tagGroup SexEmma's Pool Party Ch. 01

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 01


*This story was written as a spin-off from "The Office Team-Building Day" series. I feel the reader will get the most enjoyment from this story by reading the 'Office Team-Building' series first. However, although there are some references in this story to events the aforementioned series, for the most part this story stands on its own. I hope you enjoy it!



I was driving through town on a sunny Saturday afternoon when I received the text. "wanna cum ovr? ;)' it read, with a winking face at the end. It was from Emma. Emma was a sexy 19-year-old student that was staying at my boss Carmen's house for the summer. Carmen was close friends with Emma's mother Gina. Emma, Gina and I had enjoyed an unexpected mother-daughter fuck-fest the previous weekend, and Emma and I had sent a few dirty texts to each other in anticipation of our next meeting. I was delighted to think that it was going to happen again so soon.

'Sure, on my way. What about Carmen?' I replied. Although Carmen was well aware of what had happened last week (she mentioned at work that Gina had told her all about how Emma and I had teased her), I wasn't sure if she was ok with anything happening at her house right under her nose.

'shes away. cum soon!' Emma replied.

It took me less than 15 minutes to arrive at Carmen's huge house. I rang the doorbell and waited, casually poking my balls with my hand through my shorts pocket. I heard quick footsteps and the door swung open. It was not Emma who answered, but she was almost as busty. She was a hot brunette with pigtails. A low cut tank top revealed a pair of enormous melons being supported by a lime green bikini. She was about Emma's height, thinner, with hazel eyes and a mischievous smile.

"Hey!" she said cheerily, thrusting out her bulging tits shamelessly. "You must be Emma's friend."

I introduced myself and kissed her cheek, sneaking a peek down her top. I decided Emma's tits were bigger, but this girl's breasts seemed rounder; more pert.

"I'm Holly. Come in, we're by the pool," she said as she galloped off through the house, showing off her toned ass with the string from her bikini bottoms disappearing between her lovely ass cheeks.

I shut the door and followed Holly.

Emma hopped up from her chair and bounced over to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me on the mouth, pushing her mountainous bikini-clad breasts against me. She had her dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, and her fringe fell across her forehead. I put my hands around her waist, feeling the pronounced curve of her womanly hips, then slid them down to her full bottom, squeezing it firmly. She pulled away after a moment and looked up at me with her huge, dark brown eyes, smiling widely, her slightly chubby cheeks turning a faint rose colour. I smiled back at her, feeling my cock stir as my eyes looked down to her cleavage, noticing her hard nipples poke through the fabric of her small bikini.

"I'm so glad you came. I hope Holly didn't, like, freak you out or anything," she said.

"Quite the opposite. She's a pleasure on the eyes," I replied winking at Holly, who was doffing her tank top and reclining provocatively on a sun lounger.

That's when I noticed a third girl there. She was wearing a sun had and glasses, and a long t-shirt, and reading a magazine. She was pretending not to notice us, but I could tell she was looking me over.

"This is Amy. She's a bit shy," said Emma loudly.

"Shut up!" said Amy, clearly annoyed and embarrassed.

She was thin, with long red hair. Her legs were fit and sleek, and her small breasts made bumps in her t-shirt. Her mouth was small, but had full pale pink lips. Her cheeks were faintly freckled. I walked over and shook her hand politely.

"Nice to meet you Amy," I said.

"Same," she replied, barely taking her eyes from her magazine.

I shrugged, removed my t-shirt and shorts and sat at one of the patio chairs in my underwear, looking the girls over. They all had drinks and were glistening with sunscreen. I was very horny, as the only action I'd had all week was a quick hand job in the file room from Nat. A minute passed as I ogled Holly and Emma's tits, when the doorbell rang.

"I got it," said Emma, trailing her fingers across my shoulders as she passed me and disappeared into the house.

"So you all know each other from...?" I said.

"Classmates. Emma and I are at uni together. Amy starts next term," said Holly, adjusting the straps of her green bikini to expose, rather than cover, more of her ample bosom.

"You excited to start uni, Amy?" I asked, trying to prompt a conversation.

"I guess," she said dismissively.

"Amy's always been a year behind us, and she's never been happy about it," chimed Holly.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here," said Amy, annoyed.

"Well then join in the conversation instead of just, like, sitting there," retorted Holly. "Take off your shirt, too Aim, it's gorgeous outside."

Amy ignored Holly and resumed reading her magazine. The patio door opened and Emma emerged, followed by another girl. She was short, with black hair, and looked to be of possibly mixed-Persian descent. Her eyes were dark and her smile was brilliant, and she had a small, cute button nose. She wore high cut jean shorts and a midriff-baring off the shoulder tank top, with a blue bikini underneath.

"Hey, sorry I forgot to give you a drink before. Is beer ok?" asked Emma as she handed be a cold bottle. "Aysha, meet my friend..."

Holly introduced me, and Aysha leaned in and kissed my cheek. She stepped back and looked me over, paying particular attention to my groin area, where the bulge in my underwear was obvious. She smiled at me, then dropped her handbag on the table.

"Hey ladies" she said, addressing Holly and Amy, as she removed her tank top.

Her olive skin was smooth, and her breasts seemed to pout high on her chest. They weren't particularly large, but she evidently knew how to display them to their best advantage. As she squirmed out of her shorts, she turned around to pick them up, giving me a perfect view of her ass. It was full--almost a bubble butt--but it was not too large. The cheeks were round and firm, and two dimples were evident at the small of her back. She did not have a g-string, but the material sat perfectly on her curves, accentuating the bottom of her butt cheeks. It was a near-perfect ass. I felt another stirring in my pants. Aysha took the chair next to Holly. Emma took the chair next to mine.

"So, Amy, have you, like, done anything with Mark yet?" Emma asked her friend.

Amy looked uncomfortable, and squirmed in her lounger. Although she was wearing sunglasses, I could tell she was looking in my direction. I pretended not to notice.

"Uh, yeah, we've done stuff," said Amy defensively.

"What, then?" asked Holly, taking an immediate interest.

"I'm... I'm not saying in front of him," she gestured to me.

"Prude," said Holly.

"Slut," retorted Amy, but Holly, laughing, seemed to take this more as a compliment.

"At least I know what it's like to have a dick in me. You don't even know what you're missing out on, Amy!" said Holly.

"I'm just waiting for the right time. I have done other stuff," she replied, defensively.

I sensed the tension and decided to interject.

"Look, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Amy, take your time if you want, there's no need to rush. Now everyone leave her alone," I said, trying to diffuse the situation. "Hey, why don't we have a swim?" I suggested.

I stood and walked to the pool. I kept myself in good shape--I wasn't bulky, but was healthy; well-toned. I might not have had model-quality good looks, but I managed to turn heads on occasion. I was well aware of the effect I could have on women, and thought that now was the time to use it. I dove into the pool, enjoying the cool water on my hot skin. The girls came down and sat at the loungers by the pool. They were putting their drinks and sunglasses on the nearby table. I came out of the stairs in the shallow end, happy to display the suction of my underwear revealing my member, significant in size even when flaccid. All the girls stopped what they were doing and stared. I heard Aysha faintly gasp and whisper, "Oh my god!" Holly spoke up.

"So, you're the guy with the, like, huge cock?" she smiled and played with one of her long pigtails.

"Holly!" cried Emma.

I laughed.

"So you've heard," I said.

"Can we, like, see it?" Holly asked.

Emma was glaring at her, fearing I might be embarrassed or offended. I was neither. Amy's glasses peeked over her magazine, but she said nothing.

"Holly's a bit of a slut, if you couldn't tell," said Emma apologetically.

"That's ok with me. I'm happy to oblige a sexy girl. But you'll have to do something for me," I said.

"Ok. What?" Holly said eagerly, enjoying the challenge.

"Take your top off and I'll show you my cock."

Holly was already untying her bikini before I had finished my sentence. She tossed it aside, sat up, and leaned back on her arms, sticking her chest out. My eyes bugged. Her tits were almost as luscious and massive as Emma's, but rounder and higher; more firm. They sat magnificently on her chest. Her areolas were pinky-brown, medium-sized, with pea-sized nipples poking out.

"Very nice!" I complimented her sincerely.

"Thanks darling," she said. "Now get that big cock out." She looked down to my groin in anticipation.

"Oh my god, you guys!" said Amy gripping her magazine.

"Oh calm down, Amy. We know you want to see it too," said Emma. "Trust me, it's worth it."

I surveyed the girls, admiring their bodies, then hooked my thumbs in my waistband and stripped down, pulling my wet underwear past my dick, which flopped heavily into view. I watched the girls' expressions as they stared.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it was big," said Aysha, breathlessly.

She was perched on the end of her sun lounger, leaning far forward, resting her drink on her knees. Holly had sat up quickly, her legs on either side of her lounger, her hands planted in front of her, her tits squeezed fit to pop between her arms. Her eyebrows were raised and her mouth made an 'o'.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she said delightedly.

Emma was standing, and smiled knowingly. She was untying her pink bikini strings, preparing to release her melons. Amy had let the magazine fall to her lap . One hand was covering her mouth as she sat erect.

"You had that IN you?" said Aysha.

"Yeah, and it gets way bigger," said Emma, dropping her bikini top and squeezing her tits together with her hands.

"What do you think, Amy?" I asked her.

"It's um... it's p-pretty big," she stammered.

"Better than Mark's, I bet," laughed Holly.

"Well, I'm going back in," I said suddenly, and dove back into the water.

Holly wasted no time, standing up and plunging in after me feet first, then popping up from the water, her boobs bouncing, rivulets of water streaming over them. Emma waded into the shallow end to join us, and Aysha walked over to Amy.

"Come on, sweetie," she said taking Amy's hat and glasses off.

Amy, still stunned looked up at her, then picked up her drink and drained the contents.

"That's more like it," said Holly.

Amy stood slowly. Aysha faced her and took the hem of Amy's t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. Amy passively allowed it to come off . Her skin was pale and flecked faintly with freckles along her shoulders and upper chest. Her white bikini was tiny, barely covering her small but pouting breasts. Her bottoms were little more than a string, and showed off her thin hips. Her stomach was perfectly flat, and her legs were toned.

She approached the pool and sat on the edge, her long hair falling onto her shoulders, her fringe cut straight across her brow, as she looked into the water, then back to my eyes. Aysha sat beside her, swishing her legs in the pool. Emma walked over to me and put her arms around my neck. She brushed her nipples against my skin, making them hard, then leaned into me, kissing me aggressively on the mouth, our tongues intertwining in each others' mouths. When we broke free, I saw that Holly had approached us, and was standing slightly behind Emma, her hands on Emma's curvy hips.

"Can I have a go?" she asked.

"Of course, Hol," said Emma, standing aside.

Holly stepped forward and put her hands on my chest, sliding them downwards. She found my cock and cradled it with both hands.

"Hey, I said you could kiss him, not touch his cock!" said Emma.

"Ok, ok, I was just feeling," she said, but squeezed my dick firmly and ran her hands up the shaft.

I pulled her against me and kissed her, placing my hands on her firm ass and squeezing as our tongues danced. My cock grew and bumped against Holly's leg as we kissed. Eventually, she drew back, and I cupped her breasts, squeezing them. They were more firm than Emma's.

I put my arm around Holly's shoulders, and did the same with Emma on the other side. They turned towards me and pressed the sides of their tits against me while their hands felt my back and ass. Emma used her other hand to hold my hardening cock, and Holly immediately followed suit. Aysha and Amy looked on intently.

"Why don't you girls join us?" I asked.

Aysha smiled and hopped into the shallow water.

"Ah ah, no tops allowed, Aysha," I said, as Emma and Holly began gently stroking my cock.

Aysha shyly turned away, and unclasped her bikini. She placed it on the edge of the pool deck and turned back around, her arm across her chest.

"Don't be shy. You have an amazing body. Let me see the rest of you," I said.

"Sorry I'm not as, um, well endowed as them," she said, slowly lowering her arm so that it was across her ribs.

Her titties literally popped out from under her arm, jiggling into view. They were not large, nor were they small. They were plump, and very perky, remaining as high as they did when supported by her bikini. Her small, dark nipples were hard, pointing like arrows. She squeezed her shoulders in, creating succulent cleavage.

"Aysha, your tits are beautiful. No offense to these two, but you don't have to have big ones to impress me," I looked pointedly at Amy, who was squirming at the edge, trying to not look at us. She showed no signs of disrobing.

Aysha joined the three of us as we made a circle. She tentatively reached into the water and held my dick head as the other girls pumped my shaft.

"Oh my fucking god," she said. "Can I stroke it?"

The girls moved to my balls, tickling them, while Aysha gripped my member with both hands. I leaned in and kissed her while she pumped me. Her hands were fairly small, and she could barely get a proper grip on my cock as it grew to its full size.

"How did this not hurt?" said Aysha to Emma after we had stopped kissing.

"It did at first, but after that it was amazing!" said Emma, rolling my nuts in her palm.

"I want it in me now!" cried Holly, squeezing my ass.

"I'd like you guys to do something first, Holly. Can you and Emma tit fuck me?" I said. Then I added, "I'd be happy to lick your pussy while they do it, Aysha."

"Oh, of course we can!" squealed Holly.

I walked the girls over to the stairs and sat near the top step so my groin was just out of the water. Emma and Holly sat on either side of me and held their tits aloft. I marveled at the sheer volume of tit-flesh that was about to engulf my cock. Holly and Emma pressed their breasts against each other, rubbing their nipples together, then lowered them onto my waiting cock, which Aysha held in place. I felt the warm, soft, plump flesh envelop my unit and slide down. Aysha moved her hand and rubbed my chest.

With the girls' chest meat resting on my abdomen, hips, and thighs, my dick head finally popped out the top, directly in the center point of the four massive melons. Holly and Emma giggled as they pulled their boobs upwards, and started a thrusting motion around my cock. Aysha was watching intently.

"Hey Aysha, why don't you take off your bottoms and we can really have some fun," I said as I enjoyed the incredible sensation of a double tit-fucking from two of the most buxom 19 year olds I had met.

"Do it facing away from me so I can see your sweet ass."

Aysha giggled and stood up. She bent over and rubbed her ass cheeks, before hooking her thumbs under the strings. She watched me over her shoulder as she slowly pulled the material down, exposing her ass crack inch by beautiful inch. I enjoyed this exposure of her firm but full bottom, and soon was rewarded with her sweet rosebud anus. When her bikini bottoms were around her knees I gazed at her light brown bare pussy lips pressed tightly together. She let the bikini fall and turned around, running her hands over her hips. I felt waves of pleasure seeing Aysha completely naked and wet, as Emma and Holly's bosoms fucked my cock. Her pussy was cleanly shaven, and my mouth watered as I imagined her sweet taste on my tongue.

"I want to watch them tit fuck you, so I'll face this way," said Aysha, standing astride my head, facing my feet.

She put her hand on the step railing, and I watched eagerly as her smooth pussy descended towards my face, the lips parting as she came to the bottom of her squat. I could see her sweet liquid glisten on her inner lady parts and I tilted my head back and extended my tongue, brushing her wet folds softly.

I relished her sweet nectar, and stuck my tongue between her labia, probing inside. Aysha sighed loudly. I could hear the slapping sound of Emma and Holly's boobs as they struck my skin and the water, masturbating me with their buxom chest pillows. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I began to eat Aysha's pussy in earnest, shoving my face up into her sopping mound.

"AAaaaahh, that feels so good!" she moaned.

"This is so hot. You look really sexy sitting on his face like that, Aysha," said Emma.

"Aaah, aaah, I wish I could tit fuck like you girls. You have, ah, ah, amazing breasts!" breathed Aysha.

I began thrusting my hips upwards, causing the girls' tits to bounce against their chins.

"Oh, he's really getting into it now!" squealed Holly.

"I want to kiss you while he fucks our tits," giggled Emma, looking at Holly.

I pushed Aysha's ass off my tongue so I could watch the girls' tongues meet over my thrusting cock, their tits squashed between them, jiggling violently against my pounding rod. They opened their mouths wide and locked lips, still holding their breasts together to envelop my cock.

"Wow, that is so fucking hot," I said.

"I know!" agreed Aysha. "Oh god, please eat my pussy while I watch them kiss!" she insisted.

I drove my tongue back into her hole, her juices running out onto my chin. I squeezed her round ass and pulled the cheeks apart, grazing her anus with my fingertips. I pulled her ass down and buried a fingertip in her butt hole as I sucked her clit into my mouth. My nose was buried in her cunt, and I held my breath as I teased her.

"Oooooohhh, fuck! Yes! That's it! I'm going to cum!" screamed Aysha.

I banged away at the busty sluts' funbags as Aysha clenched her ass, trapping my finger inside, and came on my face, releasing vaginal fluid into my mouth and over my cheeks. She cried out and quivered as I licked her flow, rotating my finger in her asshole. As she finished her orgasm, she climbed off me, my finger popping free, and sat on the stairs in the pool, her arms on the pool edge, her legs parted, panting. Her plump, dark nipple-capped breasts rose and fell with her breathing, as she looked at me through dark, half-lidded eyes.

"Yeah, girl, you came hard. I can see your pussy juice on his face," said Emma.

"He... he put his finger in my ass. It put me over the edge. I-I loved it," breathed Aysha.

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