tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Enterprise Ch. 02

Emily's Enterprise Ch. 02


Emily felt inadequate sitting in the booth between the voluptuous Deidre and her boss, Kurt. They had just finished lunch at Deidre's club and Kurt was telling her about Emily's great discovery. With luck, it would make them all rich!

Deidre was wearing an extremely thin, almost transparent white dressing gown with hardly anything on underneath. It was belted, loosely, around her impossibly thin waist. She did nothing to keep her abundant natural breasts, covered when the upper gown parted, as it did often, and when she stood it was obvious through the material that only a tiny G-string concealed the charms between her gorgeous legs and womanly hips, all with a healthy glow to her skin. She knew that the customers liked her to walk around like that and she didn't mind at all, as long as they kept their hands to themselves and paid their tab. With that body, and her beautiful face, it was hard to believe that she was in her forties.

They were there to talk business and to present Emily's proposal. It shouldn't have mattered so much to Emily, pale and demure in a white blouse, gray vest and matching skirt, whether Deidre approved of her personally but it did. The younger woman was thrilled to be accepted by this legend of sex and stage, someone she thought she could never approach.

The business plan was bold. It required both the best legal talent available in the world of commercial sex and a source of capital. Kurt was the best lawyer in the country specializing in the sex industry. The capital would come from Deidre's sugar daddy, her paramour of twenty years, the man who was already the richest pornographer in the country. They agreed that they would make an appointment to meet with him later that week and present the idea. Deidre would set it up -- she was sure he would go for it. She was equally sure he would try to screw them out of money along the way but she could handle him, she thought.

Kurt had to get back to the office but Emily was not working that day and didn't have classes at the community college so Deidre invited her to stick around, drinks on the house. She figured by Emily's petite figure that she couldn't drink much.

The boisterous lunchtime crowd had thinned out now and the strippers were starting to pack up. Some of them would come back in the evening for happy hour and the night shift. The few that stayed used the early afternoon to polish their routines and practice new ones, because practically the only bar patrons at that hour were the regulars, mostly unemployed or retired, and they loved anything their favorite girls did -- they especially loved the mistakes.

Deidre was busy ordering supplies and supervising some repair work so Emily was left alone at the corner table. She looked around. There was an open staircase leading to something that looked like a balcony with windows but she didn't know what it was. She also didn't know what to order, so the kindly bartender made her a strawberry daiquiri, but watered it down. She had two and found that it went to her head.

The bouncer at the club came over, a huge, big-muscled, square-jawed guy with blonde hair in a crewcut. Emily was afraid of him at first, but relaxed when he smiled warmly and introduced himself. "Nice to meet you, Carlos," she had said after he had said his name. "Karlo," he said. "Short for Karlobag. My family came from the Balkans." The way he said it and looked into her eyes made Emily relax, in spite of his overpowering physical presence. Karlo had to circulate but he kept coming back to her booth when he could. Now that she was relaxed, she enjoyed his company. He seemed to like her, she thought. He had eyes as blue and cold as ice but they seemed to melt when he looked into hers. Soon, she felt tiny but safe beside him. She was surprised that he would spend time with little, flat-chested her (that was an exaggeration, really -- she was just small) when there were buxom, knock-out beautiful strippers in the club.

She didn't know it then, but Karlo felt like he had just met someone very special. For the six years he had been working for Deidre, practically the only girls he had met were strippers and hookers. Not that there was anything wrong with stripping and hooking, he thought, but even though they looked good -- great, actually -- no fantastic, actually -- these women so often had bad attitudes and he saw close up that their personal lives were usually a mess. He had a big appetite for sex and women found him irresistible but these girls always wanted to do the same thing: go to an after-hours club, get drunk, and go back home for a night of wild fucking -- over and over again, never anything new. He wanted a deeper relationship.

The club girls were really pretty to look at but they didn't look real -- their organs and curves were fun to look at and handle but like nothing seen on real human beings; this girl was cute and modest and demure. Here was a girl who he could take back to meet his mother -- a nice, "normal" American girl. And yet, he worried, she seemed so shy and reserved. Was she a virgin? If they dated, would she agree to have sex with him? How long would it take? How much could she take? He needed it a lot and how could this shy sweet girl ever keep up with him? Karlo brooded and moped and talked himself out of propositioning her every time. Every time he went back to talk to her, he felt tongue-tied. He couldn't get up the courage to ask her out. She was just too "nice".

While he was busy trying to get up the nerve to ask her for a date, Emily watched the strippers doing their new routines, some clumsy as they were just starting out, others well practiced but just trying to smooth out a rough spot. She admired them so much. They had such sexy bodies and so much self-confidence and men loved to look at them. She loved to look at them. She wished she could be like that.

Then about 2:00, the fabulous Charlene came by! Charlene, herself! The famous stripper who caused the sex riot a few years ago on this very stage! The police tried to find some way to press charges but nobody in the club that night would say anything. It remained the biggest underground sex breakout in Los Angeles history.

Charlene was tall, leggy, tanned, and had long chestnut-brown hair. The famous knit dress she wore on the day of her big adventure was hanging on the wall, under glass, stains from her body and the body of others left just as they were. Deidre introduced Emily to her and Emily gushed her admiration. Even Charlene wasn't used to such appreciation coming from another woman. She sat down and they talked for a while. Charlene was wearing a miniskirt that showed a lot of leg and a tight sweater. Beside her Emily felt little, pale, and plain.

Karlo stayed away while Charlene was sitting with Emily in the booth. He liked Charlene and everyone knew how much she liked sex. She might be a good influence on this girl! Loosen her up a little.

"I'm starting on tour on tomorrow night with a new routine. Deidre lets me practice here because I was a house dancer for so long," she explained. "Guys like to see my legs and tits, mostly, so I do stuff that draws attention to them and away from my ass!" she laughed.

"But you've got a beautiful ass!" cried Emily. "Mine is little and flat. It wouldn't interest anybody." "Stand up," Charlene commanded." Emily stood, timidly. "Little maybe, but not so flat. Why don't you show it and see if anybody looks?" Of course, half the guys in the club were already staring at them. The others were staring at Deidre or one of the girls near them.

Emily was shocked. "What do you mean?" "I mean," said Charlene, "that you should take off your clothes and get on that stage. I'll show you some moves and then we'll see what the guys think of your ass." "Why, I couldn't," Emily said. "Of course you can," Charlene rejoined. "I do it every night."

So it happened that Emily got up the nerve to take off her clothes that afternoon and parade around on stage. She had to wear her own very sheer panties and her black bra because there wasn't a G-string or top she could borrow that was small enough, even from the littlest stripper at the club. By now she had the attention of everyone in the club. Karlo was watching her like a hawk, a shocked look on his face.

Charlene put her through a couple of simple dance routines that showed off her lithe body. She had fun doing it. When she had run through her repertoire a couple of times, Emily knew that the time had come. Since she didn't have the moves to strip to music, Charlene told her to just turn around and take her bra, then spin back around. When the whole room burst into applause, she glowed with pleasure. Men liked to see her tits! They really liked them! Karlo was clapping louder than anyone -- this was wonderful!

Then the moment came to drop her panties. Should she show her pussy first or her ass? Since the original question was about her ass, Charlene told her to drop her G-string facing the crowd and then turn around and bend over. But Emily seemed unable to move -- she was just rocking back and forth the music, facing the crowd, a blank expression on her face, fingers hooked in the panties but not doing anything. Charlene had seen it a million times when "nice" girls and amateurs started stripping. The audience hushed -- everyone knew this was a tense moment. Karlo held his breath -- if she could do this, there was hope for a sex life with her! Charlene, next to her on stage, could see that Emily was having second thoughts about showing everything she had to the crowd, exposing herself in public for the first time in her life. And yet, she really wanted to.

So Charlene took things in her own hands. Moving behind Emily, she suddenly cupped the younger woman's breasts and pinched her nipples. Emily was startled and raised her arms involuntarily to protect her tits and in that fraction of a second Charlene pulled her panties down to her ankles right there on stage!

It had to be done and Emily was glad later that Charlene had done it but at the moment she panicked! She turned and tried to run offstage but she tripped on her panties. Charlene, much bigger and stronger, caught her before she fell and turned her back around to the audience, which was going crazy with hoots and yelling for more! Then Emily realized that they were yelling to see more of her! Her fragile confidence came back. She kicked off her panties and went back to the agreed routine -- she bent over and men applauded her ass. She leaned forward and men applauded her tits. She moved her foot to the side and thrust out her pelvis and men applauded her pretty little twat. Karlo whistled -- the girl he liked so much was sexed! Emily was feeling the unmatched rush of public nudity. She would always be grateful to Charlene for pushing her limits out there.

Then Charlene, who had picked up Emily's panties to be sure she didn't grab them and put them back on, whispered to her that she needed to give the audience one last thrill. If Emily hadn't had those drinks and wasn't carried away by the excitement, she never would have found it in herself to do it. But she did. There, in front of everybody, she squatted onstage and showed everyone her naked pussy, easy to see under thin blonde pubic hair. The audience went wild! Men in the front row strained to look up at her -- wishing she would spread for them. Karlo thought his prayers had been answered! If she could do this, and if she could take him physically, he had no doubt she could keep up with him.

Later, circulating around the room and at the bar, Emily began to understand why the men were so supportive. She triggered something in them. They acted protective toward her, like she was the girlfriend they always wanted. They knew that it wasn't easy for her to expose herself and they appreciated that she was doing it for their approval. And now they were showing their approval by buying her drinks and with wandering hands. Emily had put her panties back on but left her bra off, so she was walking around the club topless. As she sat down at the bar, men patted her on the ass and found excuses to brush up against her. Sometimes they "accidently" touched her breast with the back of their hand. One guy put his hand on her leg until he saw the look in Karlo's eye as he headed toward him.

Karlo was thrilled with Emily's wanton behavior but worried. He thought that things might get out of hand. Deidre, on the other hand, was fine with it. This was the afternoon crowd, mostly older men on fixed incomes, not the boisterous night crowd. Unexpected sexy things like this kept them interested and coming back to spend more money. As long as they could keep it legal or hidden, they were ok. Besides, it was such a joy to be corrupting Emily! She wanted it so bad!

Emily had been drinking a little, smoking a little (she didn't usually), and flirting with the men at the bar for almost an hour when she felt she had to pee. She had stayed topless all this time, almost nude except for her panties, enjoying the men staring at her tits and enjoying the sight of her young body. They treated her like a girlfriend they were trying to impress (she didn't like to think that many of these men had daughters older than she was).

She hopped off the stool she was perched on and as soon as she was on her feet she felt the drinks. She wasn't used to alcohol, especially so early in the day. She didn't stagger but she felt lightheaded walking to the restroom. After she relieved herself, she put her panties back on and went out to wash her hands. She saw herself in the mirror, naked from the waist up, and the sheerness of the panties. Her pubic hair could be seen through the fabric. She blinked. She had been so relaxed at the bar that she had forgotten just how exposed she really was. And men loved it!

When she came out of the ladies' room, a well-dressed, nice-looking man was standing by the door. She had noticed him at the far end of the bar, watching her and smiling every time someone tried to put his hands on her. Deidre had whispered in his ear once. She figured he was just a voyeur, getting his kicks from watching. Now he was standing in front of her, blocking her way. At least he was trying. He was making a point of looking in her eyes, not at her exposed tits, but she would have been happy for him stare at her all he wanted.

"Hi," he said. "I liked your act. You have a lot of courage to do this." Emily said "Thanks" and tried to walk past him. He didn't move aside. "I'd like you to come to the VIP lounge and dance for me," the man said. Emily stopped in her tracks. That was where the stairs went, she realized! The VIP room was where the strippers danced nude in private and some of them made out with the customers. The customer paid for it. She gulped. A man liked her body so much he was willing to pay $5 a dance to see it! Would he also want to touch it? This would be another step in her erotic journey of exposure and desire. She wanted it to happen. "OK," she said. He took her hand and led her out of the narrow corridor and up the stairs. The whole bar crowd fell silent as they saw them go up. At the top was a dimly-lit, carpeted room with little cubicles, each furnished with a bench seat and a small table with an ashtray. Two picture window looked out onto the stage so the "VIPs" could see the dancers if they wanted. But the one dancer in front of them in the cubicle, close enough to touch, was the reason they went there: the VIP Room meant commitment to one-on-one arousal.

Karlo saw them go up and ran over to tell Deidre. She was surprised but didn't want him to stop it. "Keep everyone else out until they're finished," she ordered. "Get a condom and make him use it if they go too far. And collect the money, 'cause she won't!" Karlo would have been happier throwing the guy out but he did as he was ordered. There were spare condoms behind the bar and he grabbed two and bounded up the stairs and put up the "closed" sign on a chain across the staircase before anyone else could follow Emily and the stranger.

When Karlo got to the top of the stairs, he saw that they had settled in one of the far cubicles, near the windows. The man was sitting down and Emily was in front of him -- the table was pushed to one side. There was no live DJ in the afternoon, just recorded music, but it didn't matter. Emily was swaying to the music anyway, her pretty, modest breasts catching the dim light and making shadows on her chest. The man was watching her intently and from time to time he leaned forward and seemed to be sniffing the air in front of her. Karlo moved into the shadows, where he could watch them without interfering. He put his hand in his pocket and felt his dick harden.

The man motioned for Emily to come closer and she did. He whispered something and she giggled and then, turning her back to him, hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down. When she stepped out of them and threw them on the table, she was completely nude. The man was staring at her butt now and Karlo watched him reach up to touch it. Emily giggled and let him put his hands on her hips and draw her backwards. She was sitting in his lap now, still gyrating to the music.

Emily had been groped before but this man was a master. While she sat in his lap he had his hands first on her arms, then on her tits, then on the dangerous ground of her belly, as if sending a warning to her pelvis, then carefully on her slender thighs, where he stroked ever upward. Emily was clearly enjoying it all. She had a distant look on her face. The man spread his legs apart and this encouraged Emily to loosen her legs too. When he took the step of touching her pussy she giggled and moved away but she didn't stand up. As if to restrain her, the man brought one arm around her body, grasping her breast, and pushed one hand back between her legs. Emily did not pull away. He breathing became deep and regular as his hand rubbed her and sought out her little clit pearl. The man was going farther than she thought he ever would. This wasn't groping -- this was hand sex, she thought.

When she was hot and wet, he raised her up a little with his strong hands on her waist and left her high-squatting over him. Karlo heard a sound a zipper opening. He came out of the shadows.

"Put this on." Karlo ordered, in a tone of voice that allowed no argument. The man was startled but he knew better than to talk back to a guy as big and tough-looking as Karlo. He meekly took the condom, pulled out his dick, and tried to put it on but he had lost his erection. He pulled on it but couldn't get it back as long as Karlo was watching. After making his point, Karlo retreated to the shadows again to let the couple get relief.

Emily had a very different reaction. She was surprised but sexually thrilled when Karlo stepped forward. Here was someone who was protecting her, even when she wasn't protecting herself. (After all, she was on the Pill but she didn't know this guy and he might be carrying anything.) She thought it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. It even made her wet. Filled with this warm feeling, it didn't take much more groping by the guy she was dancing for she was back in the mood. In the meantime, the guy got his erection back and put on the rubber. Karlo watched from the shadows

Emily sat back in his lap and felt the stranger's penis push into her body. It felt ok, not any big erotic rush from the penetration itself, but she liked that she could rock with the music and feel it move inside her. Sometimes she lifted up and let him thrust but most of the time she swayed or rocked forward in time to the music.

Obviously that was enough. After several minutes the man froze and his face tensed up. She was facing away from him but she felt his thighs tighten and his grip on her breast almost hurt. He bucked a few times and it was over.

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