Elena Ch. 02


Elena was sitting at her desk in the main library of the University. Her mind drifted back to the night several months ago when she had lost control of herself. She still couldn't believe that she had sex in a public place, in front of dozens of people. And even more shockingly that she had enjoyed the fact that people were watching as a man she didn't know was bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Even now as she thought about what had happened she began to become aroused. Almost every day now she would have the same flashback memory. Each time the memory became more vivid and her state of arousal became more pressing an urgent.

She had tried, to no avail, to reawaken the passion between her and her husband. She knew he was having an affair with someone but it really didn't matter anymore. Now between the sexual frustration from her marriage and the vivid intense memories of that night were driving her to desperation. She had to do something or she was going to have a nervous breakdown.

At 5 PM she locked up and started to head home. On the way out of the library she stopped in the bathroom. As she was washing her hands she looked at herself in the mirror. And then with a smile undid her hair and let it fall to her shoulders, running her fingers through the thick wavy hair. Suddenly her body flushed with that same feeling she had experienced months before. She quickly removed her blouse, bra and camisole. Then she slipped the blouse back on leaving four buttons undone and exposing significant cleavage. She undid an equal number of buttons on her skirt allowing the opening to come up to the middle of her thigh. She reached into her purse and pulled out her favorite perfume and the pink lipstick. Applying the perfume between her breasts and on the inside of her thighs she became immediately more aroused. Her nipples became hard and she felt that moistness between her thighs. She tucked in the blouse pulling it in tightly towards her back accentuating the tautness over her ample breasts. Her arousal was obvious with her nipples pushing against the shear silk blouse. She applied the pink lipstick a little heavier than usual and stood back to look at it herself.

If she didn't get laid looking like this she would never get laid! She put her overcoat back on and left the library heading for the campus pub. She was nervous again when she came in but fortunately the place was dimly lit. She took off her overcoat and sat down at a table. A striking young waitress came by to take her order.

"What would you like?"

"I'd like a seven and seven please."

When the waitress brought her drink back Elena noticed the girl looked up and down and smiled. "Hey you look like our looking to have a lot of fun tonight. If you want I was planning on hooking up with a couple guys myself. You could join us and we can have a really good party?"

Elena thought for a moment, lifted the Scotch to her full lips and drank it down in a single swallow. "Okay but let's do it now, I don't want to waste a moment!"

With that the waitress introduced herself. "My name is Sable. I think we're going to be great friends. Give me five minutes to get out of this uniform and we'll go."

Elena sat nervously at her table thinking "What am I doing?" Then just as she was about to get up and leave Sable came back from the bar wearing a tight short skirt and a low-cut camisole with no bra underneath.

"Let's go honey! I called my guys and told them that we were going to fuck their brains out. And they said bring it on we'll see who's brains get fucked out. Wahoo! We are going to party tonight!"

As Elena and Sable left the bar all eyes were on them. Elena's heart began pounding in her chest and she felt herself becoming wet with need. They walked to Elena's car and as she was about to open the passenger door Sable pushed her against the car and pressed her body against Elena's. Sable kissed her hungrily. Elena felt Sable's voluptuous lips against hers and then a honey tasting tongue plunging into her mouth. She didn't know what was overcoming her but she yielded to the pleasure she felt.

Sable's hand slid through the unbuttoned blouse and cupped Elena's breast giving a gentle squeeze to the hard nipple. And then she pushed her thigh between Elena's thighs hard up against her pussy.

Elena began pushing her tongue eagerly back into Sables open mouth. She let her hands move down Sables sweet body. She had never thought she would enjoy sex with a woman but this was really turning her on.

Suddenly Sable broke off the kiss. "Yummy, now let's get going. I knew you were going to be a lot of fun!" And she slipped quickly into the passenger seat before Elena could another word.

Elena caught her breath, got in and started the car. "Where are we going?"

"Three blocks up turn right, go four blocks and pull into the driveway of the first house on the right."

As Elena began driving Sable reached over and began running her soft hand over Elena's thigh, gradually moving further and further up her leg. Elena was having a difficult time focusing as Sable's hand began rubbing against her wet panties.

"Cool, I can see you really like this. You are really going to like the rest of it." Then she slid her finger under Elena's thong and began rubbing the entrance to Elena's pussy.

Elena swerved to the right and let out a gasp. "Oh my God!" She steeled herself as the finger slid into her pussy and began rubbing inside her.

She thought it was the longest 7 blocks of her life as she finally pulled into the driveway. As they walked to the door she knew she would do anything Sable asked of her.

Sable opened the door and let Elena step in. "Honey, these guys are my Fuck Buddies and tonight we are going to Rock Your World."

Elena stared at the three buff college aged guys getting up from the couch and walking toward her. Before she could say anything she felt Sable's kisses on her neck and Sable's hands moving over her breasts as she pulled Elena's blouse open.

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