tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmbarrassed Beyond Belief

Embarrassed Beyond Belief


About 2 years ago, 3 topless dancers rented the 4 bedroom house next to my house. As a horny teenager, I was keenly interested in my new neighbors. As a huge bonus, my 2nd floor bedroom overlooked our fence into their pool/patio area. When meeting my parents, the dancers were surprisingly truthful regarding their occupation. My Dad, a Protestant minister, was friendly toward them, but he privately was not at all happy with their lifestyle. I on the other hand took every opportunity to look at them. I got my first eyeful in mid March during my Spring break. Several days of warm Texas weather brought them out by the pool in their bikinis. I quickly found some binoculars to watch this incredible sight. I had met them once before soon after they had moved in, but now I was gazing at them while they were practically naked. Stacy was the oldest at 25 with blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. She's about 5'5" with a large full bust ( 38C ) tapering to a 24" waist and 36" hips. Brenda, 20, was a 5'3ish blond with a cute 34"-24-34" figure. Karen, 19, was the 3rd girl, and she was another stunner. She was a 5'8" brunette with an incredible 38"-23'-36" body with silver dollar size nipples and legs that seemed to go on forever. All 3 also had spectacularly attractive faces with perfectly proportioned noses, high cheekbones and luscious lips.

The previous Summer I had mowed yards in the neighborhood for extra money. In April, Stacy caught me out in the driveway and asked if I would like to mow their yard on a weekly basis. I obviously jumped at this opportunity and I began mowing their yard the next week. By mid May, I had developed a somewhat casual relationship with all 3 girls. After each mowing, I talked briefly with 1 or 2 of them as they grabbed a checkbook or pulled a twenty from their purse. In addition to mowing their yard, I continued to watch them from my bedroom window while they sunbathed by their pool. One Saturday morning, I got my first glimpse of a real live topless female. Stacy had been sunbathing face down for some time with her bikini top untied. From my angle I could still see her voluptuous boobs oozing out from the side. Much to my amazement, she rolled over exposing her tits to me in all their glory. My cock was already rock hard, and it was all I could do to stop from cumming.

Stacy's topless sunbathing then progressed to totally nude for both her as well as Karen and Brenda. I added a telescope as well as a camcorder to my spying equipment. I was slowly becoming more brazen by standing closer and closer to the window. I became somewhat proficient at looking thru the telescope while at the same time jerking off to massive orgasms. Late one Friday night after the girls had hosted a party for their friends, I watched Stacy and a male friend began to get intimate in the hot tub. They were soon out of the hot tub with Stacy's top and bikini bottom off in a heartbeat. I quickly set up the tripod and hit record on the camcorder. The guy's swim trunks soon came off, and Stacy plunged in and began sucking his cock. The pool area was lit but not well lit; therefore, my view was good but not great.

They soon positioned themselves in a lounge chair directly lined up with my bedroom window. The guy lay down flat on his back, and Stacy straddled him and sit on his cock such that she was facing away from me. I slightly opened my window and could barely hear her moans as she rode up and down on his cock. Unfortunately, our air conditioner kicked in about 5 minutes later which completely blocked all of their erotic sounds. Stacy then straddled him such that she was facing toward me. From this angle I could see her boobs and her face as well his cock as it was pumping in and out of her pussy. At this point, my 8" cock exploded as a rocket of come drenched my window. They continued in this position for a few minutes before switching to a missionary position. My view of Stacy from this angle was not the greatest, but the air conditioner went off, and I could again hear their moans and groans. After about 3 more minutes, I heard the guy moan loudly. He then pulled out of her cunt. They cuddled for a while and then went inside. I then placed the camcorder tape in my VCR to watch this spectacular event again. Unfortunately, the distance as well as the darkness made the tape average at best. Nonetheless, I jerked off to a second orgasm while watching the tape.

As May rolled into June, I continued to religiously watch them sunbath nude. My school was now out which provided more time for my new found hobby. One Monday morning after my mother had gone to work and my dad had gone to his church, the phone rang. Stacy was calling from next door and asking if I could help them move some furniture. Who am I to turn down a request from 3 gorgeous females? I quickly dressed and walked over to their house. All 3 of the them were in the Den, and I quickly realized that I was not there to move furniture. They told me that they were aware of my voyeur activities and asked me what I had to say for myself. I was completely mortified as well as embarrassed beyond belief, and I confessed to my crime and promised that I would not watch or videotape them ever again. Stacy demanded that I go home immediately to retrieve the tapes showing her fucking her boyfriend as well as all of the nude sunbathing.

Stacy sent Brenda back with me to my house "so that I would return all of the evidence." We went upstairs to my room and on into my closet. I pulled the bottom drawer out from an old wooden failing cabinet. Beneath the bottom drawer was an area on the floor where I hid about 6 girlie magazines, 2 Penthouse tapes, 2 Playboy tapes, lingerie catalogs + a videotape of my sexy next door neighbors. When Brenda saw all of this, she said that we would take all of the tapes and magazines back to her house. Upon arriving back next door, Stacy inserted the tape in a VCR and began watching the nude sunbathing; Stacy eventually fast forwarded into the lovemaking scene with Stacy and her boyfriend. After about 5 minutes of viewing, they had seen enough.

They all agreed that I should be punished for my spying on them. Stacy asked if my father was at work at the church this morning. I said yes. Stacy then said that an appropriate punishment would be for all 4 of us to drive to my Dad's church and let him view the videotape and that I should tell him about my orgasms which I had while watching them. Brenda mentioned that we should show my Dad the 6 girlie magazines also. I told them that I would rather not involve my parents. Stacy indicated that I only had 1 one other choice - they would call the police and have me charged as a peeping tom! As a pastor's son, I realized that this could possibly get local media coverage and possibly nationally on one of those news tabloid shows.

I resigned myself to my fate as the 4 of us climbed into Stacy's SUV and headed for my Dad's church. They placed the magazines, videotapes and lingerie catalogs in the back of the SUV. Stacy was driving with Brenda in the passenger seat. Karen and I sat in the backseat. My mind began racing contemplating the confrontation with my Dad as well as my Dad's punishment. My parents were very strict in regard to sexually oriented materials in the house. When I was 15, my Mom found 2 Playboy magazines under my bed. My Dad grounded me to my room for an entire weekend. No TV, radio, CD's, computer, telephone, nor VCR were allowed all weekend. I was permitted to eat, sleep, read and study. I missed an entire weekend of NFL playoffs. My Dad said that I needed time to contemplate my sins of the flesh. Compared to this previous incident, my current predicament was completely off the charts.

As we began driving to the church, Stacy started lecturing me on masturbation and said that I needed to get a girlfriend. They asked me if I was a virgin ( yes ) and how often I masturbated to an orgasm. Stacy continued to embarrass me by asking if I jerked off while looking at the girlie magazines. I sheepishly said yes. Karen said that a guy with my good looks ( 6'1'',185 lbs, tan and muscular ) should have many girlfriends. As we got closer to the church, I began begging and pleading for them not to do this. I first offered to mow their lawn for free for the remainder of the Summer and then I increased my offer by telling them that I would empty my savings account ( $250 ) and give it to them. They declined both of these offers. We were now less than 3 minutes from my church, and I could feel my heart beating faster and that my hands were slightly shaking. I had just turned 18, and my parents were very close to helping me finance the purchase of a new car, but with these events I most likely would not be driving anything for 6 months.

After 15 minutes on the road, we arrive at the church, but surprisingly Stacy drives about 1/2 mile past the church and pulls into a small strip shopping center. Stacy stops the SUV and all 3 of them get out and walk about 100 feet behind the vehicle. I was told to stay in the SUV. After about 5 minutes, Brenda and Karen return to the SUV. Stacy remains 100 feet away talking on her cell phone. Stacy climbs into the SUV a short time later. She immediately whirls around in her seat and said OK here's the deal. They had decided to give me a 3rd option for my punishment with the first 2 being my Dad or the Police. Stacy said that my last option would be a somewhat private punishment at her house which would be extremely embarrassing for me, but there would be no involvement of the Police or my parents. I quickly agreed to this, and we began driving back to their house. As we drive back, I feel greatly relieved but still somewhat apprehensive as to the punishment awaiting me.

After arriving back at their home, I was told to sit in the living room and to wait for further instructions. Karen brought me to 2 People magazines to look at. After about 30 minutes, a car door slams outside the house. From the living room window I saw another buxom blond named Diane walk toward the house. Karen answered the door and invited her in. After another 15 minutes, Mindy, a twenty something brunette with huge natural tits, also enters the house. At the point, I was summoned into the den. I was briefly introduced to Diane and Mindy, and then told that my punishment would now begin. Stacy had me stand in the middle of the den and to recap for Diane and Mindy why I was being punished. I mumbled a few sentences about videotaping and watching them sunbath. To further my embarrassment, Stacy filled in the details of my masturbation and orgasms. As Mindy and Diane giggled, I felt myself turning beet red. Stacy then asked me again if I am sure I want this private embarrassing punishment rather than involving the Police or my parents.

After I again agree to this, Stacy instructs me to remove all of my clothes. She said that I had seen them naked so that would be only fair if they saw me naked. I slowly peeled out of my clothes down to nothing but my under-shorts. Stacy told me to remove those as well and throw them on the floor. As I took off my last piece of clothing, I could feel my embarrassment soaring to an entirely different level. I had not been naked in front of a woman ( other than my mother ) since I was a baby. Now I was standing stark naked in front of 5 girls, 2 of which I just met. They all gazed in awe at my cock. Even though my cock was completely limp, it was almost 5 inches long. Brenda then placed all of my clothes in a bag and disappeared into a back bedroom. After Brenda returned, they let me continue standing in front of them. No one said a word for several minutes as they just stared at me. To minimize my embarrassment, I began staring at a clock or pictures on the wall. Stacy quickly instructed me that I was to maintain eye contact with one of them at all times.

Stacy then told me to walk over to her, turn around, bend over and spread the cheeks of my "cute tight ass". After a minute or so in front of Stacy, I am instructed to repeat this performance for each of the 4 other girls. Stacy then tells me to come stand in front of her again. Stacy then gently raked her fingernails over my upper thighs and caressed my balls with her soft hands. To further add to my embarrassment and complete humiliation, I began to get an erection. All of their eyes widen as they stared in disbelief as my huge organ extended to the full 8 inches. I had not masturbated to an orgasm in over a week so I was extremely horny. Stacy said that I was not given permission to have an erection, and that I would be punished for this also. After my erection subsided, Stacy rubbed a dab of ejaculation delay cream along the underside of my cock. Karen, Brenda, Diane and Mindy all took turns in touching my thighs and caressing my balls until I developed an erection. Once the erection subsided, I went to the next girl so forth and so on such that I had 1 erection directly in front of each girl.

I was then told that we were to proceed to Part 2 of my punishment. Stacy placed a blindfold around my eyes. She twirled me around and one of the girls starting leading me around the house. Then they had me play a "Simon says" sort of game. They had me touch my nose, touch my toes, spin around, etc. . This game eventually led to Stacy's bedroom where "Simon says" to lay on the bed and "Simon says" to stretch your arms and touch the headboard of the bed. After following this direction, 1 girl on each side of me immediately handcuffed my wrists to the top of the bed. Seconds later, I felt my ankles being handcuffed to a some sort of strap which ran over and under the bed. Embarrassment and humiliation was then replaced with fear. They removed my blindfold and told me that they were not going to hurt me. After regaining some sort of composure, I notice a huge mirror on the ceiling. They all left the room but not before telling me that they wanted me to be embarrassed but not uncomfortable. Karen said that if I had an itch or got too cold in the air conditioning to just yell out. After they left, I realized that I could barely move. I was comfortable in that my arms were not stretched out to far and my legs were not spread that wide. The cream satin sheets beneath me also provided some comfort.

After a few minutes, Stacy returned to the room wearing a white silk blouse, a short black mini skirt, black nylon stockings and high heels. Without saying a word, Stacy placed a CD in the CD player and then began to seductively prance around the room. As the music played, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She then climbed up on the bed and removed her high heels within inches of my face. I eyed her sexy little toes underneath her black stockings. She then stood up directly over me and stepped out of her mini skirt. At this point, she had on a black bra covering her 38" chest, a black satin g-string plus a garter belt attached to her nylon stockings. My 8" cock was now standing at attention. She danced around on the bed until the first song ended.

As the second song began, she turned her back to me and ever so very slowly began to unhook her bra. As she threw the bra on the floor, I got a brief glimpse of her tits from the ceiling mirror, but she quickly covered her boobs with her hands. She turned around to face me, but she still had her hands on her huge tits. She continued this tease until she finally relented and stood directly above my head and removed her hands from her boobs. The view of her boobs from this position was absolutely electrifying. I could not help but stare at them. I had seen her tits before from my bedroom window, but this was different. To continue my tit torture, she bent over letting her breasts hang in front of my face. Stacy then moved back and stood directly over my throbbing cock. She deftly unsnapped the garter belt from the stockings and placed one foot and then the other on my chest as she slowly peeled the nylons down her smooth tan legs and then over the tips of her toes. She dropped the nylons on my stomach just inches away from my aching cock. Now wearing only a g-string, she danced around me on top of the king size bed as the second song continued to play. She then ever so slowly slipped off the g-string and dropped it on my chest above the nylons. Now completely nude, she danced around on the bed for a few more minutes throwing her hair around and playing with her boobs. She then lowered her clean shaven pussy so that it was now just inches away from my face. She slowly parted her pussy lips and showed me her pink paradise. She then retrieved her CD from the CD player, picked up all of her clothes and left the room.

I lay there a few more minutes on the bed wondering if this was the end of my punishment. During this time, Brenda walked in wearing a pink nylon tank top, white shorts and dainty little white socks. She climbed on the bed and began to rub her feet up and down my legs. My cock quickly expanded again to a full erection. After teasing me with her feet, she removed the sexy socks and dropped them beside me on the bed. With her back to me, she then stood directly over my cock and slowly pulled the pink tank top over her head. I looked at the ceiling mirror and could see the top of her 35" bust. She was wearing a pink bra which exposed the upper part of her breasts. Still with her back to me, she unsnapped the bra and slipped the straps off her shoulder. As she turned around to face me, she was holding the pink bra cups over her tits. She then turned back around and let the bra fall off on the bed by my feet. She then began to play with her nipples and they soon became erect. She then bent over backwards in a gymnastics like move such that her blond hair was lying on my chest and I was looking at her face upside down. I quickly looked at the ceiling mirror for a view of this spectacular sight. She then stood back up and removed her white shorts. A cute little pink thong was now all they separated her from complete nudity. While still with her back to me, she seductively slid the thong over her tight little ass and tanned legs. As she turned back around, I stared at her lovely pussy consisting of a few curls of pubic hair above her clit plus a clean shaven labia.

Now that she was totally naked, Brenda told me that she was a cheerleader in high school and she that wanted to show me one of her moves. She stood up and positioned herself so that she was directly above my chest. She then slowly let her legs spread out and lowered herself onto my chest carefully avoiding my cock which was extended in the air at a 45 degree angle. This girl had just done the splits with her pussy sitting on my chest with her legs stretched perfectly perpendicular to me in both directions. The view from the ceiling mirror was unbelievable! She placed her hands on my shoulders and rocked back and forth. From the ceiling mirror, I noticed that my cock was twitching less than 2 inches from her ass. I instinctly started pumping my hips so that my cock could touch that gorgeous butt. Brenda quickly noticed this and moved her hips away from my cock so that she was now setting on my upper chest between my breasts. She placed her hands on the headboard and looked down in my eyes and said you want to fuck me don't you. Embarrassed as I was with this question, I still mumbled yes. She then stood up and scooped up her clothes and left the room just as Stacy had.

When Karen entered the room and placed a CD in the CD player, I knew I was about to treated to yet another striptease ( not that I was complaining ). Karen was wearing a red halter top, black capri pants and red open toe high heels. The halter top was showing plenty of cleavage and her mid-drift was completely bare revealing her flat tan stomach. On her lower legs and feet I could see red nylon stockings. After she joined me on the bed, she removed the high heels and threw them on the floor. After starting the music on the CD, she then stood directly over my face and removed her capri pants. She continued to tease me by standing above me and staring at me without saying a word. Incapacitated as I was, all I could do was lustily gaze up at her beautiful face and her exquisitely long legs covered with red suspender stockings. The stockings did not cover her crotch but they did continue up around her waist. A red g-string covered her pussy. She turned around to show me her perfectly rounded ass. Karen really began to get into the music as she seductively danced around me on top of the bed.

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