tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 01

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 01


Debbie Dingle stood in the pouring rain, in a lay-by about a mile from the town of Hotten.

Her eyes were searching for signs that the bus carrying Jasmine was approaching, but to no avail.

It had been almost two years since she had seen her former lover, on the run from the police for the murder of a constable, who tried to rape her. No contact, then out of the blue, a letter asking for a meeting, a last goodbye, before Jasmine Thomas disappeared forever.

That letter had brought her to this lay-by. At last the bus appeared and Debbie stepped back into some bushes to avoid being seen. Parting the leafs, she saw a solitary female alight from the bus. It was Jasmine.

As arranged, the two girls were dressed in similar hiking clothing, to give credence to their story of a pair, hiking in the dales, who just fancied a bed & bath for the night.

Debbie did not want to be seen greeting Jasmine off the bus, so stayed some distance behind as the other girl began to walk towards the town.

They met up on the outskirts, and for the first time in an age, the two former lovers, looked into each others eyes.

"Hello, you" whispered Jasmine.

"You look tired, but still lovely," responded Debbie, "lets get to the hotel."

Debbie had pre-booked in a small, private hotel, used a false name and was now paying cash for the room. As Jasmine tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible, standing by the stairs with her Parka hood still up, hiding her face.

The receptionist, a girl from Eastern Europe by the sound of her accent said "the room has only one bed, are you ok to share?"

Debbie laughed and told her "we have shared a tent , hardly bigger than that coffee table, for two weeks, so a double bed will be no problem, we have no secrets."

With that the girl gave "Rebecca Smith" her receipt and the key to room 19.

Once inside the room, the two girls kissed. Memories of their times together came flooding back.

"I still love you Jazz" said Debbie using her pet name for Jasmine.

Jasmine was shivering with cold as she said "and I love you, and always will."

Debbie suggested a hot bath to take the coldness out of their bones, and as Jasmine had been sat on a bus for several hours, this seemed a good idea.

As Debbie ran the bath, Jasmine stripped off her clothes. When Debbie came into the room she was just wearing a black bra and matching panties. "God I had forgotten how beautiful you are," gasped Debbie as she took Jasmine in her arms and tenderly kissed her.

Debbie then quickly stripped of her clothes and stood naked before her friend. Her body was slim, shoulder length brown hair, nice breasts with large pink nipples. The triangle of brown hair at the junction of her thighs, set Jasmine's mind racing and she quickly removed the rest of her clothes.

Now both naked the girls embraced, their breasts slowly rubbing together, fingers tracing patterns on the others back and their tongues played games, twirling around each other.

"Waters getting cold," said Debbie, leading Jasmine into the small bathroom. As they settled into the hot soothing water, Jasmine told Debbie that her family had obtained a stolen South African passport, that had been doctored with Jasmine's photo and details which corresponded with her new birth certificate and in two days, she was flying out to Cape Town as Hannah Van De Merwe, and would never return to England. This was their last night together.

Debbie with tears in her eyes, gently drew Jasmine towards her and kissed her. "Then lets make he most of it then, shall we?"

The girls dried each other bodies before climbing still naked into the bed. Holding each other tightly they kissed and caressed for a long while, neither of them speaking.

Debbie slowly began to kiss Jasmine's neck, which she knew the other girl loved. As she kissed her, her hand cupped Jasmine's breast and began to slide her fingers over the prominent nipple, which instantly became erect. Jasmine let out a small sigh as Debbie's hand slowly made its way across her stomach and started to comb through her thick coarse pubic hair. Still kissing, Debbie ran her finger along Jasmines pussy lips, which were wet and inviting.

"Please , its been such a long time, I want to feel you inside me," implored Jasmine.

Debbie was only to happy to oblige and as their kisses became more intense, she inserted two fingers into her friends hot soaking pussy. Jasmine, raised her hips to allow Debbie to reach further and then came, with an orgasm which scorched through her body.

Kissing her way down Jasmines body, Debbie ran her tongue through the black pubic hair, coating it with her saliva. The female musky aroma exuding from Jasmines pussy was driving her mad and unable to resist, placed her tongue on Jasmines lips before slowly easing them apart and inserting it inside. Debbie recalled every inch of her friends vagina and began to re-acquaint her self with it.

Jasmine was grinding her pussy into Debbie's face as she continued to lick every part her tongue could reach. When Debbie added two fingers into the hole, Jasmine experienced an orgasm, the like of which she had never known.

Debbie reluctantly left her friends pussy and leaving a trail of Jasmines juices across her body, finally arrived at her mouth, they then exchanged, kisses and Jasmines cum.

"Debbie that was, well just wonderful," whispered Jasmine as the two girls lay back, exhausted from their lovemaking. "I don't know how I am going to live without you, but I know it is impossible to be together."

At that Jasmine began to cry. Debbie comforted her and said "we have tonight, the rest of our lives, we will remember it, lets make love."

So after kissing and caressing each others bodies, the two girls finished in a classic 69 position. Debbie was on top and her tongue was doing wonderful things to Jasmines clitoris. Meanwhile Jasmine gazed upon the extended lips of Debbie's pussy and the twin orbs of her arse, with the cute little anus hole and she thought she was in lesbian heaven.

Gently parting Debbie's pussy, Jasmine inserted a finger into her friend. This caused Debbie to give a small jerk, which in turn gave Jasmine extra pleasure from the reaction of Debbie's tongue as it lapped away at her pussy. Jasmine was gently caressing Debbie's backside, whilst her tongue moved in and out of her pussy. She could feel, Debbie kissing and licking her inner thighs, whilst her fingers moved in the same rhythm as Jasmine's tongue. Both girls has orgasms simultaneously, and collapsed exhausted into each others arms. After a very wet and sticky kiss, they fell asleep.

Debbie woke at about 3 am. Feeling very hungry. Apart from each others pussy's they had not eaten anything for hours. Switching on the bedside light she looked down at the sleeping Jasmine. Debbie could not imagine that in a few short hours, they would say goodbye for ever.

She lifted the duvet to reveal Jasmine's breasts. Which were rising and falling as the young girl slept on. The colour was of a light tan, the nipples a dark brown, the aureoles a lighter shade, with small nubs of pleasure, perfect, thought Debbie.

Just then Jasmine's body twitched, rather sharply and she said, something incomprehensible. Her head was rolling slowly from side to side ad her breathing increased.

"Jazz, Jazz are you ok?" queried Debbie, but did not receive a reply as Jasmine slept on. Debbie concluded that it was just a dream and continued to watch her.

Then Jasmine, still asleep, lifted her left hand to her breast and started to rub the nipple. At the same time her other hand was twirling her pubic hair, before she inserted fingers into her pussy and began to masturbate quite quickly.

Debbie was entranced, watching this and was sure Jasmine was dreaming. She reached down and without taking her eyes of Jasmine, began to rub her pussy as well.

Jasmine suddenly stopped, gave out a huge sigh and fell back into a deep sleep. Debbie masturbated herself to orgasm, and joined her friend in dreamland.

It was Jasmine who woke first. "Debbie, wake up, its almost 6 o'clock."

Debbie, stirred and then reached over, pulled Jasmine to her and kissed her passionately .

"As much as I would love to stay, I have a train to catch, I have to be in London, to collect my papers, I love you Debbie and I always will, but I have to go."

Reluctantly, Debbie released Jasmine from her embrace and watched as her friend dressed. Hiding that wonderful body from her forever.

The exchanged a few kisses on the way , but as agreed for security, they would say goodbye well away from the station ,and with one final embrace, Jasmine and Debbie parted for ever.

With tears in her eyes, Debbie began the walk back to Emmerdale,

At the same time at Home Farm, Nathan Wylde's mobile phone began to vibrate. Stirring from his sleep, he looked at the text message, half knowing what it would say.

It was from his sister Masie, it read "MY ROOM, NOW M xx," with a sigh, he got out of bed , threw on a robe and made his way to his sisters room.

It was wrong, he knew it was wrong, but the thought of having sex with his sister, was irresistible.

But that's another story.

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