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Harriett's travels around the world through her work meant that she knew hardly at all how life was at home at the flat. The long and detailed letters she received from Emma and less often from Charlotte were always several weeks late and usually forwarded from the last location she'd worked at. For instance, she might send a postcard home from her current location which could be Kabul or Phnom Penh, and then receive a letter from Emma which might have been posted to her last or her last but one location (which might be Banjul or San Salvador). Neither Emma's nor Charlotte's letters were particularly detailed on the subject of their love-lives. Indeed this seemed to be the one area about which they were both most reticent in their correspondence, but this didn't trouble Harriett. Nor did it in any way dissuade her from filling most of her letters with detailed accounts of the sex she'd had with men and women in the course of her travels.

She had developed a strong relationship, including frequent sex, with the director of the Sex Abroad series she was working on. Isabel had started her career as a sex actress and as a result had once opted to have her breasts surgically enhanced. Apparently they had been of good dimensions before, but her chest now consisted of nearly fifty inches of very firm breast on a body otherwise of quite slender proportions. Other parts of her body had also been surgically enhanced, but so expert were the surgeons that for all Harriett's exploration of Isabel's body she couldn't be sure which parts they might have been. She had not really made her fortune as a sex actress, as apparently she was not a natural when it came to frequent and indiscriminate fucking; but she had kept her career within the world of sex entertainment and was now a director of many television productions. She was in her mid-thirties, but certainly didn't look particularly old nor were her breasts showing any sign of sagging. However, they were sufficiently large to oblige her to keep them uncovered most of the time, while directing the set or in her leisure time, because of the discomfort that most clothes caused to them. She was not a naturist though unlike several of the others involved in the production of the series. She almost always wore a skirt, shorts or trousers; and frequently sun-glasses and a straw hat when it was particularly warm.

The Sex Abroad series was one of a number of productions Isabel and Harriett worked on together as they travelled with the production crew from country to country. Both enjoyed working together, just as they enjoyed making love together (although both would deny any claim to being lovers or of being lesbian). They enjoyed staying at expensive hotels, usually in the same suite, and planning the logistics of each production. This almost always involved Harriett making love to a native from whichever country they were in . This was sometimes a famous personality, but more often just a sexually fit representative of the population. Usually this consisted of no more than heterosexual coupling, but in some locations it was necessary to show more explicitly the peculiar customs of that particular country. In Korea where there was a cult of boys being surgically altered to take on the physical appearance of women, it was necessary for Harriett to make love to a few of these transsexuals. She most enjoyed those whose penises were still fully functioning. In Tajikstan, it was necessary to have group sex with several women.

When Harriett and Isabel were not working on the actual filming of these various sex acts, the two of them would plan together what was required for the programmes. Often, Harriett would have sex with the designated partners to determine the best angle for the performance. Isabel would watch, making suggestions and very occasionally participating, particularly where the sex star was a well-endowed man. Sometimes the two of them would practice together, with Isabel playing the role of the other partner to establish the optimum erotic presentation of the scene. Harriett also kept herself fit by regular work-outs at the gym in the various hotels they stayed at, or by jogging around the city. In some places naturism was obligatory, (such as El Jedida in Morocco, Nerja in Spain or Darwin in South Africa), which made her jogs more comfortable, but meant that Isabel couldn't participate as her breasts bounced around too much. Harriett kept her body as slim and trim as she could: something Isabel mostly achieved by drugs or surgery.

Sometimes while shooting a scene, Isabel felt obliged, as the director, to intervene to enhance Harriett's performance. She would wade into the mass of bodies in the physically demanding positions that were required and add lubricant to Harriett's anus or position her clitoris into a better view for the camera. This was not a role that a director was ever really required to do (there were members of staff whose role was specifically to help in stimulating the sexual performance of the film stars) but she felt that the closeness of her relationship with Harriett made this intervention more natural and sensible.

It was no secret to other members of the film crew that Harriett and Isabel had a close and loving relationship and the two women made no effort to obscure it from them. Isabel frequently grabbed Harriett by the vagina while on the set to feel how sexually active she was feeling. On occasion the two women would hold each other close to each other with Isabel's large naked breasts wholly obscuring Harriett's much smaller, trim ones, and indulge in kissing for several minutes at a time. Sometimes on set, Isabel chose to join in the action and have herself fucked by the man who was fucking Harriett. Occasionally, this was discreetly incorporated into the final cut. On the whole however, the two kept their relationship on a professional level on the set, and didn't indulge (as some directors and their principal stars are known to do) in a series of programmes featuring the two of them, and their various guests, indulging in on-screen sex.

Some of the film-crew envied Harriett's closeness to Isabel. It was undoubtedly a boost to her career, and one which could lead to her becoming a director herself. No one could deny that Harriett worked hard on her performance, and Harriett's own professed ambition was to produce her own Sexual Fitness videos which would pass on techniques and practice sessions that she'd used to keep herself at the peak of her sexual performance. The thought had occurred to some that she could become a professional in sex sport events, but even Harriett didn't want to become that closely tied to competitive sex.

Harriett made great efforts with the film crew to dispel their feelings that she was somehow too distant for the likes of them. She made a point of having sex with all the men and women on the set; sometimes with Isabel, despite her director's disparagement of such close ties. "It doesn't do to have sex too often with amateurs!" Isabel said, characterising herself as a professional. Harriett understood what Isabel meant: most of the cast were simply incapable of bringing her to a satisfactory orgasm and often incapable of restraining their own sexual relief however well Harriett used her skills to control them. However, Harriett soon became aware that the film crew were generally happier not to have to concern themselves with comparing themselves with a professional and preferred the less skilful sex they had with each other.

Harriett and Isabel enjoyed behaving as tourists in the exotic places they stayed, happy in the knowledge that nobody would recognise them as they might at home. In some cities of stricter sexual ethics, such as St Petersburg, Perth or Salt Lake City, their appearance, and particularly that of Isabel's large naked breasts would attract stares and occasionally even comment. In other places of freer sexual ethics such as Goa, Bali or Florida, they almost felt conservative in bothering to wear clothes at all. Or in not having sex in the street like so many other tourists. But Isabel felt that it was necessary as ambassadors of Semen South West to retain some respect for the natives of the country they were visiting.

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