tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Enterprise Ch. 06

Emily's Enterprise Ch. 06


It took the court six months to announce its decision. In the meantime the hotel was making money hand over fist with sex clubs and tour groups, but nothing like it would if they could turn it into a legal -- perfectly aboveboard! -- house of prostitution. No risk of arrest, no raids, no hassles. Just commercial sex served all varieties and kinks.

The decision was delivered to Kurt, the lawyer, by courier before it was released to the public.

When they heard the news that the decision was in, Emily and Karlo were taking a little after-sex nap. Emily was feeling a bit soggy from taking Karlo's massive load. They took a shower together, with more than a little affectionate groping, but there was no time for serious fooling around. Emily liked to streak across the alley from the back of the hotel to the club but she only did that late at night; she kept a pair of panties over there to put on once she got there because the liquor license commission banned total nudity except onstage. But was early afternoon and there were too many people around to walk around outside in the nude. Besides, these days there were too many police stakeouts around watching the hotel and Deidre's club, looking for any little infraction. So this time Emily reluctantly put on clothes. She wore a deeply scooped top with no bra -- her small, firm breasts didn't need one -- and a loose skirt with no panties. Her nipples poked through the top and if she leaned over all of her breasts were on display.

Together they went across the alley to Deidre's strip club to find out what happened. Kurt wasn't there yet so while Karlo, the hunky bouncer, attended to some things, sweet innocent Emily spent time chatting at the bar with the regular afternoon customers who had adopted her as their favorite since her inaugural amateur strip a few months earlier. (The other strippers didn't mind because she made the men horny and they got more action and bigger tips when she was in the bar.) The men kept figuring out ways to trick Emily into leaning over. Or to pull up her skirt so they could see her blonde pubic hair cut into a heart shape for Karlo, and admire the twat they loved so much. She fell for it every time.

Once Kurt arrived, they moved to a booth in the corner where they could all hear the news privately. As soon as they were settled, Karlo put his hand up Emily's skirt up and started rubbing her while they talked. He was glad to sit in on these business discussions now and not just help out as a driver. He had been kept in the dark about the details of what they were planning, and he felt left out, but it was done to make sure he didn't say anything to give it away by mistake. Kurt read the decision to everyone.

They lost their case. The Supreme Court of California ruled that Trixie was guilty as charged and that there was no right conferred on the owner of that property to engage in commercial sex conferred by a law passed in 1850 that recognized legal prostitution as an inviolable right unless the owner changed land use. Apparently, they had agreed to hear the case for the entertainment value and took so long writing the opinion because they were really having fun with it. Years later, in his memoires, the Chief Justice would write that he had never seen such a "creative" argument for something that was so clearly wrong.

The three partners and Karlo broke out in gales of laughter! Time to celebrate! They had lost! No one would make billions of dollars in legal prostitution in California! They laughed and smiled ear to ear and clinked their glasses in a toast to the absent Nuszsaecker!

Because Nuszsaecker had been left holding the bag! They had figured out months ago that Nuszsaecker would offer them a buyout on his terms to get control. Deidre knew all along that Nuszsaecker would want to grab it all for himself -- that was his nature. Emily used her new real estate license to discover that he had already bought every other lot on the same block except the one Deidre's club stood on, and most of the lots on the street facing the hotel. Kurt figured out in Sacramento that they weren't going to win when he heard the chief justice and the associate justices of the Supreme Court of California break out in uncontrolled laughter the moment they were out of sight behind the curtain.

So, after everyone had said loudly in the conference room, knowing Nuszsaecker had it bugged, that they would never sell out, each of them called Nuszsaecker one by one later that week asking for more money for their share than he had offered! Emily called first, pretending that she needed the money to go back to school but she still wanted to keep her job at the hotel part-time because it was so much fun! Where else could she work nude? Emily thought at the time that if Nuszsaecker hadn't been blinded by greed, he would has seen that her argument was weak because two million dollars was more than enough to get a college degree, even in 1979. But Nuszsaecker bought into it! Emily never suspected that he had another reason.

Kurt was more demanding. If he was going to give up a chance at billions, it had to be worth his while! Nuszsaecker bought into it!

The gorgeous and enticing Deidre played on her years as Nuszsaecker's mistress. She told him that she had had big problems ever since this thing started. Since her name was on the deed for the hotel, the police had started watching her nightclub. There was surveillance of people coming in and out and she thought she had spotted a few plain-clothes detective mingling with the customers. Her regulars couldn't have a quick fuck or a blowjob in the VIP room anymore without fear of getting caught and her girls didn't dare turn a trick in the alley anymore. It just wasn't like the old days! The club had changed too much. She couldn't run it with the freedom (to skim from the cash receipts) and sexual abandon she had enjoyed for all these years. Nuszsaecker bought into it!

Deidre wanted Nuszsaecker to pay them all an equal share but to top hers off just a little so she could buy a resort property in the Islands, for her years of devoted service to his dick. The resort had gone bankrupt and was on sale cheap but all it needed, really, was a good business manager, a little investment, and a draw to make it different from the others  sex was the magnet she could provide, her own and the girls she would bring with her. Nuszsaecker was not happy. He had to spend more money and this meant that his mistress of 20 years was moving away, but after she made a casual remark he quickly agreed! She merely mentioned the nice time she had at lunch the other day with Nuszsaecker's wife, a beautiful young trophy wife he kept under close observation by his chief of security, personally. Mrs. Nuszsaecker told her how hard they had tried to have a child, especially a boy heir, and how Nuszsaecker blamed her for not conceiving. He made her feel like a breeding mare that couldn't foal. She wasn't a horse, priced by her fertility and pedigree! Not at all! She was a professional wife, eye candy and a clothes horse, valued by how good she looked, her father's status, and the wealth of her husband. She had her pride.

But Deidre was not heartless. Nuszsaecker asked and she promised to do him one last important favor. She would carry a message and a question to the right person for him.

The night went long and the rest of the bar knew that some party was going on but they had no idea what it was about. Karlo went back to work as the bouncer and with him around the customers kept their distance although they stared, as always, at the gorgeous Deidre and Emily, their favorite amateur, almost the club mascot. Emily had taken her clothes off again, except for frilly red panties. Deidre insisted that she keep panties on because she didn't want trouble with her liquor license. All the men in the bar found excuses to touch her when she walked to and from the bar or the ladies' room and she didn't try to stop them. She loved the validation that people found her sexually attractive!

Around midnight, Deidre announced that she had an important promise to Nuszsaecker that she had to keep. She had promised to do Nuszsaecker a favor, just to show that she still valued their relationship and his friendship. She would convey a special, confidential request from him to the young woman she now faced. "Emily," she said, in front of everyone, including Karlo, who had come back to his seat and was groping the young woman again, " I have a gift and a message from Nuszsaecker!" She lifted a small gift-wrapped box from the floor and presented it to Emily, who squealed in delight. It was a film compilation of all the sex scenes she and Karlo had done for Nuszsaecker's company!

Emily accepted the gift gladly but wondered what did Nuszsaecker want in return? While she thought this, Deidre said "You know, he watches your clips right after you film they come back from the developing lab -- the same day you film them! He looks at your pictures and runs the films in slow motion, especially the close ups of you and Karlo fucking. I've seen him sketch your breasts with a pencil on a notepad and it looks just like you. I've seen him sketch your pussy and it looks pretty close, too, but he gets the heart shape of your pubic hair lopsided."

"Emily," she said, looking her in the eye. "He's been watching you have sex in his films and looking at your pictures for over a year. He fantasizes about you when he's not fucking me. Giving you these pictures and your films is his way of telling you that he thinks you are erotically stimulating to look at, esthetically attractive, sexually desirable, and probably fertile. He wants me to ask you some very serious questions. Would be willing to have sex with him three times a week? Would you be willing to have his friends join in? Would you be willing to let him knock you up, and bear his child? In short, would you take over from me as his mistress and also give him a male heir? Remember, before you answer, that he is the world's richest pornographer: he can do a lot for you. And I can tell you from personal experience that he keeps it up better than most men his age."

Emily was taken aback by these unexpected questions but it did not take her long to answer. "I would rather have anal sex with a rhinoceros," she said. Deidre nodded in deep understanding. Having had sex herself with Nuszsaecker for 20 years she knew the comparison was apt.

"I know what you mean, dear. But he still needs a woman to give him a kid. I've been telling him since I turned forty that I didn't get knocked up because I probably wasn't fertile any more. He still wants me to do it. I never told him my tubes were tied because I didn't want him to take his dick and his pocketbook somewhere else. I'm too old to give him little bastards. So he thought maybe you would be interested." While they were talking, Karlo was thinking about anal sex with Emily and what it would be like to be a rhinoceros.

Trixie had joined them about an hour before, and now she chimed in. "I wouldn't let him make me pregnant but I'm willing to be his mistress! Hell, I can fuck a rhinoceros! It'll just cost him a fortune." Deidre agree that this was a half solution to Nuszsaecker's problem. Maybe he could find a surrogate breeder somewhere else and Trixie could do the rest. Or maybe Trixie could subcontract.

Karlo was sent to find the club's movie projector and set up a screen on the stage. Around 1:00, after the customers got comfortable in their seats, they rearranged the tables and put chairs out so everyone could see. They had an impromptu movie festival, starring Emily and Karlo! Emily sat front and center on Karlo's lap, as he felt her up in front of everybody. Of course, she had performed in all of the clips but she hadn't seen the final cuts.

The films were good quality -- Nuszsaecker's studio was first rate. There were clips of Emily in various poses, showing off her smallish but firm breasts, touching herself, masturbating, and clips of the two of them together, kissing, stroking and fondling each other, Karlo fingering Emily, Emily playing with Karlo's big balls, sucking, Emily putting as much of Karlo's long dick in her mouth as she could, Karlo nibbling Emily's cunt lips and running his tongue over her clit until she screamed. Emily and Karlo were kissing in front of the club audience for real now, turned on by this film memory of their past lust, and Karlo knew she was very aroused because she was wet on his leg. There were the long clips of sex on the cloud bed and the time that Emily wore a tight corset that cut off her air. Then the last clip of all, done just last week.

In it, Emily and Karlo were on a starkly simple set with a huge round bed. At the beginning, they were each wearing white loincloths, nothing else. Karlo's was bulging with his huge package. Emily's was hanging low on her slender hips, showing her hipbones and the creases in her groin, barely hiding her pubes. Their bodies had been oiled, Karlo's massive torso and muscular physique rippled in the lights. Emily's little frame and firm breasts glistened. In something like a dance they approached the bed from opposite sides, circled it, and then climbed on their knees across it towards each other, where they embraced and kissed each others' tongues for the camera. Then Emily turned around facing the camera and Karlo stroked her breasts, pulling gently on her nipples until they were visibly erect, all the while kissing and nibbling on her neck. She leaned into him and pushed out her pretty tits toward the camera as he bent down to kiss her and put his big, strong hand on her belly just above the loincloth, stroking it in circles and moving inexorably downward. The top of the loincloth was pushed down below her pubic hair now, thin, blonde, and trimmed in the shape of a heart.

The audience could look over and see that Emily was sitting forward on his lap and that his hand was on her flat young belly again, just like on the screen. His other hand was in her lap.

On screen, the lovers were concentrating on Emily's pleasure at showing herself. Her loincloth was pulled to one side and he was showing the camera her pretty little pussy, with its pale skin and contrasting pink pussy lips, her moist, glistening entrance, and the little pearl under her hood which showed when he pulled her open. Then his fingers got busy! He curled his fingers and started stroking the inside of her and judging from her moans and motion he must have been right on her G-spot.

Karlo, watching the movie, remembered the moment well: how tight Emily's pussy was at that moment and how it seemed to relax as he stroked the firm, rough spot at the front of her tunnel. He wondered if they could recreate the moment and so in front of everybody he pulled her legs open and put his finger at her entrance. Emily froze. It was one thing to be naked among friends and bar admirers and to let them see her body but did she really want to be sexual in front of them? She thought for a moment and under the influence of Karlo's finger, which was inside her now and rubbing her just right, decided she did. After all, why not show off sexually for friends and neighbors, why just strangers? She had trouble concentrating on the screen for the next few minutes as Karlo played with her genitals.

On screen, Emily came to a quick orgasm and the entire bar audience watched raptly at the image of her losing control, thrashing around, and coming with a loud moan. Every dick in the place and many nipples were hard that night. In the film clip, Emily took a while to calm down and then Karlo removed her loincloth entirely. She turned around and took his loincloth off, revealing his huge penis and oversize balls to the camera. (The audience was very impressed and the bar girls were suddenly jealous of the small-breasted amateur.) She bent over and the camera focused for a moment on her sweet pink anus and the rear view of her now-wet pussy, while she got into position to lick him.

Meanwhile, on the chair, Karlo had been playing with Emily's pussy. He had two fingers up her now and was rubbing her clit with the other hand while she watched herself get the same treatment on the screen. It didn't take long for her to come in real life and all heads turned toward her as she gasped and shook on Karlo's lap, shuddering with a loud moan. She had just climaxed noisily with no clothes on in a bar in front of 50 people! She leaned back and Karlo put his hand back on her belly, holding her possessively. Triumphantly, he held up his other hand and showed everyone his fingers -- wet! The audience applauded madly! The men in seats closest to the couple could smell a whiff of clean pussy scent!

While Emily recovered, the audience turned their attention back to the film. The lovers were both naked on the big bed now and Emily had just licked the length of Karlo's dick since she could only get the end of it in her mouth, it was so big. All the while her little hands were lifting and playing with his egg-sized testicles, stimulating the juice that would be soon be inside her. Karlo rose up and pushed Emily gently on her knees, naked white ass in the air, which he stroked. He ran the tip of his dick up and down her pussy from the rear for for a long time, getting her hot again, until he suddenly leaned forward and pushed into her. The audience gasped! Emily gave a strangled cry out in the film and made fists, gripping the bed cover. It took Karlo three or four thrusts before his long dick was in her and every movement was lovingly shown in close up on camera. The big man just had to move his hips and the little woman's whole body moved.

Emily, coming around to awareness again, vividly remembered that scene on the screen. She had felt like a puppet on a stick. Oh -- she felt Karlo raising her hips and reaching under her. Oh, no -- he was unzipping his pants! She stared straight at the screen and didn't give it away when she felt him pull out his penis and set her back down on it. To the casual observer, she was just sitting on his lap, naked. But the closest people to them, like Deidre and Kurt, knew what they were doing because Emily grunted under her breath as she pushed Karlo's big dick into herself.

But then there was dramatic change in the action on the film clip. A second woman came into view, with ruddy skin, red hair, and a generous bosom! She had long legs and a pretty face and her pussy was shaved. Trixie! The double action started with Emily fondling Karlo's balls while he thrust in and out of Emily. Then Emily got up on all fours and Trixie kissed her, deep and long. Then, Trixie reached under her and pulled her nipples, trying to make Emily's modest breasts jiggle. Then Trixie lay down in front of Emily and pushed her head down onto Trixie's pussy. Emily's first sex with a girl on screen! That went on until Emily broke into a shattering climax again, as Karlo kept thrusting. When he pulled out, Emily fell forward onto Trixie and the larger girl held her and stroked her, and rubbed her well-used and sopping wet pussy. Then to the surprise and delight of the audience, Trixie put her fingers in her mouth and tasted Karlo!

In her seat in the audience, Emily didn't remember that part but she wasn't remembering much right now. With Karlo's hands bracing her, was trying to keep her upper body still while she rocked her pelvis and moved it in circles to feel Karlo's cock move deep inside her.

On screen, Karlo still had a huge, unsatisfied erection and with Emily out of the action he had turned his attention to Trixie. She had taken Emily's place under him in the doggie position and in contrast to Emily, Trixie's heavy, full tits were swinging rhythmically under her as he thrust away. At one point she seemed to stiffen and her face froze into a smile and it ws a good bet that Trixie had come, even though Karlo had only been boning her for a little while. But Karlo was already on the edge and full to overflowing when Trixie first came into the scene, so now it was long past his turn to come and he was aching for it. He pulled out of Trixie's cunt and flipped her over. As the camera caught it all, with Emily lying next to them, watching, Karlo squirted over and over again on Trixie's hair, face, tits, shoulders, and belly, one splash after another, until the white cream ran in big streaks down her neck and chest and into her lap, where it joined her own juices and puddled. It was a magnificent scene and again the audience applauded!

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