tagBDSMElizabeth My Love Ch. 2

Elizabeth My Love Ch. 2


I was walking through the house naked. It was the same house, my house, but I noticed everything as though it were different. Something had changed. The paintings hung on the walls of the living room were the same but I looked at them as if I were seeing them for the first time. The Matisse I had given Elizabeth for our tenth wedding anniversary was more beautiful than I remembered it to be. Something had changed. As I entered the hallway leading to Marie’s room I stopped still. It came to me that I had changed. The incredible erotic evening I had spent with Elizabeth the night before had altered my perceptions. Everything seemed fresher and exciting in the soft light of this new dawn.

I entered Marie’s bedroom. Soft light filtered through the drapes at the windows casting a glow on the woman laying in her bed. I looked at her face framed by the fan of her dark hair on the pillow. The contrast of the white linen and her dark hair was enchanting. Marie must be thirty-five or so. Her rich Latin complexion gave an exotic quality to her beauty. The swell of her ample breasts was visible under the covers. I had always thought of Marie as pretty with a good, slightly plump figure.

I looked around her room at the tasteful decorations. I had not been in this room since she had come into our employ seven years before. I walked to the side of her bed. My eyes never strayed from this sleeping beauty. I was unsure of how to wake her without startling her. I knelt beside her bed. Her breasts rose and fell with her gentle breathing. I whispered "Marie it is time to awaken." she stirred a little and her eyes opened slowly. She saw me kneeling there and smiled. "Good morning Marie."

"Good morning Mr B."

"I have come to tend to your morning needs, if it pleases you."

She smiled again looking into my eyes with warmth. I was not unwelcome. "Uncover me," she said. I pulled back the blanket and sheet revealing her voluptuous naked body. She stretched her body in a most erotic way. My member stiffened and rose a little. She put her hand on my bare chest and rose to a sitting position in front of me. Her legs straddled mine, her thighs brushed my hips. The rich odors emanating from her body enveloped me and caused my rising cock to wave good morning to her. She looked down at it and smiled.

"Are you happy to see me this morning," she asked still looking at my cock. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed back gently as she rose to stand. I was kneeling back on my heels. She still straddled my legs which caused her legs to be spread reveling the soft lips of her sex beneath their downy covering of dark hair. She smiled down at my upturned face as she put her hands behind my head. She stepped forward arching me backward until her mound made contact with my lips. I opened them to accept her. She wiggled her hips from side to side and thrust her pelvis forward till the lips of her sex were open about my mouth..

She caressed my hair and said "drink from me." her warm pee filled my mouth. I swallowed many times before she was finished. I licked the urine from her sex. In a breathless whisper she said "don’t stop." I licked her from bottom to top with a flat tongue several times then I inserted it into the moist mouth of her sex and explored her as I licked her slowly. Little tremors rippled through her and soft moans escaped her parted lips. She started to buck her hips a little. I found her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and bathed it to the sound of louder moans.

She pulled my head into her as she convulsed in orgasm. She rubbed her wetness from my chin to my forehead. Her legs wobbled a little. I reached up to cup her ass for support. When the tremors in her body abated she leaned down and kissed my glistening mouth. "Thank you," she said. "I have never been woke up in such a delightful way. I hope you will do it again sometime." Marie took my hand and helped me to rise. She folded her arms around me and hugged me to her body. She leaned back a little, and with a hand at the back of my head pressed my mouth to her breast. I kissed and caressed it with my tongue. Her hard nipple filled my mouth. I resisted the urge to attack it and bathed it with my tongue instead.

This earned another moan from this lovely woman. When both breasts were completely washed she pushed me back with a smile. "If I don’t stop you now I’ll rape you and we both have things to do. She took my hand and led me into her bathroom. "My shaving things are in the cabinet," she said. I fetched them. "Shave everything below my waist," she said. I knelt beside the sink. I filled the sink with hot water and took a cloth to moisten her legs.

"No cloth. Bathe me with your tongue." she smiled at me and pushed my head down towards her feet. I was in heaven as I washed her toes and foot with my tongue. I slowly worked my way over her calf and knee, up her thighs to her crotch. When her leg was dripping all over with my saliva I took the shaving cream and lathered her leg. I carefully used the razor and removed the hair from her leg. I ran my hands back and forth over every square inch in a gentle caress. When I could feel no stubble anywhere I put down the razor and started again at her other foot. She had a small orgasm as I shaved her thigh and I was afraid I would nick her, but I didn’t. When I was finished with her legs she sat on the toilet seat.

She raised her arms above her head and I licked and shaved her underarms. She spread her legs and I washed the soft hair on her mound. I shaved her twice until her lips glistened and I could feel no hair with my tongue. She had another orgasm as I tended to her most sensitive feminine flesh. She had me lick her again to another orgasm. She kissed me and fondled my cock and balls for a while. She rose from the toilet and turned around. She bent over presenting her shapely ass to my face. I bathed her all over both cheeks before entering the moist crease. She needed a shave there as well. When I was finished and could feel no stubble on my tongue I concentrated on her small puckered hole. I used my tongue to moisten inside as far as I could reach. My tongue felt the warm contents of her back passage and it excited me. I licked her ass until her legs tired. She turned to face me and said "I have to use the toilet."

I raised the seat and she sat to relieve herself as I knelt beside her. When she was finished she rose and said " flush it." she turned and bent at the waste. She wanted me to clean her with my tongue. What joy I felt as I cleaned her. I rose to finish her bath licking all the skin front and back that I had not cleaned. I brushed her teeth and applied a moisturizer to her entire body.

She led me into her bedroom and told me to fetch the dress hanging on the back of her closet door. She told me to put it on her. I asked her if she wanted under ware, but she said no. she stepped into the dress as I held it. I buttoned it up the front. The dress was a form of maids dress. It was sheer. I could see her body through the thin material. The skirt was very short and her breasts were only covered to the nipples leaving the swell of her breasts and her areolas visible above. I took black stockings with elastic tops from her drawer and she instructed me on how to put them on.

Black patent four inch spike heels finished her outfit. She had me brush her hair and select ear rings from her jewelry box. Simple gold knots looked perfect. She looked at herself in the mirror turning around to admire all sides. "Do you like," she asked with a smile. I looked her over from head to toe. "Marie I have always thought you were beautiful, but today you look like a fantasy." she came to me and kissed me softly on the mouth.

"Thanks Mr B. You have made me very happy this morning. You were wonderful." As she turned to leave the room I said "lipstick." she grinned at me and went to her dressing table. She chose a color and handed it to me. "You do it," she said. It took a couple of tries and her coaching but I finally got it right. I put the lipstick on her table and turned to see her grinning at me. She reached out and took my erect cock in her hand and said "come on. Let’s go make some coffee." She led me into the kitchen pulling me along by my cock.

Marie loaded a silver coffee pot, two cups and saucers, toast, a small dish of marmalade, my favorite, and freshly squeezed orange juice onto a serving tray. She handed me the tray and said "off you go." she patted my naked ass as I turned. I climbed the stairs humming a tune. I entered our bedroom and set the tray on the table. I knelt beside the bed and whispered "time to awaken my love." Elizabeth opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Good morning darling. How has your morning been."

"It was wonderful dear. Thank you for sending me to attend to Marie. We both enjoyed it immensely."

"I am happy to hear that. Would you like to do that every morning."

"I would. Very much dear. Would that please you as well."

"Yes it would. There are things I want to change around here. I want there to be more happiness and love in this house. Last night and this morning are examples of what I want. Fetch the tray and lets have breakfast together. After you have bathed and dressed me I would like you to call the office and tell them you will be in after lunch. That will give us the morning to talk about this."

"That sounds fine to me dear." we talked as we ate our breakfast in bed. When we were finished we went into the bathroom.

"Lie down on the rug darling." Elizabeth said. She slowly lifted the hem of her gown. I watched it ascend up her thighs, baring her shaven mound which made me moan, up revealing her tummy and her breasts. With a flourish she drew it over her head and threw it on the counter. She smiled down at me with a look of pure love in her eyes. She straddled my head facing my feet. She looked at my stiff cock standing straight and smiled. She knelt down over my face and said "you are a wonderful husband and have been very good. You deserve a reward. Your poor penis has been ever so hard for two days now. I think it deserves a little relief."

She settled her open sex over my mouth and gently sat down. My waiting tongue in long flat strokes bathed her open slit. She moaned and started to rock back and forth as I kept contact with her sensitive flesh. Fluid started to wash onto my tongue, first a little then in a stronger flow. She bent forward until she was laying on top of me. Her mouth enveloped the head of my cock with her warmth. A moan escaped my lips between hers. It made her tremble. Her tongue circled the head of my cock and licked down the shaft. Elizabeth had never done this to me before. No one had ever done this to me before. Her head started to rise and fall.

She took me deeper into her mouth with each slow descent. My tongue concentrated on her clit making her tremble all over. I felt the tip of my cock bump against the opening of her throat several times and then enter the small opening. Her lips were kissing the flesh around the base of my cock. She stopped her head movements for a few seconds letting me enjoy the tightness of her throat, then continued her up and down head motion. Each stroke took me into her throat. I could feel my eruption building. I attacked her clit sucking and nibbling.

Lashing it with my tongue. I was mad with lust and trying to bring our climaxes together at the same instant. I exploded first deep in her throat. She exploded seconds later drenching my face with the torrent of her passion. The convulsions of my discharge went on far longer than I thought possible. When we were spent she pulled slowly of my cock cleaning it with her tongue as she ascended. She lay there on top of me till her breathing grew regular. She sat up on my face. I cleaned her with my tongue. She rose to her knees and fondled the top of my head.

She peed washing my face and soaking my hair as she rocked slowly back and forth. I held my mouth open with my tongue extended, she washed that too. She rose and helped me to my feet. She took my dripping face into her hands and kissed my lips softly. "I love you darling," she breathed into my mouth. I felt a deeper love for this woman than I had ever felt in all our married life, and I told her so. She pulled my head down to her breast and I kissed it lovingly.

Elizabeth stroked my head and said "it is time to clean up and talk darling. Did you bathe Marie in the tub or with your mouth."

"With my mouth."

"Do the same for me." I bathed her from her toes to her forehead spending a long time licking her anus as she bent forward leaning on the sink. I applied a moisturizer to her body and when I was finished brushing her teeth she told me to take a shower and join her in the bedroom. I showered shaved and cleaned the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom Elizabeth was sitting naked in her arm chair reading the paper. She put down the paper and smiled at me. "Make your call to the office and then you can dress me."

The dress she handed me was of simple white silk that buttoned up the front from the hem to a shirt style collar. She turned so that I could put it on her. I was surprised. I had never known Elizabeth to go without under ware. When she turned so that I could button the front she laughed at the look of surprise on my face. "I told you some things were going to change around here didn’t I. Do you approve."

"Yes dear. I approve very much."

"Good," she said. "Before you button me up fetch a pair of tan hose with elastic tops from my dresser and I will teach you how to put them on me." I got the stockings, which she reached for. I said "allow me." she looked surprised, then amused as I carefully rolled them up as Marie had taught me and held them out for her foot. When I had smoothed them on her thighs I rose with a grin on my face. The sight of her with her dress open, shaved mound and visible slit along with the lace top stockings hugging her thighs made my cock spring to attention.

"I see Marie has been teaching you new skills. I approve. Button three buttons above and below my waist." When I finished I stepped back. She was so beautiful with her golden hair loose around her shoulders. Her top unbuttoned to the level of her nipples, and skirt portion of her dress buttoned to the level of her crotch that I could do nothing but stare. "Tell me what you are thinking," she said. "I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do right now. You wear your sexuality like a queen wears her crown." I could think of nothing else to say. She stood looking at me in silence. A tear rolled down her cheek. I thought I had offended her with my compliment. "Darling I am sorry if I have offended you. I meant it as a compliment."

"I am not offended darling. I am just a little overcome. That was the finest gift you have ever given me. I shall treasure your words till the day I die." She stepped to me and embraced me. She kissed my lips again and again.

When we pulled ourselves apart I brushed her hair. She applied makeup to her eyes and a little blush to her cheeks. She handed me her lipstick. "Did you do that wonderful job with Marie’s lipstick."

"Yes I did. It took me three tries. She was patient with me and taught me how." I applied the gloss to Elizabeth’s lips. I got lucky and did a beautiful job on the first try. She smiled at my skill and took my hand. "Let’s go down stairs. We can get another cup of coffee and talk in the living room." we started toward the door when I stopped. "Shouldn’t I get dressed first."

"You look fine the way you are. Don’t worry I will explain it to you down stairs." her smile melted my objections. I preferred being naked. I had never cared for clothes. We went down into the living room and sat together on the sofa.

Marie came in from the kitchen. The sight of her swelling breasts and mound visible beneath the sheer maids dress brought my cock to attention. She smiled at me and said "I like your outfit Mr B. It let’s a woman see if she is appreciated. We all laughed at that. Elizabeth said "I love your new dress Marie. It would give a dead man an erection. Marie gave her a dazzling smile. Elizabeth asked her to get us a cup of coffee.

Elizabeth took my hand and looked into my eyes. "Ron the things that have been going on here yesterday and today need explaining. I have felt for some time, several years really, that our relationship had grown boring. I know we love each other and I don’t think either of us has any fear that we would seek variety and sexual thrills by having an affair with someone else. I have thought long and hard of a way to energize the sexual side of our relationship and I think I have found the answer. We are not exhibitionists or swingers. We do not crave intercourse with strangers. With the exception of some desires on your part that could be called fetishes we are normal and heterosexual. Don’t look surprised that I know about your fetish tastes. You know what my skills are with a computer. That’s why you hired me remember. It was simple for me to find tracks to the things that interest you on the web. I am not shocked or offended. I wish you would have shared them with me, but I understand your reluctance. You are too good a man and husband to jeopardize our marriage by making those kind of demands of me. I must admit I was shocked by most of it. I found, however, that after thinking about them they excited me and I want to participate in them with you. Did it shock you when I peed in your mouth."

I nodded.

"I thought so. I was so scared it would disgust you that I almost fainted. I was so relieved...don’t grin at me I didn’t mean it that way. I was relieved to see it excited you. It excited me too honey, more than you can believe. I want you to believe that I did not do that to humiliate you or degrade you in any way. I will never do anything to humiliate you. I f I ever do you must promise me that you will tell me so that we can avoid it in the future. Ok so far."

"Yes dear."


"Rene must have been quite a shock to you. She did what she did at my request. She does not know of my plans and she will not know unless we want her to. I had her do that to get you off balance so that what happened last night would not shock you too much. If you were bewildered I hoped you would go along with my strange demands because you were afraid you had offended me."

"It worked beautifully Elizabeth."

"Thank you dear. That leads us to my plans for the future. I want our home to become a place of love and passion. Outside this house we are a normal married couple with a business to run and social obligations. Inside this house I want to set up a dream world to explore our passions. I know I have been inhibited all my life. I hope I have proved to you that I have shed those inhibitions. I want to have a harem here. You are the harem. Your duties will be to satisfy and pleasure the women in this house. That means me and Marie. You will have no other duties. The house, the grounds, the cars will be taken care of. When you enter this house you will undress, put your clothes away, freshen up with a shower and find me to see how you can please me. If I am not here you will find Marie and see how you can please her. You will bathe us. One day in the tub, the next day with your mouth.

"You will be our toilet slave. For me that means I will use your mouth to pee in. I am unwilling to go beyond that with my husband. What pleases Marie is her business...quit laughing...oh! I did mean it that way didn’t I. Quit trying to distract me this is hard for me. You will clean our bathrooms, both of them. They will be spotless at all times. If you displease us in any way you will clean them with your tongue so be warned. You will shave us when required and give us massages. I have enrolled you in a school that teaches massage. You start next week. You will service us orally without thought of your own needs. I will tell you that at times you will be denied release. I have learned from my research that it makes a man more attentive to a woman’s needs to go without release for extended periods. Speaking of periods you will attend to our periods. You will insert tampons, remove tampons, and clean us with your tongue. Did you know that when a woman has her period she is in a highly aroused state sexually. I hope you don’t find it too disgusting because Marie and I have agreed that period service is a must. It is not negotiable. Agreed."

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