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This is really not a story but a actual email that I had sent in response to feedback that I received from a reader.


Hi Amber,

I wanted to thank you for sending feedback on one of my stories, did you enjoy listening to it? I have written a few stories about some of my experiences but someone had asked me to record it for him so I did. Oh my, I cannot tell you how turned on I get when I am recording. Sometimes you can't even understand what the hell I'm saying because I am right on the edge of cumming but I don't like to just get turned on and cum right away. I like to be right at that point, holding it, my body tense as I fight the urge to just let go. In fact, I am doing that right now.

I got very turned on when I saw your email, I don't get very many from females so when I saw your name at the end, I felt my clit swell, and my nipples started to tingle and get hard. I daydreamed for a while, having some erotic thoughts about receiving your email, I responded to you as soon as I got it and you emailed me right back. We ended up getting very explicit with each other and come to find out we were very close to each other. We arranged to meet at the indoor spas, the private rent by the hour that was only a few blocks away. I just grabbed my rain coat and threw it on, I just had on my shoes, panties and I love to wear bras that a too small for me, I cut the center of the cup so my breasts are squeezed through and exposed. My nipples are so sensitive and anything that rubs against them send waves of pleasure though my whole body (In fact I have one on right now and I love to rub my hands all over them, and squeeze them. I love the way they feel). I get to the spa and you are already waiting, the attendant had a big smile on his face as he sees me come through the door. My coat fell open slightly and he could see what I was wearing. I looked down and saw that part of my bra was exposed and it was easy to see that my breast was bulging out, so I opened it up as if I was trying to close it back around me. I held it open just long enough so he could take a good look, then I closed it back over to fasten the button. As my hand passed over my chest, I took my index finger and made a circle around my hard nipple. I could see the bulge start growing in his pants, he tried to adjust himself but there was no way to hide it.

I walk over to you and introduce myself and I could tell that you were excited too, ready to just get into the room. So I walk over to the attendant, who was stroking his hard cock through his pants. He asks how long will we need the room, I look back at you and then I look back at him, making it a point to look down at his hand as he grips his cock tight at the base and strokes it all the way to the head. I let my coat fall open again, this time so that my left chest is fully exposed. I tell him that I am not very sure, it could be a while, in fact, he might have to come in and check on us. His eyes got big, the he said well since you do not know if you will be staying for an extended time, I have a large room at the very end, we usually have that reserved for parties but it was not reserved today so you can have that room. I will come back after while to see if your are gong to continue to stay, even though he was behind the counter I could tell he still had his hand squeezing and stroking his had cock I give him a wink, then said "Oh please do, it is so easy to loose track of time, when your relaxing in the spa". He gave me the key and told us to go down the hall on the left and at the end turn left again and go all the way down to the end, it's the room on the right.

We make our way down the hall, passing several, where the music is up loud and you can still hear the moaning and groaning going on. I often wondered if these places had hidden cameras, I bet they do, not management but the attendants do. As we turn left to go down the next hall, we notice that all those rooms are empty and not even set up for rental. Good, that way we don't have to worry about disturbing anyone. We get to the last room on the right, it is twice the size of the other rooms, the spa is already warm and steam is rising up to the ceiling. We close the door and set down our bags, I reached down and turned on some music, softly, I wouldn't mind if we were over heard it actually turns me on.

I get up and look over toward you and you have already started to take your clothes off. So, I undo the button that I closed earlier peel off the coat and the first thing you see when you look over at me, is my bare breasts as they overflow from the end of an old bra. My breast are not small either, I have 38 EE 's and I'm wearing a 36 D and right now my nipples look they are the size of a thimble. I look over at you as I set the coat in the chair, I bring my hands up to my breasts, cupping the exposed parts with my hands. I start to shiver as you watch me grope myself, twisting and pinching my nipples. I make my way over to where you undressed, leaning over so that I can suck your nipple deep into my mouth. I gently push you backward onto the bed slowly parting your legs, Oh yeah, my tits are bouncing all over, I have my mouth locked onto your clit, sucking on it, oh god I love to suck your clit, I can feel it growing in my mouth. Your hips are grinding your pussy deeper and deeper, my mouth is completely covered by your pussy lips and you can hear the sucking sound as I work away on your clit.

You dont want to cum yet so we go into the spa, I of course have to go right over to the jets and spread my legs so the stream can dance al over my clit. I start to edge, I am just humping and humping the jet and my hands are all over my tits. You come over next to me and watch for a second then the next thing I know is your doing the jet next to me.

As we ride that wonderful jet taking, it for all its worth, the attendant comes in, his cock is already out and hard. He comes over by the hot tub and strokes off watching us. I love to watch guys jack off,

He moves over right in front of us, he has one hand holding his cock at the base and the other is turned the opposite way so he is stroking away from his body. He has a real tight grip so at the end of every stroke, his body gives a little jerk as the head goes into hand. He lets it stay there just for a few seconds then he twists his hand all around the head. I look up at him and he is staring right down at us, his mouth open just slightly he looked like he was in agony.

As he is standing right above us looking down he can see the water coming out of the jet as it pushes the lips away as the powerful jet hits right at the sensitive nub of our clits. I put both my feet out of the water over the top of the hot tub and scoot in more so my knees are right over the edge. I spread my legs as far apart as I can and arch my back so my butt will go down further, putting my clit almost in the hole that the jet comes out of. This makes my tits come up out of the water, since I don't have to prop myself up, I have both hands, kneading and squeezing my tits, twisting my nipples as I watch him stroke. He can see how watching him is turning me on.

I looked over at you, squirming around, each time the jet hits your sweet spot, and your whole body shakes with pleasure. You noticed that I was watching you, so you turn over, backing your ass up to the jet. You spread your legs out so that the jet hits your clit from behind. I watch as you roll your hips from side to side making the jet dance all over your clit. Under you, your big tits are floating on top of the water. Nipples so big and hard, I want to suck on them but you won't let me.

You slide the top part of your body over next to mine still keeping the hot jet in contact with your clit. Your mouth stretching over my tits, finally reaching my nipple your tongue comes slithering out. At first is goes around and around on the soft brown edge where it meets my breast, then on my nipple sending me into a series of shudders as the tender touch of your tongue flicks it one way then the other. I start to moan in ecstasy, my eyes close, my back arching as far as I can trying to get my nipple into your mouth.

As I open my eyes, I see right past you and he is just stroking like crazy, cum just oozing from the tip down into the water. He spread his finger almost like a claw and he is raking his hard cock. He starts bending down from the waist so he can get a closer look at your ass moving up and down and back on forth as your clit get bigger and bigger. I looked at you and with my eyes motioned for you to look up at him. You look back over your shoulder and see him so turned on watching you. This sets you off, your body almost out of control.

So I pull my legs back into the water and I turn you over so you can get in the same position I was in. Now with my ass in the air I find another jet to please my clit as I position my head right above your pussy. With him still watching close, I start to run my tongue inside your pussylips, slowly working my tongue all over your clit. Finally reaching the top, I suck it deep into my mouth. As I am sucking it into my lips, the tip of my tongue is playing with the sweet tip. Driving you crazy, water starts to splash as your body reacts to the pleasure getting from my mouth.

I look over and your eyes are glued to my mouth watching your clit going in and out of my lips. Your fingers are pinching your nipples as you twist them around. Suddenly, we both look up as we hear our jacking friend start to lose control. "Fuck, fuck that is so fucking hot, ya baby suck that clit". His cock is bulging as he fucks his fist, stopping every now and then so he won't cum. He looks at you "Does she suck it good? Is she going to make you cum? Fuck, its going to make me cum".

You start telling him how it feels, describing my mouth sucking your clit in and out, when you start to tell him about my tongue and what I am doing with it, he starts jerking it straight up. Fast jerks, not letting his hand leave his cock. Suddenly he drops to his knees, the lays down on the landing around part of the tub. He rolls over on his back and drops his head over the side so he can see up close. "Oh Fuck ya, I can see it, fuck that looks so fucking hot".

I look over at him, I can still see him jacking off out of the corner of my eye. Wanting to watch him shoot his cum all over, I start to give him a show. I am pulling my head back and sucking your clit way into my mouth and then out again, slowly to the point where just the very swollen sweet spot is between my lips. As I start to suck it back in my mouth you start to moan, you're breathing harder and harder, and your body getting stiff with anticipation as you get to the point of no return.

You start pushing your ass up so I can get more of my mouth around your clit. He is jacking his cock so hard now, and then he starts using both his hands as one stroke. That really turns me on, I love watching guys jack off that way. Now you almost there, you're watching me then him, back at me. Its right there, you feel it, that almost unbearable sensation. It is getting so strong you think you cannot take any more but you do not want it to end.

Then that's it, you are almost yelling "I'm gonna cum, Oh god, oh god, ooohhh gggoodd". You start cumming like crazy, your hand is on the back of my head pushing my mouth on your clit, and your hips are grinding all around as you cum in my mouth. I look over and I see a huge shot of cum go straight up. His hands moving so fast up and down his cock as shot after shot of cum explodes out of the hole in the tip of massive cock.

All of this sends me over the edge, the jet had my clit so swollen, and I had it dancing all around my clit while I was sucking on yours. With your clit still in my mouth, I start to cum, still sucking on it, playing with the sweet spot I love so much. I was so turned on by having you cum in my mouth and watching that incredible display of cum shooting everywhere. You are trying to get out of the position your in, trying to get to me, to help me cum. I tell you no stay right there, I want to suck on you, I want to suck your clit while I cum. Then you cum again, we both are cumming real hard. You reach over and start to play with the one nipple you can reach. I am cumming but I cannot stop, I am so worked up that I can't let myself go over. Just hanging on to that sensation where your body is shaking all over and it tenses up with resistance.

I must have been stuck there, riding that edge for 5 maybe 10 minutes, it felt like forever. Finally, its there, I'm over, my body lavishing every second as that wonderful feeling rushes over my body. Slowly, I let go, letting the feeling slip away. I finally let your clit out of my mouth. Both of us are so exhausted, we just relax for a while in the spa.

After a little while we hear another knock, he back again. We didn't even notice that he had left. He brought us some water to drink and a stack of coins for free sessions whenever we want to come back. As he opened the door to leave, he turned to us and said "Thank you ladies that was the most incredible thing that I ever got to watch".

We got dressed and left the room, all the other rooms were empty. As we went past the front desk we noticed that there were now 5 other guys, other attendants that must have been in back when we arrived. By the look on their faces, I knew, they had all watched. So just before going out the door I turned to them and said "Next time, we will just put the closed sign on the door and then we will have a really good time.

Well damn I guess I wrote enough, maybe I will finish it one day what do you think.


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