tagChain StoriesEmily and Jason Ch. 03

Emily and Jason Ch. 03


This is the next part of the story which AriaxLynn started of the same title. Please, make sure to rate and comment on our work!


The next day, Jason woke up with Emily cuddled up against this back, still asleep. Quietly, he slipped from his bed, memories of last night still fresh in his mind. With his morning wood leading the way, Jason padded to the bathroom. As he did so, he paused to look himself over in the mirror in the hallway.

His brown hair hung down to his shoulders, without even a wave to it; deep brown eyes that seemed to look deep into one's heart peered back at him; and soft, full lips that always looked to be on the brink of laughing. Jason let his eyes slip lower; sweeping across his broad, muscular shoulders and moderately built chest. He glanced at the reflection of his arms, noting how slim they were despite their strength. A slight rustle from the bedroom reminded him that Emily was still there and he should do what he had gotten up for and get back in bed next to her.

When he stepped back into his room, Jason couldn't help but quietly chuckle at the sight before him. Emily had kicked all the blankets off and was lying on her stomach; legs spread wide, one arm beneath the pillow with the other beneath her. Having just pissed, Jason's cock was mostly limp; but was rapidly stiffening. Slowly, so as not to wake her, he climbed on the bed between Emily's legs. Lightly, Jason slid his fingertips up from Emily's ankles to her hips, taking care not to wake her. At her hips, Jason paused and dipped his head between her legs, slipping his tongue along her slit from clit to her asshole. He could taste her wetness from last night as well as from this moment. His shaft was beginning to throb between his legs, begging for attention and release. With a lot of effort and restraint, Jason kept licking Emily's cunt, preparing her for the moment when he slid his member into her tight hole again.

Once Jason felt the wet spot on the sheet was big enough, he slowly and silently moved above her, positioning his pole against the soaking wet opening before him. He stopped to pull on a condom and to admire the way her black hair spilled across the pillows in waves, how peaceful she looked sleeping, and how relaxed this beautiful creature looked beneath him. Softly, Jason began rubbing the bulbous head of his dick up and down along her lips, spreading the wetness that leaked out as he slowly started to ease himself into her.

Jason took his time, working slowly deeper into Emily and trying not to wake her. He'd take a break every few minutes, making sure he didn't get too close to cumming and that he wasn't rousing her from slumber. Once he got himself fully inside her, Jason stopped, only moving enough to keep himself hard and Emily wet. After a bit, he could feel his rod beginning to soften, and decided that it was time. Jason pulled almost completely out, and then shoved his whole cock into her.

Since he was watching her face, Jason didn't miss it when Emily's eyes snapped open wide in shock as he pulled back to do it again, this time, eliciting a moan of pleasure. He knew he wouldn't last long at this angle and how tight her pussy gripped his shaft wasn't a big help with his stamina either. So, he gave it to her hard and fast, pounding into her g-spot as he felt the hand that was pinned under her start rubbing at her own clit urgently.

"Oh, Jason!' Emily cried out, "Oh, fucking God yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Mmmmm... Oh, yes!" Her screams got louder as she neared her orgasm, "Fuck me, Jason; you fuck me so fucking good! Oh God! I'm gonna cum soon! Please, make me cum. make me cum on your big dick. I'm so close, oh, please let me cum! Ohmygod I'm cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" Emily let out a scream as her orgasm took over.

Jason was straining not to cum when he felt Emily's cunt start to clamp down on his shaft, squeezing his manhood tightly. He was only able to hold back his orgasm for a short time before feeling his balls tighten and draw up. He gave a few more thrusts before the need for release began to overcome him. Jason pushed once more into Emily's wet hole, burying his member deep inside her before spilling his seed and filling the condom.

Jason rolled off of Emily to lie beside her, hearing a wet sort of popping sound as his still-hard shaft was pulled out of the hot hole. The end of the condom was hanging from the tip of his dick, so full of cum that it had pulled at least two inches of the rubber off of him.

Emily gave his balls a gentle squeeze as she rolled over next to him, leaving her hand to linger upon his warm flesh. Jason turned his head to look at her. She was smiling at him, her tanned skin seeming to be glowing after her orgasm. He felt Emily's hand start moving, caressing his balls.

Jason reached down and pulled the rubber off, careful to not allow his jizz to leak out. He tossed it into the garbage and reached for another as he felt Emily's hand start fondling his shaft. She sat up and took his member into her mouth. Jason moaned as he felt the heat and wetness from her tongue dance on the underside of his cock.

"Damn, your dick is SO thick! And I love how long it is too!" Emily said after letting the tip slip from her lips. "It's wonderful how hard you get and the way these veins stand out so much." She licked his sac, then his shaft from base to tip, and took him in her mouth for a couple strokes before letting go and reaching for the condom in his hands.

Jason let her take it and watched with increasing lust as she kept one hand stroking his turgid member as she tore the wrapper with her teeth and brought the condom to his tip. Emily quit stroking him to pinch the tip and roll the latex sheath down Jason's fat fuck stick. The feeling of someone else putting a condom on his pole for him was a new experience for Jason and he enjoyed it. Sadly, it was quickly over and Emily was getting up from the bed. She stood up, and had Jason move to the center of the bed. After he had done so, Emily got back on the bed, standing with her legs on either side of him.

Unable to do much else, not that he really wanted to, Jason gazed up at Emily's body. He admired her tanned and toned body; her legs were smooth all the way up to her smooth pussy. He liked that she had faint tan lines, and how her long, wavy, black hair fell to mid-back. Emily's tits were firm and at least a "D" cup, tipped with dark areola and darker nipples standing proudly above her flat stomach.

"Enjoying the view?" she asked him, snapping him out of his visual heaven.

"Huh? What's that now?" Jason was shocked at suddenly being spoken to. He could feel himself blushing from the slight embarrassment of having been caught.

"I asked if you liked what you were staring at so intently," Emily said, "so, do you?" All he could do for the moment was nod; so, he did "Well, I'm glad. You're the first person to see me fully naked you know."

Jason nodded again, watching as some of Emily's pussy juice started to drip from between her lower lips and down her legs or even straight onto him. He traced his fingertips up her legs from her ankles along her calves and knees up to her thighs and then her hips. "You're so fucking sexy!" Jason was beside himself with how beautiful Emily is. He looked up into her hazel eyes and said that she is the most beautiful person he's ever met.

Jason was pleasantly surprised that instead of saying anything in response, she simply squatted down over his prick, took it in hand, and proceeded to bring it up to her soaking wet gash before impaling herself on it completely. She took her time doing so, lowering herself slowly too only engulf half an inch of Jason's dick at a time.

Watching the point where their bodies were joining, Jason could feel himself grow yet harder still. He wanted to use his hands, which still rested on Emily's hips to pull her down faster onto his throbbing pole. Another thing he wanted was to watch his meat getting stuffed into her for the rest of the day. Instead, Jason simply watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Emily's tight fuck-hole.

Emily moaned as she finally fit the last bit of Jason's shaft that would fit inside her. She carefully leaned forward to see how close she was to fitting his entire big dick. Fuck! How bit IS that fucker?" She winced as she tried to take more of him. "It feels great, but; it's ripping me apart!"

Jason looked up with a smile. "Well, last time I measured. It was about seven and a half inches long." His smile got bigger as she asked how thick his shaft is. "I think it's about six inches around."

"Holy shit! No wonder it feels like my cunt is being pushed up into my uterus! Not to mention how it doesn't just fill me up, but it seems like you are ripping my poor puss apart!" Jason chuckled as he heard this.

"Well, we could stop if it's too much for you..." He hoped it wasn't, and that she'd want to stay on his cock at least until they both came.

"No! No stopping until I cum all over your big dick!" She started moving, slowly lifting herself up along the turgid rod stuffed inside her.

"Hey, what about me? I want to cum too!" He put on his best pouty face to show his disappointment at being left out of the orgasm loop.

"Oh, you'll cum at least twice!" She had her sexy smile on her face as she continued, "After I cum on your giant schlong, I'm going to taste your cum by sucking it out of you!"

During this exchange, Emily had finished her ascent of Jason's porker and was beginning the task of lowering down as far as she could again.

"Well, you better cum soon, with how tight you are, I'm not going to last very long this time either." he moaned as he felt his dick head hit her cervix.

"Good, with the way your pole touches EVERY part of my hole, I'm gonna..." Emily screamed loudly as her orgasm hit her hard. Jason could feel each wave of spasms in her cunt as the muscles rippled, gripped and squeezed his cock.

"Fuck Emily! Your pussy is gripping me so tight! I can't hold it back any longer!"

"Yes! Do it! Fill that condom up inside me!" Jason gave one last thrust deep into Emily as his balls tightened and within a minute, Jason's sperm was shooting from the tip of his cock. He felt each spasm of his dick as it pressed against the close walls of the vag that wrapped tightly around him. As the pulsations slowed, Jason felt light-headed and drowsy...

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