Emily, Richard, And Tom Ch. 01


"Don't tell me. Tell your darling, lovely wife that it's okay if we call you Bitchard."

"It's okay honey," Richard said.

"It's okay to what?" Tom snapped.

"It's okay to call me Bitchard."

Emily smiled at Richard and gulped her drink. She was feeling the alcohol's effect and giving in to this strange evening. She leaned against Tom's arm, forgetting for now her reservations and anxieties. Tom looked down at Emily's legs, released her hand and put his hand on her thigh. Emily sucked a quick breath between her teeth, surprised at his touch, high on her leg.

"I like a woman who wears skirts," Tom announced in Richard's direction. His hand slid up her thigh, hiking slightly the hem of her skirt. Richard watched intently. He could not see the location of Tom's hand, but guessed its position by Emily's body language. Richard felt the rush again.

"Richard," Tom said.

"Yes Sir?" he turned his attention to Tom.

"How do you feel about this?" Tom looked down where his hand massaged Emily's leg.

Richard did not answer. He looked to Emily who sipped her drink, looking back at him now over the rim of her glass. Richard shook his head, "I don't know Sir."

"You don't know?" Tom asked incredulously. "I'm sitting here with my hand half way up your wife's skirt and you don't know how you feel?" Tom took another drink before continuing his prosecution. "I think you know how you feel---I know how you feel. You probably have a fucking hard on---that's how you feel." Tom kneaded the inside of Emily's thigh now, making the movements of his hand apparent to Richard. Emily relaxed her legs inviting Tom's hand higher. She rested her head back and breathed more deeply now, looking directly at Richard as her chest rose and fell in contented pleasure. Tom's fingers were nearly at the crotch of her panties.

"Be honest Richard. Tell Emily how this makes you feel."

"Emily," Richard hesitated, and then said "It makes me feel very turned on."

"I thought so," said Tom. "I'm glad you're being honest now. Are you getting a hard on?"

"Yes, a little bit," he replied, and then corrected himself, "Yes Sir."

"Did you hear that Emily?"

Emily nodded yes, but did not say anything.

"I'm glad you like it Richard---'cause I like very much."

Tom looked at his watch again. "I'm sorry; I really have to get going now." In fact, there was no urgent reason to bring this first meeting to a close other than strategic restraint. He would gladly retreat to a hotel room and yank Emily's panties to her ankles, bend her over a chair and fuck her. But he knew withdrawing now was a better choice. He didn't want to justify Emily's fear of being rushed into something she doesn't want---doesn't think she wants. And as for Richard, the longer his submissive obsession festers and haunts his dirty private world, the better. Tom took Emily's hand once more. "I guess the rest is up to you Emily. We know what Richard wants to do, but you'll have to think it over and decide if it is something you're willing to try." Tom leaned over and whispered into her ear so that Richard could not hear, "Think about trying me one time. I'd really like to fuck you Emily and I think you'll be surprised." He kissed her ear then straightened up in his seat.

"Okay then Richard---send me an email if you or Emily has any more questions, or, if you decide not to pursue this any farther. Give Emily my email address---she can contact me directly if she has questions. Emily, if you both decide to proceed with a real scene I want you to call me to tell me when and where we're going to meet." He looked over at Richard, "I don't really need to talk to you. I know your answer, Bichard."

Richard and Emily both watched as Tom left the lounge. Richard slid back into the booth beside Emily and felt the warm seat where the stranger had sat rubbing his wife's thigh. He took Emily's hand and kissed it. "Thank you baby--- thank you for doing this for me tonight. I---I don't know how to describe this right now---but I was so turned on and so jealous at the same time just watching you, and I felt so far away from you across the table. It's just such a powerful thing." Richard kissed her and she kissed him back eagerly. "Honey, I want to get home right now and I want to fuck you so bad."

Emily kissed him passionately. "Let's get out of here," she said.

They said no more about the events of the night, or the impending decisions that lay ahead. They took a cab home the short distance they had walked earlier that evening and Richard and Emily fucked like they rarely do these days---passionately and to exhaustion.

As the entwined couple drifted off to sleep, Tom was turning off the last of the lights in his north side condo, compact and contemporary. He sat down at his bedroom desk to check emails one last time before bed, and then he scrolled down the list of old mail until he found the subject "Picture of wife". He opened the message and then its attachment. Emily---in her skimpy bathing suit---filled his screen.

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