tagExhibitionist & VoyeurElla Cucks Her Patient Ch. 03

Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 03


I arrived at Ella's office on a Sunday. The door was locked but after less than a minute of waiting Ella and Nathan came along and greeted me.

Ella had pale makeup with black lipstick and black nail polish on while wearing a black trench coat and heels. She looked like a dark vixen ready to shoot a porno. Nathan was carrying a duffle bag with him, I immediately assumed all kinds of toys were waiting in there for me.

Ella pulled out her keys and opened the door as all three of went in. The sight of the place where my first experience with the couple took place was just as I left it. There were a couple of new furniture pieces and a large mirror as new additions to the room but that was it.

Nathan took out three large bottles of water a whip and a small box wrapped in gift paper putting them on a drawer at the end of the room. Not saying a word he went in the corner out of sight and was silent.

"Don't worry about the items or him...focus only on me." Ella said to me and starts to rub my crotch gently. I quickly became erect and blushed from Ella's beauty.

"I love how easy it is to excite you." Said Ella as she took a step back and undid her coat and slowly took it off. Revealing that she was only wearing lingerie and stockings, all black to compliment her makeup and high heels. She then stepped forward again rubbing my crotch checking how hard I was.

"Fully erect I see...you must like my outfit I picked today." Ella said as she was leaning in for a kiss.

As I was dazed from her I puckered my lips together for a kiss but just before our lips touched she swiftly pulled away cracking a smile at me and stepped back.

"Take it out...matter of fact take everything off while you're at it." Ella said softly as she watched me undress.

After I was yet again naked in front of the woman I adore with my cock sticking out fully erect she grinned and motioned with a hand gesture saying "Stroke it for me." as she herself started sensually dancing a foot away from me. Shaking her flawless ass and waving her hair. She looked so fucking hot in all black with stockings and heels.

I was drooling over watching her move and was slowly stroking my hard on so I wouldn't cum too fast.

"Oh no that won't do...stroke it faster, stroke that dick for me." Ella said to me as she walked up and leaned on me from the side.

She gently bit my earlobe and was rubbing my nipple while whispering and breathing into my ear. "I want you to empty those balls for me, show me that you love me, I know how much I mean to you."

I was jacking off furiously as pre-cum was starting to leak. I looked over to Ella and said "I love you...I'm sorry I can't hold it in any longer...I'm in love with you Ella."

"I know that, I see that you are ready to completely submit...now cum for me!" Ella hissed in my ear which made me go over the edge.

I emptied my entire load on the floor. I barely lasted 2 minuets.

"I always enjoy watching your balls go up as you cum...you always let everything out." Ella jested as she held me in place until my dick slowly deflated and returned to a completely soft state.

"For your good behaviour I have a gift for you, stay right there." Ella took a few steps and picked up the box wrapped as a present on top of the drawer and handed it to me. "Open it, it's a gift from us." Ella smiled at me with evil intentions.

I opened the box and inside was a small key with a lock and a chastity device. I was petrified, not having a clue how to react.

"That scared reaction of yours turns me on so much. Look at your cock, it shrivelled even more from your fear." After saying that Ella took the chastity out and put the phallus shaped cage on my flaccid shaft with the cock ring being placed behind my balls cutting off the blood flow to my penis and preventing any chance of an erection. The lock made a click and my cock imprisonment was now complete.

Ella put the key around her neck with a small chain, now instead of handcuffs she had a chastity key to tease me with.

"This session is not only going to be therapeutic but also a test of your obedience. You will do EVERYTHING we tell you to. If you don't the consequences will be severe. Don't disappoint me...understood? Ella gave me an ultimatum.

"Yes goddess." I replied.

Ella's smile faded and she beckoned her boyfriend to join in as he was already disrobed and only wearing his tight boxers. They both started passionately kissing deeply within reaching distance in front of me.

Ella broke the kiss to look at me and commanded with a finger snap "Rub his cock." As she resumed to make out with her lover.

I reluctantly followed her order and started to rub Nathans crotch trough his boxers feeling his semi hard cock. Nathan put his hand around my hip and pulled me closer while his tongue and lips were smacking with Ella's.

Which each second passing i could feel Nathan's cock getting fatter. Ella then pulled on her man's boxers opening the front and Nathan pulled my hand shoving it into his underwear. The couple broke the kiss and said together "Stroke it."

For the first time I was touching a penis that was not mine while my own was locked in a cage. I could feel Nathan's cock get longer and thicker with each stroke as kissing sounds filled the room.

"Pull his pants down NOW!" Ella ordered.

I swiftly complied removing Nathans boxers as his stellar cock stuck out. Ella started stroking it with both hands and gestured me to play with his balls.

I noticed Ella had the same issue as I did of wrapping her fingers around this oversized behemoth of a cock. I did not dare raise my voice though, i just fondled his shaved large balls as Ella was moaning with pleasure.

Nathan proceeds to remove Ella's bra and revealed her perfect tits I dream about daily and started blowing and pinching her erect and stiff nipples. Ella pulled my free hand to Nathans thick shaft motioning me to stroke it while caressing his testickles as she was jerking just the head with both hands.

Nathan was suckling and grabbing Ella's tits while his cock got rock hard ready to penetrate anything standing in his way. Ella noticed her man was fuck ready so she let go of him and extended her hand to me and said "Don't let go of his cock." As she took my other hand to lead the way.

I was now holding Ella's hand walking behind her and pulling Nathans cock behind me like a sex train. Ella deliberately took one slow step at a time all the way to the other side of the room, jiggling her round curved ass with each step knowing both of us were watching her from behind.

When we reached the wall Ella let go of my hand and motioned me to continue to stroke her boyfriend's large meat as she pulled her panties to the side exposing her amazing vagina I was ready to die for. She leaned on the wall and started to gently rub her pussy watching me struggle to stroke her man's large horse cock.

Ella looked at her man and said "Ready when you are babe." With that Nathan pushed me away stepping towards Ella grabbing her by the hair and spun her around, roughly shoving her chest and face to the wall and pulling her hips back making sure her ass stuck out.

Ella instinctively closed her legs and stuck her ass out as much as possible while exhaling deeply. She looked absolutely stunning, I wish I could fuck her like that from behind for hours...alas I knew was not going to happen.

Nathan was just getting started with the show as he snapped his fingers and pointed down telling me "On your knees." As I complied he yanked my hair positioning me right behind Ella's ass cheeks so I got a front row view.

With that Nathan raised his hand and gave his girlfriend a hard smack on the left ass cheek which made her squirm. He then waited 2 seconds and did the same with the right cheek. He did not let up and just kept slapping that thick ass in front of my face.

"Fuck yes I love it when you abuse me like that baby." Ella thanked Nathan for the abusive spanking.

"Take off her panties with your teeth." Nathan ordered me as I instantly leaned in and bit her panties pulling them down to her heels. Ella stepped out of them freeing up her beautiful slit for my admiration.

Nathan kept slapping Ella's ass in front of me making her cheeks turn a bright red. With each slap releasing a thud in the room followed by loud moans from his girlfriend.

"Oh my god baby this is making me so wet, please pound me!" Ella begged for it like a slut which made my cock swell in my cage. Even though I ejaculated really hard a short while ago I was quickly feeling the urge to jack off again but the chastity was not going to let that happen.

Nathan stopped slapping Ella's ass and gently slid his middle finger between her legs and gently rubbed her pussy lips a few inches from my face. This made Ella slightly shiver as her boyfriend pulled me extreme close to her pussy and told me "Smell what you can't have loser."

I gladly deeply sniffed Ella's sweet pussy for as long as I could before Nathan pulled me up by the hair an pushed me to Ella's side.

"Tease her pussy with my cock slave!" Nathan ordered me as he pressed the top of his dick head against Ella's twat.

"Look me in the eyes." Ella cooed at me so I could feel her pleasure while I was teasing her pussy with another mans cock.

I grabbed Nathans thick shaved cock by the base and started to gently slap Ella's pussy lips and clit with his large member. Looking into her eyes I could see how much she enjoyed my humiliation and submission, also I could feel the heaviness of this fat cock as I was using it to stimulate my goddess.

"I can't take it anymore...put that dick inside me!" Ella said while looking me in the eyes with the light in them trembling.

I slowly inserted Nathans cock head into Ella's pink wet pussy and as he slowly thrusted deeper I let go of his tool. When his pelvis pressed up against Ella filling her up all the way she said to me "Go on stroke that small cock for me...oh wait I forgot." Ella giggled at me teasing me with the fact that I was so horny from all this but powerless to take any action.

Nathan slowly pulled out of Ella's cunt and said "Oops, it looks like it fell out...why don't you put it back in?" beckoning me to fill up his girl with his stellar cock. I grabbed his cock by the base and poised him to enter his girlfriend.

As he again completed a full stroke he let his dick fall out and said "So clumsy of me...put it back in." smiling at me.

I again complied and position his spear sized cock to penetrate Ella. And again he went all the way in and slowly pulled all the way out.

As I reached in again to repeat my task without receiving an order the second I touched Nathans cock he slapped me across the face, put his hand around my throat and pushed me up against the wall next to Ella.

"Did I tell you to touch my cock slave? Did I?" Nathan yelled at me.

I was too shocked and scared to say anything. Ella then interfered to back her man up.

"He's right, I told you to do only as you are told, you are in no position to do anything without our permission. Apologise immediately!" Ella advised me.

"I'm sorry." I said gasping for air.

Nathan forcefully pushed me to the floor putting me on my ass with my back up against the wall. He then spread his legs and stepped forward putting his huge cock right above my face and said "Beg me for forgiveness wimp."

"I'm so sorry Nathan I didn't mean to anger you." I spoke into his cock towering over me.

"You can do better than that, fucking beg for it!" Ella said to me dissatisfied with my pleading.

"Please forgive me, I will never do anything again without your permission. Please Nathan I promise I will obey." I begged pathetically.

"I will let you off with a warning this time." Nathan said coldly to me taking a step back.

Ella proceeded to take his place instead by spreading her legs and positioning her pussy over my forehead.

"Fuck me, please I want you inside me!" Ella invited her boyfriend to pound her a pussy on top of my face. Giving me a full frontal point blank view of what I would never get.

Both of them seemingly ignoring me proceeded to have hot sex an inch away from my face. As Nathan was plowing Ella from behind his low hanging balls were grazing my lips and stopping at the entrance of my nose holes with each swing.

As Nathan picked up the pace and his thick cock kept pounding Ella over me Ella's pussy started to squeeze his cock in front of my eyes.

"I'm gonna cum OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!" Ella screamed which made Nathan swiftly react by pulling his cock out of her and violently inserting 3 fingers in her cunt and used them to rapidly dig in her pussy.

Shortly after a huge stream erupted from Ella's pussy pouring down on my face as if for the first time witnessed a squirting orgasm. I was shocked, my face was drenched in Ella's juices, flowing down covering my chest and belly.

"Look at the mess I made...clean my legs and heels fag." Ella said to me as I started licking her juices from her heels and slurping the stream of cum from her soft tender tighs and legs.

While I was busy being a human towel Nathan went to grab a bottle of water and passed it to Ella. She started chugging as much water as she could, almost finishing the entire bottle.

"Ahhh...you see the secret to squirting is to stay well hydrated." Ella said winking at me.

"Okay that's enough." Ella gestured me to stop worshipping her wet skin and positioned Nathan's cock above my nose. "Open wide and swallow." Ella said to me as she started to pour the little bit of water left in the bottle on Nathans big throbbing cock. The water flowed down from his cock and balls to my face and mouth, washing his cock and using my mouth as a sewer drain.

"Swallow bitch." Ella hissed as I closed my mouth and swallowed.

"Blow on his cock until it's dry." Ella gave me my next order.

I put my lips together and started to steadily blow on Nathans soggy cock as Ella walked all the way to the other side of the room.

After blowing on Nathan's huge cock veins started to pop out, I guess this turned him on.

Ella spoke up from the other side of the room "Bring me his cock."

I knew my role, I was there not to enjoy the show but to be the show, their submissive servant ready for any and all humiliation. With that I grabbed the base of Nathan's thick cock and led him to Ella.

"Look at that prick, I bet it's painful to be that swollen inside that cage wishing to jerk off." Nathan teased me.

"Yes it is." I responded.

Ella grabbed her lover's cock and jerked it looking at me saying "Is this what you want me to do to you?"

"Yes." I exhaled.

"Too bad, your small cock is going to stay locked up!" After saying that Ella spat on my chastity making my heart and dick strain.

Nathan shoved me to the wall with my back against it. Ella pressed her back on my chest and ordered "Pick me up!"

I followed her order, picking her up by the thighs and spread her legs like instructed while she put her arm around my neck and pressed her face against mine.

"Make him feel you fucking me baby, fuck us both." Ella encouraged her boyfriend as he entered her welcoming pussy and started thrusting trough her. Nathan was pounding Ella so hard I felt the kinetic energy of each stroke trough my body as I was holding Ella tight and taking comfort in her moans. Her soft face was rubbing against my cheek making me feel so happy as I was holding her tenderly, but the fucking power that was pounding her made me not be able to stay in my dream.

"Fuck you are so deep, you are so thick, fuck me just like that baby, give me that cock. I am yours and only yours. I love you Nathan, I love you so much." Ella said to her man as I heard her loud and clear while holding her still.

Nathan was savagely fucking her, every stroke was with full force. He then slammed his cock inside her and kept it there as I felt his dick grind inside her pussy, then he leaned in for a kiss next to my face and mouthed "I love you angel." to his property.

As Ella and her boyfriend were sharing this intimate moment with me as a third wheel my emotions were so mixed ranging from arousal to pain and suffering tears started to flow down my face, the right side of the tears touched Ella's face making her notice I was crying.

Nathan pulled out and took a step back as I let Ella down. She turned facing me and said " Oh my, you look so sexy crying like a little bitch. The more you suffer the more it turns me on."

After saying that Ella licked my left cheek and bit her lip seductively saying "It tastes salty and sweet at the same time." then scooped the tear from my right cheek and used it to stroke Nathan's cock.

"Get on your knees my dear patient, time for more counselling." Ella said to me softly as if we were in therapy.

As I knelt she pulled Nathans large erect cock in front of me and stroked it slowly. She spoke up and asked "Watch me stroke his manly cock with your tears. Does that turn you on?"

"I just want to make you happy." I said wiping the tears off my face and eyes.

"Maybe we were a little too abusive with him, what do you think babe?" Ella turned to Nathan still stroking him.

"I think we are just getting started." Nathan said shrugging his shoulders.

"Let's all take it just a little slower." Proposed Ella "Let him play with your cock until I'm ready for you. You fucked me so good I don't want to gas out this early on, we do still have a lot of things planned for this session." Ella said with a naughty voice.

"Take a seat on the arm chair and summon me when you are ready. In the mean time I will give you a small show to enjoy." Nathan said to Ella as she walked a few feet and sat on the chair spreading her legs in masturbation position watching what was about to happen.

Nathan turned his attention to me and said "I want you to pretend that you are in love with my cock. Pretend you are a faggot that loves to lick suck and play with my hard cock. Give Ella a show. If you do a good job I'll let you lick her pussy."

That last sentence removed any shame or reluctance I had. I grabbed Nathan's oversized cock and gently stroked licked and sucked it as much as I could, even looking up to him and asking if he likes it.

He seemed to somewhat enjoy it. He would say stuff like "Spit on it. Just the head. Lick the shaft. Stroke it faster."

In the mean time Ella was masturbating to this with immense pleasure. Enjoying me becoming a sissy cock slut to her boyfriend's large thick cock.

"I can't wait anymore. Slave bring me my lover, I want you to witness him giving me another orgasm." Ella said loudly.

As I stood up I grabbed his cock and pulled him by it to Ella. She positioned herself in doggy style on the armchair and Nathan told me to lay under her vagina. I was going to watch his balls smack her clit as he fucked her.

After I positioned myself under Ella Nathan started to tease her with his circumcised cock rubbing the head around the slit. I was starting to get used to being under this couples genitals as they fucked like rabbits.

Nathan just kept teasing, only putting the head in and pulling out, smacking her pussy with his shaft, rubbing her pussy lips gently while I was under his penis.

"Please put it in babe, I can't take anymore teasing." Ella said with thirst.

"Beg me." Said Nathan as he gave her a slap on the ass.

"Please baby I need that fat cock in me now please I want to feel you deep inside me." Ella begged.

"Not you...him. I want him to beg me." Stated Nathan

"That makes me so wet...What are you waiting for? Beg him to fuck me!" Ella said laughing.

"Please put your massive cock inside her, make her happy with your strong member. Make her cum over and over on that giant cock." I pleaded to his cock.

Nathan lowered his cock to my mouth and said "Spit on it."

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