Elena got up from the edge of the motel room bed and walked to the window to look down on the street. There was her daughter joining her girlfriends and several boys, laughing and giggling as they walked away.

This was supposed to be a fun vacation for the two of them, at a surf Festival where her daughter was a competitor. But Elena felt bored, ignored and now humiliated and hurt.

Elena was very mad. Her daughter had just said some very mean things to her. It had all started when her daughter had shortened her denim miniskirt far too short for a girl of 18. And the blouse was too tight and showed to much cleavage.

Elena had told her "Change your clothes and put on something decent."

Her daughter had screamed back at her "Just because your an old hag and no one wants to look at you doesn't mean that I shouldn't look sexy."

Elena knew that her daughter was only striking out but that didn't take the sting out her words. Especially since Elena actually thought her daughter was probably right. She didn't feel sexy. After all her husband hadn't had sex with her in over a year.

It wasn't her fault. She actually had a better body now than when she got married 20 years ago. Over the last 6 months she had worked out in the gym four days a week and ran 20 miles a week.

But as she turned from the window she caught her reflection in the mirror on the motel wall. Her daughter was right, nobody would look at her. The baggy sweats and lack of makeup certainly wouldn't draw any attention.

She moved slowly toward the mirror and looked at her face. She could see that she was still pretty but it was like it was in hiding. She undid her perpetual ponytail and ran her fingers through her hair as it dropped to her shoulders; it was thick, wavy and light brown. She turned her face from side to side, her hair swayed seductively.

She pulled up the sweatshirt over her head. Then did the same with the baggy T-shirt and the over sized tank top underneath.

She pushed her sweatpants to the floor and stepped out of them. She twisted her body from side to side. Her body was trim, firm but wearing the grandma style panties and the support bra she didn't look like a woman of 38, she looked more like her sexless mother.

Little tears formed in her eyes. And as she started to cry her eyes focused on the open suitcase in front of her. Her daughter had brought more clothes than she could possibly wear for the weekend, and had already changed outfit's three or four times. Each outfit had been more revealing than the other.

Elena reached out and touched the short Levi skirt, pulling towards her. She held it up against her hips and realized that it would fit her. And then as if someone else's hands were doing the work she quickly went through the suitcase pulling out a small tank top, a pair of thong panties and a sexy thin lace bra. She quickly slipped them on.

She brushed her hair, applied makeup to her face and eyes and then slipped on a pair of three inches high cork sandals.

Now as she looked in the mirror facing her was an incredibly sexy attractive woman. The skirt was tight and very short, she had left the top 3 buttons and the bottom 3 buttons of the tank top undone revealing magnificent cleavage and tight toned abs. She was amazed at the transformation.

Elena grabbed her purse and walked quickly to the door before she could change her mind.

She stepped out locking the door behind her and nervously walked down the hall. She got in the empty elevator and descended to the lobby. The doors opened and she hesitated for a moment thinking of running back upstairs. The elevator jumped and she suddenly stepped out of the elevator into the lobby. No one noticed her immediately.

But as she started walking across the lobby with the click of the sandals several men turned in that moment and stared at her. She held her breath walking straight and steady through the doors and onto the street outside. As she turned left and walked down the street she heard the doorman whistle under his breath. And her heart soared and finally she took a breath.

Two blocks towards the beach she decided to go into the La Paz Grille. She had seen that it was a bar and nightclub on the first night they had walked around town. The lights were dim in the bar and it was pretty full. She went straight to the bar, found a stool and ordered a Margarita.

She was shaking slightly as she had a couple of sips. Then a man slid next to her flashing a great smile. "Would the most beautiful woman in La Paz dance with me?"

She blushed, took a big swallow and said "Yes."

She hadn't danced in 10 years but she had always loved it. The first couple of songs were fast and she was really enjoying herself. As the dance floor was getting more crowded she found the music had shifted to a more pounding and driving beat.

People were bumping into each other and forced to be very close to each other. As she danced she looked around and saw many of the couples moving very sexually, their bodies swaying together and in some cases wrapped completely against each other.

She closed her eyes and began letting her body move more suggestively. At the same time she could feel the heat of his body near her.

Then his hands began sliding gently on her. She kept her eyes closed and just kept moving. Before to long she felt him against her.

She hadn't felt this good, this sexy in a long time and didn't want the feeling to go away.

The music stopped and a slow song came on. As the music started to play he pulled her towards him. Her back was against his chest and his hand on her bare abdomen. She still had her eyes closed as she swayed to the music, and then she realized that she could feel his erection against her ass.

He spun her around and pulled her back into him again only this time his leg slid between her legs. She opened her eyes and could see all the other couples locked in equally sensuous embraces. She slipped her arms around his neck and his hand slipped from her back down to her ass pulling her closer. Now she couldn't help but feel his erection pressing hard against her.

She suddenly realized that his other hand was pressing against her breast and his fingers squeezed her right nipple. She shuddered, she knew she had to stop, but not just yet. Her breath quickened and she could feel that singular throbbing pressure between her thighs.

Gently he began to pull her hips up and down on his thigh. She knew she was really getting turned on and she had to stop soon or she wouldn't be able to stop at all.

She could feel that almost forgotten tingle between her legs, the gradually building heat and now the moistness in her pussy.

Just as she was about to stop and make a break for it he leaned down to gently kiss her ear. His tongue teased her ear and then he took her earlobe between his lips. The little hairs on the back of her neck stood up, both of her nipples wet hard as a rock and her pussy was soaking wet.

The lights dimmed and now his hand slipped into her blouse and he was cupping her breast and nipple. She looked up at him and then pulled herself up, placing her mouth on his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and she knew there was no way she was going to stop, she couldn't, she needed this more than she ever needed anything.

She didn't care what anyone saw. She only cared how she felt at this certain moment. The hunger was overtaking her and then she heard the crowd clapping rhythmically to the beat of the music, to the rhythm of her hips pressing against his.

The clapping and chanting became more urgent as he bent her over backwards. She found herself lying on a table. He quickly slid his hand under her skirt and slipped her thong off just as his fingers begin to explore her. His mouth was running down her neck, kissing her exposed breasts, her nipples being teased between his teeth and tongue.

And then just as she was about to scream with delight she felt his large rigid dick press into her hot wet pussy.

It was as if it was a dream, this couldn't be happening to her. Right there in the middle of the dance floor she was having the most amazing sex of her life.

Then just as the first of several pounding orgasms thrilled her body and she cried out in ecstasy she realized her daughter was wrong, people really did want to look at her, a lot of people wanted to look her and the waves of pleasure rolled over her body as she felt him cum deep inside her.

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