Emily's Enterprise Ch. 02


Very pleased with herself for making a man come just by teasing him with her body, Emily stood up and looked back. The man was slouched back in his seat, a very satisfied look on his face. The condom was still on his limp cock, with a big load in it. She took it off for him and tied the end -- a trick she learned from a friend. After a few seconds he recovered and reached for Emily's hips while she picked up her panties off the table. Maybe he wanted to try for a second time.

Karlo stepped forward again, aggressively -- Emily stepped out of the cubicle this time. She didn't want to get involved, so as soon as she was close to the door she bolted. She stopped halfway down the stairs to put her panties on, to the glee of the customers at the bar watching her.

"I think you're done now." Karlo said in a low, threatening voice. The man got the message. He pushed himself back into his fly and zipped up as fast as he could. When he stood, he saw for sure that he was no match for Karlo in height and bulk so without a word he started to walk past him. "Not so fast." Karlo said. "I counted fifteen songs. The house rate is $10 a song in the VIP room." (Actually, it was $5 but Karlo wanted to teach this guy a lesson. $150 was a lot of pocket money in 1978.) The man blanched. "I don't have that kind of money on me ..." he pleaded, desperately. Karlo spoke slowly. "Fine. You pay your debt with that." He grabbed the man's hand and pointed to his gold wedding band. "No, I can't lose that -- my wife would kill me!" the man cried. "OK, let me see. Maybe I put more money in this morning." He pulled out his wallet but Karlo grabbed it out of his hand. "Let's see," Karlo murmured, "I count $227. That means you lied." "Take it all," the man said, just let me go now. "OK, you have a deal," said Karlo, taking all the money and giving him back his wallet. "Get out of here!" The man ran away.

Karlo put $150 in one pocket and $77 in the other. Then he walked down the stairs, unchained the "closed" sign, and strode into the club.

Emily was back on her seat at the bar but nobody was touching her. Everyone was quiet, fantasizing about what she'd done upstairs and wishing she'd done it with them. She had a drink in her hand. She had no idea that Deidre had pimped her out and Karlo never told her.

Karlo found Deidre and pulled her aside. "How'd she do?" asked Deidre with a smirk. "She let him put it in her! But I made him wear a rubber," he responded. "Good, but what I meant was how much did she make?" "There were nine songs where she actually danced," he lied. "Here's the money." He gave her the $90. "Not bad for an amateur on her first try," Deidre winked, "Now give her the rest of the money you're holding back. Oh, and take her home. The girl has had enough for one day and she's getting drunk. She's going to do something stupid again and the night customers won't be so easy on her. I want her out before the happy hour shift arrives."

Karlo got the kitchen to make a little take out dinner with chicken soup. Then he took her by her slender, soft, pretty arm and led her backstage where they had put her clothes. Although it was only 3:30, Emily was pretty drunk -- she wasn't used to liquor and although she hadn't been drinking much, she'd been drinking since noon. She had trouble standing to put on her clothes. Karlo sighed. With the other strippers coming in and out of the dressing room and giggling at the sight, he pulled up her panties, which had started to sag over her slender hips, put on her bra (he was much better at taking them off -- he couldn't help it if his hands touched her firm, high breasts), and then her blouse, skirt, and vest. Then he noticed that he had buttoned up her blouse wrong but he didn't want to take her vest off and do it over again, so he just led her out that way. Her hair was disheveled but he didn't want to take time to comb it. He had to get her home and then come back in time for the customers coming for happy hour. He went out to get her food and when he came back she was slumped on a chair, asleep. He shook her gently to wake her up.

The bar was silent when he led Emily out, grinning and waving at them; they smiled back and a few of them called out "come back soon, Emily!" and others yelled "We love you!" but the ones who had entertained fantasies of making it with her didn't make a sound. It had been a wonderful show, once in a lifetime, and they could only hope wistfully they would have another shot.

Karlo bundled her into his car and drove her home. (That part was easy -- the address was in her pocketbook.) She needed his support to go up the stairs to her apartment. Fortunately not many people were around and they didn't look very closely. He opened the door with her keys and stepped into the tiny, neat apartment. He draped her on a sofa and put her food in the refrigerator. He wrote "You have dinner in the frig -- just put the soup in a pan and heat it up." That would make it easier when she woke up with a hangover later tonight.

Then he picked her up off the sofa and carried her into her bedroom. She had a simple, single-size bed with a bright yellow bedspread and a stuffed-toy puppy on it. He pondered for a moment and then shrugged. It wasn't as if he hadn't seen her body before. Why shouldn't he undress her? He sat her on the bed and took off her clothes again, folding them neatly and putting them on her dresser. He took off her bra, appreciating once again her pretty, modest breasts with dark pink areolas and nipples against pale white skin, and then laid her back on the bed and pulled her panties off, admiring yet again her fresh, young pussy. He lifted her up again and with one hand steadying her he pulled the covers back. He lifted her again and slipped her pretty, thin legs between the sheets, then arranged her in a comfortable position on the pillow. She looked so sweet and innocent there in her bed.

As he left her apartment, Karlo was thinking. She was pretty in a modest, sweet-faced way, like the girlfriend he had always dreamed of. She had a nice, natural body, not all extremes and plastic surgery. His mother would love her. She still had a lot to learn and she liked for men, like him, to take control. She obviously had a huge but repressed sex drive, channeled into a show-off kink, and when her kink was stroked it made her willing and eager. She was perfect for him.

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