tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmma Watson Gets Her Fantsay

Emma Watson Gets Her Fantsay


Emma stared out the window of the cab as it drove through the New York Streets. She was lost in thought. She had been thinking constantly about this night for the last two weeks. It was the next premiere of the new film and after the last one in London she had every reason to be excited about this one.

Her brother, Alex, was beside her this time and he noticed she was quiet but put it down to nerves. Even if he asked, she couldn't really tell him what was on her mind. She couldn't tell him that by the end of the night she planned to have sex with Daniel and Rupert. Ever since the last time with them she kept thinking about them standing in front of her, wanking their cocks and imagining the feeling of their come on her again. She had masturbated so many times since then as she was almost constantly horny.

The cab pulled up at the hotel and they got out and walked on, past some photographers who got the shots they wanted.

After checking in, they went up to the third floor and their rooms. They had about one hour until they had to leave for the film.

Thirty minutes later Daniel and Rupert both arrived together and went to their rooms. The arrangement was that Daniel and Rupert would go to get Emma from her room and escort her to the car to then be taken to the premiere so they would arrive at the same time, though this time her brother was coming too, as her 'date'.

Emma had sent them both a text to say she had arrived and Daniel replied to her once they were there as well.

Daniel and Rupert both showered and got dressed in their suits. They weren't talking much about the possibility of anything happening later as in the time since the last premiere there had been no calls or texts from Emma and they felt a bit awkward about contacting her. Once they were ready they went along to her room and knocked on the door. A few seconds later it swung open and they were greeted by her beaming smile as she stood hidden behind the door.

"Hi! Come in, come in," she said.

"Hi," they both said in unison. When they got in they saw she had a towel wrapped around her. She closed the door and stood facing them.

"It's so good to see you both. I'm sorry I haven't been in contact since last time, I've been busy, and you know, it felt a little weird, so I decided to wait til we saw each other tonight."

"That's alright," Daniel said, "are you alright about everything?"

She nodded and smiled slightly. "I'm very alright about everything. I've been so bloody horny over the last two weeks, it's been unbelievable."

Daniel and Rupert both sighed and Rupert said "Oh good, cause we were worried that you felt different about it now."

"Well, I don't," she said. She walked closer to them and stood before them, looking deeply into both their eyes. "For years, I have thought about both of you in a way that was... well, very naughty and I could never have let those thoughts come out, for the fear of what might have been said about me, but now things are coming to an end I feel more free to do what I want and explore anything I want to explore."

She looked down and put a hand against each of their groins. She could feel their hardness. They both gasped as they felt her fingers trace their erections and they pushed forward against her.

"I've been thinking about these things alot. But unfortunately, just now, time is against us. We have to go very soon." With that, she unhooked her towel where it was tucked in under her arm and pulled it away from her body and let it drag on the floor. She was wearing just her black satin panties.

"Oh my God," Rupert said as he gazed up and down her body.

She walked to the bathroom and dropped the towel just inside and walked across to the wardrobe as Daniel and Rupert both followed her with their eyes, taking in every little movement of her breasts as they swayed gently and her ass as it swelled with each step then pulled taut again.

She took out a hanging item inside a long cover which said Calvin Klein in understated white lettering across it, unzipped it and discarded it. Turning away slightly from them she stepped into the gown which was ankle length and turned back to them as she pulled it up to her waist, and drew it up over her breasts and pulled it together onto her shoulders. She slipped on her black heels and walked to Daniel, turning to show him the backless gown and said "Can you get the little zip for me?"

He looked down where the dress hung open and just below the small of her back he saw the edge of her panties. He gripped the dress just below the zip to tighten it and pulled the zip up. She could feel his fingers against her ass.

"Thanks, you're a gentleman." She got a long coat from the wardrobe and said "We really have to go now." She opened the room door and stepped into the corridor and they followed. They went to another room two along and knocked. The door opened quickly and Emma's brother stood there, smartly dressed in a simple black suit, white shirt and dark tie.

"Hi Alex," said Daniel.

"You look very... elegant," Emma said, "I'm look forward to walking with my three handsome brothers around me. You all make me feel very special. Come on."

They took the lift to the lobby and found their car and were driven to the premiere. There was very little talk in the car. Alex put it down to nerves for the rest of them. The other three though were preoccupied with previous events and all of them were playing through what had happened before. Daniel and Rupert were wondering what was going to happen later as they both very clearly remembered her words to them, "I want to feel your cocks inside me."

There had been no contact since that had been said and even tonight in the hotel room, there was no clue whether she had this in mind, but they just couldn't stop thinking about it.

On the other hand, Emma sat between them, knowing exactly what was going to happen. She was a little disappointed that nothing could have happened in the hotel room but time was short and for what she wanted, she didn't want to rush it and spoil the moment.

When the car pulled up, Daniel climbed out, followed by Emma and Rupert and finally Alex. They made their way to get their photos taken and posed a little for the people there.

They went inside and met some others of the cast and were shown to their seats. Daniel and Rupert were placed on either side of Emma, and they soon got comfortable. Alex had to sit a few seats along the row. The lights went down and the film started. Emma kept shifting in her seat and Daniel thought she was just trying to get a better position. Eventually he whispered to her, "Are you OK?"

She gave a slight shake of the head and leant in towards him.

"I can't believe this, I'm ...." she tailed off and Daniel leant in closer to indicate he wanted to know what was wrong. "Umm, I'm very, you know...horny right now." Daniel's eyebrows raised and she looked into his eyes. "It's because of you two, I'm dying to get back to the hotel with you both." Daniel smiled broadly now knowing that he was going to get his dream tonight after all.

"But I think I'm really wet down there and I need to go and check and tidy myself up." She turned and picked up her bag and stood to get out. Rupert had seen her talking with Daniel and he wondered what was going on. Emma leant on his shoulder as she moved past him and into the aisle. He watched her go then leaned over, "Everything alright?".

Daniel smiled a confirmation at him and gave him a discreet thumbs up. "Everything's bloody brilliant, mate." Rupert still wasn't sure exactly what he meant and didn't want to push him in the middle of this so he left it.

Five minutes later Emma returned and moved in back to her seat. She had a shawl round her shoulders and as she sat down, she pulled it round herself. "Cold," she said simply, "I borrowed it from Debbie." Debbie was one of the various assistants who was outside. After a couple of minutes Emma reached out with her right hand, to find Rupert's leg in the semi darkness and touched it. She felt him jump a little. She felt around for his hand and gently took it in hers and squeezed it, then rubbed her hand over his thigh.

She then pulled the shawl from around her shoulders and draped it across her legs, pulling at it so it draped right across her thighs and over her knees. It did look a bit old fashioned but she didn't care right now. She sat still for a few minutes then felt for Rupert's hand again, but sliding hers out from under the shawl and once she got it she drew his hand back under the shawl and in towards the centre. Rupert was surprised and stared straight ahead at the screen trying to look around a little to see if anyone could see this but the cinema was dark enough that no-one would be able to.

He let his hand be carried by her until she pushed it down against her body. He immediately felt that she was pushing it between her legs as he could feel her soft thighs under the sheer silky material of the dress. He let out a quick breath of air as he realised what was happening. He caught her out of the side of his eye turning to look at him and he looked at her and they shared a moment that told him that she wanted him and that he would have her tonight.

She opened her legs a little, enough for her to press his hand down between her thighs and force his fingertips in against her pussy. She took her hand away and pushed her pussy forward to meet his hand and she felt him gently caress her and then press more firmly in. She knew it would be quite risky to draw her dress up to her thighs as it was ankle length so she would have to satisfy herself with this though she desperately wanted his fingers inside her right now. As he rubbed her pussy, she reached back under his left arm to his leg and quickly found his hard on and gave it a good squeeze.

Daniel had been looking down and thought he could see something going on but wasn't sure what.

She sneaked her left hand out and pulled his hand under the shawl as well and pushed it in against Rupert who drew his away to let Daniel in. Daniel did the same and he savoured the momentary new feeling of having her pussy against his hand. She reached back and tried to find Daniel's cock but she couldn't. She thought it must have been sitting to the far side so she felt down between his legs and felt the lump of his balls and massaged them instead.

She felt around for Rupert's zip and traced her fingers up to the top and tried to bend her hand round to pull it down. She got a grip but the folds in the material didn't let her get it down. Rupert felt what she was doing and shook his head at her, "No!"

"Please," she looked at him with pleading eyes.

"No! No bleedin' way, that's too risky," he said again. She nodded and said "OK", and found the tip of his cock and started rubbing on that through his trousers which caused a moan from him. She looked at him in the dull light and could just see his eyes were closed as he felt her hand on his cockhead.

She rubbed him for a few minutes alternating between his knob and his balls, massaging them firmly. Rupert could feel his cock was throbbing. He was so turned on.

Daniel still had his hand between her thighs and he was doing his best to excite her, as much as he could with the way they were sitting.

Emma slowed down on Rupert and turned a little to do the same for Daniel. She found his hard bulge this time and started rubbing. His head dropped and he breathed deeply and slowly as he felt Emma's small fingers rub over his gland. She loved the feeling of their hard cocks under her fingers but wished she could see them.

She didn't want to get carried away in case they were caught so she stopped rubbing them and swatted their hands away from under the shawl. She allowed their hands to brush against hers which itself sent little shocks through her and turned her on. The rest of the film passed very slowly and when it came to an end and the lights came up, Emma was careful to make sure nothing could be seen going on between them. As they prepared to go, Alex leaned across to check everything was OK for them to go. She nodded and he stood to lead her out.

In the car on the way back to the hotel there was some idle chat about the film but nothing that the three of them really wanted to say as Alex was with them. Once Alex walked off to his own room, Daniel, Rupert and Emma stood together in the corridor and looked at each other.

"Come back to my room," Emma said and led them to her door.

Once inside, she busied herself with hanging her coat up and tidying up some personal items that were lying on the table. Rupert and Daniel just watched her.

She gave up what she was doing and turned to them. "Do you remember what I said last time?" They nodded. She hesitated. "I said I wanted to have your cocks inside me."

She walked towards them and stood a couple of feet away. "Do you both want that too?" she asked. They nodded again.

"Show me your cocks again. I want to see what will be deep inside me tonight, I want to see everything. I think of you both as my brothers but you are the only brothers I want to do anything naughty with. Take all your clothes off, both of you." She turned and went to sit on the edge of the bed to watch them. They started undressing, shedding their jackets, ties, unbuttoning their shirts. Trousers were next and soon they were both in just their underwear which were both tenting very obviously.

They shared a quick glance at each other, then at the same time pulled their boxers down letting their erect cocks spring free and into Emma's gaze. She gasped audibly and rubbed her hands together.

"My God, oh my God," she said. She loved seeing their hard penises.

The two boys were completely naked and walked over to her to let her study their bodies. Emma stood up and was suddenly overcome with emotion and grabbed Daniel's shoulders kissing him forcefully, moaning and bringing his body into hers, forcing his hard cock into her stomach and she ground against it. As suddenly as it started, it finished and she quickly grabbed his penis and gave it one stroke then moved to Rupert and did the same, kissing him hard and forcing his penis against her body and silky dress.

She stopped and let a hand each rub over their cocks and balls for a few seconds then stopped. She seemed very unsure what to do next.

"It's weird having you both naked and me still dressed, but it's nice. I want to wank you both." She sat on the bed again and they moved across to stand before her. Their cocks were level with her face and she looked at them carefully as she ran her hands up their thighs and took a hard-on in each hand and started to stroke gently. She stroked both cocks right in front of her face and was fascinated by the two bulbous heads right before her eyes. She licked her lips as she felt the hardness of the shafts with the soft velvet skin and the deep heat from them.

She found it difficult to get a good rhythm on both cocks so she let go of Daniel and focused on Rupert's dick. She held it in her right hand and cupped his balls in her left and firmly massaged them and she felt the tubes inside the sac as her fingers ran over them. She poked her index finger behind his balls and softly stroked the skin in front of his asshole which caused him to open his legs a little and push down on her hand. She continued stroking him loving the feeling of it. She wanked him for about two minutes and he was moaning more deeply as she built up speed and the pleasure coursed through him.

Rupert looked down and watched Emma's hands on him, something he had jerked off over many times and he couldn't believe it was now happening. He reached down with his hand and cupped her left breast through the dress. He could feel the hardness of her nipple as he rubbed his thumb across her boob.

"Can you pull your dress down?" Rupert asked.

"All in good time," Emma replied looking up at him. She wanted to stay fully dressed just now as she loved the feeling of being like that with two totally naked men.

Rupert was moaning. She continued stroking him and looked across at Daniel who was wanking himself. She then noticed that Rupert's cock was quite wet and looked at the tip and noticed his precum leaking out. She spread it around with her thumb and wanked him up and down to rub it all in. It soon dried in and she wanked him harder.

"Slow down!" Rupert gasped, "I'll come if you don't. Shit! Stop!" he cursed. Emma immediately stopped her wanking and watched Rupert grimace and drop his mouth open and stay very still. He gasped a little and said "It's gone, it's okay."

"Have you come?" Emma said, looking from his cock up to his face, "I think you've come." She touched her finger to the tip of his cock and a thick stream of semen started to pour out and it fell onto her dress sliding down the front to her lap. She rubbed the thick drip of it from the end of his cock and rubbed it between her thumb and finger.

Rupert was breathing very slowly. "I didn't come, I mean I didn't have an orgasm, it didn't...it stopped." He looked down at his cock and could feel the slight pulsing as his shaft gently pumped out his oozing juice. "That's happened before to me. It's cos I'm so turned on and if I stop wanking I can leak like that without actually having a full orgasm. I can keep on wanking myself and then come normally."

"I've never heard of that before, that's amazing. I didn't know you could shoot without actually coming, you know, having an orgasm."

"Yeah, it doesn't happen often and it's just luck it happens without going over the edge."

Emma looked at the come on her fingers and touched it to her lips to taste it then put the tips into her mouth and sucked the sperm off, savouring the taste and the warmth knowing it had come from Rupert's balls and was now in her mouth. She was getting very wet.

"I've never had that," Daniel said, "what does it feel like?"

"Just like a very gentle orgasm but the feelings in your cock are really nice, just the feeling of it pumping, but not the full feeling of an orgasm."

"It's quite alot," Emma said, "and it's all down my dress. This is Calvin Klein, and it's on loan! How the hell am I going to explain this? Just hand it back and say sorry, but it's covered in come? I don't know if that will come out. I might have to end up buying it."

"You should have taken it off when I asked then," Rupert said cheekily.

"Idiot!" Emma said and slapped him playfully on his thigh. "Oh well, it's done now, not much I can do about it. But nobody else come on my dress! I have a special place for you both put your come later on."

Rupert's cock was going a bit soft without the touch of Emma's hand, so Emma turned to Daniel and said "It's you now, you won't come will you? Just warn me if you get too close."

Daniel nodded, and she took his cock in her hand and held his balls with the other. He was still rock hard and she wanked him slowly at first, building up a gentle rhythm but scared of going too fast as she didn't want Daniel's sperm just yet. Tonight she wanted it fresh from his balls and straight to where she intended. She didn't want any more accidents.

She spent five minutes on Daniel's cock. She really enjoyed having his balls in her hand and spent most of the time rolling them around in her hand. They felt very heavy to her. Daniel warned her he might be getting close so she stopped stroking and let it go completely and watched it throbbing and pulsing in mid-air. She thought it looked lovely and felt a little annoyed that this night with both the boys had taken so long to come. She would loved to have had this experience some years ago and had the extra closeness with them during the time she worked with them on the last few films.

She sat back on the bed looking at her hard-bodied co-stars and their beautiful strong penises and large heavy balls. She wanted them so much right now. She wanted them inside her. She wanted to feel their hardness powering into her, forcing her body into indescribable orgasms, to feel them slamming into her pussy as if they were forcing her, raping her. But this wouldn't be rape. She wanted this more than anything. And she was going to get it.

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