tagErotic HorrorEmbrace the Darkness

Embrace the Darkness


He walked over to his latest acquisition. He leaned down and softly smelled her neck, inhaling the perfume of her flesh. Then he licked her cheek, causing an involuntary shiver to run down her lithe sleeping body. "She's younger than any I've taken before. Hopefully she'll last a little longer," he whispered to himself as he walked over to the knife table. Grabbing a short hook bladed knife, and a long slender blade as well, he returned to her side.

"Wake up my little pet, it's time to have fun," he quietly said to her. Sliding his left hand over her mouth, and pinching her nose with his right, he watched with a slight smirk as her eyes shot open in fear and she struggled to draw in a breath. Then her gaze fell onto his face, the eyes, glazed over in anticipation of her fear. Struggling against her bonds, she started to panic and pass out. "No, no my pet. Mustn't end the fun so soon, I certainly didn't pay those men five thousand dollars to bring you to me, just for you to pass out. No, I want to watch you struggle. I want to see your fear as I slowly nick your flesh with my knife and teeth. To taste and feel your blood as it seeps across my hand. No, this my little toy is merely the beginning."

As she is almost to the point of passing out, he removes his hand and watches as she draws in a deep ragged breath. Bringing up the hooked knife into her view, he hears a gasp escape in interruption of her breathing. "Now be quiet, and perhaps all I'll use this for is your clothes."

Catching the curved edge in the collar of her shirt, he slowly draws it down, listening closely to see if he hears her. Her soft whimper and the tearing of cloth is all he hears. He pulls the now cut shirt open to each side and trails his fingertips down across her small breasts. "My my, what a naughty young slut we have here," he chuckles as she blushes. "Now didn't your mother ever teach you not to go out without any underwear on my little toy. If she hadn't died already, I'm sure the shame of finding this out would certainly do her in."

"Ho...how do you know my mother," she whimpers? "And that she's dead, the police never found a body?"

"Oh yes, the police. A marvelous example of mankind's finest bumblers. I'll tell you now, you little slut," he says as he grabs her hair and leans in to whisper menacingly into her ear. "You said they haven't found a body, well here's a news flash for you, they never will. How do you think I found out about your luscious little slut hole, hmm? Your mother was more than happy to spare herself a little pain by telling me all about you, and your precious little virgin pussy. She practically begged me to go take you, and all she asked was that I release her."


Wrapping her hair tightly in his hand, he pulls her head up as high as the ropes allow, causing her to scream. "Would you like proof, my pet, hmm? I videotaped the whole thing. Just as I'm videoing our little talk here," he says as he uses the hooked blade to point at the camera in the corner of the ceiling. Startled, she looks up and sees it's red light glowing like an evil eye of hell, staring down and awaiting her pain. "Would you like to see her beg and plead for her life, offering you as a virgin sacrifice?" He gives a dark sounding chuckle, "Hear her beg me to take her prissy little daughter, make a woman of her? Rend your flesh instead of hers? Slide my cock into your pussy and make you bleed? Would you like that?"

"You lying scum," she sobs, "I don't believe you. She'd never do that, I know it. She was proud of my saving myself for marriage. And I know she'd NEVER tell you to hurt me, not even to spare herself whatever twisted pain and torture you put her through before you killed her!"

"You silly little cunt," he drops her head and smiles as it hits the table, stunning her. "I never said I killed her."

"You, you said she was dead."

"Yes, I did indeed, but I never said I killed her, now did I? She's dead alright, but she died of some sort of natural causes. I was enjoying her much too much to kill her. Your mother really knew how to suck a cock, let me tell you that. I wonder if you'll be half as good as she was. And nasty, why that slut of a mother of yours was almost as nasty as my own mother. In fact, I think if she hadn't died, she might have even helped me capture you." Sliding the hook under the waist band of her pants, above her left leg, he slashes it straight down, with a quick practiced precision.

"Damn, you said you wouldn't cut me you bastard," she screams as the line just incised on her thigh starts to seep blood. Struggling hard against the ropes holding her down, she feels the flesh being peeled apart by a pair of probing fingers. "What, what are you doing?"

"Oh, just testing your real pain threshold. It's a very useful thing to know, and in truth, a hobby of mine. Almost an obsession in fact."

Probing his little finger into the faster flowing blood, he leans down and licks a little of it off her inner thigh. "But then again, you're going to be learning a lot of things about me soon, so why hide anything anymore?"

"OK, this is too intense, red Johnny. I'm a free bleeder, you know that." Johnny smiles at her and licks a little more blood up. "Dammit Johnny, I said red, that means stop, you know that. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Wondering just how long it's going to take you to realize that now our fun really is about to begin. And to stop calling me Johnny," he softly whispers, "it's not really my name you know."

"What do you mean, not really your name," she chokes out as she really starts to panic. "I've known you for over three months now, and you've always answered to Johnny."

"Well, my sweet little meat pie," he smirks at her, "Johnny isn't my name. And no, you don't need to know what it really is. And it took long enough to convince you to play with me without your stupid friends watching me like a hawk, that I fully intend to drag this out for quite some time," he says as he sits the knife down and grabs a first aid kit. "You've truly been the most troublesome little morsel I've ever had the pleasure of taking. But you're going to be all the sweeter a dish for it. All your talk of being pure and waiting for your future husband...bah. I'll be taking that tight pussy of yours and stretching it out, right before I ram my fist up your ass. Then, I'll make you watch as I rape your little sister, cook her alive, and eat her. And if you want to eat, you'll join my little feast. Otherwise...well, I'll just have to feed you some other way," he says with a diabolical gleam in his eye.

"You're...you're mad. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into, let me go. Please, please, let me go. You can't do this, it's insane....you're insane. You'll never get away with it. Everyone knows.." She stutters.

"Everyone knows," he finishes for her, "that you said you implicitly trust me with your life. And that we had a week long get away planned in my cabin here in the mountains somewhere. I mean, surely you realized I kept it's location a secret from even you for a reason. Now no one will ever find your corpse, or your sisters bones. You'll both just rot here, but first of course, you'll get to watch her skeleton looking at you. And by the time anyone thinks to come looking for me, I'll have been gone for several days."

He looks at her and realizes she's about to pass out. Drawing his arm back and smacking her soundly across the face he says, "No, no, no. No passing out, not when the fun's just getting started you little bitch. I'm fully going to enjoy you, and I want you awake for every second of it." He unfastens his pants and starts to climb up onto her, sliding up her body to her mouth.

"No, NO!!! I swear to God I'll bite it off if you put it anywhere NEAR my mouth."

"Good point," he mutters, "I almost made a mistake. Thanks for reminding me, you might have actually been able to escape had you kept your mouth shut." He moves over to the knife table, opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of pliers and a ring gag. Moving back beside her, he says, "Now be a good little girl and open your mouth one more time."

Clamping her mouth shut, she violently shakes her head no. "I thought you might say that," he says with a very evil grin, "so I came prepared." He grabs one of her nipples with the pliers and starts to squeeze it. "It was so nice of you to let me know just how sensitive your nipples were." As soon as she opens her mouth to scream, he jams the gag home and releases the pliers.

He begins to mount her form again, and she stares in utter horror as his eight inch cock comes free and approaches her now open mouth. He starts to trace her lips with the head, his precum leaving a glistening trail behind it. "Lick your lips clean my little cum slut, lick my baby juice off your lips, before I fill your belly." Grabbing her head and positioning his cock before her open mouth he screams, "LICK IT OFF YOUR LIPS DAMMIT!"

She slowly, hesitantly licks it off. Scowling at the slimy taste he has left her. He knows I've never been with a man before. That it was only ever a fantasy, he was supposed to bring me to the edge of it, and let me go. Sobbing, she realizes he's going to truly rape her and that there's nothing she can do to prevent it. A lifetime of avoiding situations like this, turning down men because I never found one attractive to me like that, and the first guy I fall for, does this.

"Good little slut," he croons to her, "now one more thing I have to get, before we finish this..." He climbs off her, walks back to the knife table and picks up something she can't see. He keeps it out of sight as he walks back to her, and leans down to look her in the eyes. "Are you ready? Ready to become my little cock sucking, cum swallowing slut? To be used however I want..." As he's saying this, he sees the abject terror, and yet complete resignation to her fate in her eyes. "That's it, that's the look I want. Your fear, AND your submission!" With that he drives his face down on hers and kisses her passionately as he's been doing off and on for the past three months.

Her eyes go wide in passionate agony, feeling this intense a kiss as she's about to be raped. An agonizing fury rips through her body as she realizes it's betraying her...she really WANTS this. She wants this man to rape and abuse her. Maybe not leave her to die, and definitely not hurt her sister, but she wants him to use her. To feel his dick inside her, feel it spray in her pussy, and down her throat. To be forced to swallow his slimy cum. She catches a glimpse of the butcher knife in his hand as he brings it up over her head, sees the sheer orgasmic pleasure in his eyes as she screams into his mouth. Letting out all the blood-curdling fear inside her.

And then, she feels her arms being lowered to her sides and his arms holding her tightly. And she can't believe she's free.

"Th..this...this was all part of the play. Everything?" She asks in utter shock. "None of it was real?"

"I wouldn't say none of it was real, you're clearly bleeding..sorry it got a little deeper than I intended it too as I pulled it apart. And I meant every word about wanting the fear and submission. I'll always cherish the gifts you gave me this evening."

"You...you fucking BASTARD!!! I thought I was going to die. I expected you to kill and eat my sister! You scared the living hell out of me. I almost died of fear!" She railed at him, struggling to get free so she could attack him.

"Ah, but you didn't, and you know I adore your little sister," he chuckled. "Besides, you knew the rest was a game. This was the only way to show you the true depths and powers of fear. It's real powers as an aphrodisiac..which if the stain on your pants is any evidence of, is even stronger for you than I've ever seen it for anyone. Now lay still as I take care of your leg my little fear slut. And then, maybe, we'll see what we can do about stemming that other fluid flowing out of you."

Happy Halloween. I hope everyone enjoys my first submission to the site:)

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