tagFirst TimeEmma's Awakening Ch. 02

Emma's Awakening Ch. 02


Emma woke with a killer headache in a strange bed with a naked woman. "What the hell?" she mumbled to herself. Her tired eyes spied a wine bottle -- the wine bottle she'd let Sara ram up her cunt before she ended up fistfucking Sara. It all came back to her and she started to freak out. Trying not to wake Sara, she gathered her clothes, stole some aspirin, and ran out of the apartment.

What a way to celebrate her 18th birthday -- her first lesbian experience with a stranger who had been fucking her boyfriend -- ex-boyfriend -- with some bottle fucking thrown in for good measure. And now she had missed the morning. Her parents would kill her and wasn't there a test she'd missed? Fuck.

The sun was killing her -- a hangover too, why not? -- so she dived into the nearest store that looked like it might sell glasses. She wasn't normally in this part of town and picked a newsstand. Sure enough, it had sunglasses galore -- she picked out a green plastic frame with the darkest lenses. They actually look pretty decent, Emma thought. Her hair was a dirty enough blonde that they didn't make the blonde seem green. She look herself over a little in the mirror near the sunglasses stand. She looked a wreck, makeup smeared, hair mussed, clothes wrinkled. Clearly on a walk of shame. Oh well. Her tits were big enough and her waist small enough that she always looked good enough to catch a few eyes.

She was catching a few here, she noticed -- greasy losers. But mostly they milled around on the other end of the store in the... porn section?

Emma had heard about newsstands with the porn sections in the back, but this one barely had a "back." There was a little area cordoned off with a counter and a little gate, and behind it walls of fuck mags. The guys milling around there kept glancing in her direction -- either because she looked like a hot mess or because she was the only real woman around. She tried not to look like she noticed and slyly observed them. She might as well people-watch a bit while her head calmed itself.

In fact, she thought, I'll stroll over and look through the porn. What the hell? The man at the counter was a little startled to see her strolling over but he chivalrously held open the gate, which on closer inspection was made of cardboard. Some weird law, she guessed. She smiled and nodded, then started to browse. She picked up a copy of FUCK SLUTS and discovered that it was well-titled.

As she flipped through the mag she noticed one of the customers handing a few bills to the counter man -- who let the man pass behind the counter and into a backroom area. More porn? She'd heard that people watched videos in the back. She was feeling adventurous and so roamed up to the counter man herself.

"How much does it cost to go in the back?"

The guy looked her over, and she almost shied away -- it was an overt want-to-fuck-you look, and she wasn't trying to give him ideas, just trying to check things out. "For girls it's free, honey." He moved to usher her through. "No one is in 3 yet. Your door is on the left."

Emma hesitated a little, but shortly found herself moving ahead. The man smirked and waved her into the back where, sure enough, there were a series of doors -- each set of doors sat close together, each pair with the same numbers. She went to the pair marked "3", opened the left door and scampered inside.

The room was bare and dimly lit. On a bench in the corner sat a handful of towels. The wall to her right had a handful of holes cut into it. This was what people were paying to see? There was a TV/DVD combo on the wall opposite the holes and a stack of DVDs on the shelf below. She browsed through them -- all porn, of course.

I might as well watch one, she thought. After her lesbian adventure she considered an all-girl orgy disc, but changed her mind suddenly, deciding to pick the one with the dirtiest title, which turned out to be the redundantly named "Anal Butt Sluts #27." What a franchise, she thought as she slipped in the disc.

After the legal warnings, a slim blonde, already naked, bent down to spread her asshole for the camera. Emma had seen some porn but nothing so coarse -- it didn't really turn her on but she started to get wet as she began to think about how many cocks the girl must have taken to get spread so wide. She tried to imagine a cock in her ass, but she hadn't even had a cock in her pussy yet.

The girl in the video looked about the same age, and she wondered how much the girl had fucked. "Fucked." She turned the word over in her mouth. She has sucked a few cocks but always thought about sex as being part of love, as a different thing. Now she just wondered what a good fucking must be like.

The video girl had already found a cock and it was snaking its way up her ass as she yelled loudly for it to hammer her harder, deeper. Emma snuck her hand into her jeans and started to rub her wet pussy, transfixed. Then she heard someone moving behind her.

She leapt forward, almost jumping out of her skin, and spinning around. Nobody there. She was just imagining things. Or wait -- no, somebody was there after all. Part of someone.

A cock sticking out through one of the holes in the walls.

Of course. She should have known once she saw the holes. She had heard about glory holes but thought they were an urban myth. Now here she was, staring at an anonymous cock. It was a good size, half-hard. Waiting for her.

She moved over to the cock, curious, not knowing what she would do. She saw, now that she was paying attention, that there was a padded mat on the ground beneath the holes. Padded for knees, she supposed. She knelt down. Then, without thinking, sucked the cock into her mouth.

It hardened almost instantly, and she almost spit it out. But she had sucked cocks before, though not often, and never unless she had been dating the guy for more than a month. She licked and slurped around the head, greedier than she had ever been. The balls were sticking through the hole as well and she began to stroke them as she bobbed her mouth up and down the cock.

As she sucked and stroked the cock she wondered who it could be. Maybe the creepy counter guy? Maybe one of the guys she had seen in the store? Maybe better not to know -- they hadn't exactly turned her on. Maybe someone more attractive that had come into the store afterward, or had already been in another room? Maybe it was someone she knew. She cycled through all the guys in her school that turned her on and started sucking harder. She liked being able to imagine whoever she wanted -- and being in control, since there were no hands on the side of the wall to grope her or push her head or hands around.

She started sucking harder, bobbing her head faster. She could hear they guy groaning, and he started to thrust more. That gave her an idea -- before she could think it through too much, she pushed her face as close to the wall as she could and stopped moving, holding it there.

It took a moment, but the guy got the picture, and pulled back -- then started thrusting harder and faster. Emma just held still and let him fuck her face. She had never done it before -- the guy thrust roughly and deeply and she gagged a bit but did her best to keep her face close to the wall, letting him use her like a doll. She had three fingers in her pussy now, saliva dripping down her shirt as he pounded her mouth.

With her freehand she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tits out, squeezing them while fingerfucking herself -- the guy kept slamming into her mouth, faster and faster. Suddenly, without warning, she felt him spurt and pulled back, choking on the cum. She swallowed a little but let most of it fall out of her mouth, splashing onto her tits and the floor.

She looked down at her tits, at the mess of cum and saliva, at her own fingers still thrusting into her pussy, and came hard. Gasping, she swallowed what cum was left in her mouth, and started scooping up the cum from her tits. She pushed it into her mouth with the fingers from her pussy, sucking the cock's cum and her own cum together. Emma felt wild, out of control. What was happening to her?

Just as she was starting to calm down, the cock withdrew. Then quickly, to her surprise, another cock slipped into the same hole.

Emma just stared at it for a moment. The cum from the first cock hadn't even dried yet, and here was a second. While she wondered what she would do, if she could bring herself to suck a second cock, a third popped through the hole beside it. Word travelled fast around here.

She grabbed and started to stroke the third cock while she began to suck the second, moving before she had even made up her mind to move. After a little while she switched, sucking the third and stroking the second, now slick with her saliva.

She could hear the girl in the video behind her begging to be fucked. Well, why not? thought Emma. I've come this far already. She pulled back from the cocks and pulled her jeans and panties, already sagging, all the way off.

It barely occurred to her, as she guided the cock into her dripping pussy, that she was losing her virginity this way, to an anonymous stranger at a glory hole, after guarding it so carefully for so long. It had been a precious thing to her just yesterday, but after last night the thought of staying virgin just seemed stupid. If anything, she wanted to run in the other direction -- she needed to make up for lost time. The cock plunged into her pussy and Emma ignored the third one, bending as far forward as she could to allow it deeper access. With her hands on the ground in front of her, she bent her head forward between them to look up at her pussy and the cock pounding it. She could see it, slick with her own juices, stroking itself in and out of her wet slit.

Emma came again at the sight of the stranger's cock splitting her cunt, almost toppling over and off of it. She pulled herself away from the cock and started sucking it instead, sucking down her own juices, letting it fuck her mouth until it exploded too -- she gulpd the cum down while beginning to stroke the third cock again. Her pussy was throbbing but she had a different plan for this cock. She spit into her hand and started to stroke it fast, getting it as wet as she could. Then she spit some more and started to rub it around her asshole.

She knew it would hurt but she didn't care. She turned to watch the girl getting her ass reamed in the video, and then pushed her butt up against the hole. The cock there quickly figured it out -- she felt it draw away and get replaced by a tongue first, which licked and darted around her asshole, teasing her. She plunged her fingers into her pussy while the tongue lapped greedily at her virgin ass, pushing them further in as she felt the man spit into her ass, getting it ready.

Then the cock started pushing in. It felt huge -- she gasped and came again, which helped with the pain, but it still hurt. Emma didn't care though. She pushed back against the cock, driving it deeper. She moaned and shrieked as the cock assaulted her tight ass, ramming deeper and deeper, picking up speed. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, Emma felt it unload into her ass, pushing its seed deep into her tight little asshole before pulling out.

She collapsed, exhuasted, on the mat, covered in cum and saliva, with more cum leaking from her asshole. That was it, she figured. She was a fuck slut herself now, no turning back. On the otherside of the wall, one of the men leaned down to the hole. "The sunglasses are on the house, cutie."

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