tagNonConsent/ReluctanceElise's Revenge

Elise's Revenge

bySexy Bi Chick©

Still hurt by the rampage that she had just endured, Elise wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts. She still could not believe what had just happened and that she had actually enjoyed most of it. She sniffled and grabbed some Kleenex from the living room table as she pondered what her next move would be. The feelings that brewed inside of her made her sick, she felt violated and angry. Between her legs though, told a different story. Her privates were still dripping wet with passion and she felt strangely fine down below. Though tired and sore from the aggressive fuck, there was this feeling of pure enjoyment deep in her subconscious that led her to believe that she may have secretly wanted it that way.

Nonetheless, she was not about to let Dan screw her over and get the last word. She may have loved him but he had gone to far, she wanted justice, and not the legal kind. She sat on the couch, still naked and wet, and began to plot her revenge. Maybe Dan would like having the tables turned on him, what a perfect way to put an end to this Elise thought to herself. The sun glistened outside and cast an ominous shadow in the living room where Elise sat and contemplated her actions over the next 24 hours. It was time to get even.


Dan walked through the downtown area smiling and singing a little song to himself as he strolled along. He felt pretty darn good about himself after what he had just done and knew that he would always have a pleasant memory to reflect upon when he needed. He decided he would celebrate his happy little fuck with a drink so he entered a bar and sat down.

"One Jack and Coke," Dan ordered as he smiled at the cute blonde bartender. He noticed how sexy she was, her pretty blonde hair drawing his attention. She had gorgeous blue eyes and a flawless complexion, Dan's dream girl.

She smiled back and replied, "Coming right up."

Dan tapped his fingers on the bar and reflected on his conquest, he was not a rapist, just a frustrated man who was tired of the bullshit that accompanies a relationship. At least that's what he told himself. The bartender brought Dan his drink and smiled again as she handed it to him.

"Here you go, $5 please," she said with a bat of her eyes.

Dan looked her right in the eye and responded, "Thank you cutie," as he handed her a five dollar bill and two ones as a tip. "By the way, what's your name sexy?" he asked.

"Jennifer," she replied with a smile.

She said thank you and gave him a wink as she headed back to work at the busy bar. Dan sipped his Jack and Coke, one of his favorite drinks, and thought about asking the bartender for her number, she definitely was a hottie. As the alcohol took it's toll, Dan became more bold and decided he would just go all out, life was too short to hold back he thought to himself. He ordered another drink, and decided to ask the bartender when she was getting off.

"So sexy, when is your shift over?" Dan asked her as she handed him a drink.

She smiled coyly and responded, "I get off in an hour, why?"

Dan grinned. He wasn't going to beat around the bush here. "I think we should definitely hook up, you know, just get together and have a great time."

Jennifer wasn't into hooking up with customers, she just didn't trust most men these days, but something about Dan made her think otherwise. Besides, she hadn't gotten laid in quite some time, finishing up college and working had taken most of her time. She looked Dan in the eye and felt something deep within her, something erotic and very sensual about him struck her and it turned her on bigtime. Perhaps this would be his lucky night she thought to herself as she sighed.

"Okay, hang out for another hour and we'll go back to my place for a nightcap," Jennifer finally said after a pause.

Dan nodded and went back to his drink. He had no idea what the night would have in store for him...


In the shower, Elise tried to wash away her pain and sobbed quietly. She lathered up and let the warm water trickle down over her exceptional body. Her lathered up breasts felt smooth to the touch as she rubbed them. A magnificent feeling it was indeed, to have some time alone in the shower, refreshing scents overwhelming her senses. She stayed in there for a good hour before deciding to get out and get ready.

Elise stared into the mirror in the bathroom. The reflection confused her, she wasn't sure who she was looking at anymore, she was always such a nice girl. But this was a different Elise, she had anger and vengeance in her eyes. Elise could not believe what she was about to do but she knew there was no going back. Dan needed to learn his lesson.

Dan was stronger than her, there was no question about that. She needed an equalizer and that came in the form of a weapon she had dreaded. Dan made the mistake of leaving behind his handgun, a colt 45 Special. It was powerful enough to blow anyone away and it was going to be Elise's accomplice for tonight. She picked up the piece and pointed it into the mirror, smiling at the evil thoughts brewing in her mind. Dan would have to come back, and when he did, she would have a surprise in store for him.

Elise headed to the bedroom where she and Dan had made love once and reached into the closet for a sexy red dress. She then reached for her Victoria's Secret lingerie set and put it on as she prepared for the night. She was going to look beautiful, even as she was about to get ugly. She slipped on her dress and put on her high heels as she headed back to the bathroom. Applying her favorite cherry red lipstick, Elise felt a rush of excitement throughout her body. This was her night and sweet justice was going to be delivered soon enough. All in due time she thought to herself, all in due time.

"My, you look gorgeous darling!" Elise exclaimed as she posed in front of the mirror. Smiling, she headed back into the living room and waited.


Dan walked hand in hand with Jennifer as they entered her apartment. There was no messing around here, as soon as she closed the door, his hands were all over her sumptuous body. She smiled greatly as Dan's hands caressed her beautiful frame. They kissed deeply and passionately, Jennifer pressing her body against Dan in a tight embrace. Her breasts mashed against Dan's chest and inspired a quickly growing erection. She took notice of his hard on and made sure to tease it by rubbing against it with her thigh, all the while keeping her lips locked on his. Things were getting hot and heavy fast so she decided it was time to be in a more intimate setting.

"Let's go to my bedroom," she proclaimed with an assertive tone.

Holding Dan's hand, Jennifer led him to her bed and pushed him down onto it. She mounted him and quickly removed her tight top and sexy bra, revealing two luscious breasts that appeared to be all natural and about 36C in size. Dan stared at them in amazement, these were the best breasts he had ever seen in his life. Elise had great tits too but these were absolutely flawless. He reached up and squeezed them with much pleasure, God they felt so soft. Jennifer moaned in ecstasy while Dan caressed her breasts. It was heaven for both of them.

They kissed feverishly while their hands explored each other's bodies. Jennifer's hand finding Dan's raging hard cock and freeing it from his pants , Dan's hand clamping down on her perfect ass and gripping it tightly. She stroked his cock slowly while kissing him and Dan responded by pulling her jeans off. She was wearing a delightful baby blue thong and it turned him on big time. He pulled at it and slowly pulled the thong aside, revealing her fleshy pink folds. Sitting naked on top of him, she was a sight to behold, an incredible athletic body, tanned and flawless. Jennifer draped her legs on either side of him and lowered herself onto his erection. Her pussy was so moist and tight that Dan groaned in absolute pleasure upon entry. This was magnificent, what luck he was having, he figured that things couldn't get much better than this.

After a few slow and sensual strokes, Jennifer got off of his cock much to Dan's surprise. He began to mutter something incoherently but was quickly muted when she took his rock hard cock into her wet warm mouth.

"Unnnnhhh," he moaned in delight while she worked his cock with her tongue and full luscious lips. Looking up at him, she smiled and winked before bobbing her head up and down at a furious rate.

"Oh God! That feels so fucking good!"

"Mmmmm, you like that baby?"

"Fuck yes... slow down before I come in your mouth"

She slowed down and came off his cock with a loud pop as she licked her lips. Smiling, she positioned herself in a sixty nine position and lowered her pussy onto his sexy face.

"You have to eat my pussy now babe, make me come all over your face."

Dan didn't hesitate, he sucked on her wet pussy and slurped it with a passion. "Oooohhhh... mmmmmm," she moaned while Dan sucked and licked away. Taking his cock back into her mouth, Jennifer sucked it aggressively, occasionally slowing down to lick the tip of his dick with teasing flicks of her tongue. She could taste the pre-cum coming out the tip of his beautiful cock and it was sweet and sensuous.

"You like how I suck your cock Dan?"

He groaned in agreement with her wonderful technique.

"You taste so fuckin good, I could suck your pussy for days"

He varied his technique as he ate her luscious pussy. Sticking his tongue in and out of her, eliciting moans of pleasure. Sucking on her clitoris, driving her over the edge and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Ohhhh, fuck! I'm gonna come!"

Dan picked up the pace of his frenzied licking and sucking as Jennifer's legs trembled and her pussy ached. Moaning loudly from his expert cunnilingus, she came all over his face and drenched him in her sweet love juice. Shaking noticeably from her orgasm, she continued to suck his cock harder and harder.

"Mmmmmph. " She gagged on his cock and swallowed it whole as she deep throated it. Dan couldn't hold back any longer, he let out a vicious grunt as he exploded into her warm mouth. The cum was thick and warm and Jennifer couldn't help but savor the taste of his hot nectar. She continued sucking Dan's cock , up and down as the cum swirled around insider her hot, moist mouth. Dan was overwhelmed by his orgasm and laid there drained and spent while she sucked and sucked his still hard cock, her pussy still hovering above him, just inches from his wet face.

"That was incredible, I..."

Before he could finish, Jennifer turned around and mounted him once more.

"Unhhhhh," he grunted as she grinded on his spit covered cock. He looked up at her pretty face and was surprised to find that she still had his cum in her mouth. "What are you gonna do with that?"

Without saying a word, she swallowed his hot thick load and purred. Dan simply gasped in amazement. She winked at him and went back to work, pumping up and down on his dick faster and faster, she neared another orgasm. Her tits bounced like crazy as her pace quickened and Dan was completely overwhelmed.

"Oh fuck! Oh yes! God!"

She came again as her hips bucked wildly back and forth to the rhythm of their passionate fucking. The juices flowed from her pussy as it engulfed Dan's cock and covered it completely. Dan reached up and grabbed her lovely breasts as she slowed her grind to a more sensual pace. He could feel another orgasm coming up for him and did not want to slow things down.

"Fuck me you horny little bitch."

He squeezed her breasts hard and pushed her up and down on his thick cock. She moaned as she bounced up and down, her ass slapping down on his thighs with each forceful thrust. Her long blonde hair dangled over her shoulders and Dan noticed how good it smelled. She was beautiful in every way and her delightful scent intoxicated him.

"Keep bouncing on that cock baby, I'm getting close"

She complied and increased her force as Dan grabbed her firm ass and gripped it with all his might. Jennifer screamed as another orgasm captivated her sweat soaked body. Whimpering as Dan forced her to keep up the frantic pace, she looked him in the eye and seductively smiled.

"Fuck me! Come on! Fuck that pussy and come for me!"

"Ohhh Fuck!"

Dan blew his load inside Jennifer's tight pussy and the feeling was sensational. She kissed him deeply as their juices flowed together deep within her. Placing her hands on his chest, she slowly moved her hips in an erotic manner causing him to grunt in approval. Spent yet satisfied, they lay there together, their moist bodies intertwined in a erotic embrace.

"That was absolutely amazing babe," Dan expressed as he stroked her hair. "By far the best sex I have ever had."

Jennifer smiled and kissed him. "That was definitely more than I expected. Thank you."

Exhausted from their intense fuck session, they exchanged wet kisses as they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Dan left around midnight and headed back to the house he shared with Elise, planning to pack the rest of his things and come back to stay with Jennifer until he could figure out where he was going to stay next. If things worked out, maybe he had a new relationship on the horizon with a great girl. He thought to himself as he drove, Elise is such a spoiled little bitch. Sure, he had a nice house to stay in if he stayed with her but he was tired of her. She wasn't everything he thought she would be, sure she was beautiful but at times could be very immature and he suspected she might have been cheating too. He shook his head, it wouldn't matter soon, he would grab his belongings and start over.

As he entered the driveway, he had an odd feeling inside, like something wasn't quite right. He opened the front door and noticed the house was strangely dim, with only a few candles providing the light. Quietly he stepped in and closed the door behind him. Upon turning around, he saw Elise at the end of the hallway, a dark silhouette cast upon his eyes.

"Elise? I just came back to grab the rest of my stuff, just stay out of my way and everything will be fine. I'm not here to hurt you anymore"

He slowly made his way to the bedroom and towards Elise who had other things in mind. She raised the gun, which had been hidden behind her, and pointed it directly at him.

"Oh, you came for your stuff huh? Well I got something to give you."

Shocked at the sudden turn of events, he tried to compose himself.

"Look... put the gun down, no one needs to get hurt here.."

She scoffed at his comment and tossed her hair back with her free hand.

"After what you did to me today, you deserve what I'm going to do to you"

Dan realized the serious nature of her threat and tried to think of how to resolve the situation. Sadly, Elise was the one with the gun and he was limited in options. He approached her slowly, hoping to break her current state of mind

"Not another step! Get down on your knees!" she snapped as she waved the gun at him.

Dan didn't have a choice, the tables had been turned on him and he could only imagine what would happen next. In an attempt to lighten the situation, he pointed out that it wasn't worth it to hurt him, much less shoot him.

"Look Elise... I know what I did was fucked up. Yeah, I might have hurt you physically but I didn't bring any weapons into it and never did I threaten your life. This is ridiculous"

"Shut the fuck up you bastard, you took my pride and ripped it to shreds. You made me your little whore earlier and now, I shall make you mine."

Dan tried to say something but to no avail, he could only manage a blank stare as Elise walked towards him and demanded that he lift up her dress. Given the circumstances, he had no choice but to comply. He slowly lifted up her dress and noticed she was wearing his favorite thong, a sexy red lace piece from Victoria's Secret, he had picked it out himself when they were still on good terms.

"Lick my pussy through the thong."

Dan paused and reluctantly slid under her dress to lick her. He extended his tongue and licked her most private part and noticed how moist it was. She was genuinely turned on by this. He on the other hand wanted out and thought about reaching for the weapon. Logic, however, suggested that he not attempt to do such a thing, given the fact that he had taught her how to handle it and fire without hesitation if you feel threatened.

"Mmmmm, that's it. Lick it you little bitch."

Disgusted at her brash command, Dan almost tackled her right then but decided against it. After all, he had a gun pointed at him. He tentatively continued licking but apparently he was too slow. Elise grabbed his head and pushed him into her warm crotch with authority. Grinding on his face, she felt total control now and she was going to take full advantage.

"Pull the thong aside now and lick my pussy for real, and you better get into it, I'm not messing around here"

Dan pulled her thong aside as directed and gingerly licked Elise's pussy which was getting wetter by the minute. She moaned softly as he tongued her wetness. Unsatisfied with his passionless motions, she grabbed him once again by the hair and pushed his face into her pussy.

"Suck that fuckin pussy right or you're gonna get it!"

Fearing for his immediate safety, Dan was forced to enjoy, or at least pretend to enjoy, this act. He buried his tongue deep into her moistened pussy and sucked on her lips aggressively. Elise moaned wildly as his intensity increased.

"Mmmmm, that's it, eat my fuckin pussy! Ohhhhh! Make me fuckin come!"

It wasn't long before Dan's face was covered in her pussy juices and whether he wanted it this way or not, he couldn't resist licking up every drop and sucking her pussy for more. He licked and sucked, probing her clit with his tongue occasionally and made her cream his face. Grabbing her by the thighs, he buried his face into her and relished the taste of her sticky wet pussy.

Now it was time to make Dan beg for it, she knew she held all the cards. Dragging him by the hair, she pulled him to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Tapping her heels on the floor, Elise took her time giving her next order. She relaxed and looked Dan in the eye and smiled.

"Take off my heels."

Dan complied and awaited her next move.

"Now suck my toes."

He took her neatly pedicured toes into his mouth and sucked on them, one at a time. She purred as he licked and sucked her toes, moaning lightly as candlelight flickered in the background. Her flesh meshed into his warm mouth and the raw nature of this act turned Dan on greatly. Her feet did not taste bad at all, they simply tasted like clean flesh. He went from one foot to the other as she nodded in agreement.

Satisfied with his effort but still angry at his earlier actions, Elise decided it was time to really make him suffer.

"Take your clothes off," she commanded.

Dan removed his shirt and pulled his pants down. Removing his shoes and socks, he stood there in his boxer briefs. Elise pointed the weapon at him and made it clear that she was not satisfied. He slowly removed his boxer briefs and stood there naked for her enjoyment.

Taking note of his erection, Elise pulled her thong down and removed her dress. Sitting back down on the bed, she spread her legs so that Dan could get a nice view of her soaked pussy. He stared at her blankly as she rubbed her clit with her fingers and prepared herself for the fucking that would soon be taking place.

"Get over here and pump my pussy you fuckin cock."

Dan made his way over and pushed her down lightly onto to the bed and grabbed each of her legs, spreading them wider so that he could easily enter her. As he grabbed his cock and pushed it slowly into her, she smiled devilishly and waved the weapon at him.

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