tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale a Very Sexy Village

Emmerdale a Very Sexy Village


It was 7a.m.on a beautiful Sunday morning in the quiet Yorkshire village of Emmerdale

Jimmy King thrust his penis as far as he could into Nicola's pussy. Their pubic hairs meshed as with this final effort, Jimmy ejaculated deep into her.

Collapsing on top of her, Jimmy gently kissed her forehead and whispered 'that was great, Nico, I love you."

Punching his shoulder, Nicola pushed him off her body while saying "great for you , what about me? It was about the best two minutes of the week.'

Jimmy looked across at his lover and said, 'sorry darling, but with work pressures and all, as soon as I am inside you, I just can't control myself, I will try harder next time.'

Nicola looked at him scornfully saying ' you be lucky if there is a next time, after a performance like that, I will stick to my plastic boyfriend, at least he makes me come."

Jimmy sank back into the pillow, but a sharp elbow in the ribs, reminded him to go and start breakfast.

As he went down the landing, he passed the bedroom door of his brother Carl and his girl friend Chastity, 'Chas' Dingle.

At that moment Carl's rather large penis was two thirds inside Chas's mouth. As she sucked hungrily on his cock her hand cupped his balls and occasionally gave them a little squeeze, which heightened his enjoyment and made him even larger in her mouth. Carl had become used to Chas's blow jobs over the several on and off periods of their relationship, but he never tired of the perfect technique she had, bringing him to the point of climax, before easing him out and letting him settle before starting again, nibbling and kissing down the full length, from his balls to the tip and then down again, driving him wild until she wrapped her luscious lips around him and with perfect pressure, made him come, usually into her mouth, as she loved the salty taste of him.

This had just happened, and Chas was now licking the last vestiges of sperm from Carl's cock.

She moved up the bed and Carl wrapped his arms around her and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Elsewhere in the village, at Butlers Farm. John and Moira Barton were enjoying a rare morning together in bed. John was a busy farmer, whose days started at about 4a.m. so today was a luxury.

Despite being together for more than 20 years, they still enjoyed each others bodies, at this moment they were facing each other, with Moira's legs wrapped around her husband and his penis deep inside her. They kissed slowly as the perfect movements of their bodies brought them to a mutual orgasm. Even after all these years, each time they had sex, it was magical.

In the room next door, their daughter Holly, had just awoken from an erotic dream. She was now laid on her back with her left hand thrust down the trousers of her pyjamas, and her fingers slowly moving inside her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes were shut tightly as she imagined in her mind, the kind of sexual mischief she could have with the subject of her dream, village bad boy Aaron Livesy.

In the room opposite, Holly's brother Adam, was also masturbating, the object of his lust was Victoria Sugden , whose step mum, ran the village pub.

Up at Home Farm, Masie Wylde lay naked on her king size bed. Between her spread legs, her brother Nathan was lapping at her pussy. As his tongue reached deep into her, she urged him on. Nathan knew what he was doing was wrong , but he and Masie had been exploring each others bodies for years, and although he kept vowing to stop, the calls from Masie, were irresistible, and his resolve just dissolved at the thought of her perfect slim body.

Mark Wylde, the children's father, lay next to his wife, Natasha. However his thoughts lay with Faye Lamb, his first and legal wife and the mother of his son Ryan.

At that moment Ryan was in the bed of Katie Sugden. Katie ran the stables at Home Farm and had recently got together with Ryan. She was a very pretty blonde girl, with a slim figure. Last night they had made love four times, each one better than the previous. Katie and Ryan were head over heels in love and all the village knew it.

As Katie slept, Ryan eased back the covers to gaze on the sheer perfection of her body. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed, the nipples a deep shade of pink. Her stomach was flat and Ryan's eyes were drawn to the triangle of blonde pubic hair. He was one lucky guy.

At that moment, his mother Faye was in the shower. As she soaped he body she could not stop thinking about the two Indian brothers, for whom she acted as a P.A., it was a long time since she had been with a man, perhaps to long.

In the Pollard household, Eric was fast asleep, whilst wife Val lay awake, thinking up another of her schemes. Down the landing, Eric's son David Metcalfe was enjoying an early morning sex session with his girlfriend Leyla Harding. Her favourite position was 'doggy' and David was not disappointing her as he rammed into her from behind. As he came, he withdrew and sprayed his come all over her lower back and bum cheeks. He then took his deflating penis and smeared the cum around with it. Leyla found this so erotic.

Being Sunday, the Reverend Ashley Thomas was already up and about. Despite his calling Ashley loved experimenting sexually with his wife Laurel.

Over at the Bed & Breakfast, Terry Woods and his girlfriend Brenda were in the middle of a very slow and languid session of 69 sex. Brenda was slowly sucking on Terry's cock whilst he splayed her pussy apart, lapping gently around the folds of her lips, before plunging his tongue deep inside, bringing her to yet another climax.

Bob & Viv Hope were still asleep, last night they had very sedate and gentle sex, before being awoken by their twins.

By far the most dysfunctional pair, were Cain Dingle & Charity Tate. Despite being cousins, they had produced a child, Debbie, when Charity was just 13. Debbie is now 19 and also had a baby at 15, making Charity a very glamorous grandma of 32. Cain & Charity have a very volatile and passionate relationship, some days they hate the sight of each other, the next they are screwing each others brains out in marathon sex sessions. Today was the latter as Cain with an unbelievable stamina was pounding his considerable penis in and out of Charity's soaking pussy making her scream with pleasure.

Their daughter Debbie was in the nearby town of Hotton. In a small hotel in the town, Debbie had met a person from her past. A murder suspect on the run, Jasmine Thomas, the vicars niece, had shared a lesbian relationship with Debbie. Risking capture, she had arranged to meet and were now in each others arms under the duvet.

What happened next, is another story....... More from Emmerdale later.......

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