tagLesbian SexEliza at the Shrink

Eliza at the Shrink


Eliza Lintock, aged 21 has been sent to a psychiatrist by her mother who is worried because her daughter insists that she is a lesbian and has no desire to have sexual intercourse with men... The psychiatrist is Dr Diana Lemon, aged 42, an expert on matters sexual...

DIANA: Come in, Eliza. Please sit down.

ELIZA: Aren't I supposed to lie on a couch, or something?

DIANA: That isn't essential, but if you prefer that...

ELIZA: No -- I'm quite happy sitting...

DIANA: Tell me a bit about yourself...

ELIZA: What -- my name, age, education...?

DIANA: No, I know all that -- what do you like doing in your spare time?

ELIZA: Oh, reading, riding my bike, going out with friends -- working on the computer.

DIANA: What do you do on the computer?

ELIZA: I write a bit - and surf quite a lot.

DIANA: What do you write?

ELIZA: Er -- stories...

DIANA: What sort of stories...

ELIZA: Well -- oh I might as well tell you, because I know where all this is leading -- erotic stories.

DIANA: There's nothing you need to be ashamed about there -- my husband also writes erotic stories, although I'd categorize them more as pornographic...

ELIZA: Really -- he lets you read them?

DIANA: Yes, why not? We're very open with each other...

ELIZA: Yes, well I'm pretty open with Dad, but Mum doesn't like talking about sex -- sex and death are taboo as subjects of conversation as far as she is concerned.

DIANA: So you get on well with your father?

ELIZA: Very well, yes...

DIANA: You're a very attractive girl -- has he ever indicated that he's perhaps attracted to you as a man to a woman.

ELIZA: Good God, no! Well...


ELIZA: Yes, I think he does find me attractive as a woman -- but he doesn't... you know...

DIANA: He's never touched you -- in a sexual way?

ELIZA: Mummy's obviously been telling you things. Look there was this one time... I've always been frightened of thunder, and when I was a little girl, when it thundered I always went into my parents' bed. Then -- when I was thirteen -- there was this terrible thunderstorm and I was dead scared.. Mum was away, but I crept into their room and slipped into bed next to Dad. He was asleep and I don't think he felt me get in...

DIANA: And...?

ELIZA: Well, sometime during the night I woke up and Dad was pressed right against me - I think he was still asleep, but his prick, I mean his cock... well, I called it a willy in those days -- anyway it was erect and sticking into me...

DIANA: Into your vag...

ELIZA: Good grief no, into my back! I didn't know what to do -- I moved away, but he put his arm round me and started to rub his prick against my back... I wasn't frightened or anything -- I just thought it a bit funny -- strange... Anyway I kept perfectly still and then he put his hand down and took hold of his prick and started rubbing it -- until he came, squirting sperm all over my nightie. My first reaction was that he was peeing all over me -- but then I remembered the conversations I'd had with my schoolmates about boys masturbating and spurting sperm and I realized what had happened.

DIANA: Did your father wake up...

ELIZA: Yes, he woke up almost immediately and when he realized what had happened he felt terrible -- he almost cried. He didn't know how to apologize, how to explain what had happened, but we switched on the light, he calmed down a bit and started to tell me about what happened to boys and men, about masturbation and all that -- of course I knew it all in theory, but now I'd seen it in practice. He asked me not to say anything about this to Mummy, and I didn't, but I think he must have told her himself -- much later -- because when Mummy goes on at me about my being a lesbian, she brings this up as a possible reason.

DIANA: Do you think it's a possible reason?

ELIZA: I don't know -- you tell me -- you're the shrink. What it did do was make me so much closer to Daddy -- so that I was able to talk to him about everything -- including sex -- much better than I've ever been able to talk to Mummy.

DIANA: So you discuss sex with your father? What does he think about your apparent sexual orientation -- no, let me first ask you -- do you see yourself as a lesbian?

ELIZA: In that I am sexually attracted to women and have no desire to have sexual intercourse with a man -- yes.

DIANA: Does it worry you?

ELIZA: Worry me? Not in the least. It only worries Mummy, it seems.

DIANA: And your father?

ELIZA: He's not worried in the slightest -- he sees how happy I am with my girl friends...

DIANA: So the only sexual experience you've had is with other girls?

ELIZA: And masturbation, of course.

DIANA: When did you start to masturbate?

ELIZA: When I was fourteen -- a schoolfriend showed me how to do it properly. I'd tried on my own before that but had never reached orgasm.

DIANA: Did you masturbate a lot with your school friends?

ELIZA: Oh yes! There was a group of us who would sometimes masturbate several times during the day. Even in class... And in the shower after sports... But usually it was when we were able to be alone together in the classroom. Or by the river when we went for a walk in the lunch break...

DIANA: How often do you masturbate now?

ELIZA: About five times a day, usually.

DIANA: That's quite a lot...

ELIZA: Not really -- I pee more often than that..

DIANA: Yes, well -- that's a natural function that...

ELIZA: Oh come of it Doctor...

DIANA: Call me Diana...

ELIZA: Look, Diana, isn't masturbation a natural function? It relaxes me -- I never have any problem with stress...

DIANA: Yes, sorry -- I didn't mean to knock it...

ELIZA: I mean, be honest -- don't you masturbate sometimes?

DIANA: Yes, I do, but..

ELIZA: But nothing -- if you masturbate you know why I masturbate and you know its therapeutic effects...

DIANA: Yes, but I make love with my husband as well...

ELIZA: Good luck to you -- I don't want to do that, so I masturbate more often...

DIANA: So you've never had any relationship with a man?

ELIZA: I never said that -- I have several men friends...

DIANA: And have they ever tried...

ELIZA: To fuck me? No- my closest men friends are all gay -- gay men are the kindest, the tenderest of people -- they understand me almost as well as my girl friends.

DIANA: So your friendships with men are all platonic?

ELIZA: I didn't say that, either. I make love with gays -- I masturbate them and suck them off, and they caress me as well as any woman...

DIANA: Oh -- so you're not turned off by the male organ...

ELIZA: I know what you're trying to get at -- you think that what happened with my father has put me off pricks altogether. Not at all. It's just that I don't want one inside me. Is that so terrible? Maybe I'll change my mind one day --but you won't change it for me...

DIANA: I'm not trying to change your mind for you, I'm just trying to help you to find for yourself the reason for your shunning sexual intercourse.

ELIZA: Well, it's nothing to do with Dad -- as I said, we're very close and we talk about everything very freely -- including our sexual lives. He saw me masturbating once -- he came home unexpectedly when I was masturbating in front of the computer.

DIANA: What did he say?

ELIZA: He said: 'Good for you!' and went into his study -- probably to have a good wank himself. He masturbates regularly -- he told me. Mum's a bit frigid now, it seems.

DIANA: He talks to you about his relationship with your mother?

ELIZA: Of course -- as I told you -- we have no secrets from each other. She masturbates too - Dad told me of course, she never would.

DIANA: So you've never talked about sex with your mother?

ELIZA: Not talked -- we argue about it -- quarrel about it -- when she starts getting on at me about my relationships with my girlfriends. When Penny came to stay she insisted she slept in the spare room instead of with me. Of course she came into my room and Mum caught us in bed together. Since then she hasn't allowed anyone to come to stay -- not even boys, because she knows that I only go out with gays...

DIANA: Well, when you came, I genuinely thought that the problem -- if it is a problem -- started with what happened with your father -- and I still think the incident left some trace -- but the main problem seems to be your relationship with your mother.

ELIZA: I could have told you that.

DIANA: Has she ever caught you masturbating?

ELIZA: Yes -- she was furious. She told me not to do such disgusting things in the house. Fortunately, she's out a lot of the time, so she doesn't know what I get up to.

DIANA: What do you get up to?

ELIZA: I masturbate a lot to the computer -- I join chat rooms where the topic of conversation is wanking and have private chats with men about our wanking habits -- and then we cum together -- at least I cum and he says he does... And I also download erotic stories -- mostly about lesbians and female masturbation -- and I write my own and send them to the site...

DIANA: And these stories excite you and you masturbate to them...

ELIZA: That's right...

DIANA: I'd like to read some of these stories you write...

ELIZA: What -- to see if they'd work you up so you can masturbate to them...

DIANA: No, of course not...

ELIZA: What do you masturbate to?

DIANA: I think it's best if I ask the questions.

ELIZA: And I think the success or failure of this séance will depend on our being totally honest with each other.

DIANA: True...

ELIZA: So what does turn you on?

DIANA: If you must know, pictures and videos of young girls masturbating...

ELIZA: Young girls like me?

DIANA: Yes...

ELIZA: So if I started masturbating now, you'd probably join me?

DIANA: That's just a hypothetical question.

ELIZA: It won't be if I pull down my knickers and start masturbating -- like this!

Eliza lifts her skirt and drops her knickers to her ankles

DIANA: Eliza -- I really must ask you to stop -- this is most unethical.

ELIZA: Look, this whole conversation has been working me up and I've really got to finish myself off. Also, you're a very attractive woman and ever since I came in the room I've been imagining having sex with you.

DIANA: But I'm old enough to be your mother...

ELIZA: Perhaps that's why -- perhaps as you say, my whole problem was caused by a mother who's never understood me.

By now, Eliza is masturbating vigorously. Diana is obviously getting excited by this.

DIANA: Eliza, please. This could lose me my job. If someone were to come in...

ELIZA: Then you'd better lock the door, then!

Diana realizes that this is perhaps a good idea; she gets up and crosses to the door and quietly locks it.

DIANA: This is terrible...

ELIZA: (kicking off her knickers) Don't tell me you're not getting worked up by this.

DIANA: In my job I can't afford to give way to my emotions.

ELIZA: It's not a question of emotions -- it's a question of pure sexual desire. Do you desire me?

DIANA: Oh hell -- yes of course -- who could resist you.

ELIZA: (going right up to Diana, still stroking her clitoris) Then relax and enjoy yourself -- you needn't worry about your job. I won't tell anyone -- it's not ethical! Diana smiles, leans over towards Eliza and gently kisses her pussy.

DIANA: I fancied you as soon as you came in the room, dammit.

ELIZA: And as soon as I came in the room I knew that we'd make love before I left... Come on knickers off...

Diana raises her skirt and pulls down her tights and knickers -- which are noticeably damp...

ELIZA: Yes, I can see you fancy me!

She gently strokes Diana's pussy. Diana puts her arm round Eliza and takes her over towards the couch. Eliza sits down and opens her legs. Diana crouches down and gently inserts her tongue in Eliza's pussy, masturbating herself as she does so. Then they lie down, head to pussy and, each stroking the other's breasts, suck each other to orgasm...

The End

(or perhaps it's only the beginning)

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