Embarrassed Beyond Belief


After about 15 minutes, Karen returned to the room. She stood above me and stared directly in my eyes and then ever so slowly removed her red suspender stockings and dropped them directly on my crotch. My limp cock was beginning to twitch. She now used her bare feet to play with my growing hard-on. After releasing both of my feet from the cuffs, she kissed and licked the head of my cock until I was fully erect. She then un-cuffed my hands and told me to fuck her! I was all over her first kissing her lips and then quickly exploring her voluptuous tits with my hands, mouth and lips. I played with her boobs like a brand new toy, first smashing them together, then licking and sucking one and then the other. I quickly said yes when Karen asked if I wanted to fuck her breasts. I stood up on the bed while Karen was on her knees. After sliding my cock between her tits, she smashed her boobs together. I slowly began to thrust my cock between those glorious breasts.

After several minutes of tit fucking, I was ready for the main feast. I lay her flat on the bed and stuck my erect member in her pussy. While staring in her eyes and kissing her lips, I started thrusting slowly, but I very soon began pumping furiously. We were now both screaming in ecstasy. At that point I felt a strong tingling all over my body. I broke the kiss, and let out a loud moan as I felt my cock erupt deep in her pussy. I was cumming again! I drove my cock to its full length into Karen, and exploded with my second load of cum of the day. Karen too was creaming on my cock and kept screaming, "Oh! Oh! Oh!," again and again as I came.

As Karen and I finished with a passionate kiss, the doorbell ring. Stacy and Brenda had ordered pizza. The 4 of us then spent the next 1/2 hour eating pizza and reliving the day's mind-boggling sex. They told me that they had planned this "punishment" off and on for almost 2 weeks. They said that they thought I was cute and were curious about the bulge I always seemed to have in my pants when I visited with them after each week's lawn mowing. They said that I could continue to watch and videotape them as much as I wanted. The 3 of them lived next door for almost another year during which time I made love to them about 3 dozen more times. Never again did we have another foursome, but we had about 6 threesomes and about 30 one on one encounters. That incredible day as well as the following year is something I will never forget.

Later that evening, I had dinner with my parents. They were concerned that I was catching a Summer cold because my voice was hoarse. They had no idea that I had spent half the day moaning, groaning and screaming in total ecstasy. On the following Monday, I went next door to retrieve my magazines and videotapes. Stacy let me have them back but only after I stripped naked and masturbated to an orgasm on her boobs.

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