Emma's Caribbean Vacation


When he stopped he stood up and slammed his engorged cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy. Parker fucked me with such passion and intensity that I felt my second orgasm start to build. My body began to tremble and shake as I squirted cum all over his massive erection. Shortly after Parkers own orgasm took over him. He was pounding me harder and faster, while his moans turned into screams as he shot his cum deep inside my already soaking wet cunt.

After some recovery time, we got dressed and headed out for dinner. Parker told me he was going to take me to his favorite "hole in the wall." When we arrived, I kind of chuckled to myself; you see, his favorite place was the only place I had gone to eat since I arrived on the island.

When we walked in I saw that the girl behind the bar was the same gorgeous island girl that was working when I came here before.

I greeted her by name "Hi Steebeth, how are you doing today?" I asked.

"Great, I'm glad you came back and I see you have met our resident dive specialist." Steebeth responded.

"Actually, Parker and I go way back, before either of us got married," I said

So we had dinner and drinks, we talk about everything you could think of. Finally Steebeth came up to us and told us it was time for her to close, so we gathered our things and headed for the door. When we were about to leave Parker asked Steebeth "Is everything set for tomorrow, should I bring anything?"

"Everything is ready to go; you don't need to bring anything." Steebeth answered, and we left.

That night, I was completely exhausted; I think I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. The next day Parker took me sightseeing. He took me on a tour of the rain forest, and pointed out all the different types of beautiful bird that inhabit the island. Parker made an excellent tour guide. After the rain forest Parker and I had a picnic lunch by an amazing waterfall, it was the first waterfall I have ever seen. I had a wonderful day. When we got back to his house, he told me to relax and get ready for the evening; he would be back around 8pm to pick me up. When I had asked how I should dress, Parker gave me this coy little smile and answered "Sexy," as he left.

I took my time finding the right outfit to wear. I decided on this slinky black dress, that I had brought with me. I knew Parker would love it. It was a halter top style with a plunging neck and a bare back. My ex hated this dress because, when I wore it without a bra anyone looking from the right angle had an unobstructed view of my breasts. Needless to say, that is why I loved this dress. That and the back of the dress showed off my ass just as well.

I headed for the shower, wondering where we were going to go, and thinking about what I would do to Parker when we got back. I got in the shower and washed my hair and began to wash my body, as I started to wash my hairless pussy I thought to myself "Glad I got everything wax off before I left." While washing myself I noticed how wet I had gotten just thinking about tonight. My hand lingered for a moment, and then I noticed Parker's shower had a hand held shower head. "This could be fun" I thought to myself as I reached for it. I tried out all the different water settings before deciding that pulse would work best for what I had in mind. Then I tried different water temps, cold felt just amazing.

I sat down on the built-in shower bench and began to use the pulsating stream of water on myself. First I started with my nipples, the water caused them to harden instantly, and I liked that. I kept the water there for a few moments. Then I spread my legs as wide as I could and refocused the water on my bare wet aching pussy, my clit hardened as quickly as my nipples, so I aimed to water right at it. I held the shower head in one hand and twisted and pulled at my nipples with the other. Before I knew it, I felt my orgasm building. I slide my hand down and plunged two fingers into my throbbing cunt. That was just what I needed, I just let go and let this mind blowing orgasm wash over my entire body.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the bedroom to get ready for the night ahead. I decided to wear my hair up that night to show off the back of my dress. When I was done with my hair, I dropped my towel and slipped into my dress and took a moment to admire myself. My back was completely exposed the dress just covered my ass, and if someone was standing behind me they would be able to look down the back of my dress and get a good view. My nipples were still hard from the shower event and the dress showed them off beautifully as well. I put on my best sandals and headed down to wait for Parker.

I was walking down the stairs as Parker was coming thru the door. The second he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks and said one word.

"WOW!" Parker exclaimed

"Thanks," I said as I finished descending the stairs. I turned slowly to give him the full effect "You Like?" I asked.

"Damm girl, you look hot." He said, as he pulled me closed and kissed me. "Let's make your last night on the island one you'll never forget." Parker said, as he took me by the hand and lead me out the door.

We arrived at a small unassuming house, Parker lead us around back. In the back was this very large, beautifully landscaped, fenced in yard; filled with people, music and I could even see several bars complete with bartenders, and what appeared to be a raised dance platform. Parker informed me that Steebeth and her husband, Everton hosted this invite only house party 4 times per year.

Parker got us some drinks and we began to mingle. Parker brought me around, with his hand on my back, introducing me to different people, and every once in a while he would slide his hand down inside my dress and squeeze my ass and smile. We mingled for about an hour when I noticed people had gathered around, what I thought was the dance floor. Soon we began to work our way thru the crowd, and I was able to see it wasn't a dance floor at all.

Parker stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered "Watch."

And watch I did. From where we were standing what I could see was the back of a woman with a great figure and long dark hair, standing naked with her legs spread. She appeared to be swaying to the music. But after a couple of minutes I realized that it was the music that caused her swaying. I looked a bit more carefully and saw that there was a man seated on the floor in front of her. Then she started making noises, and it all became clear. The man was the cause of the swaying and noises; he had been licking her pussy, right there in front of everyone.

Soon the man turned the woman around, and I was able to see who she was. It was Steebeth and her husband. Everton placed his hand on Steebeth's hips and pulled her down on to his cock. She rode him wildly with everyone watching. Soon he reach around and began to rub her clit, causing, what was obvious to everyone watching, an intense orgasm. The orgasm took over her body, making her tremble and scream out. After she was done, she slid Everton's cock out of her pussy. I could see it glistening from being coated in her cum. Steebeth started to slide her pussy lips up and down his cock until he shot his jizz all over her. Everyone applauded at the sight. When they left the stage, another couple took their place.

"So, what did you think?" Parker whispered

"That was hot, she is gorgeous." I replied

Parker then slipped his hand down my back, into my dress, then around front and lightly ran his finger down my slit. He chuckled when he felt just how wet I was. While we watch the next couple, Parker kept his hand in my dress. He would alternate between caressing my ass, breasts and pussy. He was driving me crazy. When the third couple took the stage Parker whispered something else in my ear.

"Interested?" He asked.

Before I could even answer, Parker nodded to Steebeth to claim the next spot on the stage. The third couple finished and Parker took me by the hand and escorted me up onto the stage.

He kissed me deeply and said, "Let's see just how much of an exhibitionist you really are."

I didn't reply, I just lifted my hand to the back of my neck and undid the one tie that was holding my dress on, and Let it drop to the floor. I stepped in and removed Parkers shirt, then dropped to my knees to remove his pants. When I freed his cock from it confinement I couldn't help but to give it a teasing lick before standing back up. I turned around and leaned in so Parker's prick was nestled in the crack of my ass. Then I took his hands and placed them on my tits.

Parker instantly started pinching and twisting my nipples, which caused me to moan loudly. I spread my legs apart, so the crowd could see just how wet I was. I put two fingers deep inside my pussy and pulled them out, then I placed them in Parker's mouth; he moaned and licked them clean. His moan was all the encouragement I needed. I brought my finger to my clit and began to masturbate myself in front of everyone. As I started to orgasm my legs were trembling so badly I could hardly stand, so Parker held me up for all to see.

As soon as my orgasm ended, Parker set me on fours and stepped in front of me. He grabbed me by the hair and forced he huge cock in my mouth, causing me to gag. Parker knew just how much I loved it when he would get forceful. He continued to slam his huge tool down my throat, and soon his moans got louder, I knew this meant he was getting close. So, I reached up and started massaging his balls. Just as they began to tighten, he let out a scream, pulled his cock from my mouth and shot his hot load all over my face. When he was done cumming he looked down at me and smiled. We grabbed our clothes and left the stage.

As we stepped down, a lovely couple handed us each a moist towel and disappeared into the crowd. We used to towels to clean ourselves up, and we got dressed and grabbed a drink from the bar. We stayed at the party for a while longer, just laughing and carrying on with the other guests. Soon Parker told me it was time to go and that he had another surprise waiting for me, and we headed out.

When we got back to Parker's home, I was a bit puzzled about my surprise; until I stepped inside. It was incredible; there were candles and lilies (my favorite) everywhere. There was a path lined with candles that lead upstairs into the master bedroom. Once I stepped into the bedroom I could see that the path lead to the master bathroom. In the bathroom I found soft music, more lilies and candles. But, the thing that really surprised me was a fully drawn bubble bath. Parker told me to make myself comfortable and he would be back in a few minutes. So I undress and climbed into the bath.

Once in the bath, I put my head back, closed my eyes and just relaxed. I opened my eyes to see Parker standing there holding a bottle of Champagne and a tray of Hors d'oeuvres. He poured us each a glass and joined me in the bath. We cuddled talked ate and drank until the water got cold. At that point, I suggested we move to the bedroom.

I wrapped myself in a towel and headed towards the bed. Parker came up behind me and took the towel from me and tenderly dried every inch of my body. When he was done he laid me on the bed on my stomach. Parker took out some lotion and started massaging the lotion into my back. He started at my neck and slowly worked his way all the way down to my feet. When he was done he slide up my body and began kissing my neck. At that point I rolled myself over to my back, while staying underneath him.

After I turned over, Parker carefully placed his knees between mine, causing my legs to spread. He then, ever so slowly, slid his throbbing cock inside, my already wet, cunt. Parker fucked me with tender long deep strokes until he started to feel my pussy contract around his cock. He knew this meant that I was getting ready to cum, so he began to increase the speed of his strokes. His increased speed caused my orgasm to take over, my moan turned to screams, as my body started to tremble, until I finally exploded, coating both of us with my cum.

The sensations proved to be too much for Parker to take. Soon Parker's own orgasm caused him fill me with his hot load. The feeling of his prick pulsating and squirting inside my cunt triggered another orgasm for me. With this we both collapsed into a pile of bodies, cum and sweat. Soon we fell asleep, with our bodies still intertwined.

In the morning Parker woke me up with breakfast in bed. After breakfast I showered and packed my things for my trip home. Parker drove me to the airport, holding my hand the whole way there. We had a heartfelt goodbye at the gate, and I headed for my plane. I turned to wake goodbye, but he was already gone. Saddened by that I boarded my flight. After about 20 minutes on the tarmac, we finally headed for take-off.

After takeoff, the seatbelt sign finally shut off; and I proceeded to settle in for my long flight home. I had finally gotten myself settled, when the flight attendant came up to me and handed me an envelope. "Strange" I thought as I opened it. The letter read:

"I couldn't bear the thought of losing you again. I'm waiting for you in First Class. ~~Parker."

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