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Email Exchange


I have recently enjoyed exchanging emails and writing with a couple of people that have contacted me via Literotica.

One person stands out for his ability to think quickly and react fast to my mood. I started off one exchange with just the single line at the end of an email. What followed was a very enjoyable afternoon's exchanges of email.

Push your fingers inside, what do you feel, is it nice and soft....


It is soft, wet and oh so hot. I move first one finger then another and slowly move them in and out, in and out building up a rhythm. Your sitting at your desk, with your legs splayed and sitting slightly forward and you have closed your eyes as you enjoy the sensations of being finger fucked...


I'm hanging on to you, with my hands on your powerful shoulders. My finger nails are hurting you as they dig into your shoulders through your shirt as you start to make me come with your long fingers. My pussy juices are starting to leak out. You love their aroma, they light the fuse in your head....

Oh that feels even better.... your wicked tongue has just found my clitoris.....


My fingers are holding the lips of your pussy open and my tongue is making short stabbing motions in and out of your pussy. You are moaning loudly now and your breathing is geting faster and louder. I then notice your clit has come out of its hood and I bite down on it hard at first, making you grab my hair. Your legs are splayed wide now hanging down either side of the chair, and your hands have found their way to your nipples which are erect...


I twist my nipples between my fingers, I cry out again. I'm not sure how much more of this torture I can take.

You sit up and kiss me, I lick my own tasty juices off your face, and I taste myself on your tongue. Your fingers are still teasing my swollen clit. I sob with pleasure and ignore the pain. My hands are exploring your body, I rip your shirt off rather than fumbling with the buttons.

Your sucking and biting my nipples, I cry out as I undo the leather belt on your trousers. Your fingers are still deep in my pussy....your thumb takes me to another shuddering climax, my mind is going very black as I almost pass out..


As you undo my belt and trousers my cock is pressing against your face. Your long fingers take hold of my cock and you flick your tongue across its tip and then slowly slide your lips taking most of its length to the back of your throat.

Groans of desire come out of both of us. I take hold of your nipple and pinch it hard twice and it immediately responds by growing and becoming hard... I don't want to come in your mouth but in your sweet pussy. I need to fuck you now, not slowly but with almost animalistic desire.

You are still sitting as I get both of your legs over my shoulders and I can feel your white stockinged legs brushing my cheeks. You haven't spoken yet but then you whisper two words - FUCK ME...


You need no further encouragement, you bury your cock deep in to my steamy wet pussy, I feel your heavy balls slap up against my arse. I let out a gasp as the hard tip of your cock hit the full depth of my pussy, almost taking the wind out of my lungs.

My head is thrown back in ecstasy. You kiss my stretched neck, I cry out as you bite in to my shoulder, leaving me a small mark to remember you by....

You continue to fuck me with very determined strokes, you are now grunting as you try to control your desires but your bodies reactions are taking over with the sight before you. In this position I am at your mercy, I continue to cry out as your cock seems to grow with each stroke.

Your cock erupts deep inside me, filling me with your warm spunk. You continue to fuck me, I tighten my pussy muscles to milk your cock.

You let me drop my legs off your shoulders, but I wrap them around your back, my black high heels digging in to you. I'm hanging on to you with my hands around your neck, I don't want you to pull your cock out of my pussy, it feels part of me now.

I'm amazed at your stamina and strength as you manage to stand up still with your stiff cock buried deep inside me. Your hands are underneath my arse supporting me. I start to feel your cum sweep out of me as you carry me across the room.

We smile and laugh together when you ask what I'm like at sowing buttons back on to your wrecked shirt!!!. I give you a long kiss and close my eyes in complete satisfaction....

I hope you enjoyed your mid-day fuck, I did........would you like to do it again sometime....


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