tagNonConsent/ReluctanceElizabeth's First Day

Elizabeth's First Day


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Elizabeth started her day as normal, she arrived at the mall at 8 in the morning then waited for the boss to arrive. Jim the boss wasn't a bad sort. If the work got done he usually left her alone.

He let them both into the store and told Elizabeth that a new order of clothes had been delivered. This got Elizabeth excited as sometimes Jim would let her keep a dress or at least "borrow" it for a night or two. For an 18 year old on minimum wage it was a pretty good offer.

The store catered for up scale customers and the price tags were usually pretty severe. Elizabeth worked as an all round girl. She talked to the customers and sometimes worked the till. She took a tour of the store taking note of what dress she would like to wear for her boyfriend that afternoon. He was planning some sort of special surprise but he wouldn't tell her what it was.

Everything was normal on that first round and Elizabeth decided to go on the tills for a while. As she was working she noticed a young couple come into the store. Nothing unusual in itself but they were acting strangely.

Elizabeth decided to follow them in case they were shoplifters. She saw the couple take a pair of jeans and head towards the dressing room. The changing rooms were just a little box type with a curtain pull at the top.

Elizabeth saw both the man and woman going into an empty room and decided to hold back for a minute. The curtain didn't cover all the way to the ground and she could see the two sets of feet moving around. A minute later she could see a pair of jeans hanging around their feet.

It looked like it was the guy's jeans that were down and not the girls. She couldn't figure this out as the store only catered to women. She took a few steps closer and could now hear moans coming from the dressing room. She decided to take a closer look. She moved the curtain aside gently and took a peek inside.

The girl was facing the guy on her knees. Her long blonde hair half covered her face. Her mouth was wrapped around his dick and her head moved in a hypnotic rhythm back and forth. Elizabeth got a look and the bottom two inches of his dick when the girlfriend moved her head back.

The guy had his eyes closed and was clearly enjoying his in store blow job. Elizabeth had only noticed this belatedly as she had been staring at his dick hoping the girlfriend's head would move off it revealing the full length. She was getting really turned on now and wanted to start rubbing herself.

She decided to try to save that feeling for her boyfriend and would try to preserve the image on front of her. She watched for a couple of seconds more and could hear the increased breath coming from the man. She knew he was going to cum soon and wondered if the woman would spit or swallow. Maybe that's what the spare jeans were for.

She backed out of the room and let the curtain fall in front of her. She felt a hand on her shoulder and her name being called.

"Elizabeth what are you doing?" asked Jim


"Well, if you're doing nothing then you can come with me"


"I told you about the new shipment that came in. I want you to try one of them on to see what it looks like."

Elizabeth agreed, it wasn't like she hadn't done it before. She knew that he was a bit of a perv. But she didn't mind. She had a nice body and she didn't mind showing it. Especially in a sexy dress.

She followed him to the store room to get the dress. It was a nice dress. It looked a bit small but she took it to the changing room any way. She headed towards the same room as before hoping for a continuation of the show or maybe she could catch the climax.

She reached the room but sadly it was empty. She took off her jeans and her black blouse. She held the dress up and looked in the mirror. It looked like it would barely cover her and the front was cut seriously low. She decided to try it on regardless. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad on her.

She pulled it over her head letting it fall to its full length. She knew that she should have taken off her bra while wearing it but she didn't bother with it. It looked ok the shoulder straps followed over her breasts. The inside of both her breasts were visible or they would have been if the bra wasn't in the way.

If she hadn't been wearing the bra her nipples would probably have been visible through it or at least their outline judging by the way the dress hugged her breasts. The dress was a light pink colour and suited Elizabeth quite well. Just below her breasts the dress tightened with a type of belt pressing it against her stomach.

The bottom of the dress ended well above her knees or to be more precise just below her ass. She knew that if she did a twirl the dress would flare out and give everyone a good view of her panties. She couldn't do a twirl to check it out as the dressing room was too small.

She decided to confront Jim and let him see just how short the dress was. He probably wouldn't care but she felt that she owed it to herself to a least tell him off. She headed towards his office closing the curtain of the dressing room again.

She was halfway to the office when she heard a voice calling her. It was one of the sales assistants. She went over to see what the problem was. A group of friends, all male, were at the counter. They were arguing about the price of a pair of jeans. When they saw Elizabeth coming in the dress they eyed her lustily.

They continued the argument with Elizabeth but their eyes never left the exposed inside of her bra. Elizabeth just got pissed off and said, "do you want to buy the bloody things or not?" the guys took offence at this outburst from the pretty girl and left. Sarah the girl who had called her over was looking at her with a strange expression on her face.

It looked like she had done something wrong. When Elizabeth looked closer she saw that it was behind her that Sarah was looking. When she turned around sure enough there was Jim and he didn't look happy.

"My office now" he said in an icy voice

Elizabeth followed him meekly but she was still pissed at the dress she was wearing. She noticed that Jim was walking slightly behind her, maybe hoping for a glimpse under her dress. When they reached the office he closed the door firmly.

"Explain yourself" said Jim

"Its just this dress its so small and I got pissed off. Then they kept staring at my tits and it just slipped out, I'm sorry" gushed Elizabeth.

"If you hate the dress that much you can take it off"

Elizabeth started to head towards the door which he was still blocking when he said,"I meant take it off now."

Elizabeth refused saying he had no right to ask her to do that. Then he threatened to fire her for gross insubordination. Elizabeth didn't think this was a proper reason to fire her but she needed the job anyway.

She started to take the dress off but he stopped her. He told her to do a twirl. When she did it was as she suspected, the bottom of the dress flared out revealing her panties or rather her thong. She did another twirl for the fun of it.

She took the dress off and left it on his desk. She could feel his eyes on her pale ass cheeks as she walked towards it. When she turned back he was moving his eyes slowly up and down her body clearly enjoying the view. Her 32D's looked even bigger in the pink bra she was wearing.

"Now that I've got you here" he started "let's have some fun."

She tried to move past him but he was blocking the door completely. When this didn't work she tried to go back for the dress again but he caught her by the arm. It wasn't a tight hold but it was firm and stopped her from moving either towards the door or the desk.

"Do you really hate the dress or is it just wearing it here that bothers you?" Asked Jim.

Elizabeth gave this a moments thought before answering. "I suppose that its just wearing it here and how short it is, it would probably be ok for my boyfriend or a night out"

Jim smiled at this and decided to make Elizabeth an offer. "I'll let you have the dress if you give me a good blow job"

Again it took a moment for her to think through the offer "ok" she said reluctantly agreeing. She got down on her knees on front of Jim and pulled down his trousers and boxers. He was already hard so she didn't have as much work to do.

She kept her ass out from her body so that if he looked down he would still have a view of it. As she had her mouth wrapped around his cock she kept thinking how much her boyfriend would love to see her in the dress. She used her tongue and moved her head but it was just mechanical and she took no pleasure in it.

Jim was enjoying it with the look that was on his face. She could tell that he was about to cum and she prepared to spit or maybe this once she would swallow. All of a sudden her mouth was empty. She saw that he had his cock on his hand and was finishing himself off. He aimed for the gap between her breasts.

Some managed to land where he had aimed but a lot landed on top of her breasts and bra. She wiped her mouth but when she went to wipe the cum off her breasts Jim stopped her. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of licking him clean. She stood up and headed towards the desk to get the dress.

Again he stopped her saying, "you can collect the dress when you finish work since you didn't want to wear it here."

Again Elizabeth was pissed but she kept thinking of her boyfriend and that she would see him in a few hours. She plucked up her courage and headed back towards the dressing room. The way looked fairly clear but she put on a burst of speed. She was halfway back when she heard a whistle. One of those like a construction worker would use, A whoo kind of sound.

She stopped and looked for the source. An older gentleman was staring at her. She would never have believed that he would whistle like that if he had not been leering at her. He looked so innocent but that was the way of things now. She gave him her most scathing look and turned her back. The cum on her breast had now hardened and had made stains on her bra.

When she reached the dressing room she found that her clothes were still there. She was thankful for this small favour. She dressed quickly cleaning her breasts with the curtain of the dressing room. There was nothing she could do about the white cum stain on her pink bra, it was well dried in now.

Her blouse covered the stains so she was able to finish work without that worry. Her boyfriend Sam had told her he had a surprise planned for that evening. She forgot about the morning and wondered what the surprise was.

The rest of the day passed slowly but eventually it was over. She went to Jim's office to retrieve the dress. Jim gave her a look and asked if she would like to get changed there and then. She refused, being as polite as possible.

Sam her boyfriend waiting outside for her. She asked where they were going but he wouldn't tell her. She debated whether was to get changed into the new dress or just wait in her blouse and jeans. When she saw that they were leaving the town she decided to get changed. It would distract her boyfriend for a while if nothing else.

She went into the back seat waving her butt in her boyfriends face. When she got in the back she took off her blouse making sure Sam could see everything she was doing. Instead of taking off her jeans she decided to just put the dress on over it. It would probably drive him nuts but she would have more to perform a striptease with. That's if they went somewhere private.

She climbed back into the front again and waited to get wherever they were going. They had gone at least 10 miles out of the town already. There seemed to be some sort of farm or house up ahead. Sam pulled up to the farm. They were in the middle of nowhere. Elizabeth was both excited and fearful at the same time. She knew or at least hoped she knew Sam well enough now that he wouldn't try anything funny.

She hadn't had sex with him yet. It wasn't like he didn't want to. She wanted it as well but she was still a virgin. She wanted to save herself for marriage. She looked over at him and saw a gleam in his eye. She seriously hoped that she was right about him. He wouldn't drive her to the middle of nowhere and rape her would he?

"The picnic is over in the barn" he said.

Elizabeth found herself releasing the tension that had built up with her last thoughts. She followed him into the barn and saw the picnic laid out in the middle. She was heading towards it when she heard a thump. When she turned around Sam was lying on the floor. She couldn't figure out what happened until she saw the three guys standing above him.

They looked to be about her age maybe a year or two older. They gave Sam another kick each for good measure. They looked around and saw Elizabeth staring at them. A predatory grin spread across their faces. The low cut dress must really turn them on. She was glad that she had decided to wear the jeans under the dress.

They advanced on her slowly taking their time. The only way out of the barn was through the door. The door was behind the three guys and she didn't think she could make it around them. There was also Sam to consider he was lying there presumably unconscious.

They were very close now and at last one of them decided to speak. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." Elizabeth shook at the threat in his voice. She tried to speak but her mouth was dry. "well what's it to be?" he had lowered his tone and the threat became even more evident. The three guys could see that she was going to put up a fight and said that they would take her right there and continue all night if she didn't co-operate.

She begged them not to rape her saying she was a virgin and she wanted to stay that way until she was married. "Please" she pleaded, "i'll do whatever else you ask" she was close to tears now and kept looking towards Sam but there was no movement there.

The guys held a little conference, their voices too low for her to hear. When they turned back to her they told her that they would not deflower her if she was on her best behaviour. They pulled up some old crates and sat down still blocking her exit. She could still see Sam who lay forgotten behind them

They told her to dance. She tried her best doing moves that she had seen on TV and ones she usually used on the dance floor. When she did a whirl the dress flared out but her ass was covered by her jeans. When the guys saw the way the dress moved they told her to take off the jeans.

She did this as slowly and sexily as possible. The inside of arms held up the dress while she used her hands to unbutton the jeans. When she pulled the zip down she left them like that for a minute making the guys lean forward in their seats. She slid the jeans down her legs letting the dress fall at the same rate.

This meant that only a small part of her thong was visible at any moment. When the dress was unrolled to its full length she continued rolling the jeans down. She bent the top of her body forward for the last part and to take off the jeans. This gave a perfect view of the gap between her breasts. They were still covered by her pink bra but the guys watching didn't seem to mind.

The ordered her to do more twirls for them and to come closer. She twirled closer and the dress flared out every time. Then they told her to hold the dress out like when she was twirling. She did this leaving her pink and white thong exposed. She completed a full circle slowly when ordered.

Then they told her to take off the thong, she did this in much the same way as with the jeans allowing them a good glimpse down the front of the dress. This time when she twirled there was nothing protecting her pussy or ass from their gaze. She spun so fast that all they saw was a glimpse of black at the front and white behind. She then did the slow twirl holding out the dress. Her pussy was in need of a waxing but it wasn't untamed yet. Her white ass cheeks contrasted with the rich brown of the tan on her legs. Now it was time for the dress to come off. She took it off slowly revealing her body in inches.

All three of the guys had their hands on their dicks. When she glanced towards Sam he still hadn't moved, there would be no rescue on that front. With a final stretch she lifted the dress over her head and laid it on the ground. She stood there in just her bra and let them stare.

She reached back and unclipped her bra. Her hips were swaying the whole time ensuring that the guys remained entranced. Her breasts popped free and she was glad at their release. She was about to leave the bra on the ground but tone of the guys reached out for it. He looked it over thoroughly while the leader told her to "jump."

She did this feeling her breasts weigh her down and the smack of them against her chest when she landed. The other guy passed the bra to the leader pointing to the white stains on it. "So you like cock do you?" when she didn't answer he asked the question again.

"Yes" she replied in a low voice.

"Good because you have three that need servicing right here" all three of them stood up and pulled down their jeans and boxers. They had one hand wrapped around their hard dicks

Two of the guys stood up on the crates while the other waited in the ground. The leader explained what was expected of her. She would give one guy a titty fuck and blow jobs and hand jobs for the other two. She managed to get one guys dick between her tits and felt him move his dick along the gap. He pressed her tits together with his own hands.

She moved her head forward to take the other guy in her mouth. She made sure she had a good seal with her lips, she moved her tongue up and down his shaft. She kept licking the tip as well knowing how sensitive it was. With one hand she lightly fondled the guy's balls. The other hand she used to try to find the third guys dick.

When her hand finally closed around it she felt it stiffen slightly. She couldn't see Sam now as the leader was directly on front of her. She didn't have much more time to think about Sam as she was occupied. Her tits held ones guys dick, her mouth held another and her hand the final one. She wondered idly if she could use her other hand to jack off Sam as well if he had joined in.

It was hard to keep all the motions in the correct order. The guy at her tits wasn't too bad he did most of the work himself. Her head travelled in and out back and forward, taking in as much of his dick as possible. The other movement was similar, with her hand moving all the way up and down his shaft.

The leader said it was time to shift around. The leader moved in for a hand job and the guy that had been getting the hand job moved onto her tits leaving the third guy to get a blow job. Elizabeth ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth to try to get some lubrication back. Then she started back into the same rhythm as before.

She heard their breathing quicken and hoped they would cum soon and leave her and Sam in peace. All three of them extracted themselves for her various body parts, presumably on some signal from their leader. The leader spoke again, "kneel down and swallow everything."

Elizabeth did as she was told, having no other choice. She looked over towards Sam and thought that he had moved slightly. She half hoped that he would wake up now and free her before she had to swallow all the guys cum. He would be able to catch them with their pants down literally. Another part hoped that he waited down until she was finished maybe the guys would just walk away. They said they would take it out on her if she fought and she assumed the same would happen if Sam fought.

She didn't have any more time to consider the options as the first guy unloaded. Half landed in her mouth while the rest dribbled down her chin. She swallowed reluctantly. The second guy took no chances he tilted her chin up and placed the tip of his dick in her mouth before he came.Again she swallowed at the insistence of the leader.

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