Emily Ch. 05


Emily looked out through the hatch of the burger bar for the umpteenth time, looking up and scanning the sky anxiously for the merest sign of a cloud. But from horizon to horizon the sky was deep bright blue, as it had been all day, so Emily smiled happily and ducked back in, believing again for at least the next ten minutes that the weather was not going to spoil the evening.

Emily was due to go off shift at 4.pm. and she was clockwatching constantly. She had arranged to meet with Gina, the thirty-six year old blonde woman who had become her friend and lover. A more unlikely couple it would be difficult to find, a tall, slender, worldly-wise, white woman and a short, sexually naïve, twenty year old black girl. But the match worked well and their feelings for each other were genuine, not least because of their shared passion for exhibitionism.

Gina loved an audience and had inducted a willing Emily into the same way of thinking, watching each other masturbate regularly. They had then let Maurice, Gina's husband, watch them make love together, and even allowed him have sex with Emily in front of his wife. They had, to put it mildly, been lax about keeping their activities private, but now they wanted to expand their audience to deliberately include strangers.

Emily could hardly believe that less than two weeks ago she had never let anyone so much as touch her, nor had she ever even touched herself. An orgasm was something she had heard about, but in much the same way as she had heard about the Yeti. Others believed they existed, but she never expected to encounter one. Yet today they were going to act on Gina's suggestion, a suggestion that would allow them to be seen by anybody. This was the day that they would lie by the riverside and display themselves to anyone who cared to watch. Emily couldn't wait, she was now a fully paid up member of the 'sexually active club' and wanted the world to know it.

Eventually the time passed and Emily finished her shift, leaving the burger van behind for another day. The next time she saw it, Emily thought, she would have fulfilled yet another sexual ambition and knowingly performed before strangers.

Emily was headed home, looking forward to a shower and a change of clothes. The smell of the burger van did tend to linger and she wanted to be daisy fresh for tonight. She also wanted to give herself a shave, the hair on her pussy was beginning to grow back strongly after Gina had first shaved her and this time she wanted to deal with it herself. She had plenty of time, Gina didn't come off shift today until 5.o.clock. and they had not arranged to meet outside the main gate until 6.30.

As she walked home she thought about what she should be dressed in for the evening. No underwear, of course, but what else should she wear. Eventually she settled on the light, front buttoning summer dress that she had been wearing on the first night she had gone to Gina's chalet. It had served her well that night - she smiled at the memory of nervous fingers tripping over buttons - and no doubt would again.

Within an hour Emily had showered, shaved - more easily than she expected - dressed, and had her tea. She was now pacing the chalet like a caged tiger, her lack of underwear constantly reminding her of her newly shaved pussy and urging her to play, just to take the edge off her arousal. She sat down, only to feel the seat cool against her pussy lips. She stood up, and a cruel breeze played under her dress, fanning the flames between her legs. But somehow she resisted and at twenty past six she was out of the door and heading for the main gate.

Incongruously Gina drove a pick-up truck, not a large one but a pick-up nonetheless. It had only two seats, she explained, and that stopped her being able to take passengers other than Maurice (a very handy arrangement on a park where lift scrounging was widespread), but still had useful room in the back. It was also capable of negotiating the kind of dirt-road farm track they were headed for.

As they pulled out onto the main road Gina turned to Emily. "Are you sure you're up for this?"

"Am I! I've been wet all day waiting to do it." Emily responded enthusiastically. "I can hardly believe that we're actually going to do it. I didn't know how much of a turn on it could be until you and I did it for each other."

"You know we could be in for some stick? Not everyone who walks down a river bank will appreciate seeing a naked pussy you know!"

"I've thought of that, but if what they say is deserved, it doesn't matter. If I get called a slut for doing it, then I probably am one. But that's down to me and I don't care."


"Absolutely!" Emily was nodding vigorously. "It'll be worth it for the buzz of turning on the ones that do appreciate us."

They drove in silence for a little way.

"God I'm so fucking horny I could stop here and do it on the main road." Gina was almost wriggling in her seat with anticipation.

"There's a lay-by up there if you want to pull in? I'm game if you are." Emily was feeling the same.

"No, let's go where we said," Gina had seriously considered the idea before rejecting it.

They lapsed back into silence, nervous about what lay ahead but so looking forward to it. Soon they came to the entrance to the farm track and swung in.

"Nearly there, now's the time to pull out if you aren't up for it!" Gina spoke while pulling on the wheel.

"If you say that once more everyone would think it's you chickening out."

"Not a fucking chance." Somehow Emily wasn't convinced.

After bouncing down the track for a couple of miles Gina parked the truck where the grass verge was widest and switched off the engine.

"We walk from here. It's only about half a mile."

"Why don't we go closer in the car?" Asked Emily.

"Because the track is too narrow further down, the last thing we want is an angry farmer asking us to move the thing and let him through while we're in the middle of things."

Emily smiled. "Yes, I can see that might interfere with the flow tonight!" Both women laughed.

The walk to the river would have been pleasant on any similar night. The sun had lost its midday heat, but the air was still warm with just the merest hint of a breeze. There was not a cloud in the sky and the birds were singing. But the two women hardly noticed. They were wrapped up in their own thoughts, both searching their hearts to confirm that they really did have the nerve for what they proposed and each psyching themselves up to do it. They were both very excited, very nervous, but very turned on.

Gina had chosen the spot well; the bank was flat with short soft turf above a vertical drop of about five feet into the water. It was protected from prying eyes on their side of the river by a belt of scrub and thorn bushes but was in full view of the opposite bank. Not only that, but it afforded a view along the other bank that would give them about a hundred yards warning of everyone who walked along it.

"Perfect!" Emily exclaimed, looking around at Gina who was suddenly standing motionless looking across the river.

"Do you know what?" Asked Gina. "I am absolutely petrified."

"Why? Don't you want to do it?"

"Yes, I do, I really do, but the other bank seems so close. A lot closer than I remember!" It was about fifteen feet away.

"All the better to see you with!" Another nursery rhyme parody from Emily.

"I'm sure I'll be alright when we get going."

"Then let's get going." Emily was not fazed at all by the comparative nearness of the other side.

Emily sat on the grass, looking up at a rigid Gina. "Come on darling, sit next to me. It'll be fine, you wait and see."

Gina sat down, still silent and still obviously overcome with nerves. Emily began to think they would have to call the evening off, but then Gina visibly took control of herself and relaxed a little.

"Right, I'm ok now, sorry about that, but it'll be ok now, how would you like to do this?" Gina was still fighting her fear, the words tumbling from her as she struggled to overcome it.

Emily couldn't help but smile to herself. Who would have thought that it would be Gina's bottle that so nearly went?

"How about if we just sit here and talk, but make sure that our legs are open a bit to the path over there?" Emily indicated the opposite bank. "Then we can play it by ear."

"Play it by ear in what way?" Gina was back in control - just.

"Well, if we get someone slag us off, we can just close our legs and pretend innocence, but if the sight is appreciated, we can open wider and make sure they get a good view."

"That sounds good."

They settled themselves side by side and about a yard apart, turned towards each other as if deep in conversation with their heads propped on their elbow and one knee raised towards the opposite bank. Each could see along the opposite bank over the other's shoulder. Emily made sure her dress was high enough above the knee for her legs to be on show right to the top, and Gina, who was wearing a light wrap around skirt, let the two sides fall apart over her thighs. Neither of the women was blatantly showing their pussies, but they were pretty sure that a careful look would reveal them.

"Are you ok now?" Emily asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm sorry about that. Just stage fright I guess."

"My heart's banging like a trip hammer!"

"You're not bottling now, are you?" Gina looked concerned.

Emily gave a nervous smile. "No, it's just that it's so nerve-racking waiting for someone to look at you, and I feel so bloody randy."

"Somebody will come along soon."

"I hope so, or I'm going to put on a first class show for Mr Nobody." Emily was surreptitiously pulling on her nipple with her free hand tucked inside her dress.

"If it comes to that, forget Mr Nobody, just put on a show for me."

"I'll do that anyway, anytime you like."

"There's somebody coming!" Gina was staring over Emily at the path.


"It's a couple, middle aged, walking the dog."

Gina rolled more onto her back and raised her leg a little higher. "Tell me if they look, I can't see anymore." Her voice was thick with lust.

"He's looking at you." Emily was watching the couple entering her field of vision from the corner of her eye. "He's seen your pussy, because his mouth just dropped open."

Then, from across the river they heard the woman's voice. "Come along Victor, stop staring at that girl. Your eyes are on stalks."

Her voice was suddenly louder. "Young lady!" She was addressing Gina. "I'm sorry if I embarrass you, but I would straighten my skirt if I were you, you're showing more than you realise." She pulled on her husband's arm without waiting for a reply and they marched off down the bank, their little corgi bounding off in front.

"Well, that went well!" Emily was giggling.

"At least one man's happy." Retorted Gina peevishly, rolling back onto her side. "And I don't mind being called a girl or a young lady!"

"It didn't occur to me that we could hear what they said as well."

"No, nor me, but it's a bonus."

They settled down to wait again, showing themselves off to an empty path.

They didn't have to wait long, within minutes of the previous couple's departure another pair were to be seen approaching, but from the opposite direction. They were a young couple of around Emily's age, presumably a courting couple, judging by the way the man's hand was cupped around his partner's buttock as they strolled along.

This time it was Emily who could see them first, and therefore she who would be displaying herself. As the couple drew nearer Emily she rolled onto her back, clasping her hands behind her head as if relaxing, and drew up her legs, being careful that her knees stayed about eight or ten inches apart. Just far enough, she reasoned, for the spectators to think they could see her pussy, but without being certain.

The ploy seemed to have worked, for as they drew level the man came to an abrupt halt and nudged his partner, indicating that she should look across the river. Gina pretended not to notice, and Emily let her head lie back.

"The man has certainly seen what you've got to offer. He's stopped dead and is staring at you!" Gina kept Emily informed, watching the couple carefully from the side of her vision.

"They're looking at your cunt and whispering. Show them a bit more."

Emily obediently let her knees drift a few inches further apart. The couple stared and the girl pointed at Emily's crotch. This time both Emily and Gina could hear her excited whisper.

"It is, Rob, it's her twat! She ain't got no drawers on." Her dialect came through clearly.

Emily's legs fell further open, now clearly displaying a very wet pussy for all to see. "God, this is making me horny." She whispered to Gina. "We're really doing it, aren't we?" It was as if she couldn't trust her own daring.

"What are they doing now?" Emily needed to know.

"Just staring, I don't think they can believe it. I'll show them mine as well in a minute!"

"D'ya think she knows?" The girl's voice came clearly across the river.

"She fuckin' must do! She's doin' it a' purpose."

Emily calmly reached down and pulled her dress up, opening her legs wide and fully revealing herself to the young couple. There could be no mistake now, that was obviously deliberate.

"Fuckin' 'ell, Ryan. Look at that!"

Gina moved her skirt overlap to one side and put her hand between her legs, watching the young couple surreptitiously, her heart pounding with excitement as she quietly began to masturbate.

"C'mon Ryan, we'd best go!" The girl was getting nervous. "They're both fuckin' kinky!"

"Not fuckin' likely! I'm watchin' this!"

Now Emily started to play with herself, deliberately holding her labia open, knowing the contrast of dark brown skin and bright pussy flesh would be clear to see.

"My God, Em, I'm going to cum soon!" Gina was now strumming rapidly on her clit, her legs wide and her pussy shining. "It's really getting me going."

"What are they doing?" Emily couldn't see her audience and needed information to feed her lust. Gina looked, and accidentally caught the girl's eye.

"Well she's looking at me, but he's watching you and he's standing behind her with his arms around her and his hands on her tits." Gina managed a rather breathless whisper as her pleasure began to take over.

The girl seemed mesmerized and unable to move, her eyes locked on Gina's as her boyfriend began pull up her top and bra to expose and fondle her breasts. She shivered and laid her head back on Ryan's chest, letting him play with her exposed breast as she held eye contact with Gina.

"Sit up a bit and watch them, Em, He's got her tits out." Gina didn't whisper this time. It seemed to her that the four of them had entered and unspoken pact to watch each other, and in any case her overwhelming arousal made controlling a whisper nearly impossible. It was all she could do to formulate an intelligible gasp.

Emily raised herself onto her free elbow, looking across the water to where Ryan was blatantly playing with his girlfriend's naked breasts, pulling on her nipples and moulding the flesh in his hands. As he played, Ryan was staring directly at Emily's pussy, watching intently as she pushed a finger deep into herself. The girl was now reaching behind herself, apparently unzipping Ryan's jeans and pulling out his cock, though neither Emily nor Gina could then be sure.

Lying beside Emily Gina exploded into orgasm, shouting out loud that she was 'cummmiiinnnnggggg!' as her pelvis raised itself from the grass, jerking and shuddering in ecstasy. For the best part of a minute the only points of her body in contact with the grass were her heels and her shoulders, the rest lifted from the ground by the power of her climax, a climax triggered by the sight of the stranger playing with his girlfriend's breasts and fuelled by her own display to that same stranger. Knowing she was being seen made her orgasm all the stronger, and that in turn made her display herself more obscenely, further intensifying her response. It was a chain reaction that eventually left her sprawled on the grass, climax spent, panting and gasping, and staring at the couple opposite through sex glazed eyes.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Ryan was in awe of the lewd exhibition he had just seen displayed in front of him by, to him, a mature woman.

Coming down from her orgasmic high, Gina glanced across at Emily, trying to gauge the effect of her actions on her friend as well as her audience, but Emily wasn't looking, as she played with herself her gaze was fixed firmly on the other bank where Ryan was being openly wanked by his girlfriend. Smiling to herself Gina moved closer to Emily, recognising the far away look in the black girl's eyes, it would not be too long before she was also cumming. The thrills of anticipation and the day of waiting finally getting release.

"Let me do that." Gina reached across and gently moved Emily's hand away from her pussy, replacing it with her own.

Finding Emily's little clitoris Gina started to stroke it, sliding her fingers up and down Emily's pussy so that the tips just rubbed over the end. Emily groaned with pleasure and, maintaining her gaze on the other couple, undid the buttons of her dress from the neck until she could comfortably slide her hand inside again and play with her own breasts, leaving Gina to fondle her pussy.

Across the river Ryan was turning his girl around to face him, pressing down on her shoulders so that she sank to her knees, his intention obvious. Then, taking his hold of his cock he guided it between her lips, pushing forward with his hips to sink it into her mouth. The girl was not unwilling, but Ryan's push was a little too strong and she pulled back sharply, gagging slightly, until he grabbed her hair and pulled her back, forcing her mouth over the head of his cock. This time she took it without trouble and settled into the rhythm of a full on blow job.

Emily watched carefully. "I want to do that to somebody one day." She told Gina with a voice full of envy. "I want a cock in my mouth so that I can taste spunk. Isn't that naughty?"

"Nice though!" Gina agreed with her partner.

"Does it really taste good?" The thought was adding to Emily's arousal and she gasped out the words, hovering on the brink of cumming from Gina's attentions.

"Yes, I like it, but you'll have to try it for yourself!"

"Don't stop now, darling, I'm gonna cum." Emily was so nearly there and worried that Gina's attention might wander across the river.

"I won't, trust me." The young couple opposite both had there eyes glued to Gina's fingers, the girl having to look sideways to do it, and the very fact of being seen fingering another woman was giving Gina a hell of a buzz.

"I'm nearly there, can they see my cunt?" Emily was beginning to tense as her orgasm gathered. She was squeezing her own nipples hard, the hurt adding to her pleasure and bringing her climax closer.

"Yes, Em, they can see, and they'll see this!" She rammed two fingers deep into Emily, pushing them into her as hard, trying to go in deeper and deeper as if reaching for her cervix.

"Watch me, I'm cumming!" Emily shouted across the river as her orgasm struck, triggered by Gina's fingers, and trying to ensure that her audience missed nothing.

Gina plunged her fingers in and out of Emily's pussy, determined to bring her off with the strongest possible orgasm.

Emily was not the only one near to cumming, the young man now had his eyes closed, his knuckles showing white even to the girls across the river, and his hips were beginning to move of there own accord, pumping his cock slowly in and out pf his girlfriend's mouth. The girl could obviously sense his nearness, for she was sucking hard on his cock, her lips travelling up and down his shaft, taking his cock deep into her mouth. She had one hand holding his leg for stability, but the other was burrowed into his jeans, playing with his balls.

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