tagLoving WivesEmily and I, Do You Trust Me?

Emily and I, Do You Trust Me?


Emily and I

Yes I trust you.

The hour plus drive four or five times a week sucked, but being with Jane and the girls was worth the trip. I started getting hugs and cheek kisses when the girls or I would leave. Unless I left at 06:30 hrs, just before the girls got up.

We discussed ways to eliminate the drive but hadn't hit on a solution until the girls moved on to college. Jane bought me a Toyota with a four cylinder engine to ease the cost of gas back and forth to Austin. She wanted to get me a new one; I negotiated a three year old one. It was red though.

After her divorce, Emily insisted that her sister live with her and their girls. The Ranch House was remolded to accommodate Jane's suite. Her UT salary pretty much just sat in the credit union earning interest for the last seven years.

I drove the '66 up one weekend and all three of the girls were wild about it. The rebuilt six cylinder engine ran perfectly once I installed the right air correction jets in the new Weber carburetor. I promised to bring it back after I installed the headliner.

My lover and I took the Raspberry convertible down to the coast several weekends when the girls were with their dad. She negotiated a 102 square inch bikini with a paro wrap. Shy at first, the warm sands of the coast finally got her over most of her uneasiness about her shapely body. We studied poses on the internet and soon she was almost as flirty and sexy as Patty.

Getting her to pose without her top was easier than talking her into a bikini in the first place. We made love and had sex on the beach one night, she cried. Life was more than she had expected. She missed her sister, but loved her nieces and her man, me.

I never drove the Raspberry Candy Mustang to Austin.

The Auction

A few weeks after the concert, the Jessica Wright Academy held their annual fund raiser. The auction was held in the inflatable arena. This inflated domeish thing was about the size of a small soccer field. Traffic volume was crazy enough that we had to park three blocks away. The roving school shuttle bus to the campus was nearly full when we got on.

Inside the arena were decorations of all sorts. Around the interior walls were the individual silent auctions which included student works and donated prizes.

Jane and Evonne, another orchestra mom that I had met earlier, got together on the silent auction. Jane bought Evonne's daughters donation, a home cooked spaghetti dinner complete with violin music.

Evonne bought Connie and Janice's Italian dinner and string/flute music. It cost Jane and Evonne each seventy five dollars but they both said it was worth it. I think I was looking forward to that evening.

A local senior high school's string quartet and jazz ensemble provided live music at two different venues in the arena. They were good.

Jane had a white wine and I had a vodka tonic with a lime twist. By the time we had gotten to the other end of the arena our drinks got refilled at the second bar. Public school was never like this.

Finger food, lots of finger food, was located near the bars. Jane and I had made several trips that afternoon with her Cadillac full of fruit plates from the deli to the auction.

The highlight of the evening was the class projects live auction. The 4th grade patch work quilt with a hand print of each student went for fifteen hundred dollars to a grandma. Several other primary grades class projects went for almost as much.

One of the group dinners went for over two thousand dollars. Another was on a yacht and went for almost as much.

I'd slipped into the rest room for a few minutes near the end of the live auction. I was sitting on the commode, just getting some quiet time and I heard two guys enter and use the urinals that were right next to my private office.

1st Guy. "Hey. A great auction! Looks like a full house. Maybe they won't be hitting us up for more money this year. I see Jane has a new beau. Have you met him?"

2nd guy "No, haven't met him yet, but I'm sure my wife will see to that before the evenings out. Yeah I hope she has better luck with this one than the last fag. I hope she didn't catch anything from that ass fucker. I felt sorry for her.. and loosing her sister like that to."

1st guy. Yeah, she was quite the little blow job queen. I knew her when she was at TW. Her and a couple other sluts blew about 20 guys many a night at some frat parties. They would get drunk and take on all comers in one of the upstairs bedrooms. They wouldn't fuck, but they sure could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

I have a friend that swears that every fourth Thursday she'd come in to his office, drops her skirt, kneel in front of his chair. Then she would run a baby wipe over his dick and three minutes later he would shoot'n into her mouth.

She never swallowed, but damn! She'd clean his dick with the wippie , smile and take his order. This had been going on for the last three years. He said that he's gonna miss her."

2nd guy, "Yeah, well, if I was Alex I'd tap Jane and leave that vindictive bitch Samantha alone. I knew her in Atlanta and she hasn't changed a bit. Too much family money."

1st guy "Well I guess he's been doing Sam for the last 5 years, maybe longer. I don't imagine it'll take her too long to move into Alex's house and kick Jane out."

2nd guy. "He'd be stupid to do that. He's got it good now. Jane takes really good care of the kids and he's free to fuck that bitch in Haiti. I hope Alex would be smart enough to keep her out of his house. Plus he'd have to hire someone to do Jane's job. I don't think Samantha has a domestic gene in her DNA."

They left and I had an ear full. I caught up with Jane and Evonne at the bar. Evonne's husband, Charles, was introduced to me. He was one of the two guys in the men's room. I identified him as guy #2. He was the one that suggested that Alex tap Jane and leave the bitch alone. I played it cool, no reaction. I never told Jane that I knew who the source of my information was.

Nor did I tell Jane that I had found almost a case of nylons ( a five years supply?) and a Costco sized box of individually wrapped wippies in the trunk of her POS company car the day that I planted the GPS in the trunk.

Those must have been the tools of her trade. The cost of doing business and looking good. Like anyone there are different sides of a individual's personality. I guess I didn't know the complete Emily. I wondered what else I didn't know.

The next day the girls were doing combat with Iron Mike. That is what I called the Lob-Ster (The electric tennis ball serving machine.) We were in the den watching and I told Jane that I had overheard some men's room talk and it was about her and Emily.

Jane, "Oh? What about me?"

Me, "It was an observation about you being with a New Beau, and hopes that you would find eternal happiness with that good looking stud."

Jane laughed and said, "Oh, I think I have. And what about Em?" As she put her arm around my waist.

I asked, "Did you know that your sister was known as the blow job queen?"

Jane replied, "I'm sorry that you had to hear that. I would have never told you something like that. Nor will I ever lie to you. Yes, I knew that from her days at TW. As a matter of fact, I had gone to one of those frat parties with Em and one of her friends. All three of us had gotten into the spirit of the bedroom activities, if you know what I mean. But when I sobered up, I quit partying. I never went back, and I implored Em to do the same.

A semester later Em quit too. I suspected that she had been raped at one of the parties. But Em didn't talk about for a long time. That was unusual for her. Finally she did talk with me and said that she was repeatedly raped one night. Both anally and vaginally. Nobody used condoms. They didn't hurt her, so she didn't go to the police."

"She just never went back. She did go to Health Services and get the morning after pill and checked for STD. She did stop drinking but I'm pretty sure that they put something into her drink that night.

When you were in the hospital, how did EM show you her feelings?"

Jane didn't even wait for me because she knew the answer.

"That's the same way she communicated with Alex on their third dated."

I thought to myself. "Alex didn't have a chance, shit neither did I. She had a talent and knew how to use it."

"Please don't ask me any more, please. I would rather not talk about that. And yes, I showed you the same way that first night in our bed. I am not ashamed of it, I love you and I wanted you to know that I love you. I fell in love with you on our second date. But remember, I'd know you for years through Em. I am yours for whatever you want."

I asked, "Even let me use your ass? She grabbed onto to me for dear life and put her head cheek to cheek so I could not see her face but she could whisper into my ear.

"Yes anything. Most of the time when the ex and I had sex he would bend me over and take me. It wasn't always loving and nice; sometimes it was close to rape. He always used a condom but almost never my vagina.

The second time of any evening he insisted that I suck him and swallow his sperm. He would never return the favor. My orgasms were always self induced after he had rolled over and gone to sleep.

When you spent time on me that first night, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you."

Now, sticking my dick into a lady's ass just never got high enough on my priority list to even ask about. I liked pussy, nipples, lips, blow jobs, sweet giggles, smiles, strip teases on the bar. You get the picture. I never fucked Jane's ass.

I quizzed Jane, "Who's Samantha?"

Jane quizzed back, "I don't know. Why do you ask?"

I told her, "She was reportedly having an ongoing affair with Alex, in Haiti. How can we find out if they are a known item down there?"

Jane, "I can't believe that about Alex, but I know who to ask."

That Monday Jane called in a favor and fond out that Alex and Samantha have had an ongoing affair for several years at least. Samantha was the nurse that was in charge of the Haitian clinic when Alex wasn't there.

The police report about the accident that killed Emily showed the driver to be from Georgia. The guy is still doing time in the county jail for third degree involuntary manslaughter. Nurse Samantha was from Georgia. I know Georgia is a big state, but sometimes it's a small world.

Jane called the investigating officer for Jane's case, detective Almos, and told him that Alex was having an affair with a nurse from Georgia. Her name was Samantha Burrows. Detective Almos said that he did not know that and thanked Jane for bringing it to his attention. He asked Jane how she knew and Jane told him the source of her information. He said that he would contact her if anything new happened during the course of his investigation.

The Spaghetti Dinner

The next week the girls were ready to make their silent auction dinner. 'Lupȇ and Jane decided that 'Lupȇ would be the coach in the kitchen for the dinner. Evonne's girls, Randi and Karla were as excited as Connie and Janice.

They were talked out of making the noodles, but still wanted to make the bread. Jane had a great sauce recipient. Yes, it even had meat balls. The girls wanted to serve spaghetti and meatballs.

It was about this time that 'Lupȇ started to warm up to me. In the beginning she had openly told Jane that she was afraid that I would break her heart.

She was also concerned about bringing a man into the girl's lives that might not want to stay for the duration. Jane listened and acknowledged her concerns regarding the girls.

A week before the scheduled parent dinner, all four of the girls and 'Lupȇ took over the kitchen for a practice run. Jane and I were ordered out of the house. The girls had fun doing that because they had 'Lupȇ's authority behind them.

Jane wanted to go to the Sonic. Kind of a romantic reunion. We shared a burger, fries and a Coke. The Escalade's seats were different than my big Ford and Jane gave me an instant sad face then she dove across the console and kissed me hard.

After the roller skating car hop collected our tray Jane turned sideways on her seat and put her naked feet into my lap. We rode slowly home and I caressed her feet until she almost went to sleep.

She said," I've never been that comfortable with another person. I want you to take me inside and make love to me." We did just that.

The eve of the big dinner finally arrived. The girls were running around getting dressed, doing make-up, hair and driving Jane crazy. 'Lupȇ was the sanity in the kitchen. The sauce had been simmering for hours and the bread's aroma reminded me of my sister's bread making skills.

I just kept out of the way.

Evonne and Charles arrived and I made cocktails. Charles and I held down a game in the den while Evonne went to rescue Jane. After a while Karla and Janice came into the den and made a formal announcement, "Dinner is ready."

Evonne and Jane had gone all out with fancy and quite sexy dresses. Frankly, they both looked like 8.9 on my MILF-o-meter. Fortunately I didn't have to choose because Jane was mine and I would get her in a few hours because the girls were over-nighting at Randi and Karla's.

The table in the almost never used dinning room was elegant. Candles, crystal, china, sliver, linen, and an antique table cloth that had been Janes's great grandmothers.

The salads were served in small hand made pottery bowls. We had a choice of dressing. Randi and Connie served a chilled Pinot Noir. Janice and Karla played a duet that lasted two minutes. It must have been the Minute Waltz played twice.

We all clapped as the girls ran back down the hall. The salad bowls were collected and we were each served a fine china plate of spaghetti with meatballs and sauce. The fresh bread was cut and served in linen wrapped wicker baskets. Our wine was refreshed and all four of the girls appeared with their instrument.

They played a medley of tunes that I only recognized two parts, Fiddler on the Roof and The Sugarplum theme from The Nutcracker. My sister had taken me to the Seattle Nutcracker once and it made quite an impression on me. I'd never made it back for a second performance, so I decided that was going to be my Christmas present to the girls and Jane. A Nutcracker extravaganza in Seattle.

The dinner was a success and the lime sherbet was perfect for desert. The girls helped 'Lupȇ with cleanup in the kitchen while the four of us chatted and finished the wine while in the den.

When I told Jane about my idea of taking the girls and her to see the Nutcracker in Seattle, she was beyond herself with excitement. When she told Evonne, they decided that we would all go in December.

The summer came and I bought a small band saw and an air operated pin nailer. The girls and I built bird houses, bat houses, boxes and more.

Everything got painted, sometimes more than once. We listened to music, theirs and mine. We swam, went to the concerts in the park, and played tennis. Life was good. Detective Almos

Summer went by with only two tropical storms, and no hurricanes. The cool of late fall was welcome, and so was the call from detective Almos. Jane looked at her caller ID and said, "Hello Detective Almos."

Thirteen seconds later the color drained from Jane's face and she gasped and grabbed her chest. About twenty seconds after that, she said, "Thank You", and closed the connection.

"You are never going to believe this. They arrested Samantha Burrows for Emily's murder. She hired the driver to kill my sister! Detective Almos couldn't give me any more information than that because of the ongoing investigation. He said that he would update me when he could."

A couple of weeks later Detective Almos had an appointment to talk with Jane at the Ranch house. The girls were gone to Evonne's for the night. The door bell rang. Jane damn near bowled the large man over with a super hug. Tears and makeup smudged on his clean white shirt.

She apologized profusely and Detective Almos's first reply was, "da nada, it's nothing." His Mexican heritage gave him a soft voice and manner, but he was all Texas lawman as we were soon to find out.

"May I introduce a trusted friend, Jacy Warenhaul." Jane presented. There was no offer of a hand shake, but a friendly, "Glad to meet you," from the detective.

We sat in Jane's living room and Detective Almos opened a file folder onto the coffee table. He began.

"When we got your tip about the affair, we went back to square one and restarted the investigation. We looked at the husband first and he came up clean. So did the clinic in Haiti.

Mrs.Wilkinson's accidental death policy had been in effect for tweleve years. Increased 7 years ago to two million. So no red flags went up. Typical for the income of a top surgeon.

The two million had been put into trust for the girls, with himself or you, Ms. Allman as guardians. Money could be drawn for education until their 24th birthday, and then the girls would get the remaining money. But then you know all of this."

Jane, "Yes, but we will not tell the girls about this until they are twenty four."

Detective Almos continued. "Evidence led to an Atlanta connection so the Georgia State Police got involved."

Jane and I exchanged knowing glances.

"They checked the wife of the driver that killed your sister. She and the daughter seemed to be doing just fine even though the wife didn't work. She paid for most of her purchases in cash. The Georgia investigator, Detective First Class Williams ran a red flag up on that one.

He and his partner put the case together in Georgia. Detective Saint-Levesque, Detective First Class William's partner, got court orders to check Ms. Burrows bank records and other information.

Ms. Burrows and Dr. Wilkinson both flew from Austin to Port-Au- Prince connecting through Dallas, then Ft. Lauderdale. However, on their monthly return, she went to Miami, then Atlanta, then Dallas, then here. Dr. Wilkinson flew the same return route as they flew down.

During a three hour lay-over in Atlanta, Ms. Burrows would withdraw $3000, in cash each month. She would then pass the cash to Mrs. O'Mathlock, the wife of the driver that killed your sister.

Mrs. O'Mathlock is a cousin of Ms. Burrows. The wife is on her third marriage so the names didn't trace out quickly.

The day Mrs. Wilkinson died; Ms. Burrows and Dr. Wilkinson were in the Dominican Republic sharing a suite. Air travel and hotel records confirm this.

Jane charged in, "So that's why it took so long for that son-of-a-bitch to get to Emily's funeral." Jane was livid.

Detective Almos paused, looked at Jane, then continued, "The Georgia state police and the bank in Atlanta copied all of the serial numbers of the money put into the envelope that they gave to Ms. Burrows. The detectives followed the money and Ms. Burrows to a meeting with Mrs. O'Mathlock. They met in a park near the airport.

After their meeting, Ms. Burrows went back to the airport. The detectives followed Mrs. O'Mathlock as she went to pay her rent. They arrested her in the parking lot before she could spend any of the money. The serial numbers were the sting money from the Atlanta bank. Child services took care of the daughter. The wife was charged with murder for hire.

Detective Saint-Levesque called me after her fax arrived. My partner and I went to county jail and arrested Mr. O'Mathlock on murder for hire charges also.

The threat of charging the wife with murder was enough for Mr. O'Mathlock to tell us the truth about what had happened to your sister. That truth implicated Ms. Burrows. The husband became a witness for the state and would have testified against Ms. Burrows. The wife knew something was wrong, but didn't ask or want to know.

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