tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEllie Blacked in a Video Booth

Ellie Blacked in a Video Booth


Well after a lot of coaxing I finally got my wife to an adult book store and into a video booth. I have been working on convincing her for quite a while and was actually kind of surprised she finally agreed. We had been out with friends for dinner and she had several Dirty Martini's before we ordered and then one in the bar after. I knew she was primed for sex when she ordered her third drink, very unusual for her.

After we left the restaurant I asked her if she was in the mood for some fun and she told me she most certainly was. I suggested we stop somewhere for another drink and she was all for it. I chose a bar that was not too far from an ABS hoping that after another drink I could talk her into checking the place out.

After we had ordered our drink I asked her if she was up for stopping at a video store and picking up a porno for later. She didn't even hesitate in saying yes. I didn't rush her, even though I wanted to get her into that ABS to see what would happen. I knew the alcohol to needed a chance to work on her. When we left I drove straight to the ABS, and on the way I reached over and felt up. She responded by sliding her panties off and lifting her skirt so I could get a good feel of her pussy, I couldn't believe how wet she was already.

When we got to the ABS she didn't bother to put her panties back on and that made me even hornier than I already was. Once inside we browsed through the racks of DVD's and then I pointed out a sign next to the stairs that read, "Video Booths Upstairs". She looked at me for a moment and then asked if I wanted her to go upstairs with me. I just smiled. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said let's go.

When we got upstairs it took our eyes a few moments to adjust to the darkness. Once our eyes adjusted we saw a hallway leading down either side of the room. There were a number of men milling around and more just hanging out in the hallways. I guided her down the hallway closest to us looking for an empty booth. We found an empty booth about half way down the row. The booths on either side had little red lights above them that were on so I figured someone was inside.

When we entered the booth and I locked the door, it was even darker inside the booth than it had been in the hall. I finally managed to slide a bill in the slot for the video machine and when the light from the video machine lit up the booth I turned around to see my wife had already taken off her dress and bra and was standing there in just her heels.

Needless to say my cock was instantly hard as a rock. I immediately folded up the metal chair sitting in the middle of the small booth and reached around her to lean it against the door so it would be out of the way. While I was doing this my wife shifted to the side and leaned against the wall of the booth. I turned and pressed my body against hers my hands exploring her titts as I kissed her. When my hand found her crotch, it was drenched.

She let me play with her a few moments and then pushed me away so she could unzip my pants. As she was fishing my cock from my pants she jumped forward like she had been stung by a bee. When she turned to look at the wall behind her we both realized there was an opening wall, like a little window, just about waist high.

Sticking through that opening was a hard cock about 6 inches long. Apparently the guy had poked her butt crack with his cock as she leaned against the wall and that is what had made her jump. Too my knowledge that is the first hard cock she has seen in real life, other than mine, since we got married.

I wasn't sure what she would do but kind of figured she would freak out and want to leave. Instead she reached over and began playing with this strangers cock, slowly and gently stroking it. With her other hand she began stroking my cock, but she was looking at his cock not mine. As she was stroking the guy we heard him say, "yes baby stroke my cock, come on, suck it for me". After he said that a couple of times she let go of my cock and cupped his balls with one hand as she stroked his cock with the other.

I almost feel over when she leaned over and licked the tip of his cock with her tongue making little circles around the head. I moved to the front of the booth so I could get a better view of her sucking this complete stranger's cock. I was looking at my wife's naked ass as she bent over when I did I looked at the other wall of the booth and say a guy looking through a similar opening in that wall. He was intently watching my naked wife suck off the man in the other booth.

My wife had been stooping over kind of sideways next to the wall sucking the guy but adjusted her position. She had moved so she was facing the wall straight on and being bent over like she was, her naked ass squarely facing the guy watching her. He was getting a great view of her ass and pussy. I reached over and slide my finger between her ass cheeks and then down the slit of her pussy, flicking her clit from behind as I did.

Suddenly the video machine stopped playing and the booth was dark again with just a little light coming through the openings from the booths on either side. I got my wallet out and got out a more bills to feed the machine. When the booth was again lit up from the screen I looked down and say the guy that had been watching my wife had stuck his hand through the opening and was now rubbing her pussy.

By this point my wife was bobbing her head up and down on the guys cock she was sucking and moaning as the other guy was playing with her pussy. Then I heard a grunt come from the booth the guy she was sucking was in and watched as she took his entire load in her mouth. When he was finished he pulled his cock back through the opening and a few seconds later heard the door to the booth open and then close.

My wife had put her hands against the wall she was facing to brace herself as she slid her feet back toward the guy that was playing with her pussy. I heard him ask her to get closer so he could lick her pussy and she quickly stepped back further and rested her ass against the opening. As she stood there with her bigs titts hanging down, and moaning as she got her pussy licked, I couldn't resist the urge to reach down and fondle her titties.

I could feel her muscles tighten as he licked her to orgasm. It seemed like every muscle in her body was twitching. When her spasms subsided she turned around to face the guy who had just given her a great orgasm. He stood up and shoved smallish but rock hard cock through the opening and she began to suck him off.

He only lasted a couple of minutes before shooting his load in her mouth, and like the other stranger he quickly pulled his cock back through the opening. Again we heard the door open and close. My wife stood up and pressed her body against mine and when she kissed me I could taste the both men's cum as she opened her mouth for my tongue.

I was about to explode, my cock actually hurt from being so hard. I turned her around and bent her over so she could brace herself with her hands on the door of the booth, fully planning to fuck her pussy from behind. As she bent over we both saw a huge black cock poke through the opening in the wall of the booth. I didn't have a tape measure but this monster had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and really thick.

My wife immediately and began stroking and sucking this monster black cock. She couldn't even come close to getting it all in her mouth and throat but she was trying to as hard as she could. Aside from the fact she was now completely ignoring my efforts to mount her from behind I couldn't help but be fascinated by what she was doing.

She had been sucking on it for several minutes when the guy pulled it back through the opening and told her he wanted to see her pussy. She turned around, spread her legs and pushed her ass against the opening. I bent down in front of her so I could see what was going on and watched as he slid a finger into her pussy.

She reached out and put her hands on my shoulders to brace herself and looked into my eyes as he probed her pussy. She was moaning as he fingered her and it was obvious she was close to her second orgasm of the night. I saw a little frown creep across her mouth and she then she said please don't stop.

When she moaned again, almost a gasp, I knew it was because he had slide his cock into her pussy. She pushed hard against my shoulders to brace herself as he began to move back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she did. After a few minutes she began saying things like Oh yes, and fuck me, make me cum.

When her second orgasm did cum it seemed to last forever. As her muscles tensed she dug her nails into my shoulders to the point I thought they would draw blood. The guy didn't even slow down he just kept pumping her.

After a few more minutes I heard the guy begin to grunt and I knew he was about to deposit a load in my wife's pussy, with the last thrust he kept his cock buried deep in her until he shot every ounce of his cum inside her. When he finally pulled out there was a little plopping sound.

My wife was shaking and had a trouble keeping her balance as she stood up. As she leaned against me I reached down to her pussy and felt cum dripping out of it and running down her thighs. I stood there holding her rubbing her swollen pussy lips and saw the black guy looking at us through the opening. He smiled and then thanked my wife. She looked down at him and told him she was one who should thank him, adding she had never been fucked by someone as big as him.

He assured her it was his pleasure and would be happy to fuck her anytime offering to give her his number if she wanted. I chuckled and said we didn't have anything to write it on. He asked again if she wanted his number and she shocked the hell out of me again by saying she did.

He pulled what looked like a marker from his pocket and asked her to show him her butt. My wife turned around and proudly bent over sticking out her ass in front of the opening. He reached through the opening and wrote his phone number on her ass cheek. He told her to stand up and face him and then he wrote his number on her stomach, well actually just above her pussy. He disappeared from the opening and she quickly stooped and looking through the opening she told him she didn't even know his name. His response was prefect. He told her names were not important, but that when she called just tell him she was the white bitch he fucked in the video booth. Then he stood up and we heard the booth door open and close.

I was so fucking turned on that when she turned around and leaned her naked body against me I shot my load of cum all over her stomach getting it all over my pants and shirt. She just giggled and said "well I guess that takes care of that". She found her dress where it had landed when she had tossed on the floor and as she put it back on. I retrieved her bra and attempted to hand it to her she. She told me to carry it for her because she didn't feel like putting it back on. Feeling like a complete fool I followed her out of the booth caring her bra in my hand.

Walking down the hall toward the stairs one of the guys standing in the hall told her he hoped she would come back sometime soon. She stopped and turned to face him, grinned, and told him she planned to come back soon and often.

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i love it ! i wish i knew where one of these booths were

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