Here is your drink daddy. You didn't hide that stuff very well and I have a copy of all of it safely password protected on an online storage site. See what you started; daddy you should have never snapped my bra. You are my sex slave, understand?" She stood confidently in front of him with her tits inches from his face.

"But, you are my daughter and are supposed to act like it," Steve stammered out. He was trying to say he didn't mind the sexual aspects so much as they had already been fucking but that he still had a role to fulfill as her father. Somehow Sandy picked up on this from his expression and the fact that his penis was already forming a tent in his pants.

"Its ok daddy I will still be your good girl outside of sex but as of now you are my sex slave. Now put these on under your pants. To confirm that you understand," she purred while handing him a pair of her stained panties. Steve stared at the garment. He wondered if he could get it over his ass and what Becky would think if she saw him in them.

Standing up Steve started to walk to the door to go to his bedroom to change. But, Sandy blocked his exit and glared at him causing him to freeze in his tracks. In mere seconds he had his trousers and briefs off and was struggling to pull the panties up his thighs. Sandy couldn't help but giggle as he struggled with her bikini panties that were obviously much too small. But, Steve was persistent and got them up and somehow tucked his cock inside before putting back on his trousers.

As if nothing was going on Sandy scurried to the kitchen to fix dinner and her father, seeing what she was doing, set the table. When Becky came in both husband and daughter gave her the usual hug and peck on the cheek. Sandy did manage to sneak in an extra squeeze on her mom's ass.

Dinner was consumed in virtual silence. No one seemed to know what to say to each other. As they cleared the table Sandy whispered separately to each of them her order to go to the living room couch and begin smooching and make sure they removed one another's shirts, shoes, and socks. When Becky and Steve went in and sat down neither thought much about their partner being a bit frisky.

In fact, they were relieved at first as this was just like normal smooching and wasn't unusual in front of Sandy. Their hearts began racing when they heard their daughter clear her throat hinting for them to get on with it. All at once their shoes hit the floor followed by their socks. With faces now turning red they removed each other's shirts.

"Slave stop and look at me right now," Sandy snapped. Both of them turned to look up at her at once head down in guilt. Sandy knew they would wonder how they both ended up as her slave. Later that night she commanded them never to talk about it with each other or they would loose everything.

Reaching behind her mother's back she unclasped Becky's bra and tossed it aside. Then slowly Sandy unbuttoned her own blouse and it joined the growing heap of cloth on the floor. Her parent's eyes lifted and stared openly at their daughter's breasts. They were afraid to look at one another or even to acknowledge each other's presence. They watched silently as Sandy stripped the rest of the way.

Sandy cruised over to the overstuffed easy chair and sat down with her legs crossed. First she ordered her mom to stand while her dad removed her clothing. After which she had her mom do the same to her dad. Coolly she said, Now finger each other; this is the last time you will touch one another without my permission. So, do you agree to be my slaves and my slaves alone?"

"Yes mistress," Steve answered already out of breath from his wife's hand job knowing the expected reply from his exposure to pornography.

"Oh, yes mistress," Becky said following her husband's example. Becky was clearly turned on herself as her pussy was pouring out honey.

Then stop what you are doing right now and assume the position of submission on your knees"Then seal the contract of absolute and total submission to me by kissing each of my ass cheeks once and then kissing my asshole. Once you have done that you are committed to turning every single aspect of your sex life over to me and me alone." Sandy was almost purring now.

Becky and Steve briefly glanced at each other a bit in shock, a bit guilty, and more than anything strangely turned on. Without really thinking they found themselves on their knees at their daughter's feet. Steve watched as Sandy stood and backed up to his wife's face. Sandy bent slightly and her mother first kissed the right cheek of the beautiful young girl's ass followed by the left cheek.

Then Becky's mouth disappeared into their daughter's crack as she gave Sandy's rosebud a good kiss. Seconds later there was Sandy's rump in his face and he copied just what his wife had done. She patted them on the heads much like good little puppies and then signaled them to stand up.

"These are mine now," Sandy quipped as she cupped her mom's sex and wrapped her hand around her dad's cock. Then Sandy kissed each of her parents passionately. Before getting into the serious love making Sandy had always wondered what it would feel like to have a mouth on each boob. So, she sat in the center of the couch and brought her mom and dad's mouths to her breasts. In seconds the girl was in complete bliss.

She had never felt anything quite like this. She had four hands and two mouths totally devoted to nothing but her tit flesh. Her boobs became soaked in her parent's saliva As Sandy came for the first time. Then she suddenly swatted Becky's ass demanding, "Go and get the toys and handcuff your wimpy little husband!"

When Becky left the room Steve tried to ask a question but Sandy simply buried his face in her tits making it impossible for him to speak. Dutifully Becky brought Steve's hands behind his back and cuffed them together. Sandy directed her male slave to sit back on the couch. She ran her lips over the length of his cock one time and then took the large strap-on dildo from her mother.

Seconds later she had it on and jammed into her father's mouth making him suck and lick all over it. Then she commanded her mother to bend over the coffee table directly in front of Steve and without ceremony rammed the mammoth dildo into her mother's pussy. She pounded hard in and out.

"Take this sweet mommy as in a few minutes it will be your turn to watch your little girl be fucked by your husband," Sandy yelled. Steve wanted to cum so bad or at least play with himself as he squirmed on the couch. He nearly exploded when Sandy pulled out of his wife's pussy and sent the plastic penis into her mother's rectum.

"Oh fuck Sandy that hurts like hell," Becky screeched as her hips came back to meet each of her daughter's thrusts. The base of the dildo was rubbing just right against the girl's clit as she continued to slam her mother. Becky let out a scream of orgasmic bliss as her juices ran down Sandy's thighs. A droplet of pre-cum formed on the tip of Steve's cock Hearing her mother's reaction to her intrusion into her shit hole sent the girl over the edge as a mighty shudder ran throughout her body. Seeing her dad's obvious excitement sent a giant aftershock through her. When Sandy pulled out Becky completely collapsed onto the table. The girl immediately turned to her father and shoved the shitty fake prick into his mouth. As he tentatively licked it Sandy reached behind him and undid the handcuffs. Then, anxious to go to the next step she moved back to her mom and fastened the handcuffs behind her back. As she undid the strap-on Sandy had her mom struggle onto the sofa.

"Mommy how does it feel to know your daughter is about to fuck your husband and to know I own his cock. There isn't anything you can do about it either. Now just sit there and watch as your husband fucks another woman." Sandy said with utter glee. Sandy motioned Steve over to the coffee table and he quickly complied.

"At least use a rubber Sandy," Becky pleaded.

""Shut the fuck up. I call the shots here," her daughter said as she jammed the strap-on into her mother's mouth. Then Sandy got a wild idea and moved her mother to the coffee table having her sit with her legs crossed. Sandy laid her head in the older woman's lap with her handcuffed mother facing the girl's feet. Becky's tits almost touched Sandy's head

."Come on daddy, show mommy that I own you. Show her how you eat your own daughter's pussy," Sandy said confidently. Steve wished more than ever that he had never snapped his daughter's bra. But, he was in heat and compliantly buried his face in Sandy's snatch. Becky gasped when she saw how eager Steve appeared to be.

"You are still my child and this is wrong. You must stop it," Becky admonished spitting out the now clean fake prick. Instantly Sandy grabbed both of her mom's tits and squeezed them as hard as she could causing her mom to squeal in pain. After Sandy released her mother's tits Becky slumped back in total resignation watching her husband's tongue dart around her daughter's pussy. Sandy grabbed a fistful of Steve's hair encouraging him.

"Fuck Daddy, get up here and fuck me. Fuck your little girl. Fuck your daughter now," Sandy roared as an orgasm ripped through her body. Becky couldn't help it as the sight before her turned her on. Becky arched her back and soon Sandy felt her mother grinding her crotch against the top of her head.

"What a bitch you are Sandy? God forgive me but I have to fuck this hot bitch," Steve groaned with his daughter's juices dripping from his chin. He slammed his rod deep into his offspring's cunt. Sandy groaned and exhaled as she felt the shaft penetrate her insides. In no time her dad's hips were plunging deep in and out of her in a smooth rhythm. The girl wrapped her legs around her dad's ass.

Sandy had never been fucked with such a fury as her dad drove harder and harder into her with each thrust. Grabbing Steve's hands she placed them on her large orbs. Then, deftly reaching behind Becky's back she unclasped the handcuffs telling her mom to join her daddy in fondling Sandy's boobs.

Shudder after shudder ravaged Sandy's body as the hard fucking continued. It was not very long until Steve felt his balls boil. For a brief moment he thought about pulling out and creaming Sandy's stomach but just then he let loose a huge stream of spunk. He was on fire now and pummeled his daughter even harder shooting everything he had into her.

The threesome collapsed in a heap to recover for a few minutes. Then Sandy proclaimed the games over but ordered her dad to go out and order a second king size bed for their bedroom. She told him their room was huge enough to handle it and she wanted a playground large enough for three as she would be sleeping there from now on.

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