Emap Ch. 10


While stopped on a corner waiting for the cell phone to catch up, the cars disappeared and I got to speed up, I am shot. That was unexpected, even more unexpected is what I see when I turn, I was shot by a kid. Couldn't be more than fourteen, dressed all in red and black. He's wearing a baseball hat on his head sideways sneering at me before he turns and runs. I grab up my radio before chasing after him to report what happened and where I am.

He got farther than I would have expected in this alley packed full of boxes and garbage. He screeches when I grab his jacket and pull him to a stop, his hat falling off. He tries to reach for it I just pull him back with me grabbing the gun when he pulls it out to shoot me again. He sits sullenly on the curb while I check on my patrol car it will be here in a minute. He just sits there staring at the street until the patrol car stops near us.

"I didn't do nothing." He shot up and is waving his hands around.

"Jaguar what happened?" The cop obviously had been apprised of the situation when it comes to me, he is ignoring the kid.

"I was on my way to check on a supposedly occupied empty house and get to know the city. I had to stop to let the cell phone catch up and this kid here shot me. When I turned he's standing there sneering at me then ran. I caught him in the alley and dragged him back toward the street. During this he tried to shoot me again."

"Bitch made me lose my hat and wouldn't let me pick it up." Apparently the kid has given up on playing innocent.

"Get him out of here, I have better things to do than listen to some little boy." The cop is grinning as he handcuffs the kid and stuffs him in the car.

The kid on the other hand is just staring at me his mouth hanging open. Apparently someone had told him that he meant something because he could swear. Perhaps because he wore a certain color, or that he belonged to such and such a group. Shaking my head I take off again, somewhat glad that I am not shot again. Once I have found the right house it becomes obvious what is going on, at least to me.

I call in a pot house and break the door down. I am greeted with barking first, at least until the dog sees me and I growl. It turns and runs, tail tucked firmly between its legs. Next up is the guy nominally in charge here, smoking a joint and packing a shotgun. There are pot plants everywhere, I can't decide on if this first room is his supply or the stuff they sell. Moving out of the way when he fires I get to him through the plants.

After looking through the rest of the house I find there is no one else here. Happily I turn the place over to the regular police and resume my exploration of Chicago. I find the city to be really rather nice looking, with the elevated trains, the old buildings sitting next to new buildings. The river is worse looking than it was the last time I had been here. The corner market is still there, though different building, still more or less the same look. I can't help myself I go inside to look around half expecting to see old man Wilkins behind the counter.

No old man Wilkins, instead a confusing array of shelves covered in the latest version of things you need. There is still a soda fountain, larger than the one I remember. Memories of the times I have come to this very store with my father on his trips fill my mind as I head for the fountain. Looking at the array of drinks for something that I remember I smile at the young man who appears in front of me.

"I can't believe this is still here, I haven't been here in over a hundred years."

"I can't believe I'm standing here talking to Jaguar." I smile bigger at him.

"I must ask how old is the original recipe you are bragging about? Would it be the same recipe old man Wilkins would feed me or newer?"

"Depends on which old man Wilkins you mean, my grandparents bought this place in the sixties from what they always called old man Wilkins. They swear the recipe came from someone older than him."

"Oh now I'm excited, he always had the best chocolate malted so I am going to order one and hope its close." I reach for my purse and realize what I am doing. "Well I will if you do not mind billing the city, I did not bring any money with me on my run."

He opens his mouth to say something then looks toward the door. I look as well seeing three guys dressed in the same color pattern. One is carrying a shotgun the other two are carrying pistols looking at me.

"Get down low and stay there until I say its all clear."

I don't look to see if he did, I charge the three men. The shotgun manages to get a shot on me he hits me in the shoulder. I stumble a little yet still manage to punch the one on the right. He's flying backwards out the door as I drop low and kick out getting both in the legs. They fall a shot ringing out at the ceiling as I get up. Dust and parts of the ceiling falling down on me I slap both hard knocking them out.

Radio in one hand I head for the one I launched and drag him out of the street. He only managed to land on the edge of the street. I still drag him back to lie next to the other two. When I get back inside still talking to dispatch I get a surprise, I'm given a chocolate malted milkshake. Oh it's just like I remember, sweet but not sweet with plenty of flavor and a slight tang to it. It's so good I comment on it over the radio getting a grin out of my new favorite soda jerk. The patrol arrives finally with two ambulances to take the three off my hands.

The entire city explored with a lot of honks and yells on the way I head to my new heaven. This is a strange place, it's on the corner well more of under the corner. There are tables running along one side of the building it is under. I think about it for a moment, without much of a fence in between the tables and the sidewalk I'd be bothered. Inside I go to mostly silence every single person there is staring at me. One of the waitresses comes over quick with a towel in her hand.

"Here use this you have blood on you." She says holding out the towel.

"Thank you, there isn't much of a fence out there so I'm going to need to sit inside." I say as I wipe at myself with the towel.

"I told Eddie the same thing, didn't listen to me of course. Let's see, ah yes we got an empty table over there, follow me please."

I follow the waitress to a small table and get a menu. Looking around I realize I'm in the corner near the bar area. Focusing on the menu I go through and decide on a pizza and soda.

"I'll have a pan pizza with as much meat as you can fit, and a coke."

"Are you going to need a box to take it with you later?"

"I don't know yet, depends on how filling the pizza is for me."

"I am so jealous. I look at a pizza and gain five pounds, you talk about eating an entire pizza with no problem." The waitress says to me with a sigh.

"I have a very fast metabolism, and a very big city. More I run and fight the hungrier I get. Honestly that is the only good side to my life away from home."

"Well makes me a little happier to be a waitress, I don't get shot at."

She walks away to get my pizza leaving me to look around. Conversation had started again, yet most everyone is sneaking glances my way. Tuning in to the conversations I find most are astonished I am sitting here. A few are wondering what I am getting with no fish available. My coke arrives first leaving me to sip at that while people continue to wonder.

I can't help but giggle a little when one supposes they sent someone out to get Long John Silver's for me. Conversation stops again when the pizza arrives, I'm still giggling at the time. I outright laugh when I see the waitress, she's practically drooling looking at the pizza as she sets it down.

"You better sit and have a slice with me." She stares at me for a second then holds up a finger and dashes to the bar.

"I'm supposed to sit in the closet they call the employee lounge. Since you asked and you're well you Eddie won't say anything. I hope at least." She says when she comes back to sit down.

"How long have you been in Chicago?" I ask while dishing out the slices to her and me.

"I was born here and probably going to die here. At least now it's looking like it will take longer than I was thinking. I'm three houses over from one of your Brigade. The neighborhood had been getting worse. I just wish they weren't all married."

I look at her, she's attractive with a small nose, blue eyes and brown hair. Her breasts are not large, not small either, she really shouldn't have too much of a problem finding men.

"Are you shy?" She looks down at her slice and nods.

"Why I'm working as a waitress, well to start. I find it really hard to talk to men, especially the cute ones. I came here because it pays well. I also get discounts so I bring a pizza home about once a week."

"Do you like men in uniform?" I giggle as she turns red. "Well I'll take that as a yes, I'll yell at Frank to send his single cops over here to ask for you. What is your name?" Her face falls into her arm followed by a groan or two.

"Candace." She manages to get out between groans.

I giggle as I pull out my cell phone and send Frank a message to send his single men here and ask for Candace. I stop and look at her for a moment a thought rolling around in my noggin.

"You like men right? You're not a lesbian by chance?" That gets her head up.

"I like men." I nod and send the message.

"This is believe it or not how it used to work, your parents would find the single men for you. Friends would help and walking down the street has led to a number of marriages that I have seen. Not that there wasn't dating you understand, once the guy asked to court you would go out together and do things. Only the poor families sent daughters out to work, unless she was strong willed. Our butcher's daughter helped him out, at least until she got married."

"Why did she stop after marriage?"

"It wasn't so much she stopped, she got pregnant and he wouldn't let her do much of anything. First grandchild and only a daughter to his name, they argued over it once she was showing, I was ten at the time and found it great fun to watch."

"I don't think I could have lived at that time, being thought of as helpless and unable to do anything."

"It was really nothing like that, daughters and wives didn't work when the husband could afford them to not because there were more men than women. Women having jobs when they didn't need it took jobs away from men. Being a largely catholic city at the time, us women were raised to believe our greatest concerns are to have children for our husband. Besides keeping the house clean and preparing meals is a full time thing."

"What happened if she was infertile?" I sigh and look down at that one.

"Usually she would work in a brothel for the unmarried men to have a woman to satisfy him. Old maids tended to get the same treatment, I was lucky my dad decided I wouldn't do that. Not that I didn't enjoy sex but I wanted to actually do something with my life. So he talked the college into admitting me to learn how to be an archeologist."

"If he hadn't done that you wouldn't be here."

"More than that, my predecessor would still be waiting for a woman to take over for her. Besides my group that went looking for the structure no others have. I was the only woman."

"Yeah, though I don't know if I could stand living then. Not a whole lot to do." I giggle at the comment.

"There was plenty to do, butchers would give you hunks of meat. After that you took it home and cut it up how you want. You didn't go to the store and grab up some steaks in individual packages, you bought the proper meat and cut it yourself. There were games of all sorts to do, and books. There were books galore, the penny thrillers Billy the Kid was a popular one, the novelists like Jules Verne my mom loved him. Radio was around, it was getting stations when I was married the first time. I should go on home, I've done my run and I've had enough food."

"I'll get you a box."

I look at what is left, there is still a little more than half the pizza. Candace comes back I send her for a second box. I put three of the remaining slices in this box, the rest goes into the second box for Candace. Thinking I should rethink the filling value of the pizza here I head home. When I get to the window I have to knock, I'm a little shocked that Frank is the one that opens the window for me.

"You know I thought you would meow." I groan thoughts returning to the conversations at heaven.

"I sat inside at heaven, there was barely a fence and it's too cold for most to sit outside to hide me. A few of the conversation material was why I'm there with no fish. One guy suggested they sent someone to Long John Silver's for some. So far the only good part is simply my favorite place to get a chocolate malted is still there and same recipe."

"Yeah we heard about it, not to mention being shot and the three guys at the place you stopped for a drink. Now what is this about Candace, how old is she looking for?"

"Mommy no kitties in the house, you go change right this moment." Melanie says appearing at Frank's shoulder.

"Candace is shy and lonely, I'm guessing not much over twenty." I say as I pick up Melanie and change my face back to look at her. "Memory serves I'm the mom not you, I'll change fully in a second. Where's daddy?"

"Daddy is in your room."

I give Melanie to Frank and head for the bedroom. I pause to give a hug to Wilma then open the door. I find Tony making sure the stocks are set and still working. I grab him up in a hug losing all of my fur. I sigh when his hands go to my cheeks and pull me closer. We just kiss for a while, his hardness pressing in to me, his hands holding me close.

When we move to the bed I purr for him. Tony looks at me with a smile as he pulls his clothes off. I pull him up to me and just kiss him. Lips locked we roll around on the bed, his hands moving from my butt to my breasts and back. I want him so bad I'm whimpering and mewling. I want to remember there is more to this time than kids with guns trying to earn a lot of money in no time.

Tony entering me earns him a moan of pleasure. We move together the way loving couples do, perfectly in sync bringing pleasure to both. His plunging cock sending me closer and closer to orgasm. He keeps moving in me, I keep moving to meet him desperate for that orgasm. At this moment this orgasm is the most important thing to me, Tony moves to give it to me.

My orgasm is greeted with moans and his name, my insides clenching on him trying to get his. When he doesn't give me his orgasm I roll us over and ride on him. Loving the feel of him under me I rise up to offer my breasts to his enjoyment. I'm not disappointed his hands move up to tweak my nipples, squeeze a little on my breasts, and improve my enjoyment. I ride on him like it's the last time we can do this, my plunging pussy is greeted by his rising cock.

It feels so good riding on Tony, a second orgasm is fast approaching. I lean down on his chest and pump my hips on him fast as I comfortably can. My muscles relax when I reach my orgasm, I just lie on him twitching and feeling so good. My insides clench strong on him, still Tony does not reach his orgasm. Instead he sits up holding on to me so I'm riding him still. He helps me bounce at first, not fast just slow and loving.

I pick up the movement and just go on him, lovingly riding him to his orgasm. Our lips lock, his hands running up and down my back helping me enjoy him. My hands run down his back to his tight little butt to help him move in me. An orgasm surprises me, I hadn't been looking for one. Seems to surprise Tony as well, my moans and clenching insides bring him to his. I moan his name while his fluids fill me up, the lovely warmth sending me a little higher.

Once we can move again Tony lies down, doesn't let me check on Melanie. He assures me she's fine and pulls me down to lie on him. Sleep tries to catch up with me until Tony asks me what happened on my run. I fill him on all the things that happened and what I found out. I make him promise that we will visit the corner market for Chocolate Malted when we go shopping.

Tony tells me everything is fine as he strokes my hair. It's been a long day, so I just lie there and enjoy the after sex cuddling. His hand in my hair is especially nice on a day I find myself questioning the usefulness of me in a city where young teenagers think they should be able to shoot people. My eyes get heavy and sleep over comes me, still purring a contented smile on my lips.

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